Yonkersites Were Not Too Resigned Their Divisions to Vote for City Council President-elect Mike Khader

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The Hezitorial 

Yonkers Demanded New Leadership and Voted For Him

Mike Khader’s Win Is Not a Mandate of His Winning But Rather a Loss by the Incumbent

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Yonkersites cast their vote to ascertain what they believed would be best for the City of Yonkers. They had in the majority dismissed the past by ushering a new face and an expected demeanor they believe they recognized in Mike Khader, the Yonkers City Council President-elect. There may be promise in the newcomer, unfettered by a political ancestry that tarnishes every politician over time, seemingly bar none. And, while history is over time unkind to those who recoil from promises they are said to have expressed, it must be also recognized that those who exacted a “quid pro quo” promise for their respective support from him, were hopefully cognizant of Mike Khader’s capacity as Yonkers City Council President.

Supporters and naysayers alike have been disheveled by the outcome. Some throw their hands in the air frustrated by the backlash the monotony of promises unkept, elitist access, retribution, faltering infrastructure, declining education outcome and disintegrating school structure, economic development that has yet to pay for investments and inducements made by the city, state, and federal governments restrain Yonkers’ prospects. So too are the imposed, yet out of control constructs that permit overtime, pension padding, retribution, loss of employment, elevated positions devoid of merit, emboldened by “family and friends network” sycophants, have lessened the city’s capacity to maintain a sufficient number of police and fire personnel to guard the safety of limb and property. Each is a construct devised and emboldened over many years of silence and the pronounced fear of speaking truth to power. In conceptualizing wher Yonkers has been, and the prospects for a city yearning for more of itself, beseeching those in power to assist every Yonkersite to have the option to do better to the capacity and the planning to bring about better prospects for the fourth largest city in New York State. The challenge is great. It is also doable. Yonkersites have chosen to relinquish their options in life by not making the time to engage in the political process by which their interest can be afforded the political life that is missing in a city dominated and controlled by those who serve themselves as the rest of society is beaten and demeaned by illegal conduct that undermine those who engage in standards and methods said to be demanded of all yet unenforced because the institutions created to scrutinize looked the other way for too many years that few today recognize the disparity and vagaries of right from wrong, that which is ethical, and that which is not.

The political landscape that was created and culminated for the most part, only because some of the ballots are in contention awaiting official validation, by those aspiring to be re-elected for another term, or vying for elected office for the first time. In fact each had, to one degree or another been too timid, in fact afraid, to reveal who they really were. They feigned being “nice”, and “open-minded”, and “transparent”, among so many other attributes based on their “talk” to which not one was willing to show us that they had learned to “walk the walk” they claimed. The “sell” worked for many years, but Yonkersites had had enough, they allowed themselves to be robbed generation and generation, and they now found themselves bereft of prospects for themselves and their children. They did not need anyone to tell them how Yonkers arrived at this juncture. They listened to themselves after so many years and concluded their prospects could be embellished to some degree if only they became engaged in the election process. So on November 7th voters came out to cast their vote. The outcomes, yet to be determined in some political races, are what those too long dismissed have chosen. The electorate has spoken and they are on a path toward change. They are ravenous in their intent. They have climbed to the highest pedestal of the political hierarchy. They now know they are in charge. There is no rationale that can delude them from the outcome they ensured by their ballot. It is a transformative circumstance driven by an engaged electorate who had allowed others to undermine them for so long, that the dismissed could no longer suffer the status quo. They have cast the gauntlet their transformative vote now demands. There is no ambivalence over the vote and its meaning. There are no “ifs, ands, or buts”. No equivocation whatsoever. The winners did not win, the losers could not recreate themselves into anything other than their past attested to. Even those that won failed.

The above is the backdrop. What follows is the reality.

