Khader Campaign Makes Formal Request of Yonkers Inspector General McGrath of Possible Use of Taxpayer Funds Used for Printing and Mailing of Campaign Literature by Opponent McLaughlin

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YONKERS, NY — October 22, 2017 — The Yonkers Tribune has learned that the Khader for Yonkers City Council President campaign effort had on October 14, 2017, asked Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath to make inquiry of its opponent, sitting Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, with regard to “having been produced and mailed using taxpayer funds by and through the City of Yonkers”.

The Yonkers Tribune suggests this letter, replicated herein is best judged by the reader.

Mike Khader is designated the official Democratic, Independence, Working Families, Women’s Equality, and Green Party candidate for Yonkers City Council President.

861 Midland Avenue
Yonkers New York 10704

October 14, 2017

Mr. Brendan McGrath, Inspector General
City of Yonkers
40 South Broadway
Yonkers, New York   10701

Dear Mr. McGrath:

As a candidate in the election against Liam McLaughlin for City Council President, I am writing to voice a complaint which I believe is worthy of your attention and investigation.

Sometime during last week a mailer was sent by Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, having been produced and mailed using taxpayer funds by and through the City of Yonkers.

The mailer is self-described as “Legislative Update from Council President Liam McLaughlin”.  The mailer lists Mr. McLaughlin’s office at City Hall as the return address.

The mailer is purely political in nature, contains numerous stories about candidate McLaughlin as well as a photo of another political candidate, Rob Astorino.

The nature of my complaint is my belief that the production and mailing of this literature is a fraudulent and wasteful use of public funds. With only weeks to go in this election, its intent is obvious; to influence the voters and the outcome of the election.

As further proof it would appear that the recipients of the mail were chosen by party and neighborhood location.

The rules of the state Assembly prevent such mailings for thirty days prior to an election. This is to prevent taxpayer money and government institutions from influencing the outcome of a campaign.  Surely the ethics of the situation demand that such a rule be in place for all legislative bodies including the Yonkers City Council.  However while the City Council has no such rule, it is my understanding that taxpayer funded mailings may not be sorted by party.  It is further my understanding that the number and volume of such mailings are controlled by specific budget allocations.

I believe this mailing was purely political and fraudulent and a waste of taxpayer money.  We know it was produced and sent at taxpayer expense.  If the investigation shows that its recipients were chosen politically, and produced outside of an established budget, it is a serious matter.

Therefore please consider this a formal request for you to convene an investigation to determine if this mailer, produced and sent at taxpayer expense, is political and sent at a time when mailing budgets at the City Council had been otherwise depleted.

Michael Khader

eHeziKhader Campaign Makes Formal Request of Yonkers Inspector General McGrath of Possible Use of Taxpayer Funds Used for Printing and Mailing of Campaign Literature by Opponent McLaughlin

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  1. Men like Spano and McLaughlin need to be incarcerated. Men like Khader are leaders and deserve to be public servants. I’d be honored to have Khader as my city counsel president, but you Mclauglin you make me sick!

    1. Regarding the Board’s actual findings, we strongly disagree with Liam McLaughlin’s complaint that he is not responsible for tax hikes that he voted for, simply because other people voted for them as well. The undisputed fact is that Liam McLaughlin voted for tax hikes, and as an elected official he is responsible for his votes and actions. If Mr. McLaughlin needs to grow a spine and take responsibility for his actions, otherwise he should resign his office.

      For clarity’s sake we should have said water rates are 585% of what they were when he was first elected, as opposed to saying they went up 585%. Our analysis shows an increase of 485%; Mr. McLaughlin claims 341%. Either way, he probably shouldn’t wait for a thank you card from Yonkers taxpayers. His claims about taxes and spending not doubling is both false and laughable to any taxpayer in the city; and his argument that voting himself two major pay raises is not “lining his pockets” because it wasn’t illegal is a thumb in the eye to every hardworking Yonkers family who doesn’t have the luxury of giving themselves a raise at someone else’ expense.

      No matter how much he complains, his failure is clear, and his dishonestly and belief that he is not responsible for actions he takes as Council President are insulting to Yonkers taxpayers. It’s time to fire Liam McLaughlin

  2. You asked Brendan McGrath to investigate something that may make the administration look bad? Is that a joke? You might as well ask the furniture to do the investigation-more might come if it.

  3. Mr Khader,
    This investigation isn’t going anywhere. As long as the Spano’s are in office this city will always remain corrupt.
    The Spano’s will continue to groom there puppet(Lying Liam) to preserve Yonkers’ hidden secrets.
    You need to energize the real Democrats and continue to inform them that Spano ran under the guise of a Democrat and fooled us all.
    Your doing well but stay the course…Yonkers voters are well aware of the nonsense Liam and the Spano’s are trying very hard to distort.

    This Teamster is with you ! Good Luck !

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