Rumors Swirl About the Yonkers Board of Education Suggesting that Yonkers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada Will Step Down

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YONKERS, NY — December 21, 2017 — Yonkers Tribune has learned from sources in the know that Yonkers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada is to be dismissed within days over recently learned, albeit alleged past incidences that puts into question his relationship with respect to fellow workers. The allegations are said to have been made by past female colleagues, perhaps others, that are causing Dr. Quezada’s dismissal to be spoken about to be imminent.

The Yonkers Public School District forced Bernard Pierorazio’s dismissal after 9 years in February 2014. Dr. Michael Yazurlo was hired thereafter and departed under a cloud of allegations whereby he presented his letter of resignation in November 2015.

Dr. Edwin Quezada was thereafter designated Acting Superintendent of Schools. In time, he became Yonkers Superintendent of Schools. Yonkers Tribune has learned that the rumor mill is rife with assertions that Dr. Quezada will step down within days, in fact, in December 2017.

An Interim Superintendent will upon Dr.Quezada stepping down, need to be chosen while the search for a permanent superintendent will move along a path in search of a successor.

Mayor Mike Spano appointed Dr. Rosalba Corrado Del Vecchio as his newest appointment to the Yonkers Board of Education. As Yonkers Board of Education Trustee, Dr. Del Vecchio will join eight other members of the Board, which is the official policy making body of the Yonkers Public School District. Dr. Del Vecchio replaces Trustee James Cavanaugh who vacated his position on the Board to become Mayor Spano’s Deputy Mayor. Dr. Del Vecchio took the official oath of office as Trustee at the Board’s meeting yesterday.

Dr. Del Vecchio will fulfill the remainder of Cavanaugh’s five-year term through May 1, 2020 unless she is moved into the position of Acting Superintendent of YPS.

Yonkers Tribune should expect Yonkers City Hall will consider engaging in a national search prior to deciding their end game which Yonkers Tribune hears is biased toward the newly appointed Dr. Del Vecchio. Former Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee President Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq. is however a logical consideration, and would be a less costly prospect than a nationwide search would require. Further, Dr. Sayegh, Esq., has already been in the past vetted on similar and ancillary concerns and earned accolades in the process.

If a search requires a more formal modality, Yonkers Tribune suggests Dr. Sayegh a required and pertinent contender. Dr. Sayegh’s credentials have been studied, verified, and validated. Considering the City of Yonkers is prone to a Financial Control Board takeover, advised as an admonition to Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson so as to deter him from a promoting a work action he intended to and eventually pushed his membership to engage, did hurt the fiscal capacity of the city coffers. Even so, PBA President Det. Olson’s infantile outbursts for attention by his demand that the union membership work action against issuing tickets for violations for weeks now, ended only a few days ago, has eviscerated the City of Yonkers prospects for engaging in a national search, were it required or desired, is no longer an affordable or prudent financial prospect even if it were required.

Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq., has shepherded the Yonkers Public Schools District by avoiding the political shoals that were undermining the Yonkers Public Schools District. Dr. Sayegh managed to effectively develop and respectfully organized a plan with full knowledge of the issues and concerns involved; testimony indeed to his capacity as an educator and a leader worthy to be the next Yonkers Superintendent of Schools.

eHeziRumors Swirl About the Yonkers Board of Education Suggesting that Yonkers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada Will Step Down

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  1. Since Dr. Quezada became super intendant he promoted only he’s kind. He’s racist a bully and he never care about the kids it’s all a front . There’s more evidence floating around that will Proof the corruption in the system created by Dr.Quezada. It is so terrible that the mayor Mike Spano he’s allowing it to happen. The Board of Trustees should be accountable for Covering up for Dr. Quezada dirt. It would be nice if Senator Andrea Cousins can go around and look into all of the negative allegations and sexual harassment that are going around here in the YPS sence the mayor have turn his back on the kids of Yonkers.

  2. The fact that people can speak like this about a sitting superintendent shows just how far we have come. If we really want to clean up Yonkers bring in a outsider.

