Democrats Sweep Campaign 2017 General Elections Results

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Khader Wins Over McLaughlin!

Merante Eclipses Orefice!

Latimer Overwhelms Astorino

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YONKERS, NY — November 7, 2017 — Election results for New York City Mayor declared incumbent Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio the winner within 25 minutes after the polls closed in New York City.

New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy has likewise been declared the winner.

The contest between Republican incumbent Candidate Rob Astorino vs Democratic Candidate George Latimer is a win for George Latimer and a supporter Governor Andrw Cuomo.  Democrats came out to vote when Democrats are said to often stay home when there is precipitation.

Democrat Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President won over incumbent Republican Liam McLaughlin.

Labor has been instrumental in getting the vote out.

Incumbent Republican David J. Tubiolo seems to be on the losing side in his effort to fend off Democrat Gwen Dean.

Incumbent Republican Gordon Burrows not doing a good job in overcoming the challenge by Democrat Ruth Walter.

Matthew Orefice, aided by a robocall effort by Mayor Mike Spano for Democrats to support Orefice was thought to have won yet it turns out that he lost to Anthony Merante by 6 votes and when absentee ballots are counted may either hold onto his win or lose it. This was the contest to represent Yonkers City Councilman to represent District 6.

Official numbers very soon.


eHeziDemocrats Sweep Campaign 2017 General Elections Results

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  1. Council president office is weak! He has a staff of 4 and nothing more. To all the fools saying that he can do this in dpw or this in the police dept, he can’t! The mayor is the only one with control over all depts hiring and firing. The council president has his office, that’s it. You people sound foolish. Please educate yourself so they you know what you are talking about. Also, you mention a khader movement? No it had nothing to do with khader other than he is a democrat. Democrats came out this year because of Trump and con con. Mickey Mouse would have won as a democrat.

    1. If that was a fact wouldn’t Scott have “swept” the board in the 4th district as well as Orefice in the 6th? No? Not Mickey Mouse?

      Sounds like you should educate yourself before you throw stones ya airhead.

  2. …..The Same As The Old Boss.

    Yonkers has been a dead, rotting corpse since Martinelli destroyed it decades ago. I’m surprised there’s anything left for the political buzzards to feed on.

  3. Khader can beat anyone anywhere.
    The Nolans are done. The Gladwells are done. Alla Naber is done. The McLaughlins are done. Djlenny is done. Mike Breen is done. Dennis Shepard is done. Corazon Pineda is done. Keith Olson is done. Chris Sapienza is done.

    There is a new force in Yonkers, the strongest force- Mike Khader.

  4. It’s clear that the comments about Khader for Mayor are from his family (either his brother or sister or someone else in his inner circle). And that’s the problem with politics. It’s about ego. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet, hasn’t done one thing for the residents of Yonkers, and his people are already thinking about higher office. Someone else commented about how Khader should roll back those City Council raises. That’s a good and easy thing for him to do. He doesn’t need the money nor do any of the City Council members. Yonkers does. So why not reverse the raises and save the city some money on day one of his tenure? Talk is cheap, folks.

  5. Corazon Pineda. She claims she was supporting Mike Khader, but she was really supporting Liam McLaughlin. She is a liar and not loyal to the democrats. Corazon Pineda helped George Latimer and Liam McLaughlin. Corazon is a do nothing Legislator who will not go anywhere far in her political career. She sold out Mike Khader for goodies from the Mayor and Liam. Such a shame.

    1. Your getting councilwoman Corozon confused with the two face legislator Perez. Perez was helping Astorino and Liam. She did nothing for Latimer and Khader. She thought they would not win.guess

  6. That’s right “Mr. lie in it” Khader got the support of the unions. Get over it. The only unions that didn’t support him were the police unions which “shot” themselves in the foot, no pun intended.
    Anyway Mr. Khader you definitely didn’t want Keith Olson’s support after what he did to your brother, using the one eyed Sgt. Butt pirate to violate John Khaders rights with an illegal search which he learned from none other than Brian “choke chain” Moran. And Sapienza just follows suit cause he doesn’t want to go against the grain.
    Now Mr. Khader you don’t have to be beholden to the unions but just make sure that organized labor gets a piece of the pie. Union Labor has been cut out for quite some time with the greed that goes on between city government and the developers and the taxpayers wind up not even getting a break cause it’s so corrupt.
    Congrats on your win and use your influence wisely.
    Make sure you tell the Mayor to exterminate that Rodent infested PBA office before kEIth oLson, Brian Moran and the “Joker” Jon Mueller stop and illegally search your new city vehicle lol.

