Liam McLaughlin Suggests It May Be A Good Idea for Some School Students To Go Hungry By MIKE KHADER, Esq.

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The Khader Family.

YONKERS, NY — October 11, 2017 —There’s a problem with school lunches. Some 94 families have not filled out the paperwork to determine if their child is eligible for a free or paid lunch.  The School Administrators, doing the right thing, have been giving these children the same lunch as all other students.  Obviously there is a resulting cost. While school administrators are not completely sure why the parents haven’t filled out the forms, there are some plausible suppositions. Some of these families may be undocumented and therefore fearful of deportation. Others may have language problems and others may be afraid they won’t be able to pay.

Some things are clear.  A report was cited at a City Council Committee Meeting that demonstrates that 79% of public school students are from economically disadvantaged homes.  That school lunch may be their most substantial meal of the day. For the sake of the health and wellbeing of those children, that lunch must not be taken away.

At the same City Council Committee meeting current Council President, Liam McLaughlin, suggested that denying lunch to these students or taking their parents to small claims court may be a useful tool to get their parents to fill out the forms and pay. While he did express being uncomfortable with that tactic, it was irresponsible and callous to suggest it could be effective or even worthy of discussion. It should be common sense that a child’s hunger should never be used as a bargaining chip. The Office of City Council President is serious and demands its occupant be professional and provide compassionate leadership for all Yonkers citizens.  Liam McLaughlin has failed to meet the requirements of his office.

While there is a financial cost of providing these lunches, we also must acknowledge the health, wellbeing, and educational consequences of not giving these children a meal they need. Why should our schools knowingly let children go hungry? That is never the answer and should never be part of the discussion.

I’m not suggesting that there is a simple solution to this problem. Words, especially from elected officials, have consequences.  As City Council President I would never consider, let alone say something out loud, that could jeopardize the health and welfare of any of our children.

Click onto the above hyperlink and go to the 47th minute mark to see and hear Liam McLaughlin make the suggestion noted in Mike Khader’s op-ed


Mike Khader is the endorsed Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council President.


eHeziLiam McLaughlin Suggests It May Be A Good Idea for Some School Students To Go Hungry By MIKE KHADER, Esq.

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  1. heard lots of yelling this morning on the 4th floor of the ivory towers as Barry and members of local 628 yonkers firefighters give their endorsement to Khader way to go guys !!!

  2. Before taking food from children, perhaps Liam should consider other options – dealing with the kind of welfare no one talks about. Like the ridiculous PILOTS given to businesses who play municipalities like fiddles. Or he can look at the city cars aka the Spano Family Fleet. Here’s a novel idea: how about a revaluation of properties – going after all the illegal two and three family homes and other multiple dwellings that don’t have COs and are ridiculously under-assessed, that the city has been ignoring for years. To talking about the typical residential one-family homes. But sounding the racist dog whistle on minority families plays well, particularly in that lower middle class, shanty Irish SE corner of Yonkers. Khader is a breath of fresh air. Liam needs to go. Maybe he can tend bar at Rory’s.

  3. The underlying problem is poverty across large portions of Yonkers. How do you ameliorate that kind of a systemic societal problem? Spano’s approach is social cleansing through gentrification. He’s hoping his luxury condos will attract moneyed millennials, which will drive up prices and drive out the problem of poverty since the poor won’t be able to afford the rents, etc. What’s Khader’s solution? [crickets] We haven’t heard one because he doesn’t have one.

    Yonkers will continue to decline because we lack independent voices with fresh ideas and viable solutions to our pressing problems.

  4. What? Like Liam and dumb Mike Spano never raised taxes? Cut more services so we can hire friends and family and give away city cars for endorsements.

  5. Let’s all get real here. You should not have a kid if you cannot afford it. Nobody owes you or your children anything.

    You should not have kids to get section 8 (even though this is encouraged by the system, all politicos are deafeningly silent on this)

    You should not have kids to get assistance.

    You should not have kids to get food stamps.

    You should not have kids to get WIC.

    The scamming that goes on is outrageous especially in NYC. You don’t hear DeBlasshole talking about fixing this.

    In Yonkers it’s the same old story, the bottom feeders and the top feeders being supported by the middle. School should be just that school. That is why it is more than 50% of our budget.

    Khader is sounding like a tax and spend democrat. We do not need anymore tax and spenders, God knows Liam has done more than his fair share of that. We need an audit of work done by every dept. and root out and drain out all of the dead wood swamp feeder of which we have hundreds.

    Liam needs to go but replacing him with a bottom feeder panderer is a bad idea.

    Don’t agree with Liam on anything but if you are eating you should pay for it. nothing is free.

    1. why not ask liam to come up with a better idea instead of hauling in the parents to court??? he must of been hungover when he said that just listen i bet he had a few drinks before the meeting seems like he had total disregard for children

    2. I don’t think Khader is suggesting that food should be giving out for free.
      I am sure this has more to do with what mclaughlin suggested. He handled this wrong! There are many parents who work and still find it difficult to make ends meet. Unfortunately there are ones that just don’t care.
      It’s not the child’s fault. Rent is high, food is expensive, Why not ask the teachers and administrator to help. Isn’t there a school cafeteria supervisor ! This person should be in charge of that. God knows our teachers have a lot to deal with but it can be done. When I was in school , we werent allowed to go on school trips , have recess and a few offered extra credit. So many creative ways to get those forms back to the school. the answer is not taking parents to court and feed children for a few days.
      Don’t be mean and ignorant why don’t you take the parents who don’t send their child to school to court. That’s more important !
      McLaughlin has no heart. The fact that this is not acceptable to Khader shows character and heart.

  6. The Spano’s have been hiring and creating positions in every department in the City. Liam Spano has done nothing but party with the Spano’s since that fat guy landed the mayoral job. Now he wants to get reelected again so he can drive his city car to his office in White Plains. 14 years is enough. Time for a real new person.

  7. So you’re bringing to light an ongoing problem but offer no solution aside from that you wouldn’t say what Liam said? Just like when you said you wanted to hire more police officers but offered no way to pay them? And the schools? How are you going to fix them? What exactly are you offering the citizens of Yonkers, not just the Arab community, Mr. Khader? Are you running because you believe that it is “our” turn to weild the power? And by “our” I am referring to the Arab community. Crumbling schools, water meters, and hungry children? What’s next? The elderly, abandoned puppies, and climate control? Offer solutions not just bullet points. My goodness, are these two clowns the best we have?

    1. solution is vote for khader and he will bring in the sunlight and rid all of the backroom deals that take place in shiity haul chambers.

    2. Liam’s Failed leadership is the problem. Maybe Liam should stop worrying about the development in downtown Yonkers. This didn’t happened over night! Why isn’t anyone accountable! Pay attention Khader has stated multiple times how he intends to lead this city.

  8. Folks, Liam doesn’t care for our schools or its minority students. According to liam, yonkers schools are thriving..if they are? Why isn’t his son attending yonkers schools??
    Why is his road freshly paved and marked? Why are developers financing his campaign??
    Why is his practice in white plains??Why is his wife and brothers on the city payroll?? Why is spano supporting liam??
    Even Ray Charles can see thru all This. No pun intended.

  9. why dont they get rid of the Inspector general position ?they haven’t done anything since the position was created,the district attorney has plenty of investigators available if the mayor thinks anything is not on the up and up,but thats another

    The inspector general office is costing the tax payers close to 750k that could be used elsewhere such as helping kids that cant afford lunch or put that money into something alot more useful.

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