    1. All can attend Board meetings & ask Education law 3029-A be instituted. To end sexism, racism, bullying, low grades, students need to think. 3029-A gives pupils a daily minute to think how to improve themselves. school, nation.

  3. Quezada is done. change is in the air. Nader Sayegh, despite his flaws is knowledgeable and knows this district inside and out. As of right now only he can clean this district up. Coddett, Judon, Macaluso, Jarufe, Shine, Sharp all need to go now. We need people like Christine Montero and Fred Hernandez who can help Sayegh fix the district. Biggest mistake Quezada made was letting Montero leave central as she’s The only one who did her job. Judon does nothing but go school to school sitting around chatting and covering instead of supervising High School Administrators. Coddett has a horrible personality, people can’t work with her and all of central can’t stand her. NADER SAYEGH PLEASE CLEAN UP CENTRAL OFFICE AND FIX THE DISTRICT.

    1. Qesada was at Dia y Noche on Mclean Ave as if he was the Don.. Please N#&&@,,,, Nader is the Don always will be the Don. Nader Sayegh will clean the BOE up and rid this losers. Yonkers should be run by citizens who live here and grew up here. Nader Sayegh raised in Yonkers on Waverly St. Nader went to Yonkers schools, nobody else knows the system better. With John and Mike Khader by his side they will get rid of the corruption and clean the swamp at City Hall. Go Nader! Go Khader! Bring back the old school!

  4. That’s great news Dr Q is a smock he has his people in the system and one is Rafael Sanchez he just got a supervisor job that DR Q gave him he is very nasty to all the custodians and very nasty he is related to him.

    1. Virginia Perez and Wilson Terrero must be real proud of their fellow Dominican DR Edwin Q Quezada a shinning example of a Hispanic obtaining the American dream.

  5. The healing process will begin after the New Year for all. Goodbye Mr. Q you will not be missed but remembered as an incompetent dirty thug in over his head, who destroyed the schools. We hear your heading back to DR to drive cabs. All the best. Yonkers residents are resilient.

  6. These allegations of sexual harassment are very serious and must be handled as such. Dr. Quezada must be held accountable and do what is in the best interest of Yonkers schools and render his resignation.

  7. This will be the year Dr. Quezada starts packing. El Domicano Mr. Sanchez will be put back in a school to scrub floors but not at Lincoln where he came from and did nothing as a cleaner. He’s an incompetent, arrogant, nasty loser but the supts stooge. His Dominicano wife Margo is on 4th floor fetching coffee and fruit to the Trujillo and starts pretending to work to suck up the overtime. This district is a joke thanks to Quezada.

    1. Too late. Even though almost all u say is correct. Rafeal “I’m DUMBinican” $anchez kissed Queso s ass so good at Lincoln he got him to promote his wife OFF THE BOTTOM OF AN ELIGIBLE LIST, and then had that prick promoted to a NEWLY CREATED POSITION of NIGHT Custodial Supervisor which NEVER EXISTED BEFORE after Sanchez made HIMSELF eligible (on the civil service list, NOT a THIRD FAMILY) by taking the test for supervisor which is automatically renewed as soon as the last list expires. Rafeal was placed in the position PRIOR to the test so he was PROVISIONAL and at that point only had to pass. He scored a 75. On a test for 5th graders! But has now of course.passed.probation and will hold that NEW title.FOREVER. Or until someone finally records him screaming and STEALING EVERYTHING!
      IG needs to look in ALL THOSE Supervisors HOMES! Their bathrooms and kitchens look like a Kimberly Klark showroom! (Kimberly Klark is the paper and soap product provider used by the City of Yonkers School district and the Supervisors haven’t had to buy Bounty in YEARS!)

  8. These so called BOE trustees are useless. They have no conscience and do not give a hoot about the children or the teachers that work tirelessly. They are selected by the mayor and are worthless. Dr. Sayegh is the only one with credibility and is president material. They pretend like they support this or any supt ; however, once The mayor tells them it’s a wrap you will see how fast they abandon Mr. Quesada. Shame on them for allowing this district to destruct. You failed to improve the quality education.

