Yonkers Killing Fields – Executions Continue Unabated

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The Height of Deceit, Hypocrisy, and Subterfuge Continues in Yonkers with Greater Cruelty

The Blue Truth Hezitorial


The Blue Truth

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It was September 8th, 2017. For most Americans it was Friday’s signal that the weekend would soon arrive with the promise of time to relax and unwind and enjoy the people for whom we cared and also permit us the time to engage in our personal interests. Not so for three Yonkers Police personnel who had been legally entwined in what most screen writers contemplate would be their most laudable and recognizable work should they write it. Allegations of lies, assaults, break-ins and the “setting up” and/or targeting of Yonkers citizens and other Yonkers Police personnel is a surefire best seller that would eclipse all previous Martin Scorcese film ventures. It seems the plausible outcome.

Wrong! This is no screenplay; at least not yet! The individuals are all real. Each is a Yonkers Police Officer. The three amigos have deep rooted ties to one another dating back to their school yard days in the hills of North Yonkers. It was in their formative years that they likely conformed to the adage one hears to this day with respect to the City of Yonkers (CoY). CoY, the second most hilly city in the United States, after San Francisco, is disparagingly described as the City of Hills, where nothing is on the level”.  And so it is.

The city is known to be hilly. The disparaging attribute was earned on the down low by the likes of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, Detective Sgt. Brian Moran, and Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. They intended to attend the “oral arguments” that would be heard before three august judges at the United States Federal Court at 40 Foley Square. As is typical of their demeanor and behavior pattern of the three amigos, they were attempting to legally worm their way out of what most Americans have sworn to die for, that is, defending the U. S. Constitutional Freedom of Speech. Their intention and corroborating conduct of  targeting any outspoken Police Officer of any rank who was not aligned with the corrupted standards under coerced Yonkers Police Benevolent Association conduct, were intentioned to dominate the PBA membership including incorporating unconstitutional means emboldened by tactics that instilled fear and inferred retribution if ever critical of espousing truths to power. Keith Olson has been the ugly poster child’s face of the Yonkers PBA. Since then, Yonkers Police insiders have amassed an intricate and complex pile of internal complaint reports and legal accusations against the infamous trio.

Sources in the know, speaking on condition of anonymity, advise the Yonkers Tribune that both police unions, The Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (Yonkers PBA), and the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (Yonkers CLSA) incorporate the lobbying services of former Senator Nick Spano, a convicted felon. Nick Spano is representing the Yonkers PBA at a rate of $48,000 annual remuneration by his own admission to Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris, and $24,000 annual remuneration from the Yonkers CLSA, also advised by Nick Spano to Hezi Aris. There is no logic for the Yonkers PBA and/or the Yonkers CLSA engaging the services of Nick Spano’s Empire Strategic Planning (ESP)  because both the Yonkers PBA and Yonkers CLSA advise they are each prohibited from engaging the services of ESP for any and all issues that are specific to their respective interests and/or issues regarding the City of Yonkers. Both unions had engaged the services of lobbyists that represented the union’s interests throughout the state. Inference of alleged quid pro quo conduct and outcome is recognizable as logical in its telling and factual at that, not merely an alternative to reality. Nick Spano and ESP would simply be superfluous to the two unions’ needs were Nick Spano not managing the prospects for Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, Detective Sgt. Brian Moran, and Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson.

The contractual arrangement where the union membership pays for an additional lobbying firm permits the three amigos to call the shots within the Yonkers Police Department. Puppet Master Nick Spano owns these three marionettes, and wears them like a suit lapel pin.  They each define the “pay to play” system; sort of like gambling dice against a wall on the streets of Yonkers.

As expected, the three amigos were chauffeured that Friday morning to United States Federal Court at 40 Foley Square by PBA President Olson. Legal Eagle Andrew Quinn representing the two unions also came along for the ride. It was he who would defend them and more. Only one of the three amigos attending the court deliberation was off the clock, that is, in attendance of their own volition. The court did not demand their attendance. They chose to do so on their own. Two of the three amigos were paid to be on the job in Yonkers but chose instead to attend the court’s preceding of their own volition but got paid anyway. The third actually checked in when required to do so for the 4pm to Midnight shift. Each enjoying the use of Olson’s contractual “gift/perk” to him, a spanking new SUV truck. He signed away the PBA membership’s benefits for it. He also put wear and tear on the SUV that September day using Yonkers Taxpayer paid for gasoline for a court deliberation to which he was neither required, requested, or needed. The PBA members were represented by The Quinn Law Firm by Andrew Quinn, Esq., as noted above, and by a Wilson Elser hired attorney  on behalf of Yonkers Corporation Counsel.