Yonkers City Council President-elect Mike Khader is nothing more than a glorified Yonkers City Councilperson, one of seven. Some pundits and quacks suggest he promised one thing to one interest group, corporate entity, or another. Such is the horse-trading many suggest has taken place in the past, and infer it will continue into the future. While history, such as has been revealed may attest, such tellings have or will be told; future behavior cannot. Even the suggestion that agenda and/or animus is “truth” is not only unkind, but also unproven. Future behavior and thereby outcome may have changed to the extent that political subterfuge exacted by past politicos is now known to have lost its prowess and may inform the re-elected and the elected for the first time to be wary of treading beyond the voters’ expectation of them. the must deliver or the “swamp” will again be drained.

So what can be expected from those who will be sworn into elected office on January 1, 2011. Yonkers should expect that each will divulge to their best ability to speak the “truth” to the needs of the city, the financial capacity and options available, that every representative, whatever their job description, including those of our Albany delegation who made promises they did not keep and did not deliver upon, knowing they come up for re-election in one year’s time best get it done.

What can each member of the Yonkers City Council do to respond to the demands of the voter? Simply, an uncomplicated or even more complex explanation of the enormity of the tasks before them that they must engage to set Yonkers record straight. An explanation of what can be done to mitigate lack of attention to issues, by focusing on them now, and if not financially able to do so, to explain why not, and when the next visit and reassessment will again be made to move and focus on the issue again.

So whether it is infrastructure, the patronage employment mill, the no show jobs, the patronage, the remuneration that is too high, the allowance of overtime to pension pad and its use to coddle some and dismiss others must be fixed. The take-home cars must be taken away. The cost so exorbitant, as are the cars destroyed, the damage to other vehicles, sidewalks, innocent bystanders, the escalating cost for replacement, the subsidized costs of fuel, etc., can be replaced by GPS tracking of mileage travelled and the mileage engaged to attend a specific event that must be validated and thereafter deducted from allowance granted by the tax code. If removed as such benefits may be in the future, so be it. Those in elected office must buy or lease their own cars, pay for the insurance, and fuel. An accounting of the costs must be divulged.

The quarterly report must be divulged every three months. The Yonkers City Charter demands it. Legal suit must be brought if the administration is not in compliance.

The number of legal counsel to the Yonkers City Council must be reduced. It is not only superfluous but obnoxious and arrogant.

The cost of legal notices must be reduced to save money by having rates specific to media Websites. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is aware of the potential savings. Yonkers can no longer afford the costs that are likely to exceed $600,000 per annum presently. This must be resolved.

While NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli talks a good game, he repeats himself year after year and yet still approves every budget that has ever come before him. The City of Yonkers (CoY) must adhere to the standards demanded of it or be permitted to remove the albatross from our necks. DiNapoli has become an enabler of permitted dysfunction rather than helpful in guiding CoY to a better fiscal platform.

The Yonkers City Council can bring about transparency to familiarity to agenda by issuing the appropriate backup information as to the purpose of its request of the legislative branch by the executive branch.

The General Election of November 7, 2017, revealed a collective aspiration among Yonkersites that has been silenced for three generations.

The legislative branch of must fully vet issues before the public in Person and by video capacity. each member of the Yonkers City Council must address these concerns and validate their position. Yonkersites are demanding options that benefit CoY.

There are many interest groups in CoY. Each is comprised of need, concern, and passion. One interest group cannot be given more weight than the other. There is however the ability to serve all by serving The People of the great City of Yonkers before one that leans inappropriately to one over the other. Yonkers needs balance of thought, temperament and outcome.

If the Public maintains its vigilance, it will be a fruitful outcry me. And further still, media must do its part to speak truth to power.

