Meet Liam McLaughlin

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eHeziMeet Liam McLaughlin

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  1. Stills? More like stillborn. Talk about production value…here’s a slogan for you. “Embarrassingly reactive.” Or, “You shouldn’t have.”

    No, you really shouldn’t have.

  2. Liam,
    I’ll share the email you sent me, but we’re still not voting for you. Don’t you get it, after what your family did to us. My entire family will never forgive you.
    Please don’t send anyone after us. This time I’ll call the state police and then report you to to the Bar.

  3. Just got an email from Mclaughlin ,(dumb ass Halloween theme).Seems like Liam is getting nasty and negative.To me, a sign of a desperate candidate.Childish and stupid.We all know that when a candidate gets really concerned about losing,they revert or should I say Trevert,to low classless blows.Really showing your true colors Liam .Why dont you go out trick or treating you would make a great jack”ASS”o lantern.

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