Equivocation Undermined Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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The Political Hezitorial

Yonkers City Hall Misread the Political Tea Leaves and Suffered the Consequences

Barry McGoey Re-elected I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President; No Opponent, No Opposition

Mayor Mike Spano’s Interference in the Merante, Orefice, Pagano Outcome Was a Mistake for Which They have Suffered Irreparably


Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — November 18, 2017 — The blustery winds of change could not be easily deduced despite the whispers that were to be eclipsed by intention otherwise. Suggestion that sentiment was changing would be dismissed. Aiding and abetting the delusion was media who had long lost their collective robust and introspective demeanor as they too had changed to regurgitate “alternative” facts and truths. While The People were always engaged, their reality was a concoction greater than the shackles necessary for Yonkers City Hall to maintain its demoralizing control of a city demanding more. City Hall had long ago trampled the public’s prospects for better by silencing those expected to speak on behalf of the voters. Instead, those who should have and could have had forgotten their promises to the electorate. Alas, even the electorate had forgotten. Interestingly enough, while The People had their say, it was Yonkers City Hall’s insularity as recognized by the inner circle they nurtured that became their undoing. And ancillary to their conduct, The People would go to the polls in numbers unheard of, to bring about a change that they collectively could not and still cannot fathom. The past informed the present, though the future is still unknown. What is known is that the past could not and would not be tolerated. The People had been pushed to their collective limits. Voters had learned how the game was played. They voted those who “done them wrong” for those they admired their past legacy over yesterday’s past. There are in fact such stand-up protagonists within even Yonkers political landscape, and yet, barring such prospective standard bearers, those who would presented themselves to the voters would be judged by The Public’s interest and demand for a positive and responsive demeanor.

The November 8, 2017th election for International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F.) – Local 628 President is a case in point of political influence and interference that is too often dismissed as not credible. The facts are that Yonkers City Hall did interfere. The temerity that Yonkers City Hall even considered that they could entice an alternative to Barry McGoey does not speak well of their political radar. As hard as they tried, and they did so with expectation and zeal, they lost miserably. Barry McGoey was re-elected unanimously for another three-year term. He was challenged by none, and had no opposition. A humongous win for I.A.F.F. – Local 628 members! A major loss for the Spano Administration!!!

The political contest for Yonkers City Council to District 6 was a three-way between the eventual winner Republican Anthony Merante, former Yonkers Fire Commissioner Conservative/Independent Anthony Pagano, and Democrat Matt Orefice. From the onset this contest was in flux. Ambiguity of purpose would come to be revealed almost from the onset. Anthony Merante was at first supported by Mayor Mike Spano and a “Family and Friends” network of insiders. Yet within a short timeframe, Mayor Spano and his myopic political advisors deduced that even the likes of Campaign Manager Hon. Dee Barbato could not, as Yonkers Tribune had come to learn was the sentiment at City Hall, drag Merante beyond the finish line. They were proven wrong. Yet with that mindset, the Spano Administration thought they could undermine Anthony Pagano. They tried to prostitute the former Yonkers Fire Commissioner but failed. Yonkers City Hall “politicos” chose to return to their “favorite” and “loyal” son Anthony Merante a second time. In so doing, Mayor Mike Spano may have undermined his relationship and standing with Anthony Merante somewhat. Even so, Yonkers City Hall could still not see a win with Merante, so they chose to look at Matt Orefice, the politically aligned Democrat, a neophyte to politics, who followed a failed Yonkers political playbook to gain a win in a contentious three-way. Orefice kept up his door-to-door foray within the district to introduce himself and shake the palms of potential constituents only to come up short. The preliminary election results suggested Orefice had won but the official tally of votes cast would prove that Merante had bettered Orefice by 6 votes. Prior to the mail-in ballots being counted, it was learned that Merante had upped his numbers from 6 to 23 ahead of Orefice with only 38 more ballots to be counted. Orefice would come to realize he could not eclipse the votes garnered by Merante and conceded his defeat to Yonkers City Councilmember-elect Anthony Merante to District 6.

A study of the 2017 General Election outcome has more to do with Yonkers City Hall not comprehending that it was their dismissive conduct that revealed the General Election was all about them, and thereby was removed from the public interest-at-large, that would come to eviscerate their prospects and undermine them detrimentally.

Even so, we discuss Mayor Mike Spano’s prospects and that of those for the City of Yonkers in future articles and telling next week.

eHeziEquivocation Undermined Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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  1. It won’t be long before we see Vinny and Khader at City Council meetings texting each other and giggling like little BFF girls. Liam is a sucka.

    1. If rhe Spano’s were real friends of Liam they wouldn’t be all over Khader’s ass. It’s actually funny watching them kiss up to Khader like they kissed up to Liam. The only difference between Khader and Liam is that Khader knows the Spano’s are full of crap and only pretend to be friends. The only people the Spano’s care about are themselves.

  2. The Mayor isn’t with Barry
    There are at least 4 council members that are anti-McGoey.
    Barry McGoey should expect a no confidence vote when he runs for reelection- members by then would have realized the terrible job he is doing.

    Note from Hezi Aris: Barry McGoey ran for IAFF-Local 628 President and ran unopposed and was approved unanimously. P.S. I thought I posted that article. I can’t find it presently. After concluding the assignment I am now, I will look to see if I still have it in my document files so that I can copy and past it online. I think I need a rest. My apology.

    1. You forgot Khader won!
      You forgot Latimer won!
      Rubbo will be a one termer!
      Tubiolo will be a one and a half termer!
      And most importantly Spano lost !!!

      Local 628 led by Barry won because we showed everyone that Spanos don’t control everything in Yonkers amy more. Gone are the days when puppets hand selected by the Spano’s and their ilk run unopposed. Most office holders have been informed that if they get too close with the Spanos they will face the fate of Liam.

  3. Union election interference was never more egregious than Liam McLaughlin’s in the YFT elections last spring. His minions ended up being crushed by the members, to their great credit. How’s that working for you now, Liam? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  4. This past election proved that the Spano’s are irrelevant and have lost any juice they had – most of it was just hype anyway.

    Mike Khader’s romping of McLaugjlin just goes to prove the Spano’s have zero clout or influence with the Democraric voters and the Republican voters. Spano went all in with McLaughlin and lost big time. It’s over fat boys. Nick should extort as much as possible in the next year because after 2018 people will say Spano who?

  5. Mike Spano has destroyed and ended the Spano dynasty. If he runs for Senate he will be crushed by the union votes that will surely come out in a special election to shove it up his ass. And then he can spend the final year or so in city hall becoming more and more irrelevant as each day passes by.

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