Yonkers City Council is Unanimously On Board to Rescind / Extend Term Limits

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The Hezitorial Political Telling

First Divulged by the Yonkers Tribune in the First Quarter of 2017

Denied to Be the Intent – It Was and Still Remains the Only Option for City Hall to Maintain Its Hold for Future Financial Benefit

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKER, NY — November 11, 2017 — Yonkersites are caught up in the euphoria / dismay of the November 7th General Election. While the outcome for most of those engaged in their respective campaign efforts has concluded, some in celebration and others licking their wounds, almost all have forgotten to maintain collective focus. As is seemingly the concern of every government, entrenched in incumbency or new to elected office, winning the majority vote for all its meaning and intent, is the expectation of continuity by those returning to office or those yet to accede, is the purpose and prospect for continuity of service and responsibility to the electorate. Those are the standards to be expected. What is not expected by most in or yet to enter government, is the prospect that within days prior to being re-sworn or first sworn into office, that the voters will have been blindsided by the unanimous approval for term limits being rescinded / extended in 2017 despite the voters twice before having denied changing the Yonkers City Charter toward that end.

Precedence for eclipsing the public’s decision did not first originate in the City of Yonkers (CoY). It was conceived by and percolated as a successful maneuver to marginalize the voters’ say by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s interest in seeking a third, four year term. Knowing in advance the public was not on board to change the New York City Charter to afford him a third term, Mayor Bloomberg, replete with a resume of infusing a dynamism long sought by New Yorkers, devised a plan to skirt any impediments toward winning a third term. The New York City Councilmembers, enthusiastically supported by then Speaker Christine Quinn voted in the majority to change the charter. Mayor Bloomberg ran for a third term and did so handsomely, but after completing a third term he would inform the public thereafter that it was a mistaken that he should not have sought.

In New York City then, the prospect of losing Mayor Bloomberg from sitting at the helm of government was unthinkable and even though there were critics, including then Councilman Bill DeBlasio, the just re-elected New York City Mayor, who advised that the issue should be taken to court for legal remedy, did not however pursue judgment from the bench.

The City of Yonkers, under the aegis of Mayor Mike Spano, shy of completing six years of his two-term, eight years allowance under term limits, has worked diligently, with guidance, connivance, and back room arm twisting by his family tree of supporters, patronage mill of loyalists, and a litany of conflicted “who’s who” of Yonkers elite, friends and family network of stooges and sycophants awaiting their turn at the city coffers, while CoY and its citizens are bereft of fiscally prudent management. But Yonkersites are not deflected from the subterfuge afoot. Yonkersites know it is not about them. They also know it is all about the Spano Clan holding onto control and continued domination of the City of Yonkers.

Every Yonkers City Councilmember, those whose term in office is maintained for another four years, have an additional two years in office, have sought higher office and must therefore vacate their office by December 31st, or have sought re-election but were denied, are unanimously on board to approve rescinding term limits in entirety or extending term limits for a third four-year term. This despite every sitting office holder claiming they were and still feign their opposition.

The temerity and gall by Yonkers politicos is known to be debauched and scripted to deceive, and spin an “alternative reality” that is removed from City Hall’s intent, and tactical contrivance to sustain those who drink the Kool-Aide, and undermine those who question the integrity of their telling, despite their conduct recognized to be contrary to the faux “talk”.

So how is it that all seven have for the last year since we revealed their intent said they were each opposed to extending / rescinding term limits will do so anyway.

Yonkers City Councilman Christopher Johnson was the first to rail at the prospect that he was on board to rescind / extend term limits early this year. He ran for Westchester County Legislator and was not expected to win, running second to former Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair and present NYS Senator and Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Staffer Symra Brandon. That was until the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) aficionado, Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano came to Johnson’s aid and dragged Christopher Johnson across the finish line to eclipse all contesting his effort to become the next Westchester County Legislator to succeed Ken Jenkins, whose campaign for Westchester County Executive did not succeed. Johnson’s pact with the Spano Clan “machine” gave Johnson a win that he would have lost otherwise, and was afforded him so that he could be replaced by Mayor Mike Spano’s designee Shanae Williams, presently Mayor Spano’s Scheduler. District 1 is considered a Black-opportunity district. Ms. Williams is not well liked among activist “stakeholders” in the district for a litany of issues. She will become another puppet to be manipulated upon being designated to fill that seat for at minimum one-year, the third year of Johnson’s second term, but needing to run to complete the fourth year of Johnson’s second term in a special election.

