Statement from Legislator Ken Jenkins on the Implication of County Executive Astorino in Federal Corruption Probe

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Jenkins Requests Information on Parking Placards and Chaplaincies in Light of Recent Testimony

Westchester County Board Legislator Kenneth Jenkins represents District 16.

Westchester County Board of Legislators.

WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY — October 31,2017 — “This isn’t the first time we have heard the County Executive’s name in connection with unethical, possibly illegal, behavior. But this is the first time we have heard these details. The exchange of parking perks for campaign donations – and personal gain through a discount on a Rolex watch – is potentially in direct violation of Sec. 883.21.(a) which states that the officers or employees of the County of Westchester shall be subject to and abide by the following standards of conduct:

“I am asking that my colleague, Legislator Ben Boykin, Chair of the Committee on Public Safety & Social Services, hold a committee meeting at his earliest convenience to discuss these recent findings. Specifically, will request that the County Executive release the names of every individual who has been granted a Chaplaincy by any department or entity under his control, and we are also requesting the names of all individuals who have been granted “Parking Placards” or similar devices by any County department or entity (including public authorities, public benefit corporations, or other similar entities) under the control of the County Executive.”

eHeziStatement from Legislator Ken Jenkins on the Implication of County Executive Astorino in Federal Corruption Probe

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  1. Ken-you should’ve investigated George Latimer a bit better
    Maybe you would have had the privilege of getting your ass handed to you by Astorino instead of him.

  2. Hasn’t it been nice to not hear from Ken for the last few years?

    A vote for Sen. George Latimer could bring Ken back into our daily lives again and wouldn’t that be a shame?

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