How Often Must a Woman Say “No” Before Her Wishes Are Respected?

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The Hezitorial Telling Regarding Sexual Harrassment at Lincoln High School

Read the case that speaks to the horror of suffering the agony of not being heard.

Thank you to all who sent the Yonkers Tribune this case.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — December 23, 2017 — What was first suggested under the lede, “Rumors Swirl About the Yonkers Board of Education Suggesting that Yonkers Superntendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada Will Step Down By HEZI ARIS” has captivated the City of Yonkers (CoY) on one basis, that is, assertions of political correctness, of jealousy, of the outrageous expression that the Yonkers Tribune needs to check its sources, or some other nonsense, meant to strictly undermine the integrity and veracity of the writing and/or its outcome. Only if the swamp believes it can continue to undermine the integrity of fact, which they should have been aware, even if they claim otherwise. Ignorance will not salvage their standing now or into the future. They have each to one degree or another undermined their ethical standards for all time. Even those who had gone astray days or years ago, were they cognizant of their debauched and unacceptable behavior could have then mended their ways. Instead, they became emboldened by those who would come to protect them from losing their employment, or the law. Once emboldened, the next misconduct, now a growing addiction of their psyche, became their Achilles’ Heel. They bought into the failed corrupt system that has silenced so many among a city of good intentions to which their capacity is limited by those who have proven themselves addicted to cover up the behaviors permitted among those who have learned to speak eloquently on ethical standards but conduct themselves in juxtaposition to their reality.

The greatest atrocity is our gullibility into believing “alternative facts” that are  anathema to the realities that transpired to undermine individuals their inalienable rights to life and liberty, as they have come to undermine an entire city, that is, CoY itself. Have other communities likewise lost their way elsewhere? Likely, yes! Others may have slid down similar slippery slopes. It has served perpetrators somewhat, and certainly for a while, but the soiled stench that defines CoY is unwelcome, and unwanted. Does Yonkers have the option to withstand the continuing assault on our collective demeanor? Can we throw the Albatross off our collective necks? How do we begin?

Toward that end, the Yonkers Tribune suggests casting light onto the tall tales that undermine our intellect, sensitivity, and understanding of the human condition that will require our collective resolve. That resolve will take years to resurrect. Even so, it must be done. And so, toward that end, having begun to draw those who admonish our telling, who double down on undermining truth and integrity by asserting it is not so, have been eclipsed. It has come about because even the Yonkers Tribune’s Editor-at-Large has learned to entrap those who question everything and everyone because they are the beneficiaries of their subterfuge. Yonkers can, in fact, has begun to cleanse itself of the riff-raff that has consumed CoY for at minimum 75 years. Yonkersites are beginning to see the light of day. Our individual and collective capacity / options to steer the City of Yonkers from even more destructive shoals than those we have suffered begin today on the strong shoulders and backbone of those who began the process before us ever so quietly. Their integrity has captivated some, while to a larger degree emboldened others to rob the freedoms we so eloquently speak of but are constrained and deflected from attaining. The yarn used to sew ethical understanding and standards by which we once abided have frayed under our watch. Some bemoan how we arrived to this time and place, while others refuse to throw their collective hands toward the heavens as if to beseech the good Lord his help as we forget it was his granting us free will that places responsibility on us and to which he has no blame. And so, even to this day each blames another to one degree or another. Truth be told, we are each to blame. And so we tell the rationale behind this “rumor” which must see heads role, and quickly at that.

The opportunity to change the trajectory from failure to success is at hand. Those who have perpetrated the unthinkable must pay their debt. Yonkers taxpayers must not be forced to exonerate the culprits that have caused harm unto others individually, and lest some not yet recognize it, the Yonkers taxpayer is on the hook for this potential liability.

We will call the woman plaintiff CG. The Defendants are the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE), Edwin Quezada, AA (female), RP (male), and AA (male).

The allegations made by plaintiff. CG, by way of her Attorney, BH, Esq., is, after giving notice of their domicile, and employ, their conduct and allegations are described below…

Note that while the residence of each is different from the other, their respective residences are located within the Southern District of New York. Further, they are each deployed by the YBoE at Lincoln High School, located at 375 Kneeland Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704.

From a legal perspective, the dominant subject matter of the Verified Complaint is grounded in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. sec. 2000e, as amended in 1991, (“Title VIIl”) and is permitted to be brought before the United States Courts.

Further, CG, the Plaintiff, filed a complaint with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (USEEOC”). The Complaint was assigned an EEOC Number, known but not being revealed herein.

CG, the Plaintiff was assigned a “Notice of Right to Sue” in November of 2014, and the initial Complain was made in February of 2015, within a permissible 90 days of the receipt of the said “Notice of Right to Sue” as is an Amended Complaint, which was duly filed.