Returning to vote over rescinding / extending term limits that will be brought before the Yonkers City Council membership, Chris Johnson will have to pay back the Spano Clan for their last minute assistance on his behalf if the skeleton that he hides in his closet is not to be exposed. Chris Johnson casts his vote to rescind / extend term limits without reservation.

Corazón Pineda-Isaac won a second term in office. She has been enabled and protected by Yonkers City Hall on many issues to which she did not abide. Her lack of legal conduct was conveniently overlooked by Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration. Those issues will be revealed when more time permits and not in this telling. Similar to “Ripley’s Believe It, or Not!”, believe it or not. Corazón Pineda-Isaac is on board to rescind / extend term limits.

Minority Leader Michael Sabatino has two more years left to his second term in office. Sabatino undermined his integrity by submitting to first extort a job for his husband Robert Voorheis, a one-time NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer Staffer who was offered employment with Yonkers Human Resources at $70,000 per annum, twice his salary with Assemblymember Mayer. When Sabatino advised that the remuneration was deficient, Yonkers City Hall capitulated to up the salary to $80,000 per annum. Yonkers Tribune has since learned that another raise has or will soon increasethe remuneration even higher. Voorheis needs the job. Sabatino also needs the option to hold onto his office. He is onboard to rescind / extend term limits.

Councilman Dennis Shepherd, representing District 4, is term limited. John Rubbo, his successor, is to be sworn into office in January 2018. In the meanwhile, Dennis Shepherd is desirous of becoming an employee on the city’s teat. The deal has been struck. Dennis Shepherd will cast his vote in support of rescinding / extending term limits, or find himself on the unemployment line, devoid of salary, devoid of medical benefits, and lacking a pension. He will vote without reservation to rescind /extend term limits.

Councilman Michael Breen, representing District 5, has two more years left to his second term in office. His wife Patty Breen, proclaimed it was her husband’s turn to become Yonkers City Councilmember over six-years ago at the Republican Convention that would come to endorse his candidacy. It has been almost two years since Michael Breen’s re-election that Patty Breen, among her circle of supporters has advised it is her turn next. If Mike Breen can manage to succeed Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows, vying within the next two years to become appointed to a judgeship, Michael Breen would prefer to maintain his City Council seat, barring something more to his liking. He too covets the salary, medical benefits, city car, pension, subsidized gasoline, and the relatives who are employed by CoY. He casts his vote wholeheartedly to rescind / extend term limits.

Majority Leader John Larkin is term limited out. he has also worked out a benefit departure package. He too has family employed by the CoY. He needs a job, the medical benefits, the pension, among other accoutrements. He is shamelessly all about John Larkin and will vote to extend / rescind term limits. Lacking a yes vote, Larkin will lose his future employment gig, and his presently employed relatives had best update their resume for employment elsewhere. he will cast his vote in the positive.

Incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin lost his re-election bid to newcomer Mike Khader. McLaughlin’s lifeline has been linked to the Republican elite in Yonkers from the days of Yonkers Mayors John Spencer, Phil Amicone, to the present Republican-Democrat in Name Only Mike Spano, and among former NYS Senator Nick Spano. McLaughlin must tow the line for Mayor Mike Spano if he wants to grow his legal practice, have his wife, a Yonkers Corporation Staffer before marrying McLaughlin maintain her employ, or suffer the retribution of the Spano Clan, as would his family members who are part of the Yonkers City Hall employment agency. Supporting the rescinding / extending of term limits is an easy yes for Liam Mclaughlin, Esq.

Term limits will be rescinded / extended in the waning hours of 2017 to the benefit of the Spano Clan maintaining its hold on the City of Yonkers no matter the scuttlebutt heard to the contrary. The Spano Clan connived and contrived this solution to their political needs, and not to or for the public interest. Now you know what you intuitively knew was the plan all along.

But there is still more.

Many remain silent. The likes of Democratic Conference Leader New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, New York State Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick remain silent on the prospects noted herein. Each is complicit by their silence. Here again it must be noted that it is all about them, not about the public interest, or serving Yonkersites. It is all about them. Their concern is strictly over how they can maintain their hold on power.

