Mayor Mike Spano Announces Bid for Senate Seat Being Vacated by County Executive-Elect Latimer

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YONKERS, NY — December 13, 2017 —  Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced his intention to seek the Democratic Party nomination for the 37th State Senate District, which will become vacant January 1st when Senator George Latimer becomes Westchester County Executive.

“We’ve turned Yonkers around during my six years as mayor,” said Spano, adding, “I want to put that record of success and leadership to work for the people of the 37th District.”

Spano released a video to launch his campaign which can be viewed at

“I’ll work to get Albany’s attention to our needs, and you can bet I’ll stand up for Westchester values against the assault we are under from the Trump administration,” said Spano.

Spano said he has been talking to Democratic activists and district leaders throughout the 37th District, and is extremely heartened by their encouragement. “The support is strong, and once the Governor sets the date for a special election, they know I’m going to hit the ground running.”

Spano said his priorities will be to fight for a fair share of education funding for Westchester school districts, to ensure the area economy remains strong, and to hold the line on taxes. “People want good jobs, they want good schools, and they don’t want to be taxed out of existence,” said Spano, “That’s what this election will be about.”

Elected as Mayor in 2011 after representing Yonkers as an Assemblyman, Spano led the City to success in a wide variety of areas. He transformed the City’s bond rating from near-junk status to an “A” rating by Moody’s and Standard & Poors. All of his submitted budgets stayed within the state property tax cap. He inherited a $55 million shortfall in school district funds due to accounting  errors begun under the prior administration, and fixed the problem without resorting to layoffs or cuts in education programs.

Under Spano’s watch nearly $2 billion in private investment has flowed into the city, transforming the downtown and providing housing and jobs throughout the city. Crime is at an all-time low, and Wallet Hub recently designated Yonkers as one of the 100 best cities in the United States.  “Westchester needs strong leadership in the State Senate,” he concluded. “I’m ready to provide it.”

The 37th State Senate District stretches from parts of Yonkers and New Rochelle in the south following the eastern side of the county to Bedford. It is comprised of Bedford, Bronxville, Eastchester, Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye, Rye Brook, Tuckahoe, White Plains and Yonkers.

eHeziMayor Mike Spano Announces Bid for Senate Seat Being Vacated by County Executive-Elect Latimer

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  1. either way if spaNo gets the nod on convention night doesn’t mean much he will still have to run in general election and he will lose that no doubt about it.

  2. ALERT ALERT!!! this just confirmed mayor no brain big loser mike spano will announce he is pulling out of senate race as the real reality sets in and found out the hard way he has zero support congratulations Shelly!

  3. Congratulations Shelly I just heard from various Democrats outside Yonkers that spano will not get support from them they all know he is a corrupt republican deep down inside along with his brother nick the pig spano!

  4. Mike Spano has no support out side yonkers and even in yonkers the party is divided just ask Terero Orifice,and Mclaughlin,no matter what Shelly will be the winner

  5. Hey, it’s still a free country! Yes, you can’t please all the people all the time. But, Mike’s very smart. WHY? Well, residential housing prices in Yonkers may decline 10% next year because of the Trump tax plan. As a result, Yonkers will have many thousands of applications in 2018 to reduce property taxes! Imagine having to balance a budget with that ONE item going on! Talk about trouble. Whoever becomes the next Mayor better be well qualified to handle this possible scenario. NYS might revisit us with another financial control board! Ugh!

  6. Notice from COY to Homeowners

    Paul Summerfield, the City Engineer:

    Homeowners will not have to pay for the testing. However if we do find leakage from sanitary sewer service lines into the storm, the homeowner will be responsible to correct the problem, since sanitary sewer lines and water service lines in the City of Yonkers belong to the property owner. This is a requirement in a Judgment/Consent Order with the NYS DEC and the NYS Attorney General’s Office and we have been doing this for the last 10 years or so.