    1. I agree, Dr Nader Sayegh is the clear choice here as the next superintendent… If the Mayor chooses anyone else I am sure MPAC will have something to say about this. Clean the swamp

  9. So Malgchery was manager of administration and some do nothing Dominican pal of Quesada’s named F. Arias is taken care of making close to $200,000 to do ??? Should not the deputy Coldett that delegates her work to the underpaid clerks earn her $200,000? Quesada is clueless and that wasted money should be spent on counselors and arts.

  10. Early in November I attempted to contact Supt Quezada regarding on-going issues and concerns my daughter was having in school. She endured bullying and intimidation. After over twenty attempts calling Dr. Quezadas office I finally reached out to a friend from the mayor’s office who made “somebody that did not seem knowledgeable about anythingl call me back. They were rude and belligerent at the board of education. They disconnected me four times and kept on transferring my calls. After being devasted by the lack of care and professionalism it drove me back to the school to deal with the lesser of the uncaring idiots with no options from the school district. The principal told me no one at the board will listen anyway. They told me there is no one to meet with me. My priority is my daughter and her safety. No one from his office ever called me back. I am disgusted with the way I was treated. God knows how many others have had to face difficult ordeals like this. My daughter to this day is struggling until the ridiculous, so called, “no school choice” time is over. Hoping the new Supt will revamp that no choice process.

  11. I think everyone is waiting to see how the Mayor or next city administration cleans up the disaster Quezada was permitted and given the green light to create in the school district. Quezada is an absolute horror and an incompetent fool. This district has deteriorated while he has brought in a load of outside disasters to help him further cause chaos. All eyes on the mayor to see if he truly cares about the district by removing Quesada. Our children deserve better. Don’t you think…..

    1. The only problem is why should the taxpayers have to wait for a decision from the new administration the people of Yonkers should hold the YPS Board Trustees feet to the fire and hold them accountable no more of their pompous bullshit and demand their resignations because they aided and abetted this creep.

  12. Mr. Quezada, if this was an allegation against a YFT, YCA or CSEA member you would have one of the plethora of city lawyers seek termination. Heard the city lawyers loathe you and your vindictive ways as well. That is why the lawyers continue to run from the district. They detest your cunning, manipulative, toxic leadership style. You are not a leader by no means. I hear the unions are hoping you will resign rather than have city hall fire you and publicly humiliate you soon.

  13. I have three children in two Yonkers schools and I have to say I am extremely disheartened by this horrible sexual harassment case. Dr. Quezada needs to resign immediately. I do not want him anywhere near my children and all of the parents I am speaking with feel the same. I am a full-time mom and the talk has been nonstop. This board of education has their heads in the sand and are puppets to the mayor. This Quezada creep is washed up and the city must clean house. He’s destroyed the school system and everybody around him is cancerous.

    1. Many of the comments made in this blog are from angry people. Working in education for 40 years I have had the opportunity to work with many administrators. Many of them never caring about students but nothing ever said about them. My experience with Edwin Quezada is the opposite decisions have been made with the students best interest in mind. He was a good Principal at Lincoln extremely involved with students and staff and is the same as Superintendent.
      This attack on him must stop.

  14. Quesada’s “yes” people and soldiers:

    Macaluso (bullier and harrasser),

    Jarufe (she’s great at cooking the books),

    Shine (good at getting funding to give Trujillo money to make him look good),

    Judon (who knows what she does),

    Codet and Reynolds (henchpersons),

    Miriam Digneo (in disguise, but his friend),

    Vicuna (just got school 9, but was never a principle or teacher in elementary school),

    Evelina Medina (dumb as sin and cannot utter a complete sentence in english),

    Vanesa Vazquez (kisses Trujillos ring and does whatever he says even to the detriment of the kids),

    Rosana Pastor (hides behind her church, but is his lookout in registration dept – be careful Edna she will take your job once Quesada is done with you, remember you are not Dominican),

    Angela Arias (milking the system through grants),

    Im sure there are a few more throughout our system.

  15. I learned long time ago that Dr. Quezada is a con artist, snake. I worked for him at Emerson for the one year he tortured people. He hated anyone that wasn’t Espanol. Everybody despised him and referred to him as the venomous snake. No one knows how the hell he became supt. Thank God he has stayed out of my class. He was never a teacher and doesn’t even like kids. Mentiroso needs to go.