While term limits being rescinded or extended looms in approximately six weeks’ time, so does succession to that of New York State Senator George Latimer who steps down one year prior to the end of his term in 2018 in order that he may accede to Westchester County Executive from January 1, 2018 for a four-year term that is unlimited in duration.

Kat Brezler, a New York City School Teacher announced this past Thursday her campaign to become the next Senator to represent Senate District 37. At the insistence and urging of NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Assemblymember Shelley Mayer has begun the process of soliciting Ward Leaders within SD 37 toward that end.

Former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, ever salivating to re-enter the political corridors he once traversed, has asked to become Chief of Staff to Yonkers City Council President-elect Mike Khader’s Office. Yonkers Tribune has learned through sources in the know that his request has been dismissed.


eHeziYonkers City Council is Unanimously On Board to Rescind / Extend Term Limits

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  1. These corrupt pieces of s**t EVERYWHERE in Yonkers.. From the City Council, the Mayors office and every entity beholden to such… Will not be happy and talking the soap opera drama when THEIR ACTIONS cause the City of Yonkers to have it’s very own ‘Las Vegas’ spray….. pink spray.
    You pieces of s**t are making the ‘greatest generation’ want to reload on home turf.

    I’m nervous yet waiting.

  2. Imagine ?
    I bet he would be a knock out.
    By the way how is O’Connor, or his impersonator, John Halpin
    doing these days ?
    Word is both have plum jobs with extra money.
    Who said crime doesn’t pay ?

  3. What Will You Do When The Well Runs Dry ?
    No More Feeding at the Public Trough !
    Liam beaten by the new face of Yonkers.
    Loser couldn’t beat a unknown.
    Barry has a great smile. You Must See it.
    Like he just ate a canary.

  4. So long Liam.
    So long to Spencer, Kathy Spring, Amicone, Reegan, and the North End Clique.
    (The Amakassin Club Gang and The Christ the King Gang.)
    Next dirt bag to get the toss must be “Denis Robinson.”
    Rats every last one of them.
    All bought and paid for.
    any funny stuff and there will be hell to pay.
    People have spoken

  5. This vote was an anti-Liam vote not an anti-Trump vote.

    Today the Journal News did a story showing where Astorino won in different areas of the County. It shows that he won very heavily in all of East Yonkers.

    On the other hand the preliminary results show that Khader defeated Liam or was very close in most of the districts in East Yonkers.

    The logic is very simple. Astorino won those areas because of his reduction in property taxes. Liam was the exact opposite. His record on the City Council was to consistently increase taxes, water fees and other charges.

    So the redhead and Spencer and Spring and the rest of the no brain Republicans should not console themselves by thinking that Liam lost because Trump was not popular.

    Liam lost because Liam is not popular and that’s because of two simple reasons – the ever increasing tax and fee burden that has always been his policy and because of the nasty, mean spirited and wicked demeanor that he and his family and supporters including the Nolans demonstrated in this campaign and throughout their whole lives, probably.

    Good riddance to a bunch of bad people. There will be no comeback. Wallow in your mire.

    1. No, Liam lost because he is an evil, back stabbing, lying little 2-faced genetic failure.

      First time in my life I voted for a Democrat due to my ABSOLUTE DISDAIN I have for that bag of excrement………

  6. All the scoundrels that surround themselves with the church are the REAL losers. They believe they are “the chosen ones” to look down upon all others. Connect the dots and you can see, it’s ALL for themselves, NOT a higher power. GREED bestows itself on to me flock…….

    1. Pharisees, all. Case in point the former Lyddy woman.

      Holy Rollers, even Eucharistic Ministers but mean spirited, nasty and wicked to the core.

      She must be rolling over after McIdiots crushing defeat.

  7. The Spano’s polled this issue and they know that 80% of those polled do not support extending or eliminating term limits. It’s that simple. The Spano’s may be morons but they’re not that stupid.

    Why do you think Mike Spano is toying with the idea of running for Latimer’s seat? He has no place else to go and he wants out of Yonkers before the voters realize how bad a job he has done.

    Economic development without any real economic benefit to the City had put lipstick on the pig but at the end of the day there isn’t much bacon to be cut after the slaughter.

    Oink Oink

    1. Even though you’re probably right that the Spano’s polled the idea of lifting term limits and it resulted in 80% of those polled were not in favor of it, they will try it anyway. That’s probably why he’s circumventing the voters and trying to jam it down our throats by the City Council alone. They have no shame.

