Yonkers Political Master Plans and Ploys

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The Three Act Play That Has Begun in Earnest with Astorino and Spano in Agreement

ACT I: Winners and Losers

First Intermission

ACT II: Term Limits Symantics Whose Nuance Definition Eclipses Much of Media – Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Second Intermission

ACT III: Plans Underfoot Specifically Regarding Pay to Play Antics – Thursday, September 21, 2017

ACT IV: Outcome

# # #

The Political  Hezitorial Analysis


Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.


Scene I: Yonkers City Councilman Christopher Johnson will by the end of this year have served 6 years out of an 8 year permitted term comprised of two, four-years each term allowed. Mr. Johnson won voter support in his effort to represent the constituents that reside in Westchester Count Board of Legislators District 16. Many chose to challenge for the seat vacated by County Board Legislator Ken Jenkins who had focused his efforts in challenging NYS Senator George Latimer in the Democratic Primary race. Latimer won.

Scene II: Christopher Johnson eclipsed the efforts of three others who vied to represent District 16; they are Nicole Benjamin, Symra Brandon, and Carmen Goldberg Gomez. Yonkers Tribune is unaware of no other party line contender or designee.

Dragging Christopher Johnson across the winning line was Mayor Mike Spano who wanted Johnson off the Yonkers City Council because Johnson had the temerity of often voting from a perspective contrary to that of Mayor Mike Spano. The now recognized tattered and haggard Spano “machine”, such as it is, pulled out a win for the Spano Administration regarding this political contest. The Spano machine got the majority and winning vote eclipsing all others. Mayor Mike Spano is expected to designate Shanae Williams, Mayor Mike Spano’s Scheduler to the Yonkers City Council representing District 1. CONCLUSION: Spano Win! Pushing Johnson up the food chain and upon pushing the obedient Williams to be a loyal City Councilmember.

Scene III: Incumbent Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaac won re-election to District 2 over that of Wilson Terrero, who had been the incumbent prior to having lost to Ms. Pineda-Isaac. Mayor Mike Spano was behind a Terrero win. Terrero failed to promote his campaign effort beyond social media; it was his undoing but he did not recognize it. His two-time failures in the political arena are unlikely to afford him another future opportunity. perhaps a job. Not initially or widely known was Westchester County Legislator – District 17’s Virginia Perez’s support of Wilson Terrero. CONCLUSION: Perez Loss. Spano Loss. Yonkers I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey Win!

Scene IV: Political neophytes are contending to represent Yonkers City Council District 4 presently represented by Dennis Shepherd who is term limited and thereby precluded from seeking this office. Democrat Maeve Scott is Yonkers I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey’ sister who is supportive of her campaign. John Rubbo is contesting the seat under the Republican emblem. Neither has done much to promote and/or define their perspective and/or vision for District 4 that has been expressed and thereby could not resonate viscerally with the prospective voters. Mayor Mike Spano is quietly supporting the Rubbo effort; Westchester County Legislator – District 17th Virginia Perez’s support of Maeve Scott was revealed in campaign literature promoted by Legislator Perez; and Yonkers I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey is supportive of Maeve Scott. The contest is nothing more than a beauty contest at present.

CONCLUSION: If judged by beauty, Maeve Scott wins; if however inclusive of other concerns and/or issues, a sense of uncertainty enters the equation, and a conjectured outcome is thereby unknown but will be resolved by the General Elections results. Rubbo winning the Independence Party designation gives Rubbo a leg up but Yonkers PBA and CLSA endorsements my diminish the Independence Party win. This contest is presently a toss-up. They must each define who they are if they have any intention of being elected and if they recognize that social media has never won any election anywhere!