    1. I just wondering about the reality of the building of this “NATION” AMERICA. the people really have forgotten who built this nation and who are the one who fight to keep this nation moving forward. We the minority are being treated less than human. Politics its a dirty way of life; when the Candidates needs votes they call the people attention; but when the people needs the Candidates we are outcast into darkness. so I’m not vote for none until the changes of consciousness come to support the minority society.

        1. viviano the drunk had no right messing with johns car it was parked legit and placard was given to him by tommy failin no balls wouldn’t even give it back cause he sucks KO tits

    2. Unions are not needed in government because they are more than fairly treated and paid, for their productivity. Most unions in Yonkers are also bullies as they bully the council and the Mayor for bloated contracts, just like the Weinstein, O’Reilly, Cosby cases. You can translate that to every facet of Merican life.
      The only people that they harm are the property taxpaying private industry workers who pay for it all.
      It is all unsustainable and will crash as soon as AI comes in.

      1. So only private industry should have benefits? The only thing crashing is you, coming down from your crack cocaine high. These services are necessary and paid for by taxes. What’s not necessary is all the benefits some idiot politician gets, then they will do whatever possible to cut unions out and rob the taxpayer money. Smaller government people. Either that or eat your own trash, put out your own fires and allow criminals to roam and do as they wish to you and your family.
        Just like all the building going on throughout the city. Allowing non union labor to do the trades work saves money for the developer and allows more kick backs to the people allowing it while quality of work suffers. Unions protect workers rights and in return offers a skilled labor force.

      2. The pba union is worse. They bring a sell out contract back to their membership for personal gains. I wish they’d bring back a contract for solely the benefit of the members. Just ask the few people who were outspoken against the contracts 207c changes how they were treated. Guess what? The outspoken against the contract were right all along! SHAME!

  7. Keith Olson was the only major union to go with Liam. Liam lost. Keith’s endorsement is worth as much as a pint of white rice from a Chinese takeout restaurant. Keith is finished. Khader still won. I think Keith is more of a detriment to a campaign than an asset.

  8. Tom meier is absolutely disgusting. He is the Democratic Chairman, yet he is going to Liam’s Fundraiser at Le Moulin. I guess Meier and his incompetent son never thought khader was going to win. Let’s see if Tom Meier will still be chairman after the reorgization.

  9. Everyone should be concerned and worried as Khader’s elections night location was at Teamsters HQ. That’s the problem with all of these politicians no matter which party. A union latches onto them like a limpet and then it’s favor time.
    It’s why the taxes are always going up.

    By first budget you’ll know what Khader is made of. Right now he’s in bed with the unions. Not good.

    1. As we all know Yonkers is a blue collar working city which is made up of many many union people, so what you are trying to say is that if your union you don’t have the right to vote in someone that will help your cause, and as a candidate you cant go out and try to get union endorsements? you talk like a fool and a non union scab!. If you don’t like the way the elections turned out, you have the option and right to move somewhere else.

  10. It’s funny how all barry McGeoy puppets like to talk shit he sold his friends out to side with a bunch of drug dealers looking to ruin Yonkers !! Lmao his sister lost couldn’t even get her elected 😂😂😂😂

  11. Wow no wonder decent people don’t want to get involved in politics, especially in Yonkers politics. People can get nasty, filthy and back stab – especially on forums such as this when they can remain anonymous. I am appalled at comments directed to certain people such as Steve Macri. He and others like him are the backbone of our communities and help so many people in so many ways. Just because you don’t agree with a person’s choice of who they support does not mean it is acceptable to go ad hominem. Those nasty comments reveal the heart of the writer- not the perosn(s) it is directed to. Yonkers is a great city with a lot of great people. But judging by some of the comments here and some of those who are in politics, no wonder Yonkers is a laughing stock.

    1. You must be a relative if not steve himself, he’s still a joke in the community…. what did he do for his community?, besides beg for favors for that hypocritical club he belongs to. Spano got the financing for them to build that dump.
      the politicians steve supports come to his pizzeria , eat for free and then he raises the price for his paying patrons . He sits outside and plays the role thinking he is the godfather of midland ave lol, he is the dumb father, my message to steve is to stick to what he knows but needs more practice at and that’s making pizza’s. STEVE Stay out of politics!!
      And to reply to your post, I don’t see your name on it so I guess your anonymous too

  12. Think about all the jobs he would have had to give out:
    -Alla Naber
    -Tom Gladwell
    -Brandon Renzi
    -Nick Nolan=to be put on full time

    These people will not be on city payroll👋🏻🙏

  13. Khader won in a mandate. He is the most popular elected official in Yonkers right now. He had a historic win with a ground swell of support from communities throughout the city.