    In order to greatly minimize the possible financial impact of this, the City selected a company – American Water Resources – to provide a “Water and Sewer Service Line Protection Program” for Yonkers homeowners (1-3 family homes). The cost is $11.99 per month for sewer line protection, and $4.99 for water service protection. If the property owner’s sewer service line is leaking into the storm system (and Bronx River), the required repairs will be covered under this program. You can contact AWR at 1-866-315-4476 or at The service also covers you for cleaning blocked sewers, and with the water service program, repair of leaking water services.

  7. What a joke. Al, this talk about Nader Sayegh for Mayor. Nader and Nicky boys have been friends for decades. Another Machiavellian move by the Spano’s.
    Or maybe Tom meier? Or better yet Nicky’s fav Shelly Mayer. Hear they are very very close in Albany?//

  8. “We’ve turned Yonkers around during my six years as mayor,” said Spano, adding, “I want to put that record of success and leadership to work for the people of the 37th District.”

    Now that is the funniest thing I have read all day…………..

    Does this Idiot actually think he improved Yonkers?

    All’s he did was get a lot of his family and friends great jobs in Yonkers, stole as much land as he possibly could to give to developers, and now, he will do it all over again at the State level should he be ordained by Prince Andrew………..

    What could possibly go wrong…………………………………

  9. It sure is Christmas time for developers in Yonkers. Just go down to the IDA and see all of those 1% ers living off the taxpayers. Same as Amaclown just giving away the store to the rich. What a disgrace. And to see Ridge Hill FC Yonkers who were given the store for free, practically, still not able to make it without a subsidy. This whole cuntry is a joke. Yonkers is the epitome of the biggest problem with the USA, corporate welfare, and it’s only going to get worst under Donald Dump

    Authorizing Sales Tax Exemption Extensions:
    a)The Plant Manor LLC
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    b)1175 Warburton Avenue LLC
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    c)L&A Acquisition dba Adira at Riverside Rehabilitation and Nursing

    d)River Club LLC c/o Ginsburg Development Companies LLC (River Tides)
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    e) Thethi Realty LLC
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    f) CCNA Realty LLC
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    g) Rising Development Yonkers LLC
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    h) FC Yonkers Associates LLC (Ridge Hill)
    Exp. 12/31/2018

    i) Boyce Thompson
    Exp. 12/31/2018

  10. Dont know how reliable this is but I heard from 2 sources that …

    Hezi Note: While an interesting prospect, it would unlikely gain traction at this point. More importantly, it is more likely a losing prospect and would set him up for failure. And there is not purpose to that. My sources attest to what you suggest, but the prospects for this individual would be counter productive and premature. I would suggest he continue what he is doing. he wears a few hats. Each is integral to his success. he has the youth and time to create a stronger prospect for himself and the people he should hope to represent. It is simply too soon. the ground work needs more time to be formalized, be effective and resonate. More study is required.

  11. A better question would be who becomes mayor, both temporarily and permanently? If it ends up being that scumbag Tom Meier, God help us.

  12. all the mayor talks about development on the waterdump never heard him push PLAs never heard him push for at least some union contracts this guy is all about the money and slick nick is the blame all those developers down there have written out large checks
    avalone bay
    simone the list goes on and on

    and our schools are falling apart our roadways look like a war zone and the spanos keep buying up Mastic only in yonkers

  13. Spano knows he does people dirty and continues with his sheepish smile and corny jokes while he is screwing you. Barry better work day and night to give it to him.

    1. Barry was talking about who was going to run for Latimer’s seat months ago – well before anyone even had a dream that Latimer had a chinaman’s chance of winning. As Barry says politics is like chess and you have to plan ahead and anticipate your opponents moves and prepare to strike when it will have the most chance of creating a checkmating opportunity. Spano is about to get Spanked.

  14. cant wait till the fireworks start. this mayor will be in for one hell of a ride when he reads the massive negative campaign against him and his corrupt brother

    1. Liam didn’t have the support of any of the unions that matter.

      Try winning a special election without the teachers, teamsmsters, csea, firefighters, trade unions and others. Spano will NEVER have the support of the above unions again.

      So lets compare the union endorsement lists in a couple of weeks.