Factual Allegations

CG, Plaintiff is a female of Hispanic descent;

YBoE, Defendant hired CG, Plaintiff in January 2000;

CG, Plaintiff commenced teaching for Defendant, YBoE, in 2001 at Lincoln High School;

CG, Plaintiff, had at all times properly performed the duties of her employment, earning either satisfactory and/or superior employment evaluations. Further, any “below satisfactory” evaluations CG received were based on the discriminatory acts of the Defendants in this Action. this, any “below satisfactory evaluations CG received were inaccurate, were in retaliation for the Plaintiff’s lawful filing of sexual harassment, and hence, same were pre textual to justify the Defendants enactments of adverse employment actions.

At all times relevant, CG, Plaintiff was a teacher at YBoE schools, including Lincoln High School.

CG, the Plaintiff was recognized by YBoE, Defendant, for proficiency and competency in her employment, and enjoyed success in her teaching, discipline in the classroom, and in her career.

While teaching at Lincoln High School, CG, Plaintiff, endured continued sexual harassment by Defendant Edwin Quezada, Lincoln High School Principal, at the times noted herein. Further, male Defendant AA, and Male Defendant RP, and female Defendant AA, and another male Defendant RM. the sexual harassment continued through the date of CG, Plaintiff’s eventual retaliatory termination.

Beginning in the 2006 to 2007 school year, RP, Defendant and teacher of the same course discipline began to invite CG out for drinks in one on one settings. CG advised RP she was not interested, but Defendant RP persisted in asking CG out for drinks. RP continued to pressure CG despite her continued rejections of him.

Undeterred, RP began to make lewd statements to CG. in one particular occasion toward the very end of the school year, Defendant RP told CG that he had a dream about her where he was licking her body, and then, Defendant RP pushed CG into an empty classroom, hovered over he, put his arms around her, and advised they should be together. CG was threatened, intimidated, scared, and disgusted by his behavior toward her.

The day after the incident described above, CG, the Plaintiff, went directly to Lincoln High School Principal Edwin Quezada, Defendant, and reported what transpired to him, and female AA, Defendant, who was at the time was Quezada’s assistant.

After Plaintiff CG reported the incident, Defendant (female) AA advised Plaintiff CG that she would speak to Defendant RP, and assured the sexual harassment would cease. Defendant (female) AA even called Plaintiff CG that night to inform her that Defendant RP was spoken to and that sexual harassment would cease. Defendant (female) AA even admitted to Plaintiff CG that this was not the first complaint of this kind Against Defendant RP, as another teacher, a Ms. C., had also complained about sexual harassment from Defendant RP.

despite the assurances advised Plaintiff CG, Defendant Edwin Quezada did nothing to keep Defendant RP away from Plaintiff CG, and did absolutely nothing to end the sexual harassment. Rather than spare Plaintiff CG fromDefendant RP’s sexual harassment and deviant behavior, Defendant Quezada attempted to place Plaintiff CG in even closer contact with Defendant RP.

When teachers returned for the 2007 to 2008 school year, Defendant Lincoln High School Principal Edwin Quezada inform Plaintiff CG that she was to share a room with Defendant RP. Plaintiff CG immediately went to school administrator Jeff Olender, and explained the situation regarding Defendant RP, specifically Defendant RP’s repeated sexual harassment of her by Defendant RP during the previous year and her discomfort in sharing a room with him.

After Plaintiff CG’s visit to Mr. Olender, the room was changed and Plaintiff CG was no longer required to share a room with Defendant RP, this despite Plaintiff CG having reported sexual harassment to Defendant Edwin Quezada when Defendant Quezada told Plaintiff CG she was required to share a room with Defendant RP for the 2007 – 2008 school yeAr. It was totally irresponsible of Defendant Quezada, knowing Plaintiff CG was being sexually harassed by Defendant RP, to require Plaintiff CG to share a classroom with Defendant RP.

Plaintiff CG, filed written and oral complaints to the School Administrator Jeff Olender, yet nothing was done to curb, curtail, constrain, or restrict the sexual harassment. To add additional insult and injury, Plaintiff CG was not given copies of her written complaint and the file of the complaint, despite repeated requests for same.

Despite Plaintiff CG’s complaints, Defendant RP continued to sexually harass CG during the 2007 – 2008 school year. Defendant RP continued to make sexual comments and gestures to CG during the school year.Defendant RP went so far to send students to CG with messages, where Defendant RP was having students tell Plaintiff CG that she should be together with Defendant RP. In so doing, Defendant RP used students to sexual harass Plaintiff CG.

Plaintiff CG continued to suffer sexual harassment by Defendant RP when CG was employed at Lincoln High School, and even suffered continued sexual harassment committed by other teachers and professionals at Lincoln High School, including Defendant Quezada, another teacher, Defendant (male) AA, engaged in the same subject subject / discipline as taught by Plaintiff CG, Defendant RM, and Defendant (female) AA.

