Media – An Enforcement Arm of the Democrat Party

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

In 1933, Adolph Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, appointed Joseph Goebbels to the position of Reich Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels proved to be an expert in the dark art of propaganda and “Popular Enlightenment.” He didn’t have formal training in the art of mind manipulation, but he was a devoted disciple of der Fuhrer and wanted to fulfill his master’s concept of the truth. Taking a passage from “Mein Kampf,” in which Hitler wrote “If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one and if you tell it often enough, people will begin to believe it,” Goebbels began to take control of all forms of media, including newspapers, radio programs and movies. Soon, he expanded his grip to include public entertainment and cultural programs such as theater, art and music.

Inasmuch as the overwhelming number of people can only get their information from the various forms of media, Germans became human sponges for the Nazi doctrine. This insidious form of mind control became every bit as powerful as the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany, known as the Wehrmacht. With this mass indoctrination taking place across the country it was easier for the Nazi Regime to spread lies and distortions about any person or group that opposed them. In May of 1933, forty thousand people gathered in Berlin’s Opera Square to hear Goebbels condemn books that were deemed to be subversive, or representing ideologies opposed to Nazism.

Before long, Nazi student organizations, professors, and librarians made up long lists of books they thought should not be read by Germans. Nazis raided libraries and bookstores across Germany, then marched by torchlight in nighttime parades, sang chants, and threw books onto huge bonfires. In one night more than 25,000 books were burned. Movies that were considered objectionable were smoke-bombed by Nazi protesters, forcing audiences to flee the theaters where they were beaten in the streets by violent mobs. If any of the foregoing seems familiar it’s because we’re seeing this pattern in our country today. The mass media, which, by virtue of its title, reaches more people than any other communication entity, has become less about news and more about disseminating a leftwing liberal agenda which opposes our country’s clear choice for President of the United States.

Their opposition ranges from outright lies, to clever distortions of anything said or done by President Trump. I defy anyone to read a New York Times or Washington Post headline about the Chief Executive that does not put a negative slant on the story. Keep in mind, during 8 years of President Obama, the same media was absolutely giddy to the point of swooning over every word uttered by the man who told us we could keep our health plan and our doctor when he violated the Constitution and usurped the power of our legislative branch by forcing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on a country that didn’t want it. Thanks to the dereliction of duty by mass media, millions of Americans have lost their healthcare plans or are forced to pay a doubling or tripling of their premiums.

Nevertheless, with the pervasive media influence on their side, Democrats refuse to repeal the folly of our first black president as if to do so would be an admission of their stubborn allegiance to political correctness. Some Republicans, intimidated by the vitriolic media, claim to want the ACA repealed, but, they don’t like the replacement, which is their way of playing it safe. When violent, mask-wearing thugs call themselves Antifa, supposedly meaning anti-fascist, the left doesn’t dare point out the obvious contradiction in the name. Hence, when these armed militants show up at a Trump rally and commit felonious assaults on those leaving an arena, their blatant criminal behavior is distorted to imply that they’re merely taking a position against fascism, by behaving like fascists.

The hate-Trump media are like hungry jackals stalking the countryside in search of a rotting corpse to feast on. Recently, CNN anchor Alyson Camerota spoke with San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Cruz, telling her that acting Homeland Security Director Elaine Duke said the Island’s recovery is a good news story. The Mayor, looking puzzled, reacted bitterly to the comment. In fact, what Duke said was the good news is that the feds were able to help so many people and that there were a “limited number of deaths after such a devastating hurricane.” What Camerota and her leftwing colleagues live for is the chance to distort stories to make it look as though Trump is antagonistic toward minorities.

The mainstream media is not a news source; it’s an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party, much like the Goebbels propaganda machine was for the Third Reich! They have a fanatical obsession to thwart the President who came into office to drain the swamp, of which they are an intrinsic element. The American people cannot count on them to tell the truth. Instead, what we get is a daily regurgitation of opinions from agenda-driven ideologues, committed to destroying the man who had the audacity to beat their abysmally corrupt candidate who believed it was “her turn” to desecrate the White House with impunity.


Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”



eHeziMedia – An Enforcement Arm of the Democrat Party

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  1. That’s Jablonski, you idiot! And once again, you only criticize those who support our country. You have no criticism for the hate-Trump media, who also hate the USA. There’s no reason for anyone to take you seriously because you’re stewing in your own hate-filled acid.

