Mayor Mike Spano’s Political Conduct Vacillates to Accommodate the Perceived Disappointment in Him and His Political Viability by Governor Andrew Cuomo

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The Political Hezitorial Telling

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Primary Election contests in the City of Yonkers have revealed that the catalysts of abrupt chameleon-like political changes by Mayor Mike Spano were engaged after the Yonkers Mayor recognized that he best mitigate the perceived disappointment Governor Cuomo had of him. Governor Cuomo in most subtle fashion let Mayor Spano know that he would not stoop to engaging in a game of “chicken” with him or anyone else. Mayor Spano bungled the City of Yonkers’ political and financials prospects and thereby his own political viability by arrogantly believing he could discharge his responsibility to serve the public interest by instead serving his own. Mayor Spano must have believed his conduct of deceit and deflection of fact by spin would not be noticed. It seems as though Mayor Spano was unaware Governor Cuomo does not suffer from physical or political myopia.

The long-time Republican Assemblyman Mike Spano realizing his most prudent step slightly six-plus years ago switched his political affiliation and registered as a Democrat. He would go on to win his first term as a Democrat-elected Mayor. He made many promises to Yonkers labor, a city known as a union bastion. Alas, Mayor Spano’s polished patina has been tarnished by Mayor Spano reneging on his promises to friends and foes alike.

The least politically astute individual has long recognized that Governor Cuomo has a thoroughbred horse in the November 7th General Election contest between incumbent Westchester County Executive Republican Rob Astorino (Republican) and New York State Senator Democrat George Latimer challenging. Astorino’s fiscal prowess over Latimer is more than three to one. Mayor Spano, the top Democrat dog in Yonkers, timidly endorsed the Latimer candidacy with little public fanfare. Incumbent Yonkers City Council President Republican Liam McLaughlin has been handed a palpable and formidable challenge in the guise of Yonkers City Council Democrat Candidate Mike Khader. Mayor Mike Spano has not yet endorsed the candidacy of Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President. Why?

Then there was the down low, quiet effort to drag Yonkers City Councilman Christopher Johnson past the finish line to win the Westchester County Legislator – District 16 seat when he was not considered the front runner because that is what Mayor Spano wanted. Not everyone was aware that Mayor Spano found Councilman Johnson a thorn in Mayor Spano’s side. Mayor Mike Spano entrusted his family soldiers to get the vote out. The ploy was simple; it was also successful. Chris Johnson will be sworn-in as Westchester County Legislator. Mayor Mike Spano’s intended successor for Chris Johnson’s Yonkers City Council – District 1 was intended to be Mayor Spano’s Scheduler Shanae Williams. The ever vacillating Mayor Spano’s intentions have changed again. He worked out a deal with former County Legislator – District 16 frontrunner Symra Brandon buying into being appointed to Yonkers City Council – District 1. Let us not forget that Mayor Spano had initially promised to support Republican Carmen Gomez Goldberg who switched affiliation to Democrat in anticipation of Mayor Spano backing her political aspirations. Instead, it seems Mayor Spano burned another bridge disappointing long time supporter Carmen Gomez Goldberg. Mayor Spano even leaned on Yonkers PBA and CLSA Union Trustees to endorse her campaign effort. It seems Mayor Spano may need some political Viagra or Cialis to recoup.

Thereafter, the Johnson, Brandon switcheroo was in play. It may nevertheless change at any given moment if it can serve Mayor Spano. Yonkersites are dismissed rather than a pertinent consideration in Mayor Spano finding a common denominator that serves him best, over that of all Yonkersites. perhaps Mayor Spano is confused, delusional, or worse, simply unaware. Is there a doctor in this house?

