Yonkers Police Department’s Own Mount Rushmore Photographed Before It Disintegrates

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The Hezitorial Pictorial Depiction of the Formative Blue Truth Days


Yonkers Police Department’s Mount Rushmore depicting (L-R): Former Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett, Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson, Yonkers Police Department Chief John Mueller, and Yonkers Police Department Sgt. Brian Moran.



Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson has been recognized by many to be an endangered species. Yonkersites want to know if he has enough cheese as the seasons are changing and either because of apathy or because 2017 is an off-year election that fewer men/women of Blue care to hop along by his side. Yes, times are a changin’. there are less and less who care to associate with the four-legged wonder. Ouch!


A special thank you to those who drudged up this Picasso from the Museum of Modern Art to share the hitherto unknown contribution they each made to the the City of Yonkers.

eHeziYonkers Police Department’s Own Mount Rushmore Photographed Before It Disintegrates

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  1. Okay, so let’s do some arithmetic folks. A vote for Liam is a vote for Keith Olson= 0. A vote for Keith Olson is a vote to make Jon “the Joker” Mueller Commissioner= o. A vote for the “Joker” is a vote to eradicate “5 Million” out of the Police budget on the backs of the hard working Police Officers= o. A vote to have this “Joker” f**k the PBA membership while having delusions of being PC while Keith Olson sits in his office eating a hunk of Swiss plotting with Brian “Choke Chain” Moran on who the set up next= priceless!
    Help us Obi wan Khader, you’re our only hope!
    Make a stand on Election Day and drop these priceless zeros and go with “Khader” the hero!
    PS RIP Olsonettes

    1. Well thought out. Help clean up the dirty corruption within the Yonkers PBA. All the men and women within the department got was being silenced and set up personally by Keith Olson the biggest union rat ever. Liam and the current administration have been stripping the departments resources for years. Now spread the word about how dirty Keith Olson and his two supervisors friends, Mueller the Joker, and BrIan Moran are.

  2. No tampering with the boxing equipment
    No stealing of the fighters personnel files
    No punching before the bell or from the rear
    No seven fighters on one
    No perjury on any of the round cards
    No searching of the fighters area without an official search warrant. That means no Vera YPD warrant. That goes for you Brian Moran too. No searching of City offices or narcotics offices.
    No searching of the Yonkers Firefighters Personnel files either.
    Now have a PBA President’s clean fight.

  3. Heard there was also a ton of fights outside the ring too. This time the Olsonette’s didn’t have to drive to Greenburgh to beat up one guy.

  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone frisked the large rodent Keith before he left last nights toughman. Rumor has it stuffy was at it again lol. It’s time for the PBA to choose a winner. Unacceptable to lose that many fights. I guess “Choke chain” Moran and Joe “Ski” were the trainers on this one lmao. We have to go back to the winning days when Bryant Pappas was training the fighters and there was a different Union President. Like him or dislike him the boat guy was a better leader. KO put all his eggs in Liam’s basket. I got to go, I smell scrambled eggs!

    1. Heard the event turn into a real shit show outside. There were fights everywhere. Then rats like Sgt. Search Warrant Brian Moran was out partying with the company car.
      Set anyone up lately Brian?

      1. Neither has Moran or Mueller. They usually come in like Keith Olson, from the rear. They usually work on getting their files and story first. LIke breaking into the Narcotics office.

      1. I never seen that many cops beat up since the t house! We all know Barry is a winner and KO is a super sized loser but really. Whoever set these fights up needs a good a$$ kicking themselves. Well we all know Brian “choke chain” Moran and Jon “joker” Mueller were involved, so can anyone say “set up”. Shame on you a$$holes. The Spartan fought Sean Moran, not Brian “choke chain” Moran. Sean Moran may be 46 years old but he is a trained and skilled fighter. Maybe Fico should’ve fought him or Falcone, not Vega. Time for you cops to wise up and put the large rodent back where he belongs!

    2. Surprised Keith Olson didn’t have Pataky or Moran plant stuff in their gloves while John the Joker Mueller watched. Heard Liam was there looking for thug votes.