Scene V: Majority Leader John Larkin who represents District 6 on the Yonkers City Council is term limited. Vying to replace him are Anthony Merante, who is the Republican and Reform Party designee, and Anthony Pagano, Conservative and Independence Party designee, and Matt Orefice, Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality Party of New York designee. Merante was first to throw his hat in the ring gaining early support from the Republican Party and a cadre of support from well-respected Spano clan supporters such as Dee Barbato, former Yonkers City Councilwoman who served District 6, as well as her successor Majority Leader Larkin. When Former Fire Commissioner and union representative Anthony Pagano declared his candidacy, Mayor Mike Spano was uncertain of Merante’s success and he recoiled from the support he had given them originally. In time, Merante’s political and professional expression of what he stood for and the glitzy advertising he undertook supplanted City Hall’s reluctance to return to backing Merante. Even so, Mayor Mike Spano has been unclear and reluctant to enter the political fray. Mayor Spano is quietly backing Merante even though Mayor Spano is concerned that Pagano will lean toward supporting labor which Mayor Spano claims to support yet the Mayor has attempted to undermine the contracts he has signed with the labor unions, in Yonkers, historically known as a labor town. Mayor Spano is in search of a winner and is uncertain who will rise to the top. This contest is further complicated by the I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey’s support and encouragement for Pagano to become a candidate. Further still is Mayor Mike Spano’s ambivalence in support of Orefice who as the Democratic Party designee would logically have received Mayor Mike Spano’s endorsement but Mayor Spano changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in order to give candidate Spano the winning edge 6 years ago. Even so, Mayor Spano has been unwilling or uncomfortable to brush and dust off his Republican leanings despite his being the top Democrat in the City of Yonkers, evidently in name only.

CONCLUSION: This contest is also too early to predict, however based on the self-defining aspects of each race, Merante has moved slightly ahead of Pagano by gaining a hold on social media and thereafter transforming his message by moving into media, print and virtual, radio, and video to become better known. Orefice is least known and has done little to gain even name recognition. Toss up! Yes, but…! At present Orefice is an unknown and may have waited too long to become known. Even though Pagano’s name recognition is well known and respected, Merante holds the upper hand for gaining the Republican endorsement. Each has an opportunity to become the next councilman to represent District 6. At present, Merante presides on a winning plane. Which puts to question why Mayor Mike Spano believed Dee Barbato could not bring Merante to the finish line as its winner.

Scene VI: The most important political contest in Yonkers is between two lawyers. There is incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, and challenger and newcomer Mike Khader. Incumbent McLaughlin has been a long political ally of Mayors Spencer, Amicone, and now, Spano. Each were tied to the Republican Party. Yonkers is however undergoing anger issues with politicians, lack of development, rising costs, reduced prospects for employment, infrastructure deterioration, lack of advancement in many realms, concerns over education and the capacity to deliver educational excellence to an increasing student population, affordable housing concerns, medical insurance programs, as well as the disrespect, dismissal, deceit and corruption that has consumed Yonkers for 6 years under the Mike Spano’s administration in degrees never previously suffered. Mayor Spano had promised what he had, but has yet to deliver. The litany of ineptitude, deceitfulness of intent, or capacity to deliver were simply words to which little was moved toward planning or actual resolution. Yonkersites were long weaned on vacuous words which were used to wait out the clock… and so they have. And so they continue unabated.

Scene VII: Westchester County Board Legislator Gordon A. Burrows, the Republican incumbent has represented District 15 for some 12 years. Burrows was called to fill the seat vacated by Lou Mosiello upon his election to the NYS Assembly in 2005. His Democratic opponent is Ruth Walter. Mr. Burrows is hiding in the open revealing little of his vision or his demeanor on any issue. Ruth Walter has likewise chosen to stay invisible by sharing nothing about her candidacy, vision, demeanor, or rationale for running for elected office. They each prove their dismissiveness and disrespect of the electorate by their conduct. They each define the swamp from which the public has found no ally from either party. Sad, but true. Neither seems capable of discourse with the public to which they claim a desire to serve. Each is an aberration to a political dynamic that has no interest in serving the public interest. Their many years of past service and the potential for the next couple of years has been exposed not by criticism but by their individual conduct. Each offers nothing to the electorate they have interest to serve. At issue is do they know how to serve? Is this the best the electorate expects?

CONCLUSION: Burrows the likely winner. The People are the losers.

CURTAIN CALL: The backlash is real and Yonkers City Hall can smell it and taste it and they are running scared. Adding to the fear is the understanding by all Yonkersites that the City of Yonkers is being sued left and right regarding one lawsuit after the other and taxpayers are aghast by at long last recognizing/realizing they can ill afford the negative legal remedy to which the courts will exact fees and cause an increase in taxes they will be forced to pay. Yonkersites know they will have to carry the burden while the Spano-clan should it be necessary will have the option to depart and Yonkersites will be holding the bag. CONCLUSION: Yonkersites lose from almost every perspective.


eHeziYonkers Political Master Plans and Ploys

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    1. A young girl knocking on doors yesterday, stopped us as we were leaving our home. she asked if she can have a word with us. She should be running for office. We will be supporting her brother. Apparently we weren’t on her list , but brave enough to stop us. I am a republican and my wife a conservative. Nice pitch by the Khader Campaign . Good Luck

  1. Great analysis Hezi. It’s the same old story. No change, No Elections, No Democracy.
    Yonkers is really a microcosm of the whole US political landscape. I think you used the word correctly Hezi. It’s Vacuous just like Donald Dump.

