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Spotting “Peeping Toms”

The Hezitorial Perspective After the Pictorial Proof

VIew of the Buena Vista Parking Lot from 66 Main Street looking toward the West and beyond that one of the Collins buildings structure and beyond that the Hudson River.

The top floor of the Buena Vista Parking Lot. White Yonkers Parking Authority Jeep.

Yonkers Parking Authity Jeep on the prowl for an advantageous, illegal, viewing point.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — September 22, 2017 — It is too often difficult to discern that which is being conducted before one’s eyes, in the open, and brazenly at that. Thanks to an astute Yonkersite who has shared this telling exclusively with the Yonkers Tribune, it has come to light that some Yonkers Parking Authority employees have been peering into the residences at 66 Main Street. These employees morph into Peeping Toms after the sun sets. To satisfy their salacious “needs” they engage the use of City of Yonkers owned vehicles, most often park those vehicles at the top level of the Buena Vista Parking Lot, sit behind the steering wheel of the car, and peer through the windows of the apartment dwellers across their eye level. They are evidently entranced by the views. They often sit in those car(s) for so long, that the sensor lights automatically shut off over time from lack of perceptible movement.

Moving toward an “advantageous” viewing spot at the top floor of the Buena Vista Parking Lot.

Casing the Buena Vista Parking Lot.

Prurient interests have moved some people to intrude into the privacy of others. Yonkers City Hall must direct oversight of those in their employ who have spied upon others illegally and take measures to thwart such deviant behavior.

It may be best to make a judgment call only after reviewing the photographic evidence. Then, the issue most relevant and pertinent to this telling is who will take the appropriate conduct to expunge this behavior from being repeated again as it has for too long. Will the illegal conduct perpetrated be awarded a slap on the wrist or an appropriate dismissal from employment by the City of Yonkers?

The Hezitorial Perspective

The Hezitorial takeaway is that the demeanor of the City of Yonkers has for so long removed itself from the standards it espoused for itself that it now finds itself perplexed and aghast that the departments of government that they so long admired are failing. Rather than being aware of societal norms being encroached by due diligence in defining what is right for the community at large, City Hall shakes its head up and down as if agreeing, suggestive their following up on allegations toward corrective conduct, when City Hall is instead buying time to be rid of allegations and assertions of illegality and the maligning and breaking of law. The audacity of this conduct, that may affect but a few, is the tip of the iceberg. It is as evident as the pull of gravity, known as fact to most, yet plausibly denied by those who swallow the swill or those that are too ignorant to comprehend. At issue is trust.

Are the institutions that had at one time served the public at large still serving The People or are The People now so distrustful of the mechanisms of governance under this administration and those prior, though in lesser degrees, that the “fear” and retribution that can be exacted over the whistleblowers have sealed knowing what takes place in Yonkers?

No amount of “Stop & Shake” antics by the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) can eclipse the “Stop & Shake” gimmickry perpetrated by the perjuring thugs allowed to run roughshod over a department that serves itself rather than those they are entrusted to protect for lack of ethical YPD leadership. YPD is under assault from within. The internal disintegration of the YPD is orchestrated by Yonkers City Hall, brought about the institutional gangrene that has infected it, and is thereby under the tampering ploys and plots the taskmasters have chosen for their survival while Yonkersites suffer the Yonkers Police Department capitulating to being forced to not serving the public interest. The silence is deafening. Notice the silence it is no longer the bigotry of the past: neither one pigment over another, neither of economic means, not one gender or another, not ethnicity, not sexual preference, not culture, nor religious observance, or belief. This telling exposes the failed and continuously failing aspects and prospects of a city desirous to reclaim a more tolerant and respectful demeanor among its people and those they have elected to office to serve the rights of The People under laws that protect them from harm from exposing the failings to which Yonkers City Hall is loathe to respond with clarity and purpose and resolve.

Ethics must be part of Yonkers equation. While some will cry for ethics they imagine was appropriate years ago, the enlightened know the past was prejudiced along many fault lines. Perhaps Yonkers must consider the past only as a reference point. We may even ache for the make believe credibility we once accepted. Circumstances today demand we create a template worthy of the knowledge which we have come to know in our hearts and minds are true. It is time to thrash out an ethical and cultural demeanor that serves us with equal respect, defining and delineating the responsibilities of all and holding all to account on the basis of institutions that adhere to law and justice and the institutions and teachings that will sustain it all.

That is the takeaway. I am most proud of the person who came forward, equally saddened that so much that should have been formalized and expected to have been legally created to meet such challenges needed to be exposed in this telling. These allegations, among many others on this specific concern and others over different concerns have been for too long been permitted to be dismissed by those who are tasked to investigate and expunge such conduct and others.

Because of this telling and the notice of pictorial proof to the Yonkers Tribune by an astute Yonkersite the opportunity to transform the narrative is before us. The gauntlet has been cast. Yonkersites have the right to know who will take up the challenge toward remedy and when?


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eHeziYonkersite Sees Something and Says Something – Smart, Sensible, and Sensitive

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  1. From the photos shown it appears to me that the worker is looking at something below the structure, not adjacent windows, possibly the sidewalk area below. It looks like he is doing the job he was hired to do, security.

  2. Yonkers has a real sick workforce.
    Is the Attorney General in Yonkers going to get a
    look to ?
    Stalking is a Crime .
    Union will go to bat and deliver a favor or a bag of money.

  3. Maybe They Were Praying ?
    or Just Had Gas.
    Either Way They do Look in a Deep State.
    Who Knows ?
    If true tell them do say a few Our Fathers.

  4. So ridiculous. Let them do their jobs. Where is the proof that these workers are ‘peeping’ and not just doing their job? You should be responsible in your publication to get all the facts first. Do you know what there job entails? If they are securing the lot. They need to be up there. I don’t see pictures of someone with binoculars spying. TRY TO PRINT FACTS. People are always just looking to point blame to try to someone milk money from the city. Tell the yonkersite that is accusing to show some real proof. Get a life please.

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