The sexual harassment of Plaintiff CG did not stop by the 2008-2009 school year despite the continuing complaints by CG. During the school year Defendant AA, another teacher of the subject / discipline taught by Plaintiff CG, Defendant (male) AA approached Plaintiff CG to tell her that everything in Plaintiff CG’s teaching career would be better if she engaged in a sexual orgy with Defendants Quezada, CM, and (female) AA. Defendant (male) AA continued to deliver this message to Plaintiff CG on behalf of Defendants Quezada, CM, (female) AA, and himself (male) AA, through the date Plaintiff CG was transferred from Lincoln High School in 2012.

Plaintiff CG was vehement in her response to Defendants Quezada and (male) AA would not agree to their suggestion.

The sexual harassment of Defendants Quezada, and (male) AA continued unabated continuing through the date Plaintiff CG was illegally transferred out of Lincoln High School. Plaintiff CG was reminded over and over that if she agreed to engage in an orgy with Defendants Quezada, RM, (male) AA, and (female) AA, Plaintiff CG career would begin to improve and she would no longer have problems at school.

it is such reprehensible suggestions that constitute continuing sexual harassment that has no place in any work environment, let alone in a school environment where said Defendants are teaching and supervising children.

plaintiff CG also told another teacher, a Dr. R, about the sexual harassment of Defendant (male) AA, as well as another Lincoln High School teacher, a Mr. I., about the same Defendant (male) AA. Mr. I told Plaintiff CG that she should have an orgy with Defendants Quezada, RM, (female) AA, and (male) AA. Mr. I was a witness to Defendant (male) AA.

The bottom line, while it is believed standards are in place to protect women, the system is an abysmal failure to which it seems the only solution is to find justice through the court system to which none of the Defendants will be required to pay, forcing the Yonkers taxpayer to foot the bill for the hormonal imbalance of those who believe they have a right to dominate and subjugate employees to their wants as they wish.

Each must be relieved of their employment and each must be made responsible for the horror they have forced upon a teacher who advised she was not on board to their suggestion.

Yonkers Tribune expects YPD to be engaged to escort those involved in this mental assault upon Plaintiff CG Tuesday immediately.

Those who wish to protect the culprits, believing their excuses must reflect upon whom they trust. they may do so when they will be demande to pay the Plaintiff CG handsomely.

Men must learn to accept the words of women and to abide by law in respecting their rights to be free of sexually harassment in the workplace. Women must also learn to be accepting of the words of other women.

eHeziHow Often Must a Woman Say “No” Before Her Wishes Are Respected?

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  1. Rest assured there will be another scandal involving Quesada. Everyone knows he does not support teachers even though he tells everybody he has employed his relatives as teachers, aides, etc etc….

  2. These allegations of sexual and workplace harrassment are horrible. Yonkers children deserve better. What a sad state of affairs in Yonkers, NY. Everyone is watching and disgusted.

  3. Lions and tigers and bears oh my. Is Dr. Quenada really being sued again? I guess Yonkers has lots of taxpayer money to waste. I hear lawsuits will keep coming. Pay up Yonkers residents. Never seen or heard anything like this.

  4. It is clearly evident that Doc. Quezada is an incompetent, ignorant, belligerent fool. Yonkers kids deserve better. Sexual Harrassment allegations are not acceptable and only the tip of the iceberg ladies and gents.

  5. It really is time to move on I do think Dr. Nader Sayegh or Dr. DelVecchio would be good choices as Superintendents or Commissioners of YPS so do my csea friends.

  6. Sexual Harrassment allegations are so awful against Dr. Quesada. My prayers remain with the victim and her family. Let us have faith in the justice system.

  7. I read da book ‘For white folks who teach in the Hood’ you put out there is telling about you Dr. Q. Especially for me teachin in ghetto square. Where did you ever teach? Heard no where.

  8. Everything in the scathing 24 page report is true. That shit bird Quesada is a dirty, manipulative, toxic devil. The United we stand YFT has your number Eddie and want you out. No district anywhere would hire a sicko but Yonkers.

  9. I read the allegation of sexual harrassment and horrible treatment by Mr. Quezada as stated in the lawsuit papers I read. This is plain old sick that Yonkers has allowed this devilish behavior from this little guy.

  10. Yo didn’t that moron Quezada just get rid of a hardworking, competent black principal and replace with another little Napoleonic Dumbinican like the rest with no experience.

  11. Not only does Quezada make $260,000 which is ludicrous when you have kids not eating lunch. He has all these do nothing positions that he created that can easily be eliminated. He thinks he’s budget savvy but all a bunch of bull. We could be saving millions just in useless waste and frivolous spending.

  12. These sexual harrassment allegations are absolutely horrific. I heard from reliable sources Dr. Q will be stepping down or else pushed out. He will not be missed by anyone. By the way the school choice process Dr. Q set up is a disaster for folks like me paying taxes and not having a choice. Shameful

  13. As a parent of four young children and a taxpayer I am extremely disappointed in the mayor and school board. How do you allow a person like this to head our schools? He is inept and incompetent. I have not heard one parent or teacher say anything positive about this Dr. Quezada. It’s about my own and all children.

