Merante Campaign Triumphs to Represent Yonkers City Council District 6

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YONKERS, NY — November 17, 2017 — “The election of 2017 is over. Matthew Orefice just called Anthony Merante to graciously concede in the Yonkers City Council District 6th  race .  Anthony accepted and thanked Mr. Orefice for a well-fought and spirited campaign. Mr. Merante is humbled and grateful for the trust placed in him by the residents of the 6th District. Now Anthony looks forward to getting to work to protect Yonkers taxpayers, maintaining our quality of life and improving our public schools. ”




eHeziMerante Campaign Triumphs to Represent Yonkers City Council District 6

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  1. So Merante won..with what. 35% of the vote..shows just his cronies and the Spano clan wanted him.Just shows how he really didn’t have the 6th district supporting him.Lets see if he can represent us.He doesn’t even know where his district begins or ends.Tough for an out of towner to have an idea of the 6ths history and the 65 % who didn’t support him.Theres a big difference between lilly white north east yonkers and the real 6th (Lockwood.Bryn mawr,Midland. Homefield areas)..hope he’s prepared cause we sure he has his strings already attached…because the puppet master ( Spano)…is pulling them…

  2. Hopefully Merante and Rubbo will remain true community leaders and now become hyper-partisan like the two clowns that they are replacing.

  3. Merante is a great guy and he ran a terrific campaign. If he sides with Spano so what. As long as he is true to our city. You will see a united city council working together. Isn’t that what we want?

  4. Merante prevailed over the thugs from the fire union and the Spencer lead Republican in name only faction of the party.

    He is not indebted to any special interest.

    Like Santa Claus he knows who naughty and nice,

    Yonkers may have a chance to be saved !!!

  5. The people have said NO to PAGANO !
    Not Once but Twice.
    Looks like you should have stuck to buying politicians with
    union bucks. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  6. We have a moron for a mayor and 2 useless republicans elected to the council. Thank God Mike Khader beat Liam. At least this City has a chance – a slim one – but a chance. You are our only hope Mike Khader. Don’t sell your soul to the Spano’s and their puppets.

  7. Fresh cheesecake for everyone lmao congrats Anthony I really wanted matt to win but if you do good you will have my vote if you run for re-election

  8. A spineless council person .to fill a spineless rubber stamp councilman..sick to my stomach that this clown represents me…should be entertaining when he does everything the mayor wants.The people of the 6th will see…excuse me but I got to go..Merante what a joke…just got really sick to my stomach….

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