Governor Cuomo Urges Westchester Voters to Stand up to Trump and Send a Clear Message to Washington

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“We cannot let the Alt-right all-stars, Trump, Bannon and Astorino, dictate Westchester policies for next four years”

NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Senator George Latimer is the endorsed Democratic for Westchester County Executive.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — November 5, 2017 — Governor Andrew Cuomo today urged all Westchester residents to make their plan to vote on Tuesday, and to cast their votes for Democrat George Latimer for County Executive. Cuomo, who has endorsed Latimer, explained that voters need to elect George not just to clean up Westchester County Government, but also to send a clear message to Trump and the alt-right that New Yorkers do not support their extremist ideology.

“The alt-right has come to Westchester with a million-dollar money bomb to prop up one of Trump’s most loyal supporters, Rob Astorino,” advised Governor Cuomo. “He was an early backer of Trump and he represents the same ideology, but we cannot let the Alt-right all stars of Trump, Bannon and Astorino dictate Westchester policies for the next four years.”

t has been widely reported in the press that Robert Mercer, the Alt-right billionaire whose money has funded both Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, has poured over a million dollars into the Astorino campaign.  Astorino, in turn, strongly supports the Trump agenda and stands in lockstep with him on critical issues: allowing the sale of assault weapons; repealing Obamacare; denying climate change; and opposing a woman’s right to choose.

“We’ve done much to defend our values and restore integrity to public service,” noted Governor Cuomo.  “But that progress and our values are under attack.  We can’t wait until 2020 to fight back – Donald Trump’s defeat starts on Tuesday in Westchester.  Every vote for George Latimer is a vote against the Trump-Astorino agenda.”

SOURCE: George Latimer, Democrat for Westchester County Executive.



eHeziGovernor Cuomo Urges Westchester Voters to Stand up to Trump and Send a Clear Message to Washington

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  1. Hell no!!! Latimer stands on his own merits which are zero. After many years of the highest taxes in the state with dem Andy Spano, Astorino saved Westchester homeowners. Never again should a man like Latimer have the power over a hard working homeowner.

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