  14. i just recently read the 25 page report after friends and family urged me to read this all over the city water cooler talk about Quesada. What a horrible story and this poor victim…. Any normal, logical person would conclude he must step down.

  15. I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting Mr. Quezada. I don’t ever understand what he’s talking about. I can tell you he is exactly what you see. He’s nasty, rude, and racist but covers it up by saying he’s hiring Latinos and Blacks/Africans. Things are really bad. Hopeful for change.

  16. Everybody knows this little Qtip is a useless, loser. Nobody likes him; just waiting for the announcement his Dumbinican ass is out.

  17. The fact that this supt Quezada is still around is a clear reflection of the lack of leadership in city hall particularly from the mayor. Quezado is unfit for the job and a little bully.

  18. The 24 page report is horrible and sources say it is all true. This Quezada guy is disgraceful and vile. Sexual harrassment allegations are serious and he’s still walking around but not doing any work and thinks he’s invincible.

  19. It’s time for a change when YFT members no longer believe in this superintendent Mr. Quezada and his lack of leadership. Schools are all insanely running on their own because of great teachers and their own fuel with zero supports. It has never been so bad. Trustees who? Just a joke!

  20. Whose paying the attorney’s fees for Quezada’s sexual harrassment lawsuit and I hear there are more. How much is it costing us Yonkers taxpayers. This is insanity!

  21. This creep is also allegedly bullying and harassing clerks daily. Wonder which one will be coming forward. They are scared and need their jobs and he gives them a shitload of overtime. This is some crazy shit. No wonder NYC will not take a chance hiring this sick man.

    1. This person should have never been appointed to his position given the allegations against him. Then you have these political hacks like Rev. Lopez that goes on the defensive. Rev. Lopez your response that this is fake news shows your depth in education. Maybe you should be a Reverend and let the process play out before you make an ignorant comment against a woman you do not know. You must be also assuming that her lawyer just filed the law suit for your amusement.

  22. Title VII is a federal law that prohibits workplace harrassment. An allegation as such would be enough to fire this man anywhere. It is shameful to have an egotistical, chauvenist in the office of superintendent. Only in the city of hills. Shame on you.

  23. Here’s an idea! Why don’t we look for an educational professional who has changed a failing school system and may have a terminal degree in education. Maybe we just need a professional who knows how to budget and can kick ass when things aren’t done; doesn’t the BoE have enough “educators” as asst. superintendent, dept. heads and ‘on special assignment’?
    Nader is a lawyer with a juris doctor. So do you think dr. Sayegh was educating himself to be a professional educator?

    1. All lawyers have a Juris Doctor degree in these times. Years ago graduating law school granted a Bachelors of Letters and Law.

      It is an impressive Doctorate by all means but it should not be misunderstood to be an additional or separate doctorate from the successful completion of a law school.

      In academia, a lawyer with the Juris Doctor is customarily addressed as “Dr So and So”. However in everyday practice lawyers are not usually referred to as “Doctor” although some do and are.

      This is just to explain that Nader, and all other lawyers, do not possess a separate Doctoral Degree from their law school diploma. He’s a good man and deserves the respect of the title “Dr. Sayegh” due to his many years in the educational system.

      However uninformed attempts to credit him, or anyone else, with additional, nonexistent credentials is not proper.

  24. This story has certainly captivated Yonkers. The allegations here are horrific and appropriate actions must be taken. Everyone is watching.

  25. There comes a time when change is the only way to go. 2018 is coming in like a lion. Time to clean house and winterize not womanize. The YFT is PrePared to welcome our new superintendent.

    1. Where has the Yonkers Federation of Teachers been the past two weeks?-nowhere to be found just the Yonkers Board of Trustees you useless sacks of shit.

  26. Keith Olson is the best thing that ever happened to the Yonkers PBA. Don’t be a hater your going to love Olson. Keith Olson is all the way up

  27. These sexual harrassment allegations are over the top. This poor victim endured so much grief at the hands of Quesada. I heard they have another court appearance soon. Yonkers has plenty of money to spare on this case?

  28. I hear the Board of Ed is a dirty swamp. Little furry rats scurrying to go no where all telling and ratting on each other. That’s the board way under the head swamp rat. We like our little mousey clerks giving us the low down at least they’re good for something. The swamp must be drained and cleansed of all the contaminated river rats.

  29. Don’t try the man! That’s the job of the court!! I am amazed at how swiftly people are to condemn him. What is known about the plaintiff? Was she the only teacher who was the victim of such sexual harassment? Lincoln is a big school. No one else was bothered by all these men (and a woman)??? Hmmmmmm….

    1. Barbara Litt : apparently you miss the point one person harassed by DR Q is one person too many-hopeful other people will come to the forefront-this abuse apparently happened over a prolonged period of time-Dr Q has lost the confidence of the TAXPAYERS of Yonkers to lead and should resign along with the political hacks who make up the Yonkers Board of Trustees-the problem with them is what did they know and when did they know it-apparently they took the path of looking the other way and hope it goes away. Barbara Litt hope you re-read the 24 page disposition because apparently you must have missed a few pages like all 24.