Yonkers Tribune noticed almost a year ago that Mike Khader was unencumbered by the political elitism and self serving governance to which Yonkersites had too long suffered. Mike Khader is a man with aspiration for success and prominence that he can achieve if he can maintain an ethical standard for himself that is respectful of Yonkersites. Nothing less will do. If he veers off course, the Yonkers Tribune will tell it like it is. My expectation is that Yonkers City Council President-elect Mike Khader has that capacity and will not succumb to the standards of the past. He is expected to build a responsive legislative platform that can coalesce a workable majority to which The People can and will be served.

eHeziYonkersites Were Not Too Resigned Their Divisions to Vote for City Council President-elect Mike Khader

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  1. the only reason the mayor will get appointed to latimers seat is because its a lot easier to run as an incumbent but dont worry as soon as he is appointed he will have to run again all the people he screwed over will go against him just watch…

  2. Liam lost because he hitched his star to a mayor that doesn’t know the first thing about running a city. Spano needs his taxes because he can’t create jobs or bring real investment or business to the city. So what does he do? Use the homeowners of Yonkers, the middle class folks, as cash cows (can’t get blood from a stone in the southwest since they’re all broke). And Liam followed suit except the quid pro quo bit him in the a$$. Now the mayor’s days are numbered. But you folks who think Khader is your savior are in for a rude awakening. He isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. And even if he were he would be chewed up and spit out by the corrupt Yonkers machinery. The game is rigged. The house always wins. Always.

  3. That which kept the regime of Spencer, McLaughlin, Spring, Martinelli etc. is either dead or gone.

    It was the fake and corrupt media of Dave Hartley (now deceased biased and bought editor of JN) and that of Janine Rose (big kick in the ass out the door of News 12 when the Dolan’s sold Cablevision to Altice) and Mary Calvi Spano (need we say more than who she’s married to but now gone from News 12) that propagated and defrauded the people of Yonkers for decades.

    All gone and thankfully so are the fraudulent liars that they imposed on Yonkers for too long.

    We will give Thanks on this Thanksgiving for a new day in Yonkers

  4. This vote was an anti-Liam vote not an anti-Trump vote.

    Today the Journal news did a story showing where Asorino won in different areas of the County. It shows that he won very heavily in all East Yonkers.

    On the other hand the preliminary results show that Khader defeated Liam or was very close in most of the districts in East Yonkers.

    The logic is very simple. Astorino won those areas because of his reduction in property taxes. Liam was the exact opposite. His record on the city Council was to consistently increase taxes, water fees and other charges.

    So the redhead and Spencer and Spring and the rest of the no brain Republicans should not console themselves by thinking that Liam lost because Trump was not popular.

    Liam lost because Liam is not popular and that’s because of two simple reasons – the ever increasing tax and fee burden that has always been his policy and because of the nasty, mean spirited and wicked demeanor that he and his family and supporters including the Nolans demonstrated in this campaign and through out their whole lives, probably.

    Good riddance to a bunch of bad people. There will be no comeback. Wallow in your mire.

    1. He’s been out for over a year. Get your facts straight. Doc hasn’t attended a meeting or event. Doc stepped down to focus on Hospital and medical office.

  5. How that work out for your Unity Keith Olson. Your a Nicky Boy Spano suck ass and Phelan is a Vinny Spano puppet or should we say house pet. Either way like we said the Yonkers PBA and CLSA endorsements don’t mean squat. Olson’s the union rat is in bad shape with the Democratic Party now. Keith, your lucky if you get a piece of cheddar cheese.

  6. These khader trolls just sound so silly. I’m no mclaughlin fan and I held my nose and voted for khader but I know why khader won and I’m sure they know as well. Con con and trump period end of story. Didn’t matter what kind of candidate you were this year, it came down to if you were a republican or a democrat. I think the Mayor is doing a good job and look forward to khader working with him to advance our city.

    1. Really John P? The only things that defeated Liam were the Props and Trump? First of all, DON’T compare Yonkers govt to Astorino’s connection with Trump – they are two different animals. If they wanted Liam again in Yonkers they would have vote for him. Yonkers Democrats notoriously cross party lines when they vote and are familiar enough with McLaughlin to have returned him to office if they wanted to. Blaming the Trump effect and the Prop vote are easy outs, especially for a politician with baggage. Liam might not have lost in record numbers as he did, without the Prop votes, but he still would have lost. As Khader said, Liam voted himself two pay raises – both votes taken in the eleventh hour in the month of December when people are paying even less attention than they usually do. The jobs given out to people who were pretty much his own personal campaign staff. Give me a break. I voted for the lesser of two evils and I voted for Khader.