  8. We done need newbies we need experience and POWER!!! Bring home the bacon Spano boyzzz. The best thing that can happen to Detroit is for a Kennedy to move in. Get my point!!!


    1. Erwin,
      you sound like a ass-sucking Spano leach! Or maybe you’re a Spano yourself! Either way, go get a real job, Spano’s are done.

      1. I say hire Lauren as your Chief of Staff. No one deserves it more. She is intelligent, hardworking, loyal and will have the best interest of our City. Heck if Spano and McLaughlin can hire their families, I say hire Lauren! I mean it! Do it Khader! Hooray for your win!!!

        1. Pretty sure you can’t hire your family in your own staff, khader went off by saying no more patronage jobs how does it look him hiring his family his whole campaign was about that

          1. Not good looking, VERY BEAUTIFUL. I am a Lauren fan. I saw how hard she worked to get her brother elected. So proud of her! She should be Chief of Staff!

      2. Rumor has it that Khader is filling his office with Republicans and Conservatives that are losing their jobs in the County. Zehy Jeiris is running show. Yes, that Zehy.

  9. Hezi-
    I love your section of Blue Truth and I think you should create M Truth. This new section could reveal the lies and deception of John Khader and Mpac. Mpac took a lot of money from the community and there is nothing to show of it besides a couple of John’s nephews getting jobs in the County.

    1. I agree. Hezi, I think that would be a great column. I think M Truth is also very clever. Talk among the Mediterranean Community is a consensus that they will no longer support Mpac and instead support Mike Khader and his campaign finances. Everyone knows that supporting Mpac will lead to nothing good. I was very happy that Mike Khader was not at his brothers wine tasting. A subtle message was sent. I hope Mike Khader is not going to go to next Mpac event or his Brothers Christmas Party. Let’s follow Mike Khader’s political career and if he stays away from his brother and stays close to other important Arabs he will do fine.

      1. Hahahaha couple of khader haters out early this morning…lol for your info Mpac has done a few great things for the community with only 2 years of its organization here is a few revived The Arab/American heritage day after a 10 year hiatus and mpac covers the whole cost of event and charges zero for parking and admission,and created under the county executive an Arab/American advisory board that will be constituted very soon,now go back and crawl under that rock you came out of.

      2. Sorry but MPAC is here to stay. Nothing to show for it??
        Your ego is getting in the way again. Shallow is what you are. This was a mile stone win for Yonkers Democrats and for all Arab Americans.
        Wine tasting was not going to win the election.
        Shame on you for trying to keep brothers away from each other.
        Victory is the best revenge. Hope you sleep well. If not I’m sure a prescription of ambien with help.

      3. Stfu please. Mike Khaders brother was a big part of why he got elected jackass. Pretty clever trying to drive a wedge between brothers. Too bad the Arabs are not only smarter than that but are tighter than that & see through the nonsense. You just don’t want John advising him because you know the hammer is going to drop on all the backstabbers!

    2. You mean St. Khader isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be? Say it ain’t so. What’s the world coming to? I’m still waiting for Honest Mike Khader to undo those 2015 city council raises on his first day as CCP. Money talks.

      1. “hope and change” how stupid can you be (rhetorical question). ‘Still waiting for Khader to undo those 2015 city council raises’? Hmmn, maybe you don’t realize he hasn’t taken office yet and has no power to do anything? I have NO idea how he might address that issue going forth, but he is not in office yet and can do nothing. Moreover, it is not so simple. McLaughlin also voted in 2003 for a raise, also in December, so there are two raises involved here. Do you undo that one also? What’s done is done and those horses have already left the barn. Hopefully, abuses like that will not continue going forth.

        1. Despite his feel-good rhetoric, Khader won’t touch the issue of rolling back those City Council raises. Once he assumes office, Khader will take home $74,000, or a 12.9% increase (the council gave themselves an early Christmas present while no one was looking). Keep in mind that council members’ jobs are part-time jobs. Point me to any sector, public or private, where you can vote to give yourself a 13% raise with other people’s money. More power to voters who think that sort of behavior is normal and acceptable. Anything done can be undone.

      2. Mike Khader will do that when you stop requesting from anonymity. I’m wondering myself who you are and what position you hold? Let’s make a deal, you chip in the pot and so will Mr. Khader. Yeah exactly what I thought!

