Political Puppets and Betrayal of The People

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The Blue Truth

As voters focus on casting their vote on November 7th in the General Election, the rancid stench of betrayal and political assassinations are iminent. Mayor Mike Spano seems to have been holding secret meetings, and has been colluding with others, as well as the usual union suspects.  You may want to call it the Vinny Spano Puppet Show, or the Nick Spano Inmate Jubilee Extravaganza. This is the Spano political apparatus at work keeping the political swamp at City Hall and its ancillary hideouts in place.

After nearly six years of the Spano Clan meddling in every department from the Board of Education to the Uniformed services, it is time for the residents of the City of Yonkers to show Mike Spano and his convicted brother, the former New York State Senator Nick Spano, the door. One has to ponder why the so-called “Democratic Mayor”, and the many listed donors who support Mayor Mike Spano and the lock-stepping sycophants who abide by his directive, whether given by Nick Spano, Lenny Spano, John Spano, Vinny Spano, among the many that speak on behalf of Mayor Mike Spano  who is seemingly mute, would be secretly working against the Democratic Party to which he claims to cleave. Mayor Mike Spano betrays his Republican leanings by claiming to be a Democrat. Bah Humbug! Mayor Mike Spano supports the old Yonkers guards like incumbent Liam McLaughlin, not so much because McLaughlin is a Republican, but because McLaughlin is loyal to Mike Spano and the Spano Clan. Notice it is not even about McLaughlin as it is about the Spano Clan that number almost 100 family members who work in one capacity or another for the City of Yonkers. In fact, old guard politicians like Liam McLaughlin, has been a “Yonkers Troll” for the Spano’s for decades. As long as McLaughlin votes as told, illegal conduct, as formalized in the Yonkers City Charter can be abused without scrutiny from any oversight body, including the “deaf and mute” Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath, whose resume of written introspection of alleged misconduct by too many is wanting.

(L-R) Lenny Spano, 9th Yonkers Democratic Ward Leader with Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin (Republican) on the campaign trail for re-election to a second term. Spano and McLaughlin friendship surmounts party affiliation so why create  a sham of the differences.

The McLaughlin’s and the Spano’s have debased themselves by surpassing most unethical standards set forth in the Yonkers City Charter bar none. Their collusion to control the Yonkers City Council for their personal political gain is an insult to every Yonkers resident. Specifically because each has voted to raise taxes, hike water rates, requiring insurance to connect water pipes to structures, private homes and apartment dwellings, attempting to increase exit taxes by 100 percent, broken parking meters and increased parking fees, while buying so-called loyalty by raising costs to employees needed to keep the gravy train functioning to serve the Spano Clan.

(L-R): Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Republic endorsed candidate, showing the love for each other with Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair Thomas Meier, Sr. and Yonkers Department of Public Works Commissioner. the Yonkers Tribune has never seen a photo of Republican City Committee Chair with any Democratic endorsed candidate, and no Democratic elected official either. The Democrats in Yonkers are supporting the Republican candidates. is this the meaning of of the term subterfuge?

These over-fed political hacks have promised much and yet delivered little to Yonkersites these past 6-years. They are able to do so because it has never been about Yonkersites, it has always been about milking the City of Yonkers to serve the upper echelons of the politically connected whether they are competent in the position of employment they are given or not. This while financial capacity is undercut and undermined in every department so as to fill the patronage jobs for which many have prostituted themselves. That is how it works in Yonkers. While few will admit it, in hushed tones and back alleys the truth is shared. Alas the fear of retribution in Yonkers is so great, keeping your employment demands silence and obedience. The retribution is so great that fewer and fewer cast their ballot for fear they will become known by casting their vote.

The Fire and Police Departments are told to make more cuts and to work harder with the same levels of manning from the late 1980’s. Meanwhile, the Spano Clan give themselves raises and create duplicate jobs specific for their families and friends. They conduct themselves like a syndicate family, setting meetings up at different restaurants to plot against their own party; targeting the political opposition; decide on which relatives or friends will get an appointment with a title for which they are unqualified. The perks of the “family and friends network” is such that one can get ahead without any knowledge or experience in one department or another. Such job placements are designated by the likes of Nick Spano, the former tax evading felon who is the founder of the lobbying firm known as Empire Strategic Planning. Nick Spano is ably assisted at that venture by other Spano brothers and sisters and spouses.