  7. Let’s go Mike Khader. Big Win on Tuesday. Great things are going to finally BEGIN happening to this city. 2019 here Mike Khader Comes to Truly make even greater things happen in city government.

  8. His brother in law works in parks and his nephew was in parks too and all are mad at the nolans!! His brother in law is already running his mouth about how he’s going to any department he wants. Khader can’t get shit done in yonkers but help the arabs community!!! He knows what he better do now that he’s in office!!!! 😉 lmao money talks

    1. John Wayne get your facts straight . I know Khader’s family and they are not talking or bragging about moving up any ladder. They are hard working guys and and will climb up the ladder with hard work they do for this city . It is messed up how they let go his nephew a 5 year seosonal worker immediately after McLaughlin mentions it at a debate at Saunders and they better not try putting on a 3 month seasonal (Nolan) in a full time position. As for his brother in law who has been on for 3 years has been been approved by union, supervisor, and commissioner to be transferred to a different department but once the transfer reaches the 4th floor his transfer gets denied just because he’s related to Khader .. now i ask you, do you think that fair?

      1. 4th floor doesn’t approve transfers it’s the department heads from department going from civil service Human Resources finance and the mayors office by the way his nephew wasn’t seasonal for 5 years more like 2

        1. Hey Mr get your facts straight. He has worked seasonal every year. Starting since hurricane Sandy in 2012 hired on FEMA grant. Thereafter he work every year as a seasonal at parks dept. bye nino

  9. It’s a who’s who of the SpanClan. Post the list for posterity because not ONE of them will be on that list by the end of 2018. You heard it here first and Hezi can point back to his November 2017 list and ask “where are they now?”

  10. Hope !
    I have a feeling that the powers that be in politics
    will dunk Khader to let him know that they can drown his
    political life.
    Stay Tuned Hezi .
    Khader must let us know through your Yonkers Tribune.

    1. WTF are you taking about? Drown Khader’s political life? I guess you didn’t figure out that he did it without “the powers that be” you stupid moron. It is Kahder who is going to drown the political life as you say of the powers that be.

  11. Get ready Tommy boy. A real slate is going to be ran against you. Let’s see how it will feel when people call you FORMER Yonkers dem leader.

  12. The Khader’s have already started reaching out to Dems to find new DL’s who will support new WL’s who will clean the entire Spano slate.

  13. Mike Khader is the first in his family to get a college degree, the first in his family to run a successful business, and NOW Mike is the first in his family to be successful in politics.

    The sky is the limit for Mike, I wish I could say that for the rest of the Khaders.

    1. Khaders are all successful or at the very least a better machine than spano and liam he gave them a can of whip a$$.lol
      His brother owes a few buildings and a deli very successful
      his other brother owes a limo service thats been around longer than most businesses in yonkers

      1. It seems that you have an issue understanding the definition of successful. The Limo Company is under water. I only see those Limos with khader signs on it. I think Top Class hasn’t booked in wedding in months. To call yourselves a “better machine than McLaughlin” doesn’t really say much. Don’t try to fool us.

        1. Keep dreaming …the only one under water is you and the tax payers who got screwed with the new water meters.
          Jealousy is a mother f**ker. Your days are numbered. You’re stupid. The size of your brain is smaller than a pea explains your thoughtless thinking.

    2. Thank you but you forgot Khader is he the first Jordanian politician. His brother has a successful business for over 30 years in yonkers. His other brother owns a business in Downtown Yonkers. Don’t be an asshole! This sounds a lot like a shallow arrogant self centered prick that backed everyone that lost.