    There is a new political machine in Yonkers. Either join them or get crushed… ask Spano they learned their lesson.
    Mike Khader is the subject of discussion all around New York State. He is a rising democrat. He won without the Party’s Support(Tom Meier), the Mayors Support(Mike Spano), and Councilwoman Corazon Pinedas support. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Carrot Top.

  15. Put your money where your mouth is. Roll back the 2015 city council raises that Liam and every other city council member voted for. You want to save Yonkers some money? Why don’t you start with your own salary. Nah, didn’t think so. Chump, you’re just another empty suit that talks the talk but won’t walk the walk.

    1. Yeah let’s all give up our salaries and give more to the dirtbags in the projects. Suck it “talk is cheap”, you’re probably a cheap f**k yourself. Hey maybe that fat c*n* rag Keith Olson will roll back his 4K a month cause all that rat does is sell out his membership. Then roll that smelly SUV he ruined right into the Hudson. Jagoff!

  16. Haha, you Khader voters crack me up. You act like he’s the second coming. You do know he’s only the City Council President, right? Not the Mayor (we have one of those already).

    Oh, right – Khader’s promised to fix the schools, the roads, the corrupt Yonkers political machinery, balance the budget, lower your taxes, hire more police, build a fire station, build community centers, take money from developers, make our streets safer, and make Yonkers great again as CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT?

    Bahaha, you hope and change fools will fall for anything. The most he’ll do is chair some meetings, find jobs for his friends and family, collect a nice check on our dime, drive around in a car we pay for, and do what every other politician in Yonkers has ever done.

    The guy has done ZERO in politics and you dupes are talking about his run for Mayor?

    God help Yonkers.

    1. That’s what makes him great. You must be a political insider, but Mike Khader is going in to City Hall as a CITIZEN not a Career Politician. He has the fire and compassion to be the next mayor. The votes Khader got as a democrat is historic in citywide races.

    2. Oh grow up “hope and change” poster! We have to start somewhere, Khader hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already you’re tearing him apart. Give him a chance. Us voters are fed up with the usual politics as usual, we want change. Yonkers is so fucking corrupt, we welcome any change! I wish Khader lots of luck.

  17. chatter among city dems is about khader. many see him as a rising star and unstoppable force in yonkers politics. he is considered a frontrunner in the race for mayor in 2019. some even consider him Governor material

  18. Khader won due to the backlash all Republicans will be facing now through the Mid-terms. The Democratic Party seems to have awoken from their 11 month slumber. But the bottom line is that he did in fact win. But guess what? Now he has to lead. Winning an election is an accomplishment but the prize is less then rewarding. So let’s slow down with the mayoral talk and see how he does leading the City Council. Many have led in Yonkers, but few have had success. Here’s hoping Mr. Khader is up to the challenge.

  19. So glad Tommy Meier, Jr was outed for his conflict of interest as a BOE employee in charge of counting the votes for the 6th District race between Merante and Orefice. Tommy has no business counting the ballots while managing Orefice’s campaign. No conscience. Equally disgusting was the complaint he supervised the ballots for the 17th LD race between Perez and Reyes, while helping Phille Gille with the Perez campaign.

    1. lets remember that orefice ran a terrible campaign and should have done better than mid 30s
      levy and meier ran the campaign so no wonder it was a failure

      1. Ha, that kid had no money, no union support (as a Dem), and was in the most conservative areas of Y-O. He’s no JFK, but have you seen the other people in City Hall?

  20. Can’t believe how quickly Spencer and Spring removed the McLaughlin and Pagano signs from the front lawn of the foreclosed house on Kingston Avenue.

    It had to be before midnight on Election night.

    On the other hand compliments to Khader people for putting up “Thank You !” posters on some of their signs.

    Class vs. Classless.

  21. His name is Mike Khader. The man who took on Spano, McLaughlin, and Astorino and defeated them. Some people think Shelley Mayer or Andrea Stewart Cousins, but it is obvious Khader has the political skills to run citywide and win better than anyone else out there.

  22. Tom Meier Jr was telling everyone Khader was going to lose by 12 points, the guy thinks he is a political genius and in reality he is the furthest thing from it. He could not have even won a District 6 race with the republican vote being split 2 ways in a Blue Wave. I don’t even know why the Board of Elections keeps him on payroll. His father runs a paper party and does not look like he will stay Chairman.