Yonkers Tribune has now learned from people in the know that Yonkers City Council District 6 is again in play. Initially Anthony Merante was the front runner. Adding to Mr. Merante’s prospects was former 10-year incumbent Dee Barbato who represented District 6 some 8-years ago. Her reputation is encapsulated by the sentiment that she was and still remains, “simply the best”. For some unknown reasons a few months ago, Mayor Mike Spano, among and within insular mayoral circles had lost faith over Ms. Barbato having the capacity to bring Mr. Merante across the finish line. Mayor Spano chose to reach out to Anthony Pagano to get a win. Neither Mssrs. Merante or Pagano agreed to a “deal” with Mayor Spano. In recent days, especially since Gov. Cuomo did not intentionally or could not attend the Columbus Day Parade in Yonkers, which he had initially intentioned to attend, Mayor Spano began to timidly promote a win for unknown and reticent Democrat-endorsed Matt Orefice for Yonkers City Council – District 6, raising his prospects somewhat. If Mayor Spano maintains his scruples with respect to Mr. Orefice vis-a-vis Mayor Spano’s perception of Gov. Cuomo’s desire, it may prove to be a win, win, win, or a failure engaged too late in the political muck fashioned by Mayor Spano’s inability to sense Gov. Cuomo view of the Gov. Cuomo’s bigger political picture. It could be a win for Mayor Spano, Candidate Orefice, and Governor Cuomo. At issue is whether Mayor Spano is suffering a political form of Asperger’s Syndrome. Is he emotionally bereft of reading the signals expressed by Gov. Cuomo? Interestingly, Mr. Orefice’s Campaign Manager is Tommy Meier, Jr., a member of the Westchestchester County Board of Elections, the son of Yonkers DPW Commissioner and Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair Tommy Meier. The plausible inference by the politically astute will easily recognize the conflict of interest between Meier Jr, Orefice, and Spano, and the scam hurled against the unsuspecting Yonkers voters, because Yonkersites are not told the truth, they are instead fed the gruel of spin. only the privileged insular few are supposed to be in the know. Now all Yonkersites know the shifting sands that both cover and reveal all aspects of the skulduggery afoot.

Yonkers Mayor Spano has arrived at this juncture because he has been recognized as a dinosaur, that is, a Democrat in Name Only (DINO). He quietly clings to Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino over Democrat George Latimer, clings to Republican Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin over Democrat Mike Khader, promotes the candidacy of newcomer Republican candidate John Rubbo over newcomer Democrat candidate Maeve Scott for Yonkers City Councilmember to District 4.

When present Mayor Spano was vying to win the office of Yonkers Mayor, he switched his political party affiliation. The takeaway could not be disputed, Mike Spano was a Democrat and upon becoming mayor, even if not beforehand, the marriage between Mike Spano and the Yonkers Democratic City Committee was consummated. Alas, Mayor Spano could not keep his wandering eyes from veering off course and returning to his old stomping grounds. At first he was reticent about his longing to return to his Republican comfort zone. In time, his desires won over his being outed. He engaged in the political “nasty”. He was emboldened to slither about in the political muck thinking and then believing he would not be “outed”! But he was!!!

One can never second guess, much less subdue the amorous political desires of men who refuse to back off when asked to do so. Mayor Spano’s political desires could not be quelled within Democratic circles. He would return to the old stomping ground. Let us all recognize what passion can do to any man. Either Mayor Spano would resist proclivities of his past or another man would reset his clock. It seems an Albany power broker has done just that. The catalyst for Mayor Spano’s vacillating proclivities is New York State Andrew Cuomo. Did Mayor Spano forget the main man in New York State is none other than Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

Mayor Spano finds himself presently between a rock and a hard place. Mayor Spano can continue to hunger for political comfort and satisfaction which serves him and him alone, or he can rise to his responsibilities as Mayor of the City of Yonkers, serving its residents by making “nice, nice” with Governor Cuomo, the hombre who will not only decide the future political prospects of Mike Spano, and his extended family, but will also decide whether to look kindly on the City of Yonkers whose political and financial prospects have languished for the last six years under the guise of the public relations standard bearer who is now known as the lowly, ribbon cutter, and little else.

It seems Mayor Spano blinked thinking Governor Cuomo was playing. Everyone now knows Mayor Spano is a blinking chicken.  Perhaps some form of political “rehab” or a chicken coop is demanded of our feathered friend.


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eHeziMayor Mike Spano’s Political Conduct Vacillates to Accommodate the Perceived Disappointment in Him and His Political Viability by Governor Andrew Cuomo

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  1. Big change is coming November 7th and January 1st. Spano can forget about any chance to extend term limits with these 3 additions to the City Council. Not that he would be elected to a 3rd time anyway.


    Editor-at-Large Note: Term Limits being extended need not take place In 2018. It can be promoted in 2017 should that be the interest of Mayor Spano and be thereafter approved by the present sitting Yonkers City Council membership. ~~ Hezi Aris

    1. BUT the NEW City Council on January 1 could vote to reinstate term limits and nullify any vote taken by the OLD City Council in 2017. Touche

  2. I laugh at the ridiculous snide comments on this site.
    They are driven at a hatred of a Strong, Determined, Gentleman,
    – Mayor Spano- , who has the courage of a herd of Lions.
    He has taken on the corrupt inept city workers.
    This is where all the hatred is coming from.
    This is why he is getting all the rotten comments.
    They are from lazy(goes without saying), inept, nepotistic, corrupt city workers.
    City Workers are just show. There is no GO !
    Look around at what is wrong in Yonkers.
    It starts with the personnel !