The stakes were high as the three amigos and the legal team representing differing interests walked through the entranceway to the Federal Court Building. The Justices are all presidential appointees and do not navigate nor commingle with the rancorous reputation for which Yonkers is known.  The trio along with the City of Yonkers and their respective legal counsel stood before U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge for the Second Circuit Hon. Robert A. Katzmann, with Hon. U. S. Supreme Court Judges Robert D. Sacks and Judge Chester J. Straub.

Listen to the Oral Argument engaged before the United States Court Judges to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in its entirety and contemplate if Andrew Quinn, of The Quinn Law firm, threw PBA President Keith Olsen under the bus. Herein is the link to the oral argument audio in its entirety…


The three amigos were that day exposed for targeting civilians and individual union members from both police unions for being denied their freedom of political speech. Any basic Constitutional Law class will inform any and all students of Constitutional Law that intentionally violating a person’s First Amendment right can be a very costly lawsuit. The City of Yonkers’ internal police records cannot recall last when a rogue union president set up a dues paying member to be expelled from a “band of brothers in blue”. Many insiders with the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) are quietly hoping for the Scales of Justice to tip in favor of the ordinary union members. For more than five years the three amigos have been spending taxpayers’ money and union members’ legal defense funds to defend their allegedly unscrupulous conduct. In fact, Fox News’ Water’s World would have a blast questioning any ordinary Yonkers Police Officer on how their money is spent or to what they are entitled. Insiders say that during the Dario Tenor investigations in which two former Yonkers PBA Trustees pleaded guilty to perjury, the Yonkers PBA has still not paid a Yonkers Police Detective for out of pocket legal expenses. Perhaps when the Tenor lawsuit begins Olson will reimburse the Yonkers Police Detective.

Thus far, the New York State Court of Appeals saw through their treachery and lies as four New York State Appellate Court Judges all concurred that the Yonkers PBA, the City of Yonkers, and the three amigos’ conduct was corrupt, arbitrary and capricious. The trio is known within the YPD as the “Mt. Rushmore crew” for having defaced the image of the Yonkers PBA and the CLSA single handedly.

To follow up on the inner working of the accused you may want to click onto the U.S. Federal link above to hear the audio of the trio’s tall tales and their last ditch legal attempt to keep the dirty dealings of the Yonkers PBA away from public eye and scrutiny and the Department of Justice.  What is most insulting and disgusting is that Yonkers City Hall and the Spano Brothers have allowed these so called Yonkers Police Officers to operate against civilians and officers alike. There is no doubt that more than one Spano brother is constantly impeding Police Commissioner Gardner‘s efforts to rid the department of these union thugs. They are allegedly individually and collectively responsible for many instances of assaults, verbal threats, tampering of and with potential evidence, and evidence of supervisors’ intentionally giving misleading statements against Yonkers Police Officers. Still many Yonkers residents and Yonkers Police Officers are uninformed about the inner working of the Yonkers PBA. Perhaps time is changing in Yonkers and Yonkers voters have awoken to the travesty conducted in their name. Perhaps the voters will rid and vote against all four City of Yonkers politicos who have besmirched and soiled the one-time, well respected and earned integrity of the Yonkers PBA and Yonkers CLSA union endorsements. Did the two police unions endorse those candidates because they had proven their integrity and independence of Nick Spano or is it because Nick Spano controls and tells the two unions what to say, and when to say it? Change will arrive when Yonkersites vote in compliance with the “facts and truths” they have long known but were afraid to express.

Retribution has held Yonkersites back. It is an undeniable reality. The time for the change Yonkersites desire must be demanded by Yonkersites through the election process. It is time for a change, and Yonkers residents have the right to demand it. The union members and their families and friends must vote these sycophants and enablers out of office.

As a sad reminder of just how dangerous the streets of Yonkers are, one of Yonkers Finest Police Officers was ambushed and shot by two street thugs. Luckily Yonkers Police Officer Kayla Maher will survive and return to her family. Yonkers Third Precinct Police Officers that responded are all hailed as heroes, exhibiting the challenges and what it takes to be Police Officers today. This is the real face of the Yonkers Police Department, not the demented inner workings of a PBA that targets their own. These men and women are much larger than the face of Keith Olson and his dirty PBA Board members, who are a bunch of Lollypop suckers bought off with traffic overtime and among “tit” suckling jobs.