  23. We didn’t want them there. They should not have come. They looked like idiots walking into the victory party of the candidate they screwed over.

  24. Djlenny told everyone on the face of the earth that Liam will win 60-40… he thought he was Chris Wallace. Nice try Cannoli Man better luck next year.

  25. These comments are absolutely ridiculous. You all have nothing better to do than to trash talk other people? At least these people have the guts to stand up for what they believe in rather than hide behind a computer screen.

  26. Steve Macri is a good and honest man. Anyone who has ever had a single conversation with him would know that. Stop the hate and do something productive.

    1. Honest?

      He told the Khaders he was supporting them because of their overwhelming support on Midland Avenue …

      But he had a big McLaughlin sign on his house and his Gommba Uncles, Cousins and Moronic Italy Club (I’m part Italian – only part, thank God) were yucking it up with the Carrot Brain and pushing him as hard as they could.

      Unconventionally, the Red man lost the Midland area. That’s hard to do as a republican unless you’re a lying fraud like him and you are supported by the Macri group.

      So “honest” is not a word that we use to depict Steve Macri who is also well known for fabrications of great falsehoods against anyone who does not ascribe to his purist “Italian” way on Midland Avenue.

      1. Don’t beat on an entire ethnic group of people just because steve macri is a complete and entire as_h_le never judge an Italian based on the idiots on midland ave and the jerk off club they belong to

    2. Please! you don’t know steve macri, ………. you are STEVE “THE MORON MACRI” trying to defend yourself lol your a joke then, is, and will forever be a joke! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  27. Tom Lore…from consumer protection…how ya feeling?

    Alla Naber..from parks…how the fk you feeling?

    Carla Smith..nice try with race baiting?

    Brian Harrod…you tried really hard !! Your site will self implode!!

    Peter Torres..from the Library…how are you feeling?

    John Vanostrand from municipal housing…you grew up with are you feeling?

    John Larkin & Mike Breen…the both of you showed this city true colors.

    John Spencer and Kathy Spring…time for the both of you to hed out to pasture!

    Kudos to Amicone for staying out of the election.

    Dennis Robertson and Sam Borrelli…learn how to stand with your party.

    Last but not least..the entire Spano family(especially Vinny) you allowed 2 great family’s of Yonkers to literally beat each other up for your own benefit, and eveyone has seen it and all of you stood idle. Shame on every single Spano.

    Mayor Spano, your days are numbered and I strongly urge you to finish out your term in respect and dignity. I just can’t believe you allowed a patriot of our great country to be attacked while you stood by. This wasn’t was all personal.

    Good Luck Mr Khader and best wishes to Mr Mclaughlin.

    1. To the Wall

      Please enlighten some of us less enlightened readers as to the significance of some of the cast of characters above – Lore, Naber, Smith, Torres, Vonostrand. Who are the ‘two great families’ and the ‘patriot’. Thank you.

          1. HAHAHA believed in? All he wanted was to finally become a full time employee since the poor boy was seasonal for 6 years! He was in it for himself and not the Yonkers citizens. Well their voices were heard on Nov 7 and that day will go down as the worst day of their silly little ignorant lives.

      1. Lmfaoo he lied to everyone and said he was NOT dating gail burns niece, when in fact he IS.. why lie is it because even then you still can’t get a job you helped Liam where’s your job nothing you will never work for the city of Yonkers are t you related to a Judge also and still no job…. btw he has pictures on Facebook with one of Vinny Spanos close friends dyhalma Vazquez of the indendence party’s brother and still no job face it Alla they’re all fake!!!!!!

  28. Dumbo Mikey is already trying to set up a run for Latimer’s seat.

    He knows he’s done in Yonkers.

    The message from the Leper’s debacle was that the people have your number and you could not be reelected even if term limits were repealed.

    How about getting back on the oil truck?

    Senator or Oil Truck Driver – you wouldn’t be good at either

  29. WOW I LOVE MY GREAT City Of Yonkers and always will have YONKERS PRIDE, but Yonkers Politics wow ! Like NY LOTTO Hey ya never know ! Congrats to ALL the candidates who were victorious.

    1. Hey DJ Lenny ! what were those numbers you predicted ? 60-40 in favor of Liam? Guess those cannolis are messing with your brain cells. Good job Khader!

  30. So i guess johnny limo and his mpac know how to win elections hate all you want fact is he is the man that took on the powers to be and said screw you guys.