    2. think twice. spano is already been kissing union leaders A$$ from what i heard. too bad they wont help him. remember spano is anti-union. not one project on the river front was built union…. we will never forget…

  15. S-Marty probably another spaNo 40k city worker or another a$$ licker looking to get something for him self.ROTFLMAO

    p.s. name me one thing major spaNO did for the arab community just 1 major item i ask you for……crickets……

  16. Congratulations Mike Spano. This will be your next great step in your political career. The Arab Community is 100% fully behind your bid for State Senate. Some people like the blockhead who was on Hezi’s radio show claims that the Arab Community is divided while it is quite the opposite. The Arab Community is united in support for the Mike for State Senate.

    1. sure they are because mike spaNo helped mike khader out so much yes they are supporting spaNo ….lol
      because spano has been so good to the community that he has not 1 Arab/American as a commissioner in his administration…lol
      threw out john khader off the planning board for not talking his brother out of the ccp race…lol
      took out nader sayegh as president of BOE to a trustee position…lol

      yes the arabs are behind mike spaNo because he has been so good to the arab community…

      1. Nader Sayegh should be Mayor of Yonkers and John Khader should have a say in the hiring for future Jordanian Americans in Yonkers… It is the least the Spanos should do for Nader and Johns loyalty towards them for over 30 years. All the other Jordanians should let Nader and John continue their hard work.

  17. If you look at the video, he sounds just like SpaNo Claus. All of the $2 billion development he brought in, not, and why with all this development did he raise our taxes and fees every year. I hate Trump but he’s right about one thing we need to drain every political swamp there is. On the video the story is the same. It’s so bad it’s laughable.

    Is he going to step down if he runs?

    Who will be his replacement? another friends and family clone?

    I’ll vote for Dan Snore rather than this guy. Just like Shillary, your time is up Mike.

  18. This is a proven fact. Labor doesn’t make or break an election. Mike Spano is beloved by residents in the vast 37th Senatorial District.

    Spano for State Senate Part 2

  19. Here’s a crazy thought in the good ole USA. Let’s put all their names on the ballot and actually let the people decide instead of a handful on “friends and family” club members. This could never happen because then democracy might break out.

  20. What a record this clown has amassed in just 6 short years. Nothing at all to show for it other than empty promises and no additional revenue except in the Spano coffers.

  21. You should not be allowed run for any office that you are not willing to spend your whole term there. Give up the Mayor’s position and have a “special” election. Ditto for Mayer. Otherwise you are conning and being dishonest to the voters. One thing all politicians are good at.
    Back to working for Patricia Lynch Hey!!! Spano.

  22. Best of luck to you, Mayor Mike – you will leave behind big shoes to fill. I’d surely rather see the name Spano in City Hall until the end of days before the Tubiolo family tries their hand at pretending to sympathize with anyone outside of their tax bracket. Protect your legacy, keep the Tubiolos OUT!

  23. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Mike Spano has been a big fraud his entire 6 years as mayor. He knows he screwed the very people who voted him in and he knows if he tried to remove term limits at the end of his current term there would’ve been an overwhelming uprising against it. So he chose to pack his bags and jump into Latimer’s seat. Good riddance and good bye.

  24. 4,000 new residential units in Yonkers Mike?
    How many of those projects were union built? Or even with local area workers?
    How much has the tax base risen as a result?
    How many new cops have you added?
    How many new firemen have you added?
    How many new classrooms have you gotten built?
    Where’s the money for all the students who will live in some of those 4,000 apartments?
    What did you do for 20 years in Assembly?
    Do you think the people of the 37th Senate District are THAT stupid not to ask those questions?
    Do you really believe you own bullsheet?
    When will my laughing fit stop?

  25. good luck residents of the 37th district spano gave away COY vacant land in return for huge donations and contracts with nick the p** spano’s firm,schools are falling apart, half of them should be condemned, no heat or ac, police force barely at a minimum 2 to 3 radio cars per precinct,no dare program no burglary unit no domestic crime unit etc…

    Water bills doubled red light cameras all over yet no fire house rebuilt on school street or ridge hill. this guy doesn’t care about any thing except his and nicks bank accounts.

  26. bunch of non sense all this development going in in yonkers and we still have a yearly financial crisis yet all the spaNos bought up half of mastic at the same time go figure

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