Final FASNY Vote Monday Evening, November 6, 2017th @ 6:30pm

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WHITE PLAINS, NY — November 5, 2017 — Mayor Thomas Roach has once again quickly scheduled a critical vote on the French American School of New York (FASNY) application on the night before Election Day.  Notice was put on the City’s Website Thursday night after 11PM.

At the Work Session on FASNY last week Council members Hunt-Robinson, Lecuona and Krolian raised serious concerns with the revised plan.  Chief among them were Safety and Impacts on the Community and Environment.  Councilwoman Hunt-Robinson asked whether in light of the school’s size if a 50 year moratorium on any new development was not justified in order to assess the impacts.  In response, FASNY has proposed a 15 year moratorium but only relating to any FASNY expansion.  It was inexplicably silent on any non-school development.

Not surprisingly, there was no response to Councilwoman Hunt-Robinson’s comments on the Safety implications of the project on the neighborhood and larger community. Safety has been and continues to be the paramount issue on the FASNY project.

Mayor Roach and Council members Kirkpatrick, Martin and Smayda did not address the inconsistency of the new plan with their Environmental Findings of 2013 in which they found Ridgeway an unacceptable means of access to the School for numerous reasons.

The new plan contains approximately 70% of their earlier student population. In fact, FASNY has increased the student population for the middle and high school from 478 to 640, a 33.9% increase. Traffic on Ridgeway has noticeably increased during peak periods since 2013. Yet no new analysis by the City has been provided other than a few casual comments by the City’s former traffic consultant.

At virtually every turn the City administration has impeded our efforts in this matter whether it be not disclosing key reports, not giving us access to City officials, or scheduling key decisions with little notice on days near holidays, etc.

The very strong attendance by you at the numerous meetings together with the volume of letters and examines sent to the Common Council have been crucial and have made a difference. We therefore request that you attend the meeting tomorrow night at White Plains City Hall at 6:30pm.


John E. Sheehan is The Gedney Association President.



eHeziFinal FASNY Vote Monday Evening, November 6, 2017th @ 6:30pm

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