  31. Word is Little Dopey Mikey Spano left Liam’s party once the numbers started trickling in and headed over to Khader’s. He was not welcome and walked around the room with his dopey smile aimlessly trying to engage true Khader supporters. Luckily everyone saw through his bullshit and knows that he and the rest of the Spano clan of losers were desperate to have Liam win. Looks like old carrot top let down the machine. Or did the broken down machine let down carrot top?

    1. Now that the council has the Democratic majority I wonder if they are going to keep the “Democratic” Deputy City Clerk around after she turned her back on the Party and supported Mclaughlin…

  32. The Irish and Italians had their shot in Yonkers politics now it’s time for the era of the Jordanians. Bring on the Arab friends and family network!

    You read it here first.

      1. Correction you moron, the system WAS corrupt! Everyone who won except Perez and Rubbo deserved their victory! You can plainly see that the Democratic candidates ALL ran clean campaigns…without the support of Spano’s Republican THAT guy is corrupt and the biggest joke. Khader, Corazon, Johnson and hopefully Orefice will do amazing and bring Yonkers back to it’s glory.

        1. Perez stood on the sideline and did not help Latimer or Khader. In fact voters were confused because of the nonsense she feed them. KARMA IS A BITCH Ms.Perez

  33. Yonkers is gone,embarrassing to say I grew up there.The libs welfare recipients lowlifes can have it .As for South Yonkers,I enter that area ,with an armed retired policeman,when I do nursing jobs.

    1. So true. If my entire family didn’t live here I’d be gone. Sad. Grew up on Elm Street. Try walking there now. Used to walk to Yonkers High on Poplar St. War zone now. Heartbreaking.

      1. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Bye bye Spano puppets. Cannot wait for 2 years when that man is GONE GONE GONE and so will all his family members in City Hall! Hey, you are prob one of them! Start filling out your resume now

  34. I, for one, am thrilled to read these comments – if for no other reason than it sounds like I found my long-lost family…

    Good night for Yonkers, indeed.

  35. The Carrot Head is dead. Thank you Dear Lord !!

    So are Spencer, Spring, Martinelli and Spano if Khader plays it right.

    This is long overdue and greatly appreciated.

    Good bye and good riddance to the Nolans – peas in a pod with the nasty thug McLaughlins.

    Steve Macri bit the dust big time with his idiotic moronic support of two big losers – Mclaughlin & Pagano. Now he can change the name of the pizzeria back from Pagano Pizza to Midland Pizza but it still has the worst pizza in Yonkers.

    Justin Tubiolo’s sham of being Republican and being a leader is now exposed. He is neither. he’s a follower and he follows Nick, Mike and Lenny’s orders. His son may have barely survived against a nonexistent campaign. Watch out next time. On the other hand it is mission accomplished for him in the destruction of the Rep party. Too bad Mommy Tubiolo will lose her do nothing job in Astorino’s office.

    Astorino was pretty dumb surrounding himself with people like Tubiolo, Castro-Blanco and Murtagh. Thanks for the tax cuts Rob but good riddance to your ego and stupid politics.

    First order of business should be to demand the firing of the McLaughlin boys in DPW, especially the violent drug test failure felon.

    While you’re at it demand the firing of your back stabbing Tom Mieir (don’t know how to spell the dope’s name). he couldn’t tell you the difference between pick and shovel, let alone being a Spano ass kisser.

    Now Mike, make sure that term limits are not undone. This was Nick’s plan all along. That’s why they supported the Leper. Don’t let it happen. We need to rid ourselves of the Spanos once and for all.

    Good luck.

    1. Steve Marci is a joke ! He wants to be in politics so bad but doesn’t have the brains to walk and chew his terrible pizza!. who evens cares who this clown supports, he is the joke of Midland ave

      1. Why are you people trashing midland pizza?? Unbelievable. And you speak of hate on the right. Look in the mirror. Khader has a checkered past. Hope I am wrong but nothing will change. Corruption, The pits

        1. Gosh your “truth” is so twisted by Lying Liam you couldn’t even understand the truth if it hit you in the back of the head. Khader was cleared by the most highest security organization in the US.

          What is the “checkered past” that you speak of? Please hit me with some facts for once. Otherwise shut your mouth and choke on ur lies.