  10. Hezi, you should do a piece on next years Yonkers projected budget deficit. It will be Epic! The spanclan needs another term to cover it all up.

    1. Mike Spano does NOT want to deal with next year’s budget disaster that he himself managed to create. Uncle Amdy is going be very upset once he finds out how fat little Mike created financial ruin in one of NY’s biggest cities. Not exactly what Andy wants to have to deal with just as he’s beginning to run for President. Spano is sitting in a pile of throw up and Cuomo is going to rub his face in it. No bailout. No momey. You created the mess Mike now you deal with it.

  11. I think the people in this City should realize what they have in this family. These guys are brilliant, Amongst them they bring many years of public service that has allowed them to obtain a list of friends from every corner of this State. These guys bring in the investors and the much needed funds from Albany. Mayor Spano walked into a mess after Mayor Amicone. The City was on the brink of bankruptcy. Look around your City it’s not hard to see all the progress going on in our City. People that don’t want Mike Spano to continue must be harboring some type of selfish agenda.


    1. Brilliant is not an option in describing the Spanos.

      Many don’t even have GED high school diplomas and information has it that the City Clerk brother had to do a mail order HS diploma from some southern state.

      Stop the bullshit. They are lousy people in this to enrich themselves that doesn’t make you brilliant.

      The only thing they are good at is buying people and having them lose their souls.

    2. Progress my as# i went to south Yonkers today and drove thru Ghetto square, big deal you put up some new buildings but there is blight all around it. Wake up Spano lackey the city will never flourish, too many crooks in city haul, brutal schools,and fudged crime statistics.

  12. Post

    The Mayor will by the end of this year, 2017, have served as Mayor for six years. There are two more years before his second term in office expires. Should Term Limits be extended allowing for a third term, or are rescinded in entirety, thereby permitting re-election for as many times as the voters cast a majority number of votes to exceed those of a challenger or challengers. The office of mayor of Yonkers requires an election process every four years for whatever number of times permitted by the Yonkers City Charter. It is presently limited to two terms. Does that explain it? The term for Mayor, Yonkers City Council President, and all Yonkers City Councilmembers permits a maximum two, four- year terms. An election or re-election comes about every four years. Note that the Yonkers City Councilmembers come up for election or RE-Election every four years by 3 are staggered one year and the other four are staggered in their effort two years after the first three. The purpose of staggering the time from for some but not the others was to protect some of the Councilmembers to have lived through a different time frame from their compatriots serving the city council with a knowledge of why some issues won approval and why others may not have. The staggered process is to maintain a memory of why legislation won or did not win approval.

    I hope this was responsive to your inquiry.

  13. Come on Nick Spano the Governor and U.S. president are limited to two terms, so your baby brother should not need more than two terms to accomplish his goals (LOL, what goals) unless it is to continue the employment of all your ill qualified, uneducated family members on City of Yonkers payroll. Apparently the slam dunk loss Mike Spano, Vincent Spano and Liam McGlaughlin had on November 7th they cannot get over. Term limits are a way to limit corruption, maintain checks/ balances and also encourages fresh faces to run for office (MIKE KHADER HOORAY!). Looking forward to seeing new faces running for Yonkers Mayor. Desperately needed is someone who will bring new ideas and goals to the table. Even if term limits is sneakily rescinded, in the immortal words of Sir John Spencer 1st “Mike will not have a China mans chance in hell.”

  14. Shame shame shame on every City Council Person who votes to extend the Mayors term limits!!! It is not what the taxpayers want as it has been rejected by we the people twice before. Council People beware, going against the will of the people whom you serve will only lead to your own political demise!

    And to the Mayor, should you succeed on your dirty scheme to extend term limits you will only be angering us taxpayers even more. Remember, you will still have to win an election and I’m pretty sure you will be heavily challenged next time around.

    1. No he will be sued in court. Any Yonkers politician trying to break the will of the people will also be sued. Term limits will not be changed without a vote. Even the SpaNUT’s are not above the law.

