Yonkers City Council President Race Defined by Color

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YONKERS, NY — October 3, 2017 — Color defines the issues noted in the Mike Khader for Yonkersite City Council President election as expressed in Palm Cards handed out by the Khader campaign. It is as simple as Red, White, and Blue vs. Red.


eHeziYonkers City Council President Race Defined by Color

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  1. I met Mike Khader the other day at Dunwoodie Pizza and was very impressed. He came by every table in the pizzeria and just said hello to most people. My husband asked him to sit down and chat and he did. He spoke with us and the people at the other 2 tables across and next to us and answered our questions. I had been thinking of voting for Liam since he lives in my neighborhood but now I’m seriously comsidering Mik Khader. In any event it was a pleasure speaking with him.

  2. He’s got the endorsements and the votes to send Liam packing. Mike Spano is in for a rude awakening come November 7th. No doubt the Spano’s heads will be spinning and spinning. Can’t stop the momentum now. Just sit back and watch.

    1. Khader was sharp and has the right idea. My wife and I don’t care about the over development going on in Yonkers. Our roads are taking a beating and traffic is outrageous.

      1. agreed. what good is all the development doing me if every year the cost of living in yonkers goes up? here are a just a few things i noticed that have increased and we are getting zero in return.

        Parking used to be 25 -40 depending on violation now they are over 50 to 85 a ticket.

        Red light cameras we never had until liam came to office.
        since upgrading the water meter system my bill has been tripled.

        building department fees have been doubled.

        sign permits or just about any permit or license has increased

        and you wonder why half the city payroll lives outside yonkers…..

  3. I wish you luck Khader, (you will need it).
    you are up against a Juggernaut.
    Liam, has not even broken wind yet.
    You heard the song Big Bad John ?
    The guy who wrote it was thinking of
    Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin.
    We are sooooo ! damn lucky to have him as our
    current and future leader.
    A Man’s Man. For Sure.

  4. Liam is going to crush all.
    I want Liam to know that the silent majority that votes
    loves Liam.
    Liam will crush all. This you can depend on.
    All the venom that the unions are spewing at Liam is backfiring.
    You union clowns do not see this.
    You are just a bunch of greedy greedy pigs.
    Liam is the Man. He stands tall, he casts a large shadow on all.
    We cannot wait until November.
    The voters are going to shut you greedy, snail workers, down.
    By the way ?
    How many Yonkers union people are living in Yonkers to vote ?
    All you do is bang pots and pans.
    Do not forget to call in sick on November 12th.

    1. sure all the unions are wrong, the party endorsements wrong,the cost of living in yonkers is out of control take your head out of liams ass LIAM IS SO WRONG TOO LONG!

    2. Arent these the same unions who carrot top was begging for?
      For someone confident, he sure is behaving like it’s his first rodeo.

      why is he in south yonkers?
      Why is he suddenly appearing at events he never attended ?
      Why does he look like he hasn’t slept In days?

      It’s November 7 but yes you go ahead and vote on November 12

      You must be losing sleep too, cause you sound delirious.

      1. liam will be a lesson in election history you cant be a republican and be a rubber stamp for dumbo and spano will also get his …

  5. I received multiple threatening letters to buy insurance from a company to buy sewer and water lines insurance! I also received the same from the city of Yonkers.

    You should ask yourself: why now? Who is getting paid? Who got promoted because of this?

    It’s a scam and being legitimatized under the City of Yonkers Logo.

    Is it time to vote Liam out of office? Enough is enough. We have had it.

    Is it time to start or bring charges against the Spanos? Is it a requirement to be a felon when serving in office? Nick Spano is one and is followed By Mike Spano.

    Who is with me to elect someone with no political experience? Who is with me to vote these felons out of office? Who is with me to cut cost and red tape in Yonkers? Who is with me to tame the Building department and prevent it from torturing us?

    Enough is enough. Vote Liam out if office and let’s put these careers politicians felons out of Office.

    1. here are the facts look at liams and spanos donor list almost everyone has either a contract with city or relationship with nick spaNO…bye bye maricones

  6. that is absolutely crazy. he hikes up the water rates so Devin and partick can get high paying no show jobs in DPW and Parks. Things are going to change after January 1. Our City government cannot stay hijacked by McLaughlin

    1. All on liams watch…

      Red light cameras
      skyrocketing water bills
      schools short of being call condemned
      city in constant financial struggle every year
      crime still rampant city wide
      quality of life on the decline

      keep liam in office if you are truly happy…

    2. I must say the Khader team is strong and knows how to engage in good conversation. Mike Khader the young lady that came to my door is an excellent representative for your campaign.
      She can come work for me anytime. Good luck

    3. Don’t care for either candidate but in all fairness, the water rate increases are based upon our getting our water supply from New York City. They raise the rates, Yonkers has to raise them accordingly. But, that is the only thing seemingly out of the council’s control. They still have all of the ‘temporary’ nuisance taxes in place – transfer tax, mortgage recording tax, etc., and have quadrupled all license fees in recent years – anything BUT cutting patronage jobs.

  7. keith olson has bigger problems coming,he lost on appeal ray monty case 2nd one is expected to favor ray,now the fat bastard has committed a crime in the city council race under the Federal hatch act if the D.A. doesnt act on it we know who will……

  8. how about the red light cameras??? look at that company and see how much the donated to Mike spano??better yet how about the company that has been sending out notices scaring home owners into buying insurance if a pipe breaks???cost of living in yonkers is way out of control thanks to Mike and Liam…

  9. mike and nick spano are the definition corruption. just look at all contributions both get. all developers are banging the city left and right, pay to play is alive and well, yet every year the city is in a crisis

  10. That piece of shit McLaughlin keeps on raising my water bills. I never thought water would be this expensive. I will vote against that shithead.

  11. Keith Olson can shove his endorsement up his enormous ass. His endorsement is worth as much as pint of white rice from a take out Chinese restaurant. Keith is well known for backing losers one easy example is Wilson Terrero. And other example will soon be McLaughlin. The only thing Keith is good at doing is picking out an entree.

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