Anthony Merante for Yonkersite City Council – District 6 – Vote Election Day – November 7, 2017

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eHeziAnthony Merante for Yonkersite City Council – District 6 – Vote Election Day – November 7, 2017

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  1. I’m voting, but not for you or Pagano!

    I will vote for a Democrat (first time ever) over you and the other unqualified mouth breather.

    You are nothing but a hack fronted by that brain trust called the Yonkers GOP (you know, the extension of the Spano family…..)

    Bye now!

    1. There are 2 “Republicans” running against the Democrats.
      Merante and Pagano.

      One is a GOP candidate and the other a Conservative one.
      Neither one has pleged to keep property taxes within the 2% NYS mandated cap!

      They will split the Republican vote and thereby, the Democrats will win the District.

      This is engineered so that the City Council can pass a property tax increase in 2018, OVER the 2% NYS cap. And, as usual, the GOP will blame the “tax and spend” Democrats!

      That will then prevent every property owner in Yonkers from receiving the NYS STAR rebate check because the cap will be exceeded!

      This happened already in 2015 when Larkin and Shepard both voted for a 4.23% increase. Very convenient, since they were not running for re-election!

      NYS saves tens of millions of dollars when Yonkers exceeds the 2% cap.

      And, the Seniors on fixed incomes get screwed the most!

      No wonder retail business is leaving the City!

      Stores are empty and the employees scatter and the City loses the sales tax revenue and the income tax revenue from the employees.

      The landlords then petition for less property taxes as the stores are empty and they can’t raise the rents.
      Keep this in mind when you vote next Tuesday!

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