Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council Candidate TV Spot “Families”

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“Keeping taxes low is more than just putting some extra dollars in your pocket. It’s about making Yonkers affordable. Affordable for our seniors on fixed incomes and young families just getting their start. Sadly, too often seniors have to move away from their children and grandkids because of finances. I want Yonkers to grow and succeed and more importantly I want to keep Yonkers families together.” ~~ Anthony Merante

eHeziAnthony Merante, Yonkers City Council Candidate TV Spot “Families”

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  1. Does this guy know where his district begins and ends.How can he possibly know what people of the Brn Mawr, Dunwoodie, Homefield, North Yonkers areas need. Living up in his lilly white neighnorhood he has no contact with the daily concerns we deal with everyday. Please let’s get this election over,can’t listen to his crap anymore….I’m a Dem…living in the Lockwood Ave. area..and will not vote for this guy and will make sure everyone I know does the same.Plus heard thru the grapevine, he’s anti union and feels pensions are not deseved. Real family man.
    My ass

    1. I’m not a Dem.

      But I sure will be voting for one (or two) this year!

      Another Spano Hack who has tried to be “one of the boys” for some time now.

      He is a court jester.

      Pagano is a *********…..

      Other than that…..

  2. Tell us how you plan to make Yonkers affordable? For a start I would eliminate property taxes and have school funding provided by income tax, in that way everyone would contribute to school funding, not just a property owner. Owning a piece of property does not make one rich.

  3. Taxes, schools, quality of life. Very original, must’ve taken quite a think tank to come up with that.
    I like that grandparents are mentioned, so they can provide free babysitting. Enjoy your golden years, and don’t forget to change the diapers!

  4. That is the biggest pile of BS I ever heard.Try being a fighter ,a guy who will fight for the 6th district.Not a guy who has visions of a perfect world.Wake up dude.Stop drinking the kool aid and make some sense.Spineles and no clue..yeah you should be elected..NOT

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