Mike Khader Receives Support and Endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters – Yonkers Local 628

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Demands Action on Re-Building of Fire Station 1

Mike Khader, Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council President, received the endorsement of Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 President Barry McGoey (right) and union members during a rally at the site of the condemned former fire headquarters situated in southwest Yonkers.

YONKERS, NY — October 12, 2017 — Mike Khader, Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council President, today held a press conference with Yonkers firefighters of IAFF – Local 628 as he accepted their endorsement and demanded answers about the construction of their new firehouse in Southwest Yonkers, slated to replace Fire Station #1 that was condemned in 2015. The site of the new firehouse was cleaned this summer, but there is no confirmed construction timeline. As a result, there is concern that without the city making the project a priority, it could take two years to complete, leaving southwest Yonkers without a firehouse for over four years.

The press conference was held at the site of the condemned fire house, across the street from the lot designated for the new fire house.

“I stand with our firefighters and pledge to be a leader that serves them. We need a City Council president who makes it a priority to get this project completed – it’s literally a matter of life and death. It’s a matter of life and death for the people who live here in Southwest Yonkers as well as our Firefighters who protect them.  As City Council President, Liam McLaughlin is failing to lead on the issues that truly matter and directly impact the lives and safety of taxpayers,” said Khader. “The job of the Council President is to work inside City Hall as the people’s’ advocate, and Liam just isn’t getting the job done. Our first responders and the hard working families they protect deserve better.”

“We greatly appreciate Mike Khader’s support for this project. It comes at time when our city government has been slow to respond, and Mike is proving that he is a man of action, who will stand up for the community and our Firefighters. This fire station will have a vital place in southwest Yonkers for years to come and we want to see it start serving these neighborhoods,” said Fire Fighters Local 628 President Barry McGoey.

“It’s time to move our firefighters out of their relocated headquarters on the east side of Yonkers, five blocks from Liam McLaughlin’s house, back to southwest Yonkers where they belong,” concluded Khader.


Mike Khader is the endorsed Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council President.



eHeziMike Khader Receives Support and Endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters – Yonkers Local 628

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  1. Khader is a great pick for Yonkers, only downfall to khader is his slime ball buddy speizio, Yonkers had to deal with him once before, we don’t need him again, leave him in Mount Vernon and we are all for you khader

  2. Sad to see city workers endorsing any candidate.
    It should be illegal. Why ? It is as plain as your nose.
    “Less Work and More Pay”

    How dopey do you think the voters are boy’s ?

    Yonkers Should Look into A Volunteer Auxiliary Fire Brigade.
    Citizens that reside within Yonkers and will come immediately when needed.

    Most Yonkers Firemen live over an hour away or out of state, New Jersey, Conn, or Penn.

    Would Save Us Taxpayers a Bundle

  3. I will vote against my party affiliation for the first time in my voting history.

    The Yonkers GOP is nothing but an arm for the Spano Machine chock full of back stabbing idiots!

    Carrot Top is a disgusting, vile, lying, POS that needs to be in jail (along with the Spano Clan.)

    I will never vote for that “Red Headed Used Rubber!” I will vote for Kilo.

  4. The Closed Fire House is a start. As a Yonkers taxpayer I want to know
    who is managing all the government waste ?
    Time for a massive investigation into the goings on in all Yonkers Departments.
    The Nepotism, The Corruptions……….
    Hezi, You write about Blue Truth and how CORRUPT the police union is.
    Why don’t you look into the Yonkers Fire, DPW, and Teachers.
    You keep telling us about Spano’s corruption.
    Hezi, It takes two to Tango.
    This Pagano is running for city council as a Leader.
    Wasn’t he a fire union leader.
    The word is that as a payoff or political payback he became fire commissioner.
    Under two completely corrupt mayors.
    Spencer and Amicone.
    Please do an article on his so called leadership.
    Change my ass Hezi.
    We are depending on you as always.

  5. TL-71 and Fire Rescue’s structurally sound firehouse was closed and then sabotaged by cutting massive holes in its roof. This sabotage allowed in the elements( heavy rains et..),
    by WHOM ?
    Our taxpayer monies have been mishandled.
    There exists the most strongest of possibilities that this closing and subsequent mismanagement of the building resulting in major interior damage is most probably criminal.

  6. No more 7 yes votes on anything Mike Spano wants. Corazon and Sabatino will be on Team Khader and there’s nothing Mike Breen or Spano’s temporary puppet in the 1st District will be able to do stop Team Khader’s overhaul of Shitty Hall.

  7. 14 points. what a “slim margin” of victory. thank goodness for khader’s lawn signs, without them, i’d be worried they were running a professional campaign.

    1. Over 13% of the people who voted 4 years ago didn’t even vote for either Liam or Rotanelli. Almost 10% didn’t even vote for any of the 4 people running for council president. Liam is done finished kaputz.

    2. “professional campaign”..are you serious?
      liam’s campaign has signs on city and state property…which is against the law
      liam’s campaign has the PBA intimidating voters…which is against the law
      liam’s campaign is still tearing khader’s sign’s …which is against the law
      liam’s campaign is shaking down city vendors…which is against the law
      liam’s campaign has city employee’s working on his campaign on city time….which is against the law
      liam’s headquarters is a city vendor…which is against the law.
      Now tell me..is liam running a professional campaign? The Tammany Hall days are long gone. Clearly, Liam is running for his life. I’m very hopeful that the voters will clearly see that Liam is unfit to be in office.