Why would any union official or union trustees of a specific union in Yonkers get involved with a firm whose owner was arrested and charged by the Department of Justice for evading taxes. Well, if the Spano’s plead the fifth, we won’t. The Spano’s have put all their relatives and their puppet union heads like Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, and Yonkers CLSA President Chris Sapienza, who is controlled by former CLSA President Thomas Phelan on behalf of the Spano Clan. Insiders in the know have advised the Yonkers Tribune that these guys were given promotions and take home cars so as to urge their membership to settle on contracts that were not beneficial to their respective membership.

The Spano’s keep these chained “junkyard mutts” in high places in these departments to quietly tip the balance in their favor should the need arise, as it so often does, and their practice of control and domination allows them to target their political adversaries using supervisors to do their dirty work. This is the modus operandi exacted upon other departments so as to suit the Spano Clan, not the taxpayers or the employees. If it were otherwise, the Spano Administration would reveal the facts and attribute their name to the documentation that asserts their conduct to be above board. Where is the list of the almost 100 Spano Clan, whether called Spano or are married to one, but whose relation to the family tree is a ruse? Remember when Mayor Mike Spano advised that his administration would conduct itself in a transparent manner, only to find 6-years hence that he defines “transparency” by confusing it with other terms, such as “cover-up” and obfuscation.

The dynamic trio: (L-R) Yonkers Police Chief John “The Jokester” Mueller, Det. Sgt. Brian Moran, and Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson.

Cases in point. Why and how can the Yonkers PBA, and the CLSA, who have paid Nick Spano’s ESP lobbying firm $48,000 and $24,000 per annum respectively when ESP is not permitted to lobby on issues for other unions in the City of Yonkers as per the Yonkers City Charter. Besides the city-owned take home cars and promotions for their lackies, the Spano’s let these renegade union leaders target and transfer police officials and others. It’s no secret that Nicky “Boy” Spano along with the Yonkers PBA Leader Det. Keith Olson pulled off the promotion of John “The Joker” Mueller, who is also known within the Yonkers Police Department as Olson’s “best friend forever”. Mueller does not have the confidence of other high ranking commanders, or the rank and file. Most insiders do not trust him, since he pulled off the “ Fourth Precinct Mutiny “ with Olson, and refused a transfer order by the current Police Commissioner. It was then when the ethical Charles Gardner should have pulled the plug. Mueller who insiders call “The Joker” for what appears to be a nervous smile will do anything for Olson and the Spano Clan.  Insiders say that these “junkyard mutts” were allowed to roam free, skirting rules and regulations and shaping outcomes of internal police investigations. All apparently encouraged and permitted to silence and intimidate insiders that may speak out about internal police misconduct or challenge the union leadership. There are reports that ther may have been some major promises and or political causalities as the Spano’s sought the endorsement of their long ensconced political swamp rats who did nothing but shovel photo ops, that got printed up in that everything is “ flowers and roses” publication known as Yonkers Rising. They really should call it the “Spano Times”.

It must be evidently clear by now why the Yonkers PBA Union leader Keith Olson endorsed the list that was handed him by the Spano’s. Olson is also the current President of the Westchester of Affiliated Police Association that has a hand full of smaller departments throughout Westchester. It is important to mention that they really should have vetted their current president before selecting him. Keith Olson comes with a lot of baggage if you’re seeking advice. Sources in the know advise that after he sold out his membership to the Spano’s, Olson’s membership stopped supporting him. Nowadays he is only seen as a disgraced union leader that lost in New York State Court after he created frivolous and corrupt allegations against several of his members who spoke out at union meetings. His entire PBA Board of Trustees has been given plenty of overtime and continue to pension pad the system while others are left with no overtime whatsoever. the overtime is only afforded.

