Yonkers Police Department Charge Two Defendants in Officer Kayla Maher Shooting

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Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner

YONKERS, NY — September 28, 2017 — In relation to the police shooting incident involving Yonkers Police Officer Kayla Maher, the following Defendants have been identified and charged as follows:

Frank Valencia

Defendant 1: Frank Valencia
Birth Date: May 22, 1999;
Address: 43 Crestview Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

Count 1: Attempted Murder – 1st Degree
Count 2: Criminal Possession of a Weapon – 2nd Degree

To wit: The defendant(s) at the above date, time and place, with intent to cause the death of a Yonkers police officer, P.O. Kayla Maher, Shield No. 1130, did attempt to cause the death of such police officer who was at the time of the attempted killing engaged in the course of performing her official duties and the defendant knew or reasonably should have known that the intended victim was a police officer, in that the defendant did fire multiple shots at said police officer from a loaded and operable firearm, to wit: a .40 caliber Glock Semi-automatic pistol.

Jerry Reyes

Defendant 2: Jerry Reyes
Birth Date: November 11, 1995;
Address: 19 Burling Lane, #3, New Rochelle, NY 10801.

Count 1: Criminal Possession of a Weapon – 2nd Degree

To wit: The defendant(s) at the above date, time and place, did knowingly possess a loaded .40 caliber Glock 23 pistol in the vehicle he was operating. Said possession did not take place in the defendant’s home or place of business.

Police Commissioner Charles Gardner stated, “Defendant VALENCIA stands accused of perpetrating one of the most heinous of violent acts, the attempted murder of one of our police officers; his alleged actions were an assault on Officer Maher, the Yonkers Police Department, and the community we serve. Due to the bravery and courage of our Police Officers, VALENCIA and REYES were taken into custody and have been delivered into the Criminal Justice System where they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

REYES was arraigned on 9/27/17 with bail set at $100,000 cash or $250,000 bond; VALENCIA was arraigned at a bedside hearing on 9/28/17 at the Westchester County Medical Center.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office is managing the prosecution of this case.


NOTE: Booking charges are merely accusations and the defendant(s) are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.


SOURCE: Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulos, Yonkers Police Department Communications, Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner.




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eHeziYonkers Police Department Charge Two Defendants in Officer Kayla Maher Shooting

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  1. The judge who turned Valencia loose on the public should be charged with felony stupidity and sentenced to a duel with Valencia.
    If the judge survives, he can keep his job. Guaranteed he doesn’t turn anyone charged with gun possession loose on the public again.

  2. Beyond Gardner’s overblown rhetoric, what possesses an 18 year old kid to stockpile these kinds of weapons and actually open fire on police officers? How does he even get that kind of hardware? Thankfully, PO Maher is fine, but the more important questions are about our society. This type of violence and depravity and access to deadly weapons isn’t normal anywhere else in the Western world.

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