  3. Mike Spano will NEVER EVER win another election for ANY elective office again never mind Governor. Take that to the bank. You stupid morons should get out of your ivory tower and see the mess your disgusting administration has made of the City of Yonkers. And the next two and perhaps three years budgets are going to be the legacy of the Spanos FAILURE.

  4. Mayor Spano is not going anywhere. Come November 11th, you will have to shut your
    big dumb ass mouth.
    Mayor Spano and Liam will be ready and back to work making Yonkers great again.
    The pile of khaki that the sipping Spencer and beard-boy Amicone left him with is finally
    being managed correctly.
    Sorry you hacks cannot get over on them.
    It really is way too bad.
    Khader beware they are not your friends.

  5. Call it like it is Mayor Mike Spano and his meddling convicted brother Nick are dirtbags. The City will be here long after they are booted out.

  6. It’s all unraveling for Mike Spano. He has told his elder brother Nick Spano that he refuses to continue to be separated from his own family any longer. And the stress of the job and the impending fiscal doom of rhe City is too much to bear. Mike Spano has done what older brother Nick has requested and put James Cavanaugh in place as Deputy Mayor so as to allow Nick to continue to control the jobs and contracts until someone else can be brought in to carry on what disappointing little brother Mike will no longer do. You heard it here first. Mike Spano wil be stepping down prior to the end of 2017.

  7. Just wait until team Khader gets though with these clowns and strips all their family and patronage from the budget. It’s going to be fun watching Johnny limo sitting in the well of the chambers smiling at the cameras.

    1. Johnny Limo will not be on the 4th on Jan.1
      Mike Khader will be on the 4th floor and Johnny Limo.

      Johnny limo is trying to be something he is not.

  8. Why would this mayor support Maeve? Maeve does not support him. Why would mayor support khader? Khader does not support him? Would it be in his best interest to support someone simply because they are in the same party as him? I don’t think so.

    This Mayor has been a democrat for 14 years. He ran and won for the assembly as a democrat 4x.

    This mayor supported;

    Perez winner
    Johnson winner
    Terrero who had dem endorsement loser

    We shouldn’t be beating the guy up simply because he is not coming out as supporting candidates that don’t support him.

    1. He run for the assembly 2x as a democrat. He ran against Chucky Cheese in 2011 and no show Nuckel in 2015. He was challenged by Mike Ramondeli, I wouldn’t even call it a challenge. Mike Ramondeli couldn’t get elected as dog catcher. When Mike Spano gets a serious challenge for County Executive through Andrea then we will see how strong he is.

    2. The Khader’s have supported Spano’s for years and how does anyone know if Maeve Scott supported Spano or not? We know Maece Scott supported Liam for years and then he turns his back on her and comes out strong for Rubbo.

      Reality is that Mike Khader and Maeve Maeve are both going to win. And there’s a really good chance that Anthony Pagano will also win.

      These are 3 smart people who will not forget who helped them and who did not.

      Now all you Spano’s get back to your mistresses.

    3. You’re wrong on every point you made. First of all Mike Spano was a Republican his whole life (and still is). All his years in the Assembly he was a Republican. He ran for Yonkers Mayor the first time in 2003 as a Republican and got his ass handed to him. So he waits for Amicone to finish his 8 years and he comes back as a Democrat but only in name to get the Yonkers majority Democrats to vote for him. He’s still functioning as a Republican, his whole cabinet is Republican, his Deputy Mayor was the Republican Chairman, so come one.

      Your excuse for why Spano is supporting Republicans like Liam McLaughlin is lame. Not even worth responding to, spin spin spin.

  9. Symra and Chris were bought by the Spanos on the clearance rack. Now the Spanos have the audacity to honor Symra at the Yonkers Dem Dinner on November 2nd to shut her up for good. She’s spineless and pathetic.

  10. I turned on News12 and saw the Yonkers Fire Fighters endorsed Mike Khader for City Council President. I’m delighted to see them stand up to the “establishment!” Khader has my vote, kick the career politicians out!!

  11. The more the Mayor distances himself from Khader, the better for maike Khader . I believe every Yonkers citizen knows how corrupt the Mayor is and it may turn voters away from Khader .

  12. The Spano’s are toast in this City. The only friends they have are their families. Mike you were elected Mayor of the City of Yonkers; not your felon brother Nick, not Joe Spano, or any of them. Now Liam and you will lose out because you were and never will be strong to stand up to your conscience. So what, you were an assemblyman by default and should have stayed there. The new wave of political rivals will be arriving very soon and your inability to control a scheming lying felon will no doubt be your legacy. Soon you or should I say Mayor Nick will be just another tax paying resident.