Some of Olson’s cronies have been put on the Detective Selective list despite having questionable backgrounds. Perhaps these smaller departments should have performed a nationwide search if they were seeking a qualified union leader with distinct ethical standards to guide these few smaller departments. They really should have “Googled” Olson, or looked at the Yonkers PBA 2013 union contract in which Olson steered his membership into making concessions regarding General Municipal Law 207c, which left his membership exposed to reduced benefits. Olson and others has been the subject of some unscrupulous internal police misconduct that has propelled the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association into State and Federal Court, costing the PBA and the City of Yonkers thousands of dollars in legal fees. All allegedly conducted in order to intimidate and spread fear throughout its membership. Olson has been in bed with the Spano’s since 2012, and his endorsement wearing his Affiliated Police Union Hat means nothing in Yonkers local political races. However one thing is certain, Liam and the Spano Clan are no friends to the taxpayers. the Spano regime has diminished services, jacked up the tax burden to the taxpayers as they continue to employee more family and friends and raise salaries to friends and family already employed.

For the lucky “Friends and Family Network”, like the Yonkers PBA and the CLSA, you might be invited to dine at Giulio’s Italian Restaurant with the Spano Clan. For those not as well connected make a wise decision on how you cast your vote. Please do not forget that the schools are crumbling, crime is running rampant, emergency services are inadequate and unsafe, but these politicians are handing out job and raises like hot cross buns, while all Emergency Services and DPW are forced to do more with less.

Yonkersites are beginning to contemplate who among all our politicians and among the Spano Clan will endorse the Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson as he faces reelection this January. Perhaps it will be “Father “Nick  Spano’ Christmas” will endorse him. Is anyone else believeable in such audacity? Who else would be believable in having the prowess in ramming such a misfit for the PBA for another term?

So is Mike Spano a Democrat or a Republican? So far every “un”bought union in Yonkers has endorsed a newcomer to the political process in Yonkers, except those puppets the puppet masters control. Yonkersites want to know what the “Unity” guy got for endorsing Liam? Must have been akin like honey to a bear.



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eHeziPolitical Puppets and Betrayal of The People

Comments 64

  1. Good luck with you watching the polls this year Keith. Wish I could testify or carry another box for you like I did when you tried to impeach Monte. Right now I am in the yard thinking about it. We really should stop lying on others, especially searching without warrants.
    See you in court pal. Is Andy still representing me? Sorry I missed Brian Moran’s warrantless searching class.

  2. We need volunteers for checking the polls for voter fraud. Don’t know what we are suppose to do or check. Do what we always do. Stop and search all the voters for Identification and while your doing that we will search their vehicles for lost ballots. Then we will threaten civilians with arrest that talk back or don’t unlock their parked vehicle. That is why the Spano’s put me in charge. Now vote Liam to keep a stolen file in my desk draws. Brian you count the ballots so the fix is in.

    1. Keith Olson the dirtiest union leader in the City of Yonkers can’t comment because it is ALL true from stealing personnel files to driving to Greenburgh. Remember citizens of Yonkers a rat never speaks but squeals.

  3. KO is the beginning of our run? Will Mueller the Joker be Police Commissioner? What will happen to us KO, will the City of Yonkers find out about how we used the system against others? Will we be able to still search without warrants, what about the files we made, the files we took, or the people we are going after now? Please Keith, we need to watch for voter fraud like your email said. It is bad if these new incoming politicians find out what has been going on. What about Vera? Is the membership still paying his legal fees like yours KO?

    1. KO maybe you should ask Rui or his girlfriend to help you make sure there is no voter fraud like the PBA process. You remember how no union reps carried broken boxes back and then you dumped them in a pile to be counted. KO make sure you look for duplicate ballots like Betty found. Is that the voter fraud you are looking for, or was it when that drunken one eye 4th pct. Sgt. Viviano told a businessman to unlock his parked unattended car or he would be arrested. Then the drunk took property that was in the locked vehicle.Tisk Tisk. That is why you will soon be taking overtime shots away from another union trustee. They have elastic waist pants at Brother’s in the Bronx. This way if you drop kick someone at this year’s convict felon party, I mean PBA Christmas party you do not have to worry about ripping your pants and your tail hitting some woman in the behind thinking she was being groped by your union plants.

