Liam McLaughlin Is Not Fit For the Job of City Council President

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Mike Khader and Family.

YONKERS, NY — October 29, 2017 —  With less than two weeks to go before the election, it’s increasingly clear that Liam McLaughlin is not fit for the job of City Council President.

Liam has voted for increased water rates and tax hikes. He’s promoted a pay-to-play culture of corruption in Yonkers where all you need to do to get a city contract is donate to his re-election campaign. And he’s given himself not one, but two pay raises, while hardworking Yonkers families have struggled to make ends meet.

On Tuesday, November 7th, join me in saying enough is enough.

Yonkers deserves better than career politicians who put themselves first. We deserve representatives who will work tirelessly to improve our public schools, invest in local job growth, and provide the services that make Yonkers such a great place to raise a family.

As your City Council President, I promise to make City Hall work for you, not for special interests and campaign donors.

I’m ready to get to work.


SOURCE: Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President Campaign.

eHeziLiam McLaughlin Is Not Fit For the Job of City Council President

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  1. You dopes think the City Council President can just magically wave his wand and fix the schools, create jobs, take money from developers, build parks, make the streets safer, and make Yonkers great again? Our fearless leader, Kim Jung-Un Spano, sets the tone for ALL of the above. The CCP just collects a fat paycheck and chairs meetings with other useless council members on bloated salaries and city cars. That Khader thinks all of this is possible under his potential purview as CCP just goes to show you that he hasn’t got a clue about how government actually works (and neither do the voters judging by this site). Well intentioned but delusional. And yeah I get it. We all hate Liam and the Spanoclan. Who doesn’t? If Khader wants to fix the city he should run for mayor and come up with some real ideas not just soundbites. Otherwise, we’re all wasting our time.

    1. The mayor needs a drumroll from the council to set his “tone”..lets not kid each other spano is a republican and they have a majority. The 3 dems have no say in their districts.
      Liam touts bipartisanship like a broken record,but we all know the truth. Khader seems like a moderate and can treat the districts fairly

  2. Mr Khader,
    I’m watching Mayor Spano consistenly rerun the city chanel with your opponent in it. I’m asking myself why isn’t our highest ranking Dem endorsing you?
    I’m convinced he has something to hide?
    Your service to our country has earned my respect and my vote. I wish you well !

  3. I sure would love to hear specifics about how Khader will

    – improve our public schools

    – invest in local job growth

    – provide the services that make Yonkers such a great place to raise a family

    As of now he’s just a soundbite wannabe who is getting outclassed by his opponent.

    1. Talk is cheap !

      Mcliar’s talk is expensive ! it’s costing yonkers tax payers a lot of money.

      Khader mentioned several times how he will fix yonkers. Pay attention and stop running your mouth.

      Unlike Mcliar, He avoided every question to the point the audience shouted out “answer the questions.”

      Khader stood up to him like a champion.

  4. Go Mike ! The chatter around Yonkers is all about you. All great stuff. This race is yours. No one believes the lies and they know it’s because he has no record to stand on. All Unions stand by Khader.

    1. of course they get feedback. the fact that you have to go canvass your own party a week out from the election to make sure they’re voting for you is not the hallmark of a well-run campaign.

      i’m still trying to understand how the $55,000 amex lawsuit is a “lie” as well. who paid khader’s credit card bill? saying “It’s all lies” When there are pictures of it up on the internet does not inspire confidence. and how about the tax warrants? khader is saying “There are no tax warrants” and yet there they are. he needs to offer a satisfactory explanation or he’s just another rotanelli.

      1. Very simple…amex was a loan that was satified..taxes were a few hundred dollars satified years ago…ask liam to not BLUR his ads against khader and people can see for themselves.
        As far as canvassing..tell liam stop sending his people to democrat doors ..when dems vote …dems win.
        Voters will remember not 1 fee has decreased under spano and a matter of fact not 1 fee remained the same
        Thank you Gov Cuomo for your tax cap.

      2. Canvasing is part of the campaign process GOTV. All candidates are out canvasing. Including the republicans.

        Liam has a no good record and had to resort to smear campaign. He’s done nothing but give to developers and take from tax payers.

        Now that’s the truth.

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