Mike Khader Addresses False Claims Made by the Liam McLaughlin Campaign

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Mike Khader Debunks McLaughlin Lies

Mike Khader and Family.

YONKERS, NY — November 4, 2017 — Mike Khader, the Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council President, today held a press conference to confront misinformation being spread by Liam McLaughlin to prop up his re-election campaign.

“I expected Liam to hide from his own record. I expected him to attack me. But I did not expect him to make up outright lies to try to defame me,” said Khader.  “These are purposeful and intentional lies, intended to mislead the voters so he can remain in office.”

Khader cited 4 specific false claims made by McLaughlin in his campaign.

“First, Liam used the phrase ‘tax deadbeat’ regarding a 10-year old workers comp bill which was paid and settled nearly a decade ago. I do not have employees in my law firm, I have no outstanding tax or workers comp bills.  Liam’s claim is a lie,” said Khader.

“Second, he has stated that I had a $55,000 credit card bill. This is another lie,” said Khader. “I had a small business loan from American Express, we had a dispute about the fees associated with that loan, and we settled it. If Liam understood how small businesses work, he would have known that this was a loan and he would have seen that it was paid. Not only did I never have a $55,000 credit card bill, American Express just increased my credit limit because they know that I am someone who pays my bills.”

“Third, Liam claimed that I should have paid a transfer tax on my home. This is wrong for several reasons. First – and Liam should know this – the transfer tax is paid by the seller, not the buyer. It’s an unfair tax, but that’s how it works. More importantly, I assumed ownership of the house from my sister and took over the mortgage. There was no transfer of funds, hence there would not have been a transfer tax,” said Khader.

“Finally, Liam has referred to me as ‘Mount Vernon Mike’ in his campaign literature.  This is a pathetic lie by a desperate politician. I have never lived in Mount Vernon.  I have never worked for Mount Vernon. I grew up in Yonkers, raised my family here and run my law practice here,” said Khader.

The Khader campaign provided evidence of these statements by providing the satisfaction of the worker’s comp claim, a recent correspondence with American Express that they increased his credit line, and the stipulation for the American Express small business loan. Those documents can be made available upon request.

“I am proud to be a lifelong Yonkers resident, a homeowner, and a public schools parent. I’m proud to have served my nation in the war against terror as a CIA officer.  But I’m disappointed that I have defend myself against Liam’s lies because he can’t defend his poor record in office. On November 7th, it’s time for the people of Yonkers to tell Liam McLaughlin enough is enough,” concluded Khader.

Mike Khader Debunks McLaughlin Lies


As many of you know, this is my first time as a candidate.

I was told Yonkers Republican politics are dirty but I never expected this.  The lies being spread by my Republican opponent are so over the top and seem to be non-stop.

• They said I failed to pay for worker’s compensation. This is a McLaughlin Lie.  First of all, I don’t have any employees. Ten years ago, I was billed for less than $300.  It was paid way back then..
• They said I did not pay a $55,000 credit card bill. This is a McLaughlin lie. It was a small business loan which was settled and paid years ago.
• They said I didn’t pay a transfer tax on my home. This is a McLaughlin Lie. I assumed the property from my sister. There was no sale, therefore no tax owed.
• They have been calling me Mt Vernon Mike. This is a McLaughlin lie. I have absolutely no ties to Mt. Vernon.
• They have been trying to create the impression that I have been found guilty of something. This is a McLaughlin lie .I am a proud former CIA Officer. The idea that I could ever be found guilty is particularly appalling to me.

I’m sure the reason for these lies is because my campaign has been effective as we visit voters and explain the issues.  Taxes are too high, water rates are too high, our schools need help, we need more cops on the street and we need to build two firehouses. McLaughlin’s leadership has been absent on these issues and he is trying to deflect attention from his failures by lying about me.

Election Day is this Tuesday, November 7th.  Please volunteer and donate to help us with our Election Day effort.  I know we can win this, but we just need a little more help.

We need a transparent and active City Council President who will engage with every neighborhood and advocate for their needs.  I pledge to be that person. Please remember to vote on Tuesday.  The polls are open from 6am to 9pm.




SOURCE: Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President Campaign,


eHeziMike Khader Addresses False Claims Made by the Liam McLaughlin Campaign

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  1. Khader at least took the time to listen. Parking is horrible and youkve got to love the Red Light camera and broken meters. Thanks LIam guess you need the funds to hire and for raises for more family members. Shame on YOU. Khader has the votes will be a landslide. It really is time for a change.

  2. I knocked on a door and the person offered to pay the tax and assured me he’s still voting for khader. I asked him why would he do that, he replied I’d rather pay the tax than rather watch Mclaughlin pay 100k a year to a friend.

  3. Knocked on doors all weekend along with many other volunteers. Mike Khader the voters like you, they are supporting you and no one said they are voting for McLaughlin. I don’t think the negative smear campaign is working.

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