The real face of the Yonkers Police Department are the officers who avoid the dirty dealings of Olson’s raiders, and answer the calls to serve the City of Yonkers. The officers that respond to calls day in and day out are everyday heroes, not the inside rogue cops who commit perjury against fellow Police Officers and citizens alike.  Yes, the good Lord was by P.O. Maher’s side when she and the responding officers arrived at the scene to serve the public interest. The Yonkers Tribune would be remorse not to thank the many outside agencies for their support as well. If this was not tragic enough Yonkers politicos crawled out of the local bars and the Yonkers PBA Golf Outings to make sure they got their photo-op during the campaign season. So as the incumbent politicos look to cut more funds away from the working cops, Keith Olson is crying out about being “there in strength and unity”.  At issue is how long before Mr. Olson acknowledges that these hero police officers will have to start using their own time to undergo recuperation and rehab at their own expense because he gave away their 207c protection?

What Yonkers Police Officers and residents need to do is vote against incumbent politicians, dump the head union leader that targets civilians and fellow Yonkers Police Officers that report police misconduct. The Yonkers Tribune has learned that the same three amigos have intentionally targeted another political adversary for his affiliation with others who want to rid the department of the dynamic dirty trio. To find out more about the dirty dealings of the Yonkers PBA go to social media.  It did not take Nick Spano’s John “Joker Boy” Mueller long to start to pull the rug out from the working cop, nor long to target yet another brother in blue. The Federal Court Justices saw right through the lies of the Yonkers Trio… Stay tuned. The Justices will make their rulings known in due time.

  1. Sue Gerry, Yonkers Deputy Mayor forced to step down.
  2. Patricia Malferi, Manager of Administrations at Yonkers Public School District forced to step down.
  3. Carmen Gomez Goldberg forced to step down from the Yonkers Parks & Recreation Board of Trustees; her assertion is that she resigned yet they begged her to stay on for 30 days more days.
  4.  John Khader received a letter advising him of his dismissal from the Yonkers Planning Board.
  5.  Yonkers Police personnel denied advancement… more in the coming days.
  6. Yonkers District 10 Leader Ann Murro forced to step down from her employment with the Department of Human Resources. her positionas District Leader  is tenuous at best.

Who is next to be thrown out? If you know, please share all the details by advising who else was found awaiting their turn to have their heads decapitated by the swift and callous engagement of City Hall’s guillotine.


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eHeziYonkers Killing Fields – Executions Continue Unabated

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  1. Stolen police personnel files

    Physical attacks on police officers that speak out

    Evidence tampering

    Falsifying internal police reports to set up Yonkers Police officers

    unauthorized investigations against Yonkers Police officers
    Excessive ticketing of civilians

    Verbal and physical threats against civilians and civilians police employees

    Threatening to arrest civilians if they did not unlock a parked unoccupied car and turn over personal property of the owners
    creating traffic posts to collect property in lieu of a summons

    Having Supervisors target Yonkers Police Personnel not politically aligned with the disgusting trio


    warrantless searches

    denying certain Yonkers Police personnel of overtime

    purposely targeting police personnel with intentional transfers or internal investigations

    Yonkers Police Personnel stand together and dump Keith Olson and his board.

  2. Keith Olson the disgraced union leader is rumored to have changed his name. Union members from various unions say he is now knownas Keith Spano, like Liam Spano.

  3. Keith Olson is no bully and denies everything. In fact he denies he is currently the PBA President. He made a statement saying that some Spano is in charge, he just follows orders so he can be indemnify by the city for all his misconduct that he just can’t seem to remember.

  4. Keith, we see you and your two belly carrying fools are now going after another police officer. We will legally defend them all. You can count on that.

  5. The current PC should give the Spano’s the finger and step off gracefully because Nick Spano and his cousin are the ones cutting services and putting people’s lives in danger. Nick you should have sign up for the test. Oh, that’s right you are not allowed. Anyway you get to pal around with Keith Olson the worst sellout union leader in the State.

  6. I will answer for the union President, the “Cat” has his tongue. These three ass***** did everything they stand accused of. Since the Joker made head chef, he and one of the Spano’s are on this cut services and do more work with less. So if your not a union trustee don’t expect 60 hours a check. Now who are we transferring now?