  2. Symra still has election fraud case pending. Her first appearance is Monday morning. No tapes reported on 3 machines in Symra’s stronghold areas. How ironic, especially since the Spano family has the transportation contract on all the voting machines. No winner has been declared in the 16th LD. If Symra wins, it remains a 3 way race. The mayor couldn’t get Carmen another line to further disrupt a black race. He will continue to use Chris as a pawn to ensure his win and dump money into his campaign, so he can ultimately take over the 1st District.

    1. Post

      You are on target. An issue has been flagged and a recount will begin tomorrow, Monday, September 18th. Mr. Johnson may lose out to Symra Brandon to become the next Westchester County Board Legislator. The differential between the two contenders is understood to be less than 5 votes. Three voting machines have been impounded. at issue is who is at fault. truth will rise to the surface. stay tuned.

    1. Post
      1. DMX is an unparalled icon in the rap community for both blacks AND whites for his music. Nick Spano evaded his taxes, did 3 years federal prison time, is the lobbyist for YPBA, is now the realtor on all the Yonkers downtown real estate deals and no one says a peep. DMX has been charged, but never did time for tax evasion, unlike Nick Spano. Nick gets a pass from you because he is white. Leave Nicole alone. Stop being a hater because she is a smart, beautiful and ambitious young lady.

        1. Get your facts straight you mental incompetent-Nick Spano did 1 yr 1 day federal time for tax evasion not three years-In July 2017 DMX was charged and ARRESTED for tax fraud(14 cts) for not paying $1.7 million in taxes betwween 2002-2005 and betweeen 2010-2015 did not pay taxes on another $2.3 million. DMX has been arrested t least 22 times some of which were for drugs and guns. DMX faces up to 44 years in the can. The only thing in your tool box is the race card which is pathetic-If Nicole cant choose her supporters more carefully then she got what she deserved which is she she lost and rightfully so.

    2. Anyone aligned with the Spano’s should be a no vote. The Spano machine has been the most corrupt administration is some time. Now it is time for Yonkers to vote them and their cohorts out. Liam, Goldberg, Terrero, all Spano operatives. Remember they raised your taxes, water bills, and gave contracts to all their family members with an ex felon Nick Spano at the helm.

  3. New to this site and politics, so excuse all the questions. Hezi can you explain Why does they Mayor get to appoint someone? Has this been done before? Shouldn’t there be a special election? I would think that Chris Johnson would bring nominate someone who qualified and approved by the city council. Why does the mayor get to choose ? What qualifies her to be City Council? She is his scheduler correct please tell your readers about her qualifications.

    1. Post

      She is qualified in knowing that when she is told to vote as instructed by the mayor and/or those who speak for the mayor she will not waver and do as she is told. No other qualifications are required.

    2. Post

      From the Yonkers City Code: § C4-4 Vacancy in office of Councilmember. (Amended 9-4-2002 by L.L. No. 13-2002; 8-29-2006 by L.L. No. 4-2006) A. A vacancy in the office of City Councilmember shall be

      From the Yonkers City Code:

      § C4-4 Vacancy in office of Councilmember.

      [Amended 9-4-2002 by L.L. No. 13-2002; 8-29-2006 by L.L. No. 4-2006

      A vacancy in the office of City Councilmember shall be filled initially by appointment by the Mayor of a registered voter who is a resident of the city council district in which the vacancy exists and then by special election, as provided in Subsection B. A vacancy in the office of City Council President shall be filled initially by appointment by the Mayor subject to approval by a majority of the Councilmembers and then by special election, as provided in Subsection B.

      A person appointed pursuant to Subsection A shall hold office until a special election is conducted to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term of office. Such a special election shall be held concurrent with the next general election being conducted in the City at which municipal, state or federal officials are elected. If the vacancy occurs less than sixty days prior to a general election, then the special election shall be conducted concurrent with the second general election following the office becoming vacant. The appointee shall serve until the person elected at the special election has taken office. Nothing herein shall prevent the appointee from being a candidate at the special election.

      If the vacancy occurs less than 60 days prior to the general election in the third year of the term of office, then the appointee shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term.

      Editor-at-Large Note: This local law was approved at referendum on 11-7-2006.

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