    2. Liam is not bad by himself . Reality is he is highly educated and has a heart. His Mom is a staple of the community. His downfall was the uneducated idiots he was loyal to! Pay attention Steven and Arnold here is what you didn’t consider! Your biggest problem was under your nose the whole time! It wasn’t Khader you idiots! It was the Nolans and the fact they are white trash. Those of us that know them and have lived here all our lives know about their alcohol and drug abuse and the scams with the money NOT part of the scholarship fund. There was father Nolan cleaning the Mercedes in the driveway of Liam’s headquarters. Then add the Mafia Spanos! No one can get a job or their kid a job unless you lick their arse. Guess what Mikey boy …. those you got a job screwed you good! The winds are blowing through the hills of Yonkers and I suggest you all start getting your resumes together and start saving that money you are collecting from us. BTW we are waiting and watching for the final nail in the coffin for the Spanos…. the third Nolan son to get permanent employment! Rubbo, it was not well known how ” friendly” you are with the Spanos or that Vinny personally was backing you! Learn from Liam’s mistakes. Remember this….. your alliance needs to be to those that voted for you As well as your loyalty! We will be watching……. tread well my friend …. or you will be a one hit wonder! Mixed emotions about the turnout but then again Karma’s a Bitch!!!! Wait, I just remebered Mikey Spano you didn’t endorse Khader even though he is a Democrat! LMAO!!!!! Going to the store and stocking up on popcorn!!!! This is gonna be good! Dear Khader, I know your people are reading this… remember many were forced with the “if you can’t beat them join them” philosophy. Please don’t take it out on the voters … clean up Yonkers and get rid of the Spanos and Nolans…. . make sure that last one don’t get on. Remember there are senior citizens trying to live here … be good to them! Also, get the city jobs back to Human Reaources where it belongs! The YPS is a mess your gonna need more than four years to even make a crack. Speechless on how you can even start! Please think of something! You made alot of promises … be different and keep them. Some of us still believe in Yonkers….. time will tell!

      1. Liam isn’t that smart. He tried to screw the teachers on a contract they all ratified over his “understanding” of the fact that language was needed about Email usage, due to the fact that technology in the YPS is crap. Then he tried to take over the teachers union election with Tom Phelan’s wife, Senator Terrence Murphy and the police sergeants, lieutenants and captains association. He screwed the teamsters by giving away local jobs to non-Union workers not even from the area. Not to mention that Liam cheats on his wife all over Yonkers and gives favors out like candy. Nice that his brothers told their teamster “brothers” that Khader was going to privatize sanitation and then verbally intimated voters. So, not THAT smart.

    3. Hey Dumb Ass, Murtagh was not part of the administration and the others did fine work. Bitter much? You sound like someone hoping to be let in the door to feed on the scraps of a Khader victory! Bwaaaa Haaa Haaaa Pathetic..

      1. Reread your comment.

        Don’t forget Astorino is Murtagh’s pal, endorsed him enthusiastically for Mayor.

        The result – Murtagh get’s the lowest vote total in the history of a city wide race in Yonkers.

        Who’s bitter ????

        1. Sounds like the constant whining of the happy to get almost 1% of the vote and act like we matter Independence party asses. Go back to your hole and stop insulting the truly good folks in politics. dumbasses!!

  36. Yonkers residents have spoken business as usual is over. This city does not belong to a party. Yonkers has to return to a diverse and thriving city where “everyone” is welcome.

    It is our pray that the Mayor and City Council and City Hall will finally put the PEOPLE FIRST, especially our young children.


  37. Just goes to tell you that the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is just a Spano Puppet. Now scurry away you union breaker and rat.

    1. Before the end of the year all those resolutions sitting on the ELECTED ppl’s desk must addressed, introduced and PASSED. We are not asking for your salary but, on second thoughts we are, that is why some have been voted out.

      It is neglect that our voices are not heard by those voted in to represent us.

      How “important” must one to be heard? The humble will RISE.

  38. Great night for the Mayor. Democrats will control the city council as well as the County executives seat.
    He will work cooperatively with the council as he has in the past. Time to heal as we continue to make our city and County a great place to live work and play. Congrats to all especially mike khader

  39. So funny how News 12 did not show Liam at all, and Spano rushing to make peace with the local democrats. He is in deep shit if he wants to run for a 3rd term because Liam was Spano in a red wig this year. HAHAHAH Let Him Run! Remember Remember the 7th of November!

    1. There is no third term. Spano is done and anyone who tries to overturn term limits will meet Liam’s faith. TheT includes Khader.

  40. Voting for Khader was simply a protest vote against Mayor Spano and his family, who think they can control all the races behind the scenes and steal democracy away from the people with their self-serving scheming.

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