  5. This is some real scary sh–t.
    Yonkers is a real scary place.
    I am moving up up and most definitely away.
    This type of corruption is real bad.
    You can buy anything you want.
    I do not want to be around this town.
    See Yah !
    Yonkers – The SWAMP

  6. Keith Olson, I guess you are right about your pathetic false quote about unity. When you lie together and use your authority against civilians and employees then there is strength in perjury. A perfect example of the kind of strength you have is seven guys standing behind you while you physically attack defenseless others. Then you get low life wife stealer like Brian Moran and John Mueller to run to City Hall to finish the set up or pay for you. Wow, your a real tough union leader. Fact is, Keith you and others are so weak we can smell the fear of the truth coming out of your sweat glands. Now next time you see a Rui or anyone you want to set up show them the unity you speak about. Let me guess, is 7 plainclothes cops including Moran, or is it your pocket supervisors that stand ready and willing to commit perjury, or is it JD that tampers with evidence or Pataky that plants it.
    Either way, come my friend and bring those dirty cops, and we will STILL smell the fear of the truth. Now run along and slap someone from the rear, or search someone’s office, car, or apartment without a unity search warrant. Don’t forget to bring your unity crew for perjury dressing.

    1. Yo money, how did September 8th work out for you dudes? Yo money Moran, how did that work out? We thought you said the case was tossed with the files you stole and put together. Yo money……Moran

      1. Mt. Rushmore, one lies the other one swears to it. Is that so KO? Brian go search the Captain’s office please or someone’s apartment will you.

  7. “Great teams do not hold back with one another. They are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses and their concerns without fear of reprisal.” — Patrick Lencioni

    1. Reprisal? Is that why another political adversary got transferred by that John the Joker Mueller. Does the current PC know that Brian Moran got choked out? Funny how the Joker Mueller is setting up another write up. The Joker should write himself up for the lying he did at his precinct. Nice to have cash, huh Joker.

    2. You Olsonettes should’ve taken Patrick’s advice. Now look at you jokers, no pun intended Jon! All in federal court. Two parties represented by a first year practicing attorney and the head cheese master represented by a drunken booze bag. So from what I heard in the audio of this appeal is that hobo Quinn admits to workplace harassment and throws the COY under the bus while KO pulled all the strings for the transfer, write ups and continued harassment. Wake up taxpayers and go to these council meetings and demand the Yonkers PBA office be fumigated. After all if this is overturned it is you, the taxpayer that will be footing the bill. And with any luck the panel of judges hold these “jokers” responsible. Hope KO doesn’t pay with Wayne’s cash!

      1. Keith Olson is the toughest guy on the YPD, just ask him, he’ll tell you! In fact he’s so tough that he resorts to ratting on his own members as well as sneaking up on them so he can assault them from behind. Now you tell me what kind of man does that? I’ve never seen him fight with any violent criminals ever because he’s a coward. Go shake his hand one day, weakest handshake you’ll ever get.

        1. I did. It was Greenburgh and I drove the second car. You should have seen it. Keith is always so tough with six of his union friends standing behind him. No I do not have Itzla’s file. I just put it together and told KO to say he found it; that it just appeared.

  8. Take a good look Yonkers, these guys want you to trust them. The Joker wants you to trust him but yet lies to Internal Affairs and refuses to transfer. Moran well, what can we say about a guy who searches without warrants and does dirty targeted investigations for Olson. As for the cheese wedge eater, well just ask him why he threatens civilians with summons. Let the courts find out about his laundry list. Maybe he can call Rui Florim for a character reference. The rest of the Olsonette’s will also be flushed out by the courts.

  9. Nice picture, very fitting for each. They did a lot of shady sh**. The Joker Mueller is now going after yet another Yonkers Police Officer. Was it Liam’s endorsement to get permission from that convict? No worries the wheels of Justice areally turning.
    Just wondering which one of you are on top?