        1. She is disgraced and a nobody. KHADER IS THE FIRST CITY WIDE COUNCIL MEMEBR.
          Happy now. This comment is irrevelant to the story. Khader is the first SUCCESSFUL Jordanian elected official. It is one thing to be an elected official and it is another to be a successful elected official.

          1. Hey bye bye…the original post did not make the distinction of the type of elected official. Learn how to read. BTW I supported and helped Khader.

  14. Prediction – before you know it Tom The Wedge and all of the Dem Party Committee members will be GONE and Spano will be gone soon after.

    1. Sweep them all out. Can’t come soon enough. The unions helped get rid of Liam now they can help get rid of Spano’s hold on the Dem Committee.

  15. I met Mike Khader when he came to my door. He is a very gentle yet stern guy who will be the perfect fit for city council president. If he is able to do a good job his first two years, I would most certainly support him for mayor in 2019.

    1. “I will give you a call back, tomorrow @ 10:00 AM”…….

      Never transpired. I am sure, that when there is a hefty balance on anyone of his client’s respective retainer balance invoices, he is most eager to “Chew the rag”; as directly opposed to a pre-electoral constituent.

      I am already more than just suspicious, that his 11th hour tenacious demand for an immediate IG inquiry and investigation by the fraternal ESQ that presently occupies that position subsidized by the Yonkers tax-payer/payroll was merely an ingenious tactical move to garner those supplemental 5~15% votes at the polls, AND NOT AT ALL IN EARNEST. “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit”, comes precipitously to mind.

      But let’s all be mindful, that the current City Council President elect’s pre-election “boxing gloves”, nor the same metaphorical political apparel adorned by any adversarial opponents have any relevance, pertinence or bearing on their scorecards. It shall only be their “shoes”, the foot prints they impress upon/leave lbehind them and most pinnaclely of all parameters the specific carved out pathways they decide to tread upon.

      Lawyers and politicians are most seemingly only empassioned up and until the magistrate’s gavel falls, the jury’s verdict unanimous verdict has been reached or the final electoral tally of ballots has been determined.

      Time shall indeed divulge all. Nah, just another syndicated re-run of the same old political sitcom whose inclusive prime time lifespan spanned a meager four seasons. No, that too is being far too generous. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, watch the movie “Groundhog Day”.

      THAT’S IT ! The very same 24 hour day, encapsulated into a mere 1 hour and 41 min of total running time, although the main protagonist supposedly re-lived that same 24 hour period at least TWELVE DOZEN TIMES.

      Q. What is 12 x 12?
      A. 144?

      Not in mathematical terms, silly. Answer the same equation again, but while concurrently preserving a YO political motif? One hint: “The City of hills…”

      Q. What is 12 x 12?
      A. A gross. Final answer….GROSS.

  16. Y’all is that a word. You sound like a fool. Get over it. Khader is not in office yet. Your predicting his next move, raising taxes, roll back pay raise , promoting his brother in law. The more you mention Arabs and Jordanians show discrimation. Your all wrong !!!! Just like you were wrong about khader losing. In your face 16ooo voted without paper ballots. Shut up already.

  17. Word is mike khader gonna put his nephew back in parks full time and move his brother in law to any department he wants lmao y’all think he gonna change something hes gonna put more Arabs in dpw than y’all ever seen he already got payments from Some of then already

    1. hail mary full of grace the g*****s are in second place…DOES this mean no more swamp whops in line for no show no work jobs . who cares their no show no work jobs the only thing that will change is the names on the pay chex

    2. John Wayne sounds like an absolute idiot. Just another uneducated Spano supporter. Get your stick out of your ass and just give Khader a chance. He went from an absolute nobody to a man that over 16,000 people wanted as an advocate for them. Finally a leader of the people will be in office! All that bitterness in your heart is terrible, u should have a long talk with God. Even Liam wished him well and whether he meant it or not is irrelevant; he ran the dirtiest campaign but at least he could acknowledge a job well done. Open your eyes people

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