    1. One of the major problems with Dr Queso is the YPS Truste who have apparently acted as enablers for this sick man-the entire Board of Trustees should tender their resignations immediately as they have failed in their responsibilities to the taxpayers of Yonkers-these creeps knew a long time ago what was transpiring and either looked the other way, covered it up or plain just did not give a shit because they think they can not be touched and that goes especially for Rev Lopez and Nader Sayegh. The majority of these trustees are neither products of the YPS like Santana and Lopez nor long time residents of this city.

  16. This allegation of sexual harassment and the fact the Quezada did nothing to assist this woman is deplorable. As I read and garner facts he made her life hell and sent his henchmen after her for complaining. He is an awful, manipulative, cunning fool that must be dealt and fired.

  17. This is what happens when the politicians and appointees in charge are democrats.. corruption, nepotic, no boundaries, entitled.. liars, that are completely self serving on the taxpayers dime in their actions and deeds… everything that everyone here is complaining about.
    Today’s democratic party is severely plagued with the worst corrupt bad people in the US.

    Most of the public that votes doesn’t understand that they are being used for their votes by the people in power, but they don’t get much in comparison to what the corrupt people in charge take for their own interests.

    This swamp will take a long time to drain…. probably generations.

    Really a shame.

    1. In Yonkers it doesn’t make a difference what party is in charge. They all do the same thing and it certainly not to benefit the general public.

  18. This is a very serious allegation and curious how much this will cost the taxpayers of Yonkers. Regardless of cost Dr. Quezada you have lost credibility and the respect of the families.

  19. Hold on tight. I’m sure you knew this was coming. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Time to use you’re Godfather inside info. The evil ones don’t always win.

  20. The YPS administration needs to be cleaned. Incompetent and bullies who don’t care about kids and families. Macaluso, Judon, Codette, Jarufe, Shine. Bring caring and smart people! Jarufe is disgusting and mean spirited. Macaluso a bully. Someone should file a Title IX. He’s kept around cuz he knows secrets. What does Judon do? Oh yeah shows up late at the high schools. Codette should have stayed in east ramapo but had problems there. She is condescending and a know it all. Shine so scared she gives up money to Quezada. Poor fool! Get them all out.

  21. Quezada hasnt bought in anything to support Blacks only created unnecessary jobs to support the Dominicanos. They are planted everywhere because he is so paranoid and knows no one respects him. The MBK bull is a state grant and he needs to squander the money or else he can’t stand up in front of the public and the bamboozled trustees and say we won a grant. We win just because of being inner-city and demographics. Please do tell what program he has brought in for Blacks. The high schools don’t want to participate in the nonsense but have no choice. Quezada is a bully!

  22. As an African American who lived through desegregation and now works for the city it is amazing that we have only inched up. I am not saying Quezada is perfect but he is the only one who has brought in programs to deal with the race issue. Many African American children are being taught by teachers and administrators who does not understand the power of their implicit bias. This is racist. If Quezada was white or from Jordan this would not be this would not be happening. This is a push for the Jordanians to get Nader in so they can sit on there privilege. Let’s remember why Nader is no longer a principal.

    1. Nader is more qualified than anyone else on the BOE. He worked 40 plus years trouble shooting the entire education system since I can remember. Nader was leapfrogged by no names because he is Jordanian. You talk about racisim? Whats racist is that you say Jordanians are privileged? Shame on you for using the race card. Quesada has only hired Dominicans and nobody said a word. If you are qualified you deserve a chance and Nader was is over qualified if anything else.
      Mike Khader gets sworn in in 1 week. Khader will clean Yonkers up and end corruption for once and for all! Yonkers has been a shit show for decades.. The time has come to clean it up. Khader and Nader… Change is coming!

    2. To survived desegregation: apparently you have not learned anything over the years excespt to pull out the race card when things do not go your way-this man apparently had a track record of abusing and demeaning women-apparently your ok with giving this guy a pass because he is a Hispanic or Sayegh is Jordanian then maybe you look should look inside yourself and realize that maybe you are the one that is a racist. Just go back in history a little bit does the name Andre Hornsby ring a bell-apparently you have selective retention.