    1. You’re a bit slow on the uptake, Japolski. I haven’t criticized “only those who support our country”. What I have done is criticize an old man who compared American citizens who protest with Nazis who gassed millions of people. A far more historically accurate comparison is between the American advertising industry and Nazi propaganda. As I’ve pointed out that the Nazis actually admired and emulated the American advertising industry for its ability to manipulate people through propaganda. Goebbels, who Weir mentions, asked the American advertiser Bernays to work for him. But I guess you and Bob missed that in history class. Weir has absolutely nothing insightful to say about American history, race relations, or contemporary events.

      1. Weir didn’t refer to American citizens who just protest; he referred to the Progressive Left who aren’t satisfied with just ‘non -violent’ protesting; rather, pardon the “PUN’, they think ‘THEY ARE RIGHT,and no other ideological thinking should be allowed!
        They attempt to stifle any speakers that disagree with them; and now have an organized leftist Mob, called ANTIFA, whose job is to bludgeon those that disagree with the progressive Left.
        Goebbels using American advertising ideas doesn’t change the evil and horror perpetrated by the Nazis.

        1. There’s nothing progressive about violence. Antifa doesn’t represent the progressive left; they discredit it. My impression is that Antifa’s intolerance of free speech is a consequence of identity politics on American campuses. The obvious irony is that freedom of speech is a progressive, leftist achievement, and it’s now being undermined by those who claim to be leftists. I don’t think Weir has anything useful to say, for example, but he has every right to say whatever he wants. That’s one thing that actually sets the US apart in a very good way from the rest of the world.

          And you missed the point about Bernays.

  2. What Bob Weir doesn’t know because he’s a hack writer masquerading as someone with something to say is that the Nazis actually modeled their propaganda model on the US advertising industry. Look up the American Edward Bernays and you’ll learn all about how the Nazis used his ideas about media manipulation to further their own murderous agenda. Despite Bernays being Jewish, in the 1920s Goebbels was even an ardent admirer of Bernays’ work. The Nazis also used the American race laws as a model for their own (racism being another favorite topic of Weir’s). Weir is nothing but an out of touch ignorant old man with nothing to say. He should read a book. He might learn something.

    1. Whenever you nail these anti-American radicals they always try to distort history in an attempt to muddy the subject and confuse the readers. Mr. Weir makes some excellent points about the comparisons between Nazis and Antifa. They both try to silence dissent; they both use violent tactics against those who disagree with them, and they both were/are given cover by leftwing media whose goal is to control the distribution of propaganda, thereby controlling the minds of the people. Accusing Mr. Weir of using race in his columns is part of the tactic to control free speech. If the left can keep you from talking about a controversial topic by calling you a racist, it can have control over the topic, giving free reign to lies and distortions. References to Mr. Weir’s age is just another pathetic attempt to distract from the truth of the subject. You’ll notice that the weak rebuttal said nothing critical about the violent thugs who wear masks and assault innocent people exercising their right to attend rallies. That alone reveals the hatred for the USA and the love for those who try to destroy it.

    2. Where should we begin, Japolski? I know, how about this: Weir compares Antifa with the Nazis, but Antifa in the 1920s and actually fought AGAINST the Nazis. You do know that Antifa stands for anti-fascists, like, um, the fascist Nazis? So, let me get this straight: Bob is saying that the group that opposed the Nazis is actually similar to them? Wow, that is some air-tight logic right there.

      But, wait, it gets even better: Weir compares a group of American protesters with a nation of murderers who gassed six million Jewish men, women, and children as well as homosexuals, gypsies, and anyone else who wasn’t blond-haired, blue-eyed and willing to goose-step their way to racial purity. So Antifa are like the Nazis, huh? Wow. Just wow.

      Since Bob is getting long in the tooth, he should consider Googling “signs of dementia.” It might save us all from reading his tripe.

      Oh, and look up Edward Bernays, American advertising, Goebbels. I’m waiting for you to refute the connection between American advertising and Nazi propaganda. Turns out the US isn’t all that exceptional after all.

    3. No, we’re not all idiots, but some give themselves away. I thank God for Bob Weir has been blessed by a significant touch of wisdom from God above.

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