      1. Looks like the khader people are a little nervous. If they were so confident they wouldn’t comment at all. Not a Yonkers resident but a reader of the tribune.

        1. That’s why some of us are commenting because we can taste victory and it is sweet. The Dems in this City the real Dems and not the Spano Dems are getting more and more motivated to come out and vote and rid this City of Liam McSpano. Heheheheheh. We can’t wait.

  8. Two Spano lovers, Olson and Flynn. You guys won’t be around long after the elections. Yonkers is going to send Dumbo and Jumbo packing.

  9. Liam beat Roastanelli by only small margin when Liam had all the unions behind him and Roastanelli had nothing but his flatbed tow truck hauling his one sign around the City.

    Now Khader has the support of almost every union in the City especially the biggest ones and the ones with the most members. And Khader has his signs all over the city even in Liam’s stronghold areas.

    It won’t be a landslide but Khader has this race and now it is he who is going to keep his distance from Dumbo and Jumbo. They can only harm him at this stage and hurt the base of support he has with the people that matter, the voters.

  10. John Flynn is so full of shit !
    Everything he said about liam at the endorsement is the complete opposite of what he was saying the last 6 months. ESPECIALLY ABOUT THe old firehouse. He took every opportunity to throw the mayor and liam under the bus. What changed?
    How much did liam pay for that endorsement??
    What kind of flip flop do that have has a union leader..

    Doesn’t matter anyway 628 is the Yonkers Bravest. Barry McGoey is a stand up guy and one of the best union presidents yonkers has seen

    1. Over at X20 just a couple of weeks ago at Khader fundraiser Flynn brought a nice big check for Khader from UFOA and then bashed Liam and said although UFOA hadn’t formally endorsed Khader that they obviously would be doing so in the next couple of weeks AND then bang the UFOA endorses Liam? What’s up with that? The UFOA endorsement is meaningless. It never was worth much without the 628 endorsement but now it’s just worthless. Great job Flynn.

  11. 628 doesn’t need UFOA for anything. They are overpaid crybabies who think they are smarter than everyone else. We’ll see about that. Have fun next contract bosses. You’re going to get crushed and 628 is going to be laughing at you.

  12. FYI: Mike, why don’t you take stand regarding the slippery lies to the public with regard to the promised Ridge Hill firehouse?? Also, in November of 2016, the city contracted architects in NYC for the design of the new fire HQ and the present temporary location is close by on Nepperhan Ave, nowhere near Liam’s east side home… now you know.

    1. Ridge hill Firehouse and funding to build it was a condition of the project being approved.
      Architect hired Nov 2016 from NYC when the firehouse was closed year and half earlier? Where are the plans? Where is the construction?
      There is no temporary firehouse on Nepperhan Avenue and the fire rescue brigade was moved down the street from Liam’s own neighborhood.
      So you are wrong wrong wrong

    2. TRUTH ! As a condition as part of the development agreement with the COY, Forrest City Ratner agreed to give the COY $3,000,000 towards the construction of a New Fire House at or near the Ridge Hill Shopping Center. How many years ago was this and we ‘still’ have not received an answer from Mayor Spano and City Hall on where the money is. As it relates to the New YFD Station 1, Mayor Spano, City Hall and Commissioner Sweeney has, to date, not publicly released any information as to who the Architect Firm that was awarded the contract, nor any updated plans, now that the New Station 1 has been agreed to be a 4 Bay Station. And does anyone really know if the current location of ‘Fire Headquarters’ at 470 Nepp (moved there when they partially condemned the upper 2 floors at the original Fire Headquarters on New School Street). is temporary, to be moved into and as part of the New Station 1 building proposed, or will it stay where it is? Finally, to set the record straight, the 2 fire companies that once occupied Station 1, are currently at 2 separate stations. Tower Ladder 71 is temporarily quartered at Station 3 on Vark Street, and Rescue 1 is temporarily quartered at Station 7 on Central Park Avenue across from Yonkers Raceway. BOTTOM LINE – Mayor Spano, Commissioner Sweeney and City Hall, where are the ANSWERS that many have asked for and never have received?

  13. Spineless and inexperienced at the game,that describes Flynn.Supporting Liam was an easy way out.He thinks it’s a win win for the UFOA.(They have zero political clout)Liam wins they say, they won. Khader wins they grab 628s coat tails once again. Ain’t happening… bad choice from a bad leader. Oh well… It is what it is… maybe one day they (UFOA leadership)… will grow a pair… good luck… brotherhood my ass

  14. Barry is going to be 0 for 3 in a few short weeks. Maybe you can drive for that limo guy when your membership kicks you out for your disastrous “leadership”.

        1. Biggest loser 628 and every other union ever backed. But even with fat Mike 628 got the best contract in the City. Stoopid Foiafighters.

  15. Very interesting day… firefighters endorse mike today, fire officers endorse liam yesterday… is there a rift between these 2 unions?

    I wonder what the PBA and the fire officers are trying to hide???

    YFD splitting there endorsements is unheard of !!! Flynn was at every Khader event !!!

    Folk’s something’s not right here.

  16. Bravo! Put all the incumbent career politicians on notice, the people of Yonkers are fed up with politicians who lie to our face and do nothing for us.

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