    3. Nader Sayegh has been over qualified for years. Nader should have been superintendent a long time ago but because of racism he was never given the chance. Quesada has hired Dominicans all across the board and nobody complains. Now an Arab Jordanian is mentioned you pull the racist card? Shame on you! Mike Khader starts in 1 week and he will clean this corrupt city and take down all the criminals. Nader and Khader will make Yonkers great again!

        1. John Khader is the new leader in Yonkers and needs to clean this swamp up. In one week change begins! City Hall will finally have honest straight forward people working to better Yonkers.

  23. Adios Mr. Quezada!!! Dr. Delvecchio or Dr. Sayegh would be excellent superintendents. They know they need to revamp the ineffective structure. The rest of the do nothing clowns getting paid to eat, nap and hold useless meetings regarding nada need to go too.

  24. This Dr. Quezada has got to go. He has divided the district and morale has never been so low. He is by far the most devious and cunning supt Yonkers has ever had. He is the worst of the worst and a pathological liar. No one believes anything he says which is not a good thing. Times are similar to the Andre Hornsby days; however Hornsby was an intelligent and bright man nothing like Quezada in that respect. The teachers don’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth. Thank Goodness for the YFT. We have his number and know what he is about. He’s tried to divide us many times but the teachers union is much smarter than him. This sexual harassment allegation from a teacher is extremely serious and truly awful. He needs to go away. Yonkers kids deserve better.

  25. I heard that there is a budget clerk named Jaruffeee on the fourth floor making $144,000 plus loads of overtime that only Quezada approves. Sounds little fishy to many. Doesn’t she belong on the second floor with the finance dept. It was verified that she’s a former school aide that doesn’t hold any degrees. She’s glued to quezadas hip….. Same chick living with Joe Prickitta…..remember him. She just got big overtime for planning an event for big brothers and would rather do the work after hours to get paid overtime. She manages all of the grant money. Can you imagine? Can someone please tell me her qualifications? The workers despise her as she likes to find money on the backs of those that write and manage the grants. She’s the floor snitch and likes to rescue her savior Quezada when he directs her to bcuz he needs to create a job for a Dominican friend and she loves that overtime and her other little perks.

  26. The residents of Yonkers and voters in all of Westchester and the state are watching you Mayor Spano. You must demonstrate your leadership and credibility by showing everyone this abuse of power by supt Quezada will not be tolerated. He must be replaced for his alleged improprieties. He’s an absolute embarrassment and a total disaster. The 24 page report is disgraceful and he should step down.

  27. How is it possible that this old sea hag Firestein is still working as Mr. Quezada’s personal writer of letters and memos to everyone after retiring 5 times. She’s making 160,000 plus overtime and collects a pension to boot. She needs to go back to spelling and grammar school because everyone’s laughing at her useless, grinch face.

  28. What the heck are you smoking reverend. You will be the next one bounced out by Spanos. They are already strategizing your exit unless you do as you are told. The allegations are real and scathing. Despicable to allow and ignore these serious allegations. Let us pray for our schools and city. Amen

    1. Listen here Rev. you sit on the board and what is your claim to fame. Your opinion is just that and that is all. So this allegation is fake news? Where you there? Do you know the plaintiff or the Attorney? If a child in the district makes a similar claim should we take your defensive stand and label it fake? Look here Rev. Lopez your a Spano hack so stay on that board while you can and let this run its course, unless you want to publicly comment on it next week. Would you be so defensive if someone said this about a classroom teacher? Look Rev. have some coffee and donuts and try to learn your position as a political hack.

    2. should we open the gates of all that you are doing as a board member? Theres A LOT of underhanded sneakyness you’ve done yourself. I can’t wait until your term is up.

  29. Why hasn’t any “real” news media outlet covered this? Why hasn’t the journal news run a story on this? Where is News 12? Doesn’t make any sense that in this climate of #metoo movement, that the major westchester news sources have said a word.
    They never questioned his fake doctorate when he was hired as superintendent. It’s almost like they are in on a coverup for this guy.

