A Letter of Deep Appreciation

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Milagros Lecuona

When I first decided to run for mayor, I saw that this journey would be an uphill battle but I threw my hat in the ring because I believed with your help we could be the change needed in White Plainsdecision-making. I knew we could accomplish so much together but we exceeded so much more than I expected.  We were able to shine a light on the need for more transparency and make many more residents aware of the fact that a sustainable White Plains is not only about the environment, it is about equity and inclusion.  We started a community dialogue holding developers accountable for their stalled projects, kept the protection of our firefighters a top issue, and stood up for small business owners who have seen their businesses decline because of the strict parking policies in downtown. We made that and a lot more happen and we did it while fighting off leaders who would rather suppress the vote than engage in an exchange of ideas.

I want to thank you each and every one of our volunteers – those of you who canvassed and phone banked day-in and day-out. You reached out to over 8500 voters and encouraged them to support our cause.

I want to thank those that collected thousands of signatures from “WP” voters in the summer heat, those that passed out palm cards at the train station in the cold and rain.  Those that donated money, attended events, talked to their neighbors and those 3353 that touched a screen with my name next to it.

Almost one-third of the voters in White Plains agreed with our message.  That is a powerful voice that cannot be ignored in our city. It will be in the best interest of our community to address our concerns.

You believed we could build a better White Plains and that doesn’t end because of Election Night.  None this would be possible without this resilient and determined team.  I am grateful for you and appreciate all the work you have done.

There is much more work to be done so stay tuned. We still need to reach those that did not vote for me and encourage them to keep fighting for a stronger democratic process where all voices are being heard.  The fight continues and our hope for a better future for White Plains will not fade.





eHeziA Letter of Deep Appreciation

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