  4. Mike Khader is out and about in this city. He is a nice guy. I saw him today at the Yonkers Dem Dinner and his was very cordial and nice. He has my vote and the votes of my family.

  5. Wondering what KO is going to do when the Federal Case comes back. The game will be over and all will know how the Olsonette’s operated against civilians and union members. Perjury is serious KO, you curb runner. You really should stop wearing those shirt skirts to court. Heard some trucks blowing their air horns at you or was it your friends.

  6. If you are YFD and vote for Mclaughlin you are voting for Muelller, Spano, and Moran conducting YFD background checks. Vote for Khader. He is the best of 2 evils. Not perfect, you get Joe Spiezio and Mt. Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas.

      1. You guys think that Khader will be any different than Liam or Chuck, you’re kidding yourselves. The whole council is a waste of money and only exists as a rubber stamp to whoever is mayor. We have a strong mayor form of government for the last 25 years and it’s always the same. Khader will get in there, do nothing but hook up his friends and family. The politicians never change, just their names do.

      2. Nice Dan, but you’re so wrong. So what you’re really saying is that the people have no power to vote new reps in or out. Liam has been a Spano rubber stamp like the PBA and the CLSA. You need labor and the voice of Yonkers to change career politicians. The system works or be a mute and do nothing or say nothing. All services stand with Khader. Dirty Union thugs like Olson stand with who will load more cheese on his plate. Then he fills the fat belly of an ex convict with misconduct.

        1. Thanks for telling me what I am “really saying”. I didn’t say people don’t have the power to vote in new people. I did say don’t expect the new people to be any better than the old ones. That is why every election is proposed as a platform of change. The City Council is useless. You can call me a cynic but you can’t call me wrong. You can disagree with my opinion as I can disagree with yours. Now everyone go vote on Tuesday.

          1. Dan you are so right. The names change but the narrative is still the same, “fill my pockets”. That’s not cynical but a reality of what happens. Yonkers politics is just as sleazy as everywhere else.

            No politician anywhere should spend more than eight years in the system. I don’t forget when the “council” rubber stamped a “special” item agenda to allow Liam and Dee serve an extra 2 years so they could get 10 years on the payroll. We need to go back to 2 year terms. 4 years is way too long to let them feed away at the trough

            For this reason alone i’ll be voting Liam out, but don’t forget it’s a no choice election. It’s one or the other. Khader will be slobbering once elected.

    1. Way better cboice than the Spano’s, Mueller, Olson, and the file complying and warrantless searches B. Moran, who were all foaming at the mouth at investigating the Firefighters.

      Good thing you had another Mayor or they would have railroaded a bunch of you just on their reports like they currently do now within the police department. Remember Olson threw ALL the other unions overboard and his own membership for saving his seat, a car, a job for his sister, and a promotion / promise for Mueller. Do you want to deal with these dirtbags for another two years or do you want to get fresh blood who will dump these dirtbags and increase services, equipment and budget for these services not 100 jobs for friends and families.

      Pretty simply, just ask the other very professional union leaders. You can’t ask a perjurer like Keith Olson, that is for sure if you are following the Montero v PBA in the NY State 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and in Federal Court where they clearly admitted workplace harassment which equals, internal police perjury.

  7. When Keith Olson is not doing dirty against other union workers and harassing civilians and women, he is telling the Spano’s what units to cut and if a Captain or a Lieutenant can do the job. Olson’s only mission is to make that 14b Joker the Looney PC. Now if that happens, Olson will really be calling the shots and it will be as lawless as it is now. Lock up the file, phones and offices. Also the evidence too.

  8. Halloween brings back John Mueller, Keith Olson and Brian Moran to their roots. They can dress up as Yonkers white trash and go the the local park with 40 ounce beers lol.

  9. thats right KO we will support liam the lair because you said so or because he helped disband


    1. Does anyone know what time Vinny Spano is looking over the new puppet auditions. Heard the Olsonette’s are already there searching Vinny’s Office .

