An Open Letter to Mount Vernon Voters

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Dear Mount Vernon,

Vote for a New Vision for Mount Vernon

On November 7th, 2017, we will have an opportunity to once again exercise our right, as a citizen of this city, to vote for our vision for Mount Vernon.  The candidates of the NEW VISION Team believe that our vision for Mount Vernon aligns closely with the vision that many of us, our families, friends and neighbors, want for our community.  For too long, we have suffered at the hands of elected officials that were simply not up to the task of governing. Quite frankly, many of them never had the capacity nor the vision to serve us, the people. We live in a system of “Representative Government”, yet, we do not see that our elected officials have been conducting themselves in a manner that represents us. Nor have they implemented policies that reflect what we citizens desire to better our city.

On Election Day, we have a choice.  We can believe that WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE in order to improve our quality of life and elevate the values and standards that we hold dear as civilized residents. Or conversely, we can say that change is hard and that “Voting Row A all the way”, is what we have been told to do for most of our lives as Democrats.  Well, we believe differently.  We, the NEW VISION PARTY, a group of independently thinking registered Democrats, believe that the OLD Democratic Party on Row A has lost its ways. The OLD Democratic Party that used to stand up for all citizens and made certain that everyone can aspire to become whatever they wanted to be and to reach whatever goals and dreams they desired, in a safe, beautiful and bustling city…is lost! The OLD Democratic Party has not represented our values nor our aspirations for a better Mount Vernon for a very long time! It is time to “BREAK THE CHAINS”, and embrace all independent thinkers from all political parties and proclaim NOVEMBER 7th, 2017, as CHANGE DAY!

Mount Vernon; It is time to THINK DIFFERENT!

eHeziAn Open Letter to Mount Vernon Voters

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