  30. I pray this is true. Quezada is the worse, and get rid of that useless PTSA with him. Nobody truly advocates for the children in YPS. People that speaks the truth are treated like outcast or silenced. We need people who are not trying to build their resumes and truly care about the children. If that midget is pushed out, it would be the best Christmas present EVER! Let’s bring 2018 in with a Bang! Quezada being pushed out of the BOE!

  31. Look at what Sup Quesada has done to Black principles in the YPS. If thats not racism what is? Moving them around like peons and demoting a few. Placing them in schools where their hands are tied. Look carefully and ask questions. All done to place his people in place when they fail. I wonder which principle is the next victim and which of his people would be made principle? Don’t forget….he sends his henchmen to go after them.

    1. When Dr Queso was made Supt in Yonkers all the minorities and people of color were all jumping up and down-now all of a sudden because of his decisions concerning Black principals he is a racist-just shows the hypocrisy of Blacks-Hispanics are there best friends when they want advance a cause but kick them to the curbside when they get in their way. Blacks in Yonkers should remember that in Yonkers they are no longer the majority of the minorities-when they finally realize that fact they will be better off.

  32. Seriously, this is getting out of control. I’ve been involved with the BOE for 27 years and seen many Superintendents come and go. Some bad, some good but I must say if there ever was a Superintendent that really care for our schools and kids it was Angelo Petrone. Ok he was wrong in hiring his son in law without going through the proper channels but already he cared for the kids. Our kids should always be our number one priority. We should bring him back. Our schools have never been any better since he left.

  33. Oh boy. Where do we begin? This is the worst example of any type of business in this country! This district is plagued by cronyism, nepotism, corruption, sexual impropriety, fiscal irresponsibility, incompetence, and the list never ends. In a brief time, I have seen many superintendents come and go. I have been bullied by superiors. I have worked with members of the Spano, Calvi, and Sayegh families of Yonkers. Some, but not all, believe they are entitled and behave in an arrogant manner that depicts them as untouchable. (Married) men in high positions at the board having sexual relationships with women throughout the district in plain view. The Sayegh family members are all educated and very wonderful people, but the ENTIRE family works in the district…from teachers, administrators, aides, kitchen staff, security, substitute teachers, etc., etc., etc., This is not terrible given the fact that these people are honest and hardworking like everyone else, but some of them act untouchable and love to throw the name around. Then, there are employees with cushy jobs who obtained these jobs simply because they were related to someone. These are all examples of horrible business practices that plague YPS. In the mix, there are hard working employees who deserve better and will never catch a break because they are not related or currently not in a sexual relationship with anyone in a position of power able to help them. Very regrettably, somewhere on the very bottom of the list are the kids who deserve better than this. Mismanagement of money (caused by poor decision making and lack of effective oversight) costs the children most of all. Why not create healthy menus to feed all children for free and give them the best they can get by skimming all the waste and hiring people from outside the district the clean this shit show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. How come none of the Yonkers teachers live in Yonkers ?
    How come none of the Yonkers policemen live in Yonkers ?
    How come none of the Yonkers firemen live in Yonkers ?
    For Real !
    Please Raise Taxes in Yonkers Mayor Spano.
    Labor wants the good shit !
    “Only Suckers live in Yonkers” a quoted city worker.
    ” I lived in Yonkers until I got married, shit place to raise a family.”
    a quoted city worker.
    Now all this about the school chancellor !
    I am not defending Yonkers ever again !
    Time for Mike Khader to get out the broom.

  35. In my experience working for the Yonkers Board of Education, it is horrible. The board needs to really get rid of a lot of people and bring in people who can make things more efficient. The custodial dept is the absolute worst of the worst. 3 supervisors (Eddie, Raphael, AL) are the worst people I’ve ever met. All they do is hire their cousins, brothers, neices and nephews, (so if your reading this and you filled out an appliatiomn for a custodial position, you won’t get it unless you’re related to the bosses. They don’t respect their workers, they talk to them like they are beneath them. JOHN CARR WAKE THE F**K UP.