      1. we lost lots more pally. here are just a few more. thanks to liam for watching it get cut out of the police budget!!

        foot patrols completely cut out
        bike unit cut out
        gang unit cut in half
        DARE unit cut

        All while Liam sat and watched the budget get carved out with KO and SpaNO blessing!!!

  10. Can’t believe this person calls himself a union rep. He sure is a big union puppet for the Spano’s. I guess he will do anything and say anything to keep his gravy train going.

    1. Just saw the fat PBA loser carrying Firefighters personnel files. Looks like another unauthorized investigation by Nick Spano’s baby rat.

  11. Don’t worry Mike Spano, I will send my best trustees to carry the votes. All votes will be dumped on a table in a pile. Then we will examine the duplicates

  12. What has Liam done for the YPD or any Department in the City? NOTHING.

    Khader on the other hand has called for more police officers, more police patrols and more police funding.

    Khader has also called for a new firehouse and more fire resources.

    After almost 20 years of cuts to public safety we FINALLY have someone in Mike Khader who is saying our police and fire departments must grow as the City grows.

    Seems like a no brainer to me. I’m with Khader.

    1. Remember Yonkers Police Officers, Olson gave away your vacation time, 207c, retro still pending. and most of ALL has committed serious police misconduct with others against civilians & union members. Now he wants your support. Give him the coverage he gave you.

      1. Can someone call the DPW, I just saw a 400 lb river rat run across South Broadway. Their was a Yonkers PBA shirt attached to his long tail.

  13. Yes even though everyday is Halloween for these set up artists, today Moran can actually dress up as a cat burglar and search offices, cars, and apartments for candy. Olson really doesn’t have to do anything because he usually looks like a sloppy bum all year long. All he needs to do for a piece of sweet cheese is to beat up some civilian with six others or set up another person.

    Mueller plays the Joker all year. Maybe he can send out his own transfer order and have Olson write an op-ed on his behalf. Heard Nick Spano will be wearing his prize orange jump suit. Now hurry home tonight before you become a target.

  14. Talk about friends of the Uniformed services? The Olsonette’s, the Spano’s and the Liam’s have done a lot of damage to the services of this City. Get out and vote these rats out.

    They took your 207c for a car and a job.

    They tell you to do more with less and then they hire their sister, and friends. Then the fat guy sends out misleading emails that can only further his own fat dish.

  15. We urge all uniform personnel to back Liam. He was never any good to the Police Department but I had to endorse him to target some more police personnel. The fat Spano’s told me that the Joker Mueller will be the next person getting made.
    Thanks Keith Olson the woodsman, the bully, the liar, the set up artist, the file finder, the searcher, the tampering 10x shirt wearing thug.

  16. Keith Olson has aligned himself right next to Nicky Boy Cheeseburger Spano. You back stabbed every other union head in the City and that is why your boy Liam is going to lose.

  17. Tom Meier eats so many wedges from Home Field Deli it is ridiculous. The Owner of Home Field Deli got his son a job with Meier. Meier now is on a Wedge only diet. He eats his wedges with salami, mortadella, turkey, Swiss. He really loads up that sandwich and you can tell because the buttons on his shirt are going to bust open any second. He definitely shows favoritism to the Spano crew. Spano Clans days of political dominance are numbered.

    1. and what are they doing about liams brother??? this is the 2nd time he is suspended for dirty urine if it was a black or latino we all know it would be a different outcome….

  18. Keith Olson you made a very serious mistake by setting up civilians and targeting your own members. Sending your rogue lying supervisors didn’t work either. Now hurry up their chesty, the Spano’s are about to start their puppet show. Loser

  19. Tom Meier must have a lot of pull. Why else would Spano or anyone else in their right mind hire this guy, let alone keep him? He couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. He treats DPW workers like garbage, except of course the twenty or thirty that are related to the Mayor. I can’t wait until we don’t have to look at this fat obnoxious hack anymore.

    1. That is actually wrong. Meyer takes care of who he wants to and shits all over the Spano family members. He treats them all like garbage while the Mayor sits by and does nothing. Totally ridiculous. As of January they will have two short years left. Hopefully Khader mops the floor with red and starts to derail this out of control gravy train.