  7. Maaaaaa, I have the Christmas spirit this year. I won’t be threatening any civilians, nor attacking police officers. In fact mama, I have my Christmas envelope of $48,000 for Old St. Nick. Maaaaaa I put a note in there asking convict Nick, I mean St. Nick to make the “Joker” the next PC. How is that maaaaa?. Maaaaaaaa?

  8. KO did you give back the files you stole? Remember we heard you had Monte’s personnel file at a union meeting. We know John Donaghy took the evidence from Dunwoodie right?

  9. Keith has been spending thousands of dollars of the membership cash to pay Quinn. The Joker Mueller, and you don’t need a search warrant Moran, have been costing the Yonkers taxpayers thousands as well for their defense. All because they got caught. You thugs should thank the Spano’s for protecting you for now, but a tell all will be heard in Federal Court. Then maybe we can figure out how well you did in targeting civilians and Yonkers Police personnel.

  10. listening to that audio of the proceeding sounded like quinn was hungover,the girl representing the city sounded like a first year lawyer half the questions she didnt know and monty lawyer looks like he knew what he was doing,I wonder how much quinn has recieved so far from our membership dues to defend the fat gray river rat…

  11. Members just remember when spano shoved the new contract down our throats and Liam just stood by as we got screwed and KO sister got a 90k a year….

    Liam is spano and spano is liam. vote Liam out. Khader is a friend of the unions. just look every union has supported khader except olson and sapienza….

  12. As evidence of the audio, Keith Olson as his push and pull are guilty of setting up civilians and union members. Now vote against perjurers and police misconduct.

  13. Liam was behind the pba contract screwing the members over and over. name me one thing that Liam stood up for???? Nothing, on nov 7 send Liam packing guys. khader is a union supporter and knows the cops are working very hard.

  14. was it Keith who broke into the narcotics office during the Dario Tenor Westchester County District Attorney’s investigation? Was it the same guy that searched the DD Captain’s office, or was it your best union trustee Vera? Just call the Tribune for the record.

  15. After Keith Olson gave up 207c to keep his seat, and having the City Council take away millions from the Yonkers Police Department budget, Keith Olson is the only union in the City to endorse Liam. Why?

  16. Steve Macri is a stand up guy… and a great family man. Why do you slander a guy like this. He can do whatever he wants with his business. If you want people to boycott his restaurant and they listen, he wouldn’t want you there anyway. You and your Merante Morons should just crawl back under your rock from which you came. Shows the character of Merante and his classless supporters.

    1. Get off this site and push your bullshit politics at convict Nick Spano’s house maybe he can dump you off somewhere after he F**KS you like everyone else

  17. Nick Spano go back to prison you wash up loser. Take your dirty cops with you. Maybe you can feed cheese nips to Keith ” Greenburgh Rui ” Olson as he wash your 3x boxers.

  18. Listen here pal, nobody cares about any endorsement that Olson made. In fact Pagano should not align himself with the union sellout rat.

    Hopefully the U.S. Attorney is already looking into this rat collecting and delivering absentee ballots for Liam who is another Spano rat.

  19. Steve Macri at Midland Aveune Pizzeria uses his Pizzeria to further Paganos political interests and his campaign for District 6. We have to take a stand and show we will not support this establishment. Even Pizzerias have become political. Such a disgrace.

  20. Dont worry boys. KO has another problem brewing him, getting involved in the city council president race falls under the Hatch act. If the local D.A. does not act on it the state attorney general will. a crime has been committed against again by the fellow rat. Read the story again.

    p.s. i just wonder why KO would endorse a guy that stood by while our 207c got stripped among other items….


  21. Hey KO the union man, Hector is still waiting for you to punch him in the face? Also the guy you threatened at the picnic. We will leave the Choke Chain fight out of this.

      1. and Mueller wants to be Commissioner? Sh**. all the outside agencies don’t want him either. Here is a quarter, go downstairs and have KO gnaw off that permanent pasted nut job smile.

  22. Keith, we all know that you endorsed the Spano’s picks,but was that for permission to go after more Yonkers personnel or citizens? Liam gave nothing to your membership and yet an endorsement? Ha, ha, ha
    You must really miss bullying. Loser…Pull up your elastic Chino’s my slimy union prez.

  23. Nick Spano get licenses and shots for your three pitbulls. They legally will no longer be tolerated by the citizens of Yonkers nor the many men and women they ” think” they represent. Also take a little money out of your Yonkers PBA lobbying cash and get yourself a rabbi shot, those three dogs are dangerous there Mr. Wise Guy.

  24. Let this be a lesson to all street bullies like Olson, Moran and that crying transfer fool John the Joker Mueller; that no person, not civilians nor union members should be threatened or intimidated by anyone.

  25. Come on you moquette river rat union leader, are you not going to defend just one thing? Here is a ground ball, why did that ass hole Det. Sgt. Brian Moran put together a file on the DD Captain? Why? Well because you guys have been searching for years without search warrants.

  26. I used to be a regular at Midland Avenue Pizzeria. I have been going there for years, I loved their chicken salads. I was going there the other day and as I was driving I noticed the tony Pagano sign on the top of the Pizzeria. I am a Merante supporter.I made a U Turn and went to Dunwoodie Pizzeria. FYI the chicken salads there are just as good. Congrats Midland Aveune Pizzeria you have officially lost by business.

    1. Steve Macri at Midland pizzeria has run a respected establishment for 44 years. Yes, they support their politicians. However, this establishment has fostered community, family, and faith in this neighborhood and is respected and appreciated by the majority. If you choose to take a stand and not support their business, then that is your own personal choice. I’m sure they respect your decision and would welcome you back anytime. However, please do not speak for the neighborhood when you say that they should boycott because I’m sure they would disagree.

  27. Everyone follows the “kingpin’s” orders for fear they’ll be the next guy beheaded…. but don’t kid yourself into believing that you’re liked by anyone Keith. Quietly we are all waiting for you to fall, and fall you will. When the celebrations commence we will all see who was despised all along by all. You are a lonely man with a lot of hate in your heart. I pray for you Mr. Olson.

  28. Looking forward to the article on those in the YPD that have been “denied advancement.” LOL

    You Blue Truth rats are all so predictably nauseating yet you wonder why everyone hates you. You lose at every turn but keep doubling down on stupid.

    1. Not you. You dirty PBA rats can never be what you guys call Blue Truthers. Real police officers don’t search without warrants , don’t threaten civilians, don’t put together files on other cops, don’t steal personnel files of other cops, and certainly don’t commit perjury against others.

  29. Yonkers residents and Yonkers Police personnel should not attend any events or entertain any statements from the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. Ask many police personnel and discover the dirty facts for yourself.

  30. Must make the Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller feel powerful to transfer with no one knowing he nearly fainted at his. Very troubling when a Chief can set up others and swear to it.

    1. Post

      I have only heard about it, but have not seen it. Perhaps someone can send in the photo in a JPG format. that would be nice to share. thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it.

      1. For those inquiring about the Mt. Rushmore photo, it depicts the rotten trio’s mug shots in place of the presidential faces. Very popular within the department.

  31. Not only is Mueller known as the Joker within the department, but for a guy who has Olson rubbing Nick Spano’s bald head, this guy refused an order to transfer after he threw a beer festival in the 4th Pct.

  32. Now every union member in this City should know what kind of trash really threaten unions. Olson, J. Mueller and B. Moran all work around the laws thanks to the Spano administration and others. Doesn’t City Hall Nick Spano call the shots?

  33. What are we waiting for in Yonkers? We should print200,000 copies of this article and give it to all residents of Yonkers.

    Hezi let’s deliver the message to everyone. We can contribute to the funding of getting the message out.

    Too much corruption supported by management. The mayor and his felon brother.

    What are we waiting for?

    1. Maybe we can distribute the Yonkers PBA books to the DOJ and the members so they can follow the money trail. Now make sure you vote for Liam so he can cut your benefits while Olson drives to Federal Court in his 207c SUV

  34. Wow, these cops set up another union member because he spoke his mind? Then they went after his friends which were other Yonkers Police Department personnel?
    These guys should be charged by the DOJ and the Mayor should be sued as well for covering this up.

  35. Great job on covering the September 8th Federal Court Hearing. Sounds like Quinn threw John Mueller and Brian Moran under the bus. Doesn’t sound good for the biggest perjurer of all time, Keith the truth Moquette Olson

  36. I listened to the audio; did I just hear attorney Andrew Quinn concede that what we have here is “harassment”?? Andy you really are a dumb fu-k, isn’t that what the case is about,.. your client Keith Olson harassing cops like Ray. You just admitted it in open court you dope! And we pay you? Smh.

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