  13. It’s a secret for now. But we all know who it ain’t. I doubt you know anything. The issue made here is not germaine.

    May apology to the readers. I had not noticed the name and allegation made was listed in the box designated for the name to be listed. Inappropriate and not in any way related to this subject. Take a cold shower.

    I hope we understand each other.

    Try it one more time and your will lose priviliges for future postings.



  14. That is crazy that Tom Meier Jr is working at the Board and running Orefices campaign. Can someone really hold a full time job and run a campaign? I hope he is still showing up at work. I had no idea he works at the Board of Elections. What type of work does he do, he is an absolute moron?

  15. Let’s be real, I do not think that another Spano will be elected in Yonkers for a very long time. Liam will be defeated and the Spano’s will be looking for jobs. Those two Spano union leaders will be replaced too and get absolutely nothing done if the Feds don’t get all of them.

  16. Tommy will have a for sale sign up very soon ! Wait till all those DPW videos are posted theft of services, sleeping,drinking,drugging, Will post them just for you Tommy You tube and blast the links on all social media show the people how much control you have and what a great job your doing.

  17. This is Earth-shattering news, a Dem (Spano) and a Dem (Meyer) might be helping a Dem (Orefice) try to get elected. Way to dig deep.

    1. With all due respect, I suggest you missed the point. While you are right about a Dem and another Dem helping a Dem does not require much contemplation, a definite “duhl moment, then why did Mayor Spano go from Merante a Republican to Pagano a Republican, returning to Merante the Republican and now, because of the Gov. Cuomo disgusted by Mayor Spano a Republicrat at best, has Mayor Spano now arriving at Support Orefice a Democrat.

      if your logic is a a “duh” moment, why has Mayor Spano not supported Maeve a Democrat over Rubbo a Republican? Why has Mayor Spano not supported Khader a Democrat over McLaughlin a Republican.

      Each and every candidate has his/her credentials and political and moral compass as their rationale to run for political office. they are not conflicted with the. O I mer by which they intend to rise to elected office. Why then is Mayor Spano so conflicted. Does he have issues with regarding to standing firm on principles he suggests we believe yet those words have proven to be Hollow for so long, even Governor Cuomo finds his vacillating rhythm out of step.mPerhaps Mayor Spano can return to his roots and gain comfort in no longer making believe he abides by one dogma while claiming to be another. For Mayor Spano, his ability to camouflage himself for the electorate to too slow to outsmart the voter. have you ever seen a chameleon change the color of his skin. it is not instant. It takes times. For Mayor Spano, those who watch his back and forth, dithering and vacillating conduct know that just like a chameleon his loses his flaking ability while transforming himself from one color scheme to another.

      I rest my case. Thanks for the duh moment.




        1. I have corrected the message. I believe a spellchecker glitch.

          It now reads as I intended…

          It’s a secret for now. But we all know who it ain’t. I doubt you know anything. The issue made here is not germaine.

          May apology to the readers. I had not noticed the name and allegation made was listed in the box designated for the name to be listed. Inappropriate and not in any way related to this subject. Take a cold shower.

          I hope we understand each other.

    2. where is spaNo on maeve? where is spaNO on khader? never mind what ever he touches loses ask wilson.Carlos Moran is the biggest a$$ licker where has he been???? probably getting jobs for liam and company

  18. Tony Pagano will win the 6th by a landslide. His base voters are mostly Democrats and they will come out in droves to vote for Tony on the Independent line. Many Republicans can’t stand Merante and they will go over to Conservative line for Pagano. And although Matt Ori-something is a nice guy no one knows him and run of the mill non unions Dems don’t come out to vote in the 6th. In the end Tony Pagano will come out on top.

    1. A very sweet girl came to my house yesterday with a mike khader and Mathew Orefice palm cards. she was very passionate about both candidates.

      Its time for change!

      I will be voting for Mike and Matt and I will make sure my friends, family neighbors do the same.

  19. Tom Jr would be pouring coffee instead of working at the Board of Elections had it not been for his father becoming chairman. That will end after next year.

  20. Tom meier Jr doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. That guy couldn’t win an election for dog catcher I guess he is taking after his father. No wonder orefice is running a losing campaign

  21. Mike Spano’s endorsement at this point would probably hurt any of the 3 Dems running for City Council. What would come with a Mike Spano endorsement? Money? Too late for that. Campaign Assistande? Too late for that? Votes? Yeah 3 of them.

    Mike Spano is a lame duck Mayor who pretty soon no one including Governor Cuomo will care about or care for.

  22. mike spaNo has started the writing of his political obituary,there was a reason why cuomo did not march in the parade,there was reason why sue gerry was thrown out,all will come out soon.

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