  15. I and many others will definitely support a petition to stop this from happening. The VOTERS voted twice not to rescind term limits. These elected officials are absolutely disgusting each and everyone of them if they do this. Wake up CITIZENS. We yonkersites are about to be screwed royally. We cannot continue to vote these selfish individuals back into office. They lie to us when campaigning then do what is best for them and not us. LET US ALL BE LOUD & CLEAR…

  16. Is there a way we can impeach john rubbo there is a lack of interest with him on the council it’s clear he’s there to line up his pockets and make money off of the water front

    1. Post

      On what basis do you Judge that there is conduct, intentioned or not, that suggest in any manner that he has conducted in a manner that could be construed as illegal? if he has, I am unaware of it. besides, he hasn’t been sworn into office. it seems that it would be impossible presently to impeach someone who has yet to take office. His intention, had he ever voiced it, is still not criminal as he has not undermined the credibility of his City Councilperson-elect position.

      So, while not being a lawyer, I suggest no crime, impeachable or otherwise has taken place.

      If you are concerned, it may be wise to stay engaged and scrutinized his conduct and any deals.

      if he has an interest to engage in something nefarious, it will likely come about in time. I must admit I never knew Mr. Rubbo to have acted in a manner that can be illegal, or unethical.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. Not to worry next he to will serve another drunk to the point they hit a Big Truck and the family will Sue. But it already looks like a Ghost town at the waterfront except for the homeless that get bussed in everyday from all over county.

      1. That’s just wrong. He didn’t leave from Yonkers Brewery, he left from Fogarty’s. Mr. Rubbo isn’t the bartender either. Stop trying to smear a good mans name. He won, now get over it. I hope Merrante won in the 6th district as well. We can’t have a super majority of Democrats we will all be screwed. Taxes will skyrocket and 25-50% of the residents that do live here won’t be able to afford to live in this City anymore and get hit with that hostage tax when they have to sell and move out of NY. To all of the winners remember less government is better and stop robbing Peter to give to Paul. I am so sick of seeing any of these elected officials give away jobs to their family and close friends. Isn’t there ethics laws that stipulate that? If not, there should be!

    3. John Rubbo has attempted to run for that council seat before he even owned his business Yonkers Brewery that is on Main Street, so I would highly disagree with your statement that he is there to line his pockets off the river front. You’re just a Democrat who wanted a Democrat in that seat. Maybe next time you should run for office if you were not happy with who was elected to lead your Council district.

    4. The voters have spoken loudly and elected Rubbo a republican even during the same election where we saw a large Voter turnout out for the democratic candidates, latimer and Khader. Rubbo is a successfull businessman that has invested time and money into his Yonkers based business and is a true gentleman. He already is a great ambassador for this great city even without holding office. We all know their are idiots, and sore losers blogging on here and Rubbo and elected officials in Yonkers knows they have to be tough to survive. Being personally attacked anonymously on blogs such as this and other social media is part of holding any elected or high profile position in Yonkers. Good luck to all those recently elected. To those holding elected office, remember to vote no to any vote rescinding term limits or you will be voted out in shame come next election by the people of Yonkers.

    5. John Rubble is Keith Olson’s best friend. What did you think was going to happen? How Scott lost is a little unclear. Did the PBA Rat have access to any absentee ballots? You have to watch that guy, I hear he makes the theee card monte tricksters down on the forty deuce look like rookies lmao.

  17. Can Anyone with a law degree tell us if a court challenge can block this potential council vote to rescind term limits. NYC apparently did not go to court to challenge their council vote to amend the city charter and rescind term limits. Is there any case law in NYS that can guide us to halt this self serving extension and to at least bring this to the voters to vote on once again as has been precedent in Yonkers.

    1. Post

      I do not have the exact date. If the Yonkers City Council wants to hide this from the Public, that is, the day they will vote, they will have a legal notice to that affect posted. my guess is that it will be buried by the Thanksgiving festivities, shopping days, or Christmas or pre-New Year. I believe all the sitting ciuncil members are aware of this going to take place. They have each pledged to vote for overturning or rescinding term limits this year. If we learn of it, we will divulge it.

      1. I am going to start a petition as we speak just in case. Absolutely, not going to allow the continued abuse of power. How many signatures would I need to stop this ? I assume if I get a certain amount in each councilman/ woman’s district that would be enough to put a stop to this? I supported Spano but have seen his true colors. I need to right my wrong. Hezi, do tell a proposed date! Please!

        1. Post

          i believe it will take place a day or so before Thanksgiving or a few days before Chrsistmas Eve or a day or two before New Year’d eve.

          1. Hezi, please explain for those of us politically challenged. Does that mean Spano automatically gets two more years or he has to run and win ( a campaign) to be elected again?

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