Chemical Explosion Caused Two Workers to Suffer Burns at The Greyston Bakery

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YONKERS, NY — December 22, 2017 —An activated alarm was received for 104 Alexander Street, The Greyston Bakery. Upon arrival Yonkers Fire Department encountered two burn victims.  Other workers informed the Fire Fighters that some type of chemical explosion had occurred. Further investigation established that two workers suffering burns had been using a solvent based contact cement in a confined area lacking proper ventilation, at which a flash explosion caused the severe burns to the two workers.

Both were transported by Empress Ambulance to The Westchester County Medical Center.

The explosion caused intense heat and fomented conditions of smoke in the area caused by some combustible materials which once ignited caused smolder smoke.

Units on scene extinguished the fire and spent several minutes ventilating the thick acrid smoke. The Yonkers Fire Investigation Unit and  Yonkers Police Detective Division are investigating the incident with greater scrutiny.

Assistant Chief Edward Cucolo, Battalion 1, Station 3, situated at 96 Vark Street attended to the scene.

SOURCE: Yonkers Fire Department Deputy Chief of Personnel Thomas F. Fitzpatrick.



eHeziChemical Explosion Caused Two Workers to Suffer Burns at The Greyston Bakery

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