    1. Timmy simon should have been the supervisor. But Rafeael was Quezadas bit h personal assassin / head custodian and, Rafeaels wife Margerit was made Supt Secretary in the highest possible salary grid a month after quezda was made supe! and after they fired timmy apparently for being hurt for too long they make that maniac Rafeaeal night supervisor! This department is nothing compared to.others but you can make $110,000+ give or take a few Eddie Maher waivers as a supervisor! I KNOW he VOLUNTEERED for the job without a title change! He at least KNEW how to treat and train people, talked to us like HUMANS and he was the vice president of us for years. I don’t remember the last time.In was SHOWED SOMETHING. John Carr is either inept or has his hands tied when it comes to his OWN DEPARTMENTS managers!
      Good Luck whoever you are!

    2. That’s very true the worst one is Rafael Sanchez he has his whole family and friends like one custodian been in the system 8 months has already a Day position .

  36. Yonkers Public Schools is all about PATRONAGE JOBS.
    Stop playing racial pandering and let real educators in.
    Now that KHADER; has beat the pants off of the patronage master
    Liam, we want change.
    Mike Khader d drain the swamp !
    Kathy Springer Spencer first to go.

  37. I agree with the guy that said shame on the Mayor for allowing this supt to represent kids and schools. He is not supt material but more of taxi driver type. This allegation is insane and to take no action is even more insane. Only in Bonkers…. Thank god my kids are in private school….

  38. The fact that this allegation of workplace sexual harassment has been going on with Mr. Quezada for years and was covered up is just appalling and unacceptable. I’m sure the teachers from Lincoln know the truth but are afraid to speak. We should not forget about the victim that’s suing him but from what I hear she will be collecting big money from the city. He is no example for kids or adults in Yonkers.

  39. get rid of this fugazzi… he is a slime ball. stop supporting this latino time bomb… quezada is a freakin horn ball. He makes women sleep with him for the upper hand… Quezada is finished,,, Nader Sayegh is the truth! John Khader is the leader of the Yonkers community.. Nader and Khader!

  40. First off Yonkers Tribune, you should really check your sources, Quezada is not stepping down nor will he for a long time. Quezada cares deeply about the students of Yonkers and will continue to fight for the betterment of this district. All you people saying you “hate Quezada” or “he was not good for the job”, odds are you’re either jealous or just weren’t doing your job to begin with. I suggest Yonkers Tribune begins to find more reputable sources.

  41. I agree with Yonkers annoyed. There is no one that likes that dirty, racist, egotistical, Quezada. He is hated by everyone in the schools system. He needs to resign as we all realize sexual harassment should never be tolerated in any workplace especially in the YPS. Good riddance and take that Coldett lady and judonn bag lazy with you. Didn’t they get rid of her like four times back in 2004. She walks around in neon oversized sneakers and a lab coat and fourth floor is like psych ward. What a disgrace for taxpayers and these poor kids.

  42. First and foremost, thank you for sharing this great news. This dr. Quezada would never had lasted for more than a week in any normal, reputable district. I would not allow him to pet sit my poodle never mind our greatest treasure our children. He is the most unprofessional, narcissist, there is. Did you hear him speak last week? What a joke he is. He will not get hired anywhere else but maybe in DR. MIke you have my vote on state level right after you announce his departure.

  43. Do you now understand why Spano brought back Nader Sayegh!?? What a joke! But I’m not surprised because that seat was promised to Sayegh it was a matter of time before Dr, Q could be squeezed out. Yonkers is shady!

    In the end, Yonkers students are the ones that are losing!!! When are we going to put a stop to this!

  44. I pray this has not happened once again. It’s really sad. This seems to happen every three years that someone sells out the other previous at the helm with false alligations, only to let down their guards . History repeats its self just before the holiest of days, only to have this happen to them a few years later…

  45. Quezada just wasn’t the right guy for the job, first of all he brought in Judon who doesn’t do much & who’s always sick, then brings in Coddett who is hated by everyone…lady has a horrible personality. Sexual Harassment should not be tolerated. Nader Sayegh despite his flaws, is the strongest candidate for the job. my suggestion is to do a nationwide search for a new superintendent…someone who can make the right decisions to help our kids succeed and make Yonkers more efficient.