  10. This is really getting scary !
    How is E. Hartnett, inviled in all of this mess ?
    Wasn’t he some super star NYPD super duper man ?
    Mayor Amicone’s boy ! A real big shot !
    Mayor Amicone has to be inviled in this mess.
    I am so glad that our tax money is being spent to run
    a syndicate government here in Yonkers, NY.
    Nepotism, Cover-Ups, Corruption, Failed Schools,
    WTF Hezi ? What is being done ?
    Donald Trump I have written several letters to you and the JUSTICE DEPT.
    Please Help Us here in Yonkers.

    1. It is simple, Hartnett turned a blind eye to these rats while he got his agenda through at the expense of police misconduct. It was Mueller that pushed for ” Hot Spots” arrests and loose guys like Pataky and Vera. Funny when these rats thought wrong they thought they could do the same to it’s personnel. Real trash.

  11. John Mueller didn’t take long to go after yet another Detective with Keith Olson aiding and abetting. Funny how the low life Mueller the Joker cried and refused to transfer himself with Olson wiping his a**.
    This is why the City have been paying your legal bills.
    After listening to the Audio, it sure sounds like you better save your cash.

  12. The City of Yonkers currently are cutting services from its residents each and every day. Keith Olson now endorses the same people who took away benefits from its members and cut a deal for himself and his sister. Now he and the CLSA wants you to support Liam. Yonkers members need to find a new board.

  13. Keith, who are we going to set up next with a transfer? Ah, let me call shitty hall. In the meantime, go down and waddle out a summons on Ashburton Avenue or go search an office or a file.

  14. These self important rat insurgents set up every Commissioner since Robert Taggart. It all started with a good man like Taggart who refused to take away funds from the Yonkers Police Department, and refused to have City Hall tell him how to run a then damn good police department. He was their first perjury run. After that, well like the story goes the bubonic plague from these curb running rats never stopped. All done in the hope of making that nut job and that Nick Spano tool, John the Joker Mueller the Police Commissioner, with the hopes of Keith Olson dropping chunks of cheese into Mueller’s mouth. But Hartnett got to the cheese first with the other rats chasing his tail. Hence began the carreers of these three Swiss cheese lovers targeting civilians and police personnel to this very day. Now why would any Yonkers Police personnel believe anything the Yonkers PBA puts out under Mt. Yonkers Rushmore.

  15. Hey I heard the Joker Jon “please please please don’t transfer me” Mueller targeted and conspired to transfer another Detective. Turns out this Detective (Robert Santobello) is good friends with Raymond Montero, another veteran Detective who was targeted by this same Joker and his grand old buddy Keith “I don’t have the power to transfer anyone” Olson. Isn’t there currently a federal lawsuit against these morons for this same exact scenario against Montero?

  16. I thought Quinn said on the record in federal Court that Keith Olson can’t have anyone transferred? This ain’t what I heard. Oh what a tangled web they have woven. I smell more paperwork coming down the pike for these pikers. That audio of drunken Quinn is awesome. What do we have at best yo honor, workplace harassment! Uhh yes you drunken imbecile.

  17. These great mental giants back stabbed all the men and women in the Yonkers Police Department. Now make sure you vote for Olson again. Loser

  18. That Rat is a little too thin. Must’ve been before he stole Wayne’s cash and became the grande raton, lololol. The joker looks fabulous on Mount assmore. Why isn’t Brian wearing his choke chain? Oh little Edmund, you really f**ked the Y.P.D. Stay away from Rory Dolan’s Edmund, you may wind up set up by the three stooges. We would hate for you to have the permanent smiling Joker and his Rats at your window after they conduct a traffic stop and warrantless search of your vehicle. Drive through Yonkers with a body cam Eddie, lmfaorotf

  19. That Rat is a little too thin. Must’ve been before he stole Wayne’s cash and became the grande raton, lololol. The joker looks fabulous on Mount assmore. Why isn’t Brian wearing his choke chain? Oh little Edmund, you really f**ked the Y.P.D. Stay away from Rory Dolan’s Edmund, you may wind up set up my the three stooges. We would hate for you to have the permanent smiling Joker and his Rats at your window after they conduct a traffic stop and warrantless search of your vehicle. Drive through Yonkers with a body cam Eddie, lmfaorotf

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