Kat Brezler Announces Candidacy for New York State Senate in Special Election to Replace George Latimer

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Kat Brezler standing alongside Councilman Jared Rice following the announcement of her candidacy for New York State Senate.

TUCKAHOE, NY — November 11, 2017 — Kat Brezler announced her decision to run for New York State Senate at Nutmeg, a local bakery and cafe Thursday morning, November 9th. Brezler will campaign in the special election to replace George Latimer in District 37 who was elected as the next Westchester County Executive in Tuesday’s Election.

Surrounded by community leaders, friends, family, and supporters, Kat cited her passion for education and the inequity across the district as the determining reasons for running for New York State Senate.

“From my anti-fracking and environmental issues activism to fighting for sound education policies both in the classroom and out, I am proud of the work I have been able to accomplish, but I know that to bring further results, it must be done from Albany. In the Senate, I can fight for the rights of New York’s children to have equal access to education, universal healthcare, and campaign finance reform.

“For too long, New York has been represented by the monied elite—that’s why I’ve pledged to not take fossil fuel donations. What Albany insiders don’t want you to know is that the maximum contribution in this race is $11,000 and that most donations come from big lobbyists in fossil fuel interests. Since so much of a candidate’s time is spent fundraising, the high dollar contributors ensure inequity of access for residents in the 37th District and across New York to candidates. If elected, campaign finance reform will be one of my top priorities. Westchester needs a future to believe in, one that is transparent and inclusive. Together, we can make that vision a reality,” said Kat Brezler.

As a second grade public school teacher in The Bronx, Kat Brezler has been a staunch advocate for policies that work for New York public education. She has collaborated with the Alliance for Quality Education and Citizen Action of New York in efforts to fairly fund public schools, and most recently, she was part of the nationwide organizing for the opt-out movement regarding school testing. Due to her efforts, the opt-out rate went from 2% to 20%, which brought national recognition to the fight.

“Teaching has always been my passion but I can no longer watch as Albany and D.C. politicians slash our education budgets and write policies divorced from the reality of what the real practice in education is. I want to highlight the issue of implicit bias both in testing and in teacher ratings and make sure that public schools receive the funding that is crucial to educating the future of our community. As a state senator, I will be in a better position to fight for the families in my district to ensure every child is getting the education they need and deserve,” said Kat Brezler.

“With recent attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act in Washington, Brezler has made healthcare a top priority. As a daughter of a nurse and a doctor, she continues to work towards Universal Health Care through the New York Healthcare Act.

“Our district is facing a public health crisis due to budget cuts,” said Kat Brezler. “I am demanding that we bring the NY Health Care Act to the Senate floor for an up or down vote. It has passed in the Assembly for three straight years. Clearly the senators challenging it are ignoring the will of the people. We must place people before profit and work towards progress for our state and district.”

“Kat Brezler has been the exemplar of community activism for years, and I am certain that she will continue her track record of fighting for progressive causes in the Senate. This district needs her strong and unwavering voice to work towards the issues that matter to them. Tuesday’s election shows that there is a blue wave of democracy that is sweeping over the nation. Kat is absolutely part of this wave and we desperately need it in the Senate. Until recently, the Senate has been known as the graveyard for progressive legislation. We need to go from a dreary place to the bright future that New Yorkers deserve, and Kat is part of that. To do this, we must let the Kat out of the bag,” said I Senator James Sanders.

“I can attest to Kat’s deep commitment to her community, from her advocacy for social justice issues to her deep commitment towards making sure that our youngest students reach their potential in life. She has what it takes to enhance Westchester residents’ quality of life and effectively advocate for policies that will support working families. Kat is a leader we can trust, and I look forward to future joint efforts,” said New Rochelle Councilmember Jared Rice.

“As someone who worked closely with Kat on the opt-out movement, I know how dedicated a public servant she will be in the State Senate. Her advocacy and expertise to ensure education is a top priority for improving education in New York is greatly needed in Albany. I look forward to seeing the results she will bring for our community and state,” said Opt-Out Leader and Westchester County public school parent Lisa Rudley.



District 37 covers the cities of New Rochelle, Rye, White Plains, Yonkers and the towns of Harrison, Mamaroneck, North Castle, Rye, Eastchester, and Tuckahoe.



eHeziKat Brezler Announces Candidacy for New York State Senate in Special Election to Replace George Latimer

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