      1. Yes, Litt must have stopped reading the case after the first paragraph. Her remarks are entirely insensitive if she indeed read the entire case. Stop defending these cowards who use their powers arbitrarily. Quezada’s lack of ethics is on trial, and there is enough to condemn, the criminal stuff comes later. Reduce the power of the BOE first by making all the high schools autonomous with their own vetted leadership team responsible to the mayor and the city council, and their own budgets (you won’t need charter schools if you go this route-private schools like Iona and Fordham Prep have been doing this for decades). Superintendents are relics of the past, as well as highly centralized bureaucracies (like communism)… they no longer work.

  30. Nader Sayegh is going to make Yonkers great again with Khader. Sayegh is going to become superintendent and khader is Council President.. They are going to be attached at the hip.

    1. I love John Khader for making Yonkers great again! Very proud of you John, keep up the great work. Mpac has created a huge stir in Yonkers. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.. Unite the power! Khader s, Rabadi s, Sayegh, Marji, Neshewat, knock Knocks, Annabi, Jabbour, Hattar, Dibbini, Nabers, Khoury, Shleiwet, and all Jordainians. Very proud of John Khader, a good man that has changed Yonkers. Yonkers needed a cleansing and John exterminated all the rats and cockroaches.. It’s been a long time coming. Mike Khader for Mayor, Nader superintendent, Judge Naber and coming soon a big surprise… Thank you John Khader. We all love you and adore you..

  31. Quezada needs to go away. That’s the bottom line. He’s not good for anyone. Delvecchio or Sayegh good as interim choices. Sexual harrassment and work place hostility not acceptable in Yonkers or anywhere right Mr. Q…..coo coo YFT remains strong.

  32. جون خضر ليس زعيم

    سيكون من الرائع أن تكون هناك ترجمة مثل ثنائية اللغة للقراء العرب.

    Hezi’s response in English…

    Your wish is at hand: The translation from the Arabic states, “John Khader is not a leader. It would be nice to have a translation like bilingual for Arab readers.”

    Please note that among 7 languages for me, none of which I will reveal herein, there is little issue my reading or writing, but this is a forum conducted in English and not in any other language. And it would be respectful of you if you would not exclude so many readers from knowing what you wrote. I respected you and I expect your respecting our readers in turn. If you are desirous of another language, consider writing in that language and translating for those who do not read it, much less understand another language. Kindly, Hezi…

    Below is the Arabic translation… I do not believe you do not speak 3nglish because you knew enough to follow directions to post your comment.

    رغبتكم في متناول اليد: الترجمة من العربية هي أن “جون خضر ليس زعيم. سيكون من الجميل أن يكون هناك ترجمة مثل ثنائية اللغة للقراء العرب “. يرجى ملاحظة أنه من بين 7 لغات، هناك مسألة صغيرة ولكن هذا هو منتدى الذي تم إجراؤه باللغة الإنجليزية وليس بأي لغة أخرى. وسيكون محترما لك إذا كنت لا تستبعد الكثير من القراء من معرفة ما كتبته. أنا أحترم لك وأتوقع أن تحترم قرائنا بدورها. إذا كنت ترغب في لغة أخرى، والنظر في الكتابة في تلك اللغة وترجمة لأولئك الذين لا يقرأون أقل بكثير فهم لغة أخرى. يرجى، هيزي

    1. shame on you.. John Khader is the true leader of the Arabic community.. John is honest, hard working, and a straight shooter. John’s reputation as the leader is impeccable.. John Khader never hurt anyone . John Khader may have baggage , however he now is focused on helping the Jordanian community.

      1. Khader is a second-rate attorney (as me how I know) in a third-rate city. The largely Jordanian-funded MPAC of which his brother Mike Khader is a founding member (along with Nader Sayegh) is looking to install Jordanians in positions of power across Yonkers politics.

        The days of an Irish-American or Italian-American controlled City Hall are drawing to a close. The real question for non-Jordanian Yonkersites is: how will it impact you? Look at the roster of names listed on MPAC’s supporters and there are some ruthless, nasty folks there. But are they any worse than the corrupt non-Jordanian politicos that have been running Yonkers for decades?

        The winners will clearly be those within the Jordanian community. The likely losers will continue to be the sizeable poor black community, which has zero legitimate political representation in Yonkers. Maybe Khader will stop Spano’s social cleansing of the waterfront area, but I doubt it. Hispanics will fare marginally better. The more affluent among us always manage to make out OK.

        The city is in a bad way and those looking for hope and change will be disappointed. Change, if it comes, will be incremental – whether it’s good or bad remains to be seen, but if history’s any indication (along with recent events) then I’d plan for the worst.

        1. To the Casual Reader…The landscape of Yonkers has changed. I do agree with you that the city of hills is no longer run by the Martinelli, Spano, Landy, and Flynn families. Now you have an entirely diverse community. The busboys at the Sanrock in the 1960’s and 70’s, the Nathans Famous hardworking Jordanians from the 50’s and 60’s, the Stewart Stamping Boys saved their money and raised their families living the American dream. The Jordanians in the last 5 decades opened 3 Parishes in Yonkers. They emphasized education, religion, and respect. Look at the Yonkers Businesses, Medical offices, Lawyers, Board of Education…. Thats the fruit of their parents labor.

          Casual reader you did write a fine blog post above, however change is needed and the Jordanians deserve their share. We pay taxes, serve the armed forces and defend this country just like the rest of you. So please save the drama and lets all work together and move forward together and make this city a place of harmony. As for Mpac , all mpac did was line up the obvious. Where there is money politicians will follow. Do not need to be a genius to figure that out.

          1. Thank you Uncle Sam my parents worked at Nathans when they first came here 1963,I teach at one of the high schools in Yonkers and do believe the Jordanian community has been passed by many of times.I commend John Khader for standing up and starting mpac its about time we look out for own.

        2. I am a proud Arab that is considering joining mpac I did my homework and went to one of the meetings who is nasty and ruthless from the members????

        3. And there you have it folks: the Jordanians want their share. And in order to get their share, they had to buy the election by forming a political action committee. But they didn’t name it JPAC (Jordanian Political Action Committee) but MPAC (Mediterranean Action Committee) even though 99% of its members are Jordanian.

          So what are the lessons that we have learned boys and girls?

          1. Yonkers politics is tribal. If you’re a member of the tribe – Irish, Italian, Jordanian, Puerto Rican, Dominican – then people from your tribe will look out for you, hire you, make excuses for you, overlook your lack of qualifications, etc. Expect a Jordanian influx into Yonkers politics. Just think of all the Sayeghs working for the BoE and times that by ten shortly after Khader starts.

          2. Money wins elections – not votes, not ideas, not qualifications, not experience, not anything other than good old fashioned lucre. Without the Jordanians pooling their money in MPAC Khader would have lost. Fact.

          It’s a new day, boys and girls of Yonkers. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m just glad I sold the house before Spano’s exit tax.

          1. sorry but I think mpac is open to all but mostly founded by Jordanians looking at the membership and sponsors I see names non arab associated but what ever it is its a good start for them

          2. Another Casual Reader that’s exactly what politics is all about. How much money can you raise is all they ever ask? There is no other concern unfortunately. This is not new… The Jordanians have been throwing fundraisers for the Spanos and Astorino for years. A few jobs here a few jobs there but never a big time job. Thats why John Khader said enough is enough and we need Mike as City Council President and Nader Sayegh as Superintendent of Schools.
            John Khader has been throwing parties for politicians in his backyard since I was 5 years old , and now finally after 20 years some results. So do not be upset that money wins elections. Castle Royal does 20 fundraisers per year should we be upset with the Indians? Bottom line whether it’s MPAC, NAACP, Latinos, St Patrick, Sons of Italy they all have an agenda. Just like Washington DC with all the lobbyists.. John Khader is a genius.

  33. Nader Sayegh as Superintendent will be a very good thing if he has Christine Montero as his deputy. Montero not only knows her stuff and the community, but she bright and highly knowledgeable as to what the functions are of this district. Another one of this moron Quezada’s mistakes is that he opted to bring in Coddett, who is a disaster instead of promoting Montero as deputy. Montero is also very respected among her peers in the district. Please find a way to have MONTERO BACK AT CENTRAL. One of the few who actually has common sense in Yonkers now a days.

  34. That evil bastard Edwin Quezada with the fake on-line doctorate from Walden needs to go. Sexual harassment is a horrific act and unacceptable everywhere. Even in Yonkers.

  35. The sexual harassment allegations are concerning and from what I hear he is a nasty, hostile, devious man. He is a cunning, manipulative devil. I heard his resume has been all over although he will continue to lie and deny. NO real district will hire this low class bird brain. Shame on Yonkers.

    1. To a Good Man if you consider Dr Q a good man then u my friend have a serious problem and should seek help. A good man does not do the things that DR Q has done.

  36. Spano didn’t want khader in office because he knows khader won’t be a puppet unlike Liam … spano will not under any circumstances put Nader as superintendent he would of done it a long time ago understand spano. Can careless if Yonkers schools are good the pass superintendents played as puppets had to do what spano said or they are out if mike spano is elected in the state we are doomed

    1. previous message—you are wrong… its a done deal Nader is the next superintendent. Spano and Khader worked out all the details already. Nader will not run for Mayor and take the superintendent job. Good for Nader he deserves it , he had this job coming to him for a long time. Kudos to John Khader for taking care of his own fellow Jordanian. Nice teamwork gentlemen. Now drain the swamp some more. make Yonkers great again!!

      1. Having Nader as superintendent means nothing! He too will do as he’s told by Spano. YPS needs to put a search for a new superintendent. The board of trustees needs a shakedown too. In fact, everyone including the mayor needs to go if we want our children to win! I want to remind everyone that Khader was endorsed by YFT…. not good!

      2. We have to see but the rascist spano won’t put another Jordanian in power and if he does it’s only because he wants the mpac community to help him for the senate that’s not gunna happen

        1. mpac please form a coalition with Nader Sayegh, Majed Samarneh, Dr Rabadi, and Jeffrey Sayegh. That’s an unstoppable force that Yonkers needs. With John leading the way as the new foursome you guys can make history. What ever happened to Joe Basha? Bring Joe back to politics , Joe is a pillar in the Yonkers community.

  37. These allegations of sexual harassment are very serious and must be handled as such. Dr. Quezada must be held accountable and do what is in the best interest of Yonkers schools and render his resignation. It is incumbent upon our elected officials to take immediate action and have him step down from the helm.

  38. Quezada has been harassing women for years in the YPS….right under his wife’s nose, who is a teacher in the district. About time someone exposed him for what he is. His ego and machismo made him think he was the untouchable chosen one….like all the other superintendents who drank the Spano Kool-Aid. Now he’s getting a taste of how it feels to be on the receiving end. Karma is a b—-.

  39. School System is Full of The Political Dregs of Yonkers, NY.
    Political Patronage, A Bottomless Hole $$$$$$$$.
    Drain the Swamp !
    Mike Khader for Mayor of Yonkers.

  40. Mr. Quezada, I do not know who you, but all I can say upon reading this, and as someone who has experienced bullying tactics reputation shaming, you MUST stay strong, but be aware of where this is coming from. It is clearly coming from Mike Spano. He has not one iota of decency, never had, nor ever will. This includes all of his uneducated eating off the public tit family members.

    Your world is not over. Your work in this life is not over. You didn’t ruin everything. Spano didn’t ruin everything, although he may think so. This experience will only make you stronger, and their karma that much more to bear. Please do not be ignorant to the fact that Mike Spano is behind this completely. Sad to say, with Spano in power, adult life is not so different than middle school. Private insults shouldn’t bother you, right? Of course, they are rude and revolting, but what’s the opinion of just a few Spano reputation ruiners? Label them “unsafe” and move on.

    The Spano family have nothing but hatred for humanity, and like to use people, then dispose of them. You my dear sir, were used, and now you are disposable. All I can say as Elie Weisel put it in perspective “Morbid Hatred…is always self hatred. Spano’s really do hate themselves, kid you not. Your humility Mr. Quezada will save you from the Spano bear trap of shame. Stay strong! Giant hugs during this difficult time!

  41. The allegation against Quezada is extremely disturbing. He failed the children of Yonkers. He must resign immediately. Mayor should issue a statement. Parents deserve a professional, polished, leader.

  42. Piorazio—-Yazurlo——now quezada.

    The Spanos want Nader Sayegh I hear the deal is set and dr Freddy is going to be deputy. With Christine montero also.

    This is the Spano style—-bring them in…..partnering with Khader

  43. Quezada no longer fits in the Spano plan. This is not about quality education for students. This is not about sexual harrassment of teachers. Spano cares about none of the above. Purely politics. 17% voted last election for mayor. We get what we deserve.

  44. Quezada is done. Now Coddett, Judon, Jarufe, Macaluso, All of Quezada’s friends need to go NOW.
    Coddett was a horrible pick for deputy lady has a horrific attitude. Judon is just weird and is never at central office. she always has to go somewhere or she’s sick. Jarufe, Quezada’s friend who has no background in finance oversees the grants and who knows what else. Can’t you all see what’s going on ? Yonkers needs to be cleaned up NOW. Appointing Nader Sayegh as interim superintendent wouldn’t be a bad choice, But we need to start looking outside of Yonkers to clean this district up and get the city out of the district.

  45. The only way to clean up the BoE and Yonkers is through a public purge. These enemies of the people must be removed from power and replaced with true voices from the middle and working classes of Yonkers. Only then will our interests be at the forefront of political decisions in this city.

  46. So… Here’s the deal. RP, AA, and blah blah blah Quezada. Then at the time were all at LHS as Teachers, Principal and an administrator. PAT PULEO was then YFT Prez AND a Teacher AT LHS! This was the PULEO – QUEZADA WAY. Neither liked Carmen. Edwin and his Spic Clic had just bought into then Byrne & Hanrahan (Old Mannions, now Dia & Noche) by introduction of YCA (Yonkers Council of Administrators) President Stephen Murphy who is Principal of PS 29, a BIG PATRON of McLean AVENUE and also a KNOWN District WOMANIZER (as Quezada also is) but no Bully and very well mannered. Quezada on the other hand has a NAPOLEON COMPLEX, Is a HUGE BULLY to anyone who may even QUESTION his authority, and HORRIBLY MANNERED. He, his team and PULEO constructed CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS EVERY August! Carmen was put in that room PURPOSELY and MALICIOUSLY with tact by PULEO and Lil Eddie KNOWING the previous school years issue! Pieces of Shit. Nothing else.
    Look at the BOE!!!!! JUST FUCKING LOOK PEOPLE….

  47. Spano doesn’t care about these assault allegations and probably knew about them. Quesada is no longer useful to him. Now he is ready to set Quesada up and dispose of him to put in Nader Sayegh, so he and Nick can pander to the Jordanians now. Purely a chess move by the Spanos. Wake up.

    1. Nicky and pasta boy spano would never put Nader as superintendent they didn’t do it with the past three superintendents and they won’t do it now there’s already one camel jockey in power they won’t put another one in power

      1. Thats a dumb statement. Look at Yonkers it’s changing. There are more educated Jordanians than any other ethnic group in Yonkers from Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and successful businessmen. John Khader has woken up sleeping giants in Yonkers and has helped his brother Mike win City Council President. John will bring the people together now and force Spano to make Nader Sayegh Superintendent. Khader and Nader are gonna cleanup this city.

  48. What is the teachers’ union saying? Nothing!! The YFT should call for Quezada’s immediate removal given the serious allegations that are being made by one of its members. It is now years after these incidents occur and they are now only coming to light. Why? Teachers are bullied and harassed by administrators every day in Yonkers. The union knows this and the only advice they offer is, “Stick it out for the year and try to post out of that school.” Bullying in the workplace is unacceptable and a clear message needs to be sent by the BOE. Fire the superintendent ASAP!

    1. True, but there are some great administrators as well. They too are being harassed by Quezada and his cronies especially Macaluso and Coddett. I will say the changes in administrators in buildings has been unfair. He has moved hard working principals who have been good to their staff yet others like Elda Perez Megia has gotten away with murder. I’ve heard how she humiliate teachers, questioned a male teachers manhood in public, mistreated two teachers who were dying of cancer (RIP), and talks to parents like garbage. She is a miserable being who takes great pleasure in hurting people. How is it possible that she is supervising her cousin and it’s allowed. Conflict of interest. Why hasn’t he moved her and put her on the 4th floor or put in another school. No way, he loves bullies that’s why. She needs to go! He needs her among principals to be his spy. Nasty woman who teachers hate.

  49. No one is mentioning who RP and AA are. They are part of the inner circle of Quesada. RP = Rafael Paisan, besides being a teacher at Lincoln, he was Quesada’s partner in Dia and Noche…..Hmmmmm. AA = Angela Arias, the great arrogant Dr. Arias, not only a Spanish teacher (who can’t handle a class) and one of the grant managers and writers is also Paisan’s partner/girlfriend (at least was) Hmmmm, the great Dr. Arias is writing grants and God knows if she writing a little salary in for herself. She is a nasty and her claim to fame is to have graduated from Wellesley College- English literature…Hmmm….never mentions where she received her “Doctorate” from….Hmmmm……or who she gave her research so he can copy and use for his fake dissertation….Is it from Walden???…..Hmmmmm….Now I understand why she walks around like she is protected….Hmmmm….Trujillo has her back.

    1. Angela Arias is actually RM’s girlfriend…..Ramon Martinez, also named in the suit, and a former teacher at Lincoln HS. He was also the bartender at Dia y Noche after he retired. Does anyone see a trend here?? This isn’t fake news…it’s real news that no one in the YPS wants to acknowledge…and it’s all true. Get rid of this fraud.

        1. Quesada and his brother were. Allegedly, he no longer is owner, but who knows with this liar and cheater. He may no longer be owner on paper, but may be collecting money. He knows how to cheat the system. Doesn’t the Board ask these questions. Someone told me that many of the Board meals were ordered from Dia y Noche. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Even if his brother is the owner?

  50. Please send this egotistical, manipulative bully packing. He has inflicted harm on this former female Lincoln teacher and many others. I remain confident the justice system will prevail.

  51. The hole thing sounds a phony defamation technique by the down-town,
    take down cronies created to clean house. It’s exactly what was done to the last three. Stay strong.

  52. My heart goes out to this woman and all she endured by these creeps. Quezada needs to be dismissed immediately. He is finally exposed for the scum that he is. Shame on you for allowing this sick man to lead but than again no one is leading crap.

  53. How did this guy even become superintendent ? what a disgrace. Quezada is done in Yonkers. Unbelievable these allegations, and most likely true. Ask the staff at Lincoln about him…they all HATED him. Did nothing for the school district good riddance. Get rid of his allies at central too who once again waste tax payer money…Coddett, Judon, Macaulso, etc. BYE BYE

    1. Coddett and macaluso are useless, judon is very strange but a hard worker who cares and is bringing the students into the 21st century with technology. She is the only one I disagree with you about. Get rid of Coddetts flunkies and bring back all those who quit in the past couple years…

  54. another terrible appointment made by the spaNo admin I think the mayor should personally get sued after all he hired him and knew Dr.Q had issues….

      1. Post

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