Ken Jenkins To Be Next Westchester County Deputy Executive

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Westchester County Deputy Executive to be.

Senator George Latimer is the Westchester County Executive-elect. He is to be sworn in on January 1, 2018.

YONKERS, NY — December 18, 2017 — Credible sources have advised the Yonkers Tribune on condition of anonymity that the next Westchester County Deputy Executive is Ken Jenkins.



eHeziKen Jenkins To Be Next Westchester County Deputy Executive

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  1. Can someone PLEASE (possibly one of the posters congratulating him would be best suited) tell me, a taxpayer and avid user of our little paradise of pleasures throughout Westchester County, mainly lower Westchester for me but either way.. Please tell me, a Yonkers resident HOMEOWNER,.. What exactly does ANYONE or ANYTHING in COUNTY GOVERNMENT do for me and my family that can’t be done or provided via the City of Yonkers?!!!…… And then.. after you feel you have justified that notion, please enlighten me as to how, why, and in which methods Mr. Ken Jenkins, only bc it seems as those posting here about him KNOW SOMETHING I never did… What’s the big deal with ANY OF IT?
    If anyone at all reading this feels they can answers those questions and wants to give it whirl with me.. Have at it! Or should I say me?.. Edelman…..

  2. Ken was stopped at the door for years. Now is his turn whether you like it or not. My second choice would be Nader Sayegh.
    Your comments seem racist by the way

  3. Ken Jenkins is perfectly suited to be Deputy County Executive…by virtue of his experience as a member of the legislature as well as his ability to get along with both sides…George made a good selection and I wish him all the best

    1. That’s the same kind of entitlement thinking that Hillary was running on. It’s not anyone’s turn, the people get to decide on election day, thank you!

      1. And the same entitlement goes for Breen, McLaughlin, SpaNO, Johnson, Merante, Terrero, et al. And that’s only at the city level. The county is peppered with districts that don’t even have real elections as there is only one candidate running. More entitlement. Nothing to do with anything else Natalie.

        And Latimer did an Obama by “offering” Jenkins the job, it will ensure he won’t run against him in a follow up election, just what happened to Shillary.

  4. County executive is a B.S. job-it means nothing. The fact that there is a deputy would be laughable except that it’s our tax money that is used to pay all of these hacks.

  5. I thought one of those brilliant Spano’s would get the job. It seems like Yonkers wouldn’t be able to continue without a dozen or so Spano’s on the payroll.

    1. Ken and George were in a primary. But it was a clean race unlike any race a Spano was ever involved with. And they respected each other and both said they would support the other who won. Ken supported George when George won the primary. George would have done the same had Ken been the victor. If Ken was good enough to support for County Executive it only seems right that he would be a good choice for the Deputy County Executive position.

      1. There ought to be term limits for all political positions, period. Let’s say no more than 8 years and get back to work in the real world.

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