  20. That is not me in the 10x shirt and I never wrote any businessman a summons. It was my drunken Sgt. friend named Johnny hiccup Viviano. I think he wrote a summons, too

  21. Hey KO you think you three guys can figure out who has the DD Captain’s file or who broke into the Narcotics office?
    Before you guys act make sure you attach your Spano puppet strings. Lol

  22. Big upset coming soon for Liam. The tide is going in Khader’s favor and will sink Liam’s ship come Election Day. There’s just not enough right wing Republicans and Spano’s in Yonkers to keep Liam’s campaign afloat.

  23. Just got a political mailer from Merante…shows him with pictures of Yonkers cops and pictures of
    YFD operating at a job…His opponent Pagano has received the endorsements of both YPD and YFD, but this guy is gonna use a photo op to show he supports both jobs??? I have personally heard this guy speak at neighborhood association meetings, where he has publicly said that police
    and fire should have there pensions and benefits slashed…he is no friend to either job…

    1. What a waste… the FF’s would never vote for him and the cops that know him say he thinks he’s above the law. Using first responders to get votes, terrible.

  24. I’m hearing “MIRACLE” Mike gonna whoop him a red head come Election Day. So don’t be haters, come Election Day VOTE KHADER.

  25. Oh my God, I just saw the picture of John Mueller and now I see why they keep referring to him as the Joker lol. But then I see a couple pictures of Liam McLaughlin and noticed that he has a fake wide open smile in every picture as if he’s laughing hysterically at something?? So if that Mueller guy is the Joker then McLaughlin has to be none other than the Riddler!!! LMAO

    1. Riddle me this. Will Liam vote Khader on Election Day? Lol
      I heard the PBA cheese head is voting Khader. That comes straight from his inner circle. He’s trying to cut a deal from what I’ve heard! Stay tuned…….

  26. Bravo to all the union’s that didn’t allow GOP Mayor Spano to hijack it’s members and benefits.
    Vote out Spano and Liam and let’s take back our Democrat Party

  27. After they investigate Moran and Olson for their search warrant ethics, they need to drop off that Mueller at an insane asylum. Just give him the meds, keep the Joker grin.

  28. Time to tell Mike Spano that he is not democratic just in case his brothers didn’t tell him. How pathetic you are Mike. You are the Mayor on paper but your brother’s hands are all over your dish. Do they dress your silly ass in the morning. As for Nicky Fingers Spano well we know he is just a felon controlling the Yonkers PBA and Police Department. The other departments give you dirt bags the finger.

  29. Hezi
    I touched on your article in previous posts. Yonkers taxpayers need to wake up and realize liam and the spanos are giving yonkers the shaft.
    Spano is done in 2 yrs..Only way he stays in is to help liam and appoint someone for johnson seat..then he will try to repeal term limits..if that dont work..they will groom liam to run for mayor so he can preserve and continue the patronage. They tried to buyoff khader and he refused
    I urge all the voters and the unions with its loyal members to not take nothing for granted and get khader scott and pagano/matt elected.
    Khader said it at the debate..Albany will not invest in yonkers as long as waste and patronage continue.

    1. Agreed, help clean up the corrupt Spano Swamp. Let the fat boys find another city to ruin. Give Nick Spano his jump suit back and take the cheese away from his dirty Union cops.

  30. Word is getting spread around that Tom Meier days of being chairman are numbered. The reorganization is very much needed. Tom Meier is not going to get away with supporting a republican- he is the Chairmn yet he dances with republicans

  31. Let’s march to city hall against corruption. Every resident in Yonkers should ask himself/ herself why not me getting the job? Why not me given the chance? Because you are not a Spano!!!!

    I ask each and everyone resident in Yonkers who feels betrayed by the mayor, who feels the corruption, who is sick of these political games to show support to outside candidates. Let’s vote Liam out. Break the Spano establishment and put them out of business.

    March to City Hall and let your voice be heard. Enough is enough!!!

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