  46. It’s a shame that this seems to happen over and over. What goes around comes around. I pray this us not true. It seems with each leader at the helm becomes politically disgraced by false allegations just before the holiday. Each newbie eager to be at the helm accepts 30 silver coins only to have the same fate at his door step three years later.

  47. Edwin Quezada is a slime bag. He is racist, sexist and only cares about himself. Take that rag lady judon and macaluso with you and good riddance

  48. I read the allegations made against Mr. Quezada. Sexual harrasment in the workplace is very serious and for the good of the district he should resign immediately. Our children deserve better.

  49. This is the best news ever. The fake doc Quezada is a horror. He was never supt material more like a used car salesman. He destroyed the schools and hated by everyone. Cadet the deputy is milking the system and the teachers find her condescending and arrogant. She failed in east Ramapo and needs to go away. Clean house and get rid of them all especially the trailer park bag lady that’s out sick every other day. She was fired under Bernie and Quezada brought her back. What a fool Edwin. Let’s clean house. Dr. Sayegh is the one that can take on that position and restore integrity and professionalism.

  50. Sounds just like that old nasty white drunk Frank Mcloven PVB what a Latin wannabe lover he was didn’t he get some stds from his little honeys.

  51. Clean up Yonkers! The people deserve it. This filthy brand of politics is appalling! What happened to the days of pre-Judge Sands, the white neighborhoods, the car racing on Central Ave, the hair spray guidettes, the cash and corruption! Ahhhh, the good old days.. Now we have democrats from south Yonkers voting for change? Really? South Yonkers has finally woken up and casts votes? South Yonkers in my days was just a place I went to for lunch at Giulios and Louies, and bread at Orzas bakery… People down there actually vote now? Wow has Yonkers changed.. I miss the old white power, but then again change is good.

  52. The Jordanians in Yonkers are setting an example! The most affluent community in Yonkers are the Jordanians. Look at all the Medical Doctors, Teachers, lawyers, and educated students in Yonkers. The highest percentage of college graduates come from the Jordanians. We have lived the american dream! We came here in the 1960’s and raised our kids to respect the flag, respect the authority and study hard.. I hope we now become an example for other cultures.
    Nader Sayegh is going to be the next Superintendent, Mike Khader is the City Council President, Dr Rabadi is on the Executive Board at St Johns Hospital. and John Khader runs MPAC. Please watch and learn how its done. Keep up the great work everyone. Fredrick Douglas once said “without struggle there is no progress” , can I get an AMEN!!!

  53. Another fake “Dr” in the midst “DR” MACALUSO is draining taxpayers pockets!!!!!! A do nothing unprofessional with a lawsuit on his record to boot!!!!!!!

  54. This news has been out there for several months-many people within the school system knew that DR Q had gone to White Plains to give statements to the lawyers of the females.-where are the loud mouths like Sally Pinto now?

  55. Well, where to begin? I went to a meeting where Quezada said he was going to retire in ten years and take all his suits and burn them with a good cigar! I laughed! Two down and one to go….. in my culture things happen in threes! Quezada was a moron to take the job after what they did to the other two! Spano makes sure his “soldiers” are all different cultures. Stupid he isn’t however, Liam getting voted out shows Spano “We the people” are done with your Mob mentality. All Spanos high ranking officials are white! I am conflicted on how I feel about Spano running for Latimers spot. I would love the trash out of Yonkers but then after all he has done the thought of him advancing makes me sick! The schools are horrible and everyone with any sense is suing to get their kids in another district! I am sure Khader has his issues but praying he can handle the cooking and help the YPS! KNOW THIS… I PUBLICLY SUPPORTED LIAM BUT I TOOK MY DIGINITY BACK AT THE POLLS AND VOTED FOR KHADER!!!! PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN! HELP OUR SCHOOLS AND OUR CITY! PS. I WORK WITH ALOT OF PEOPLE IN YONKERS MAYOR SPANO! I PROMISE THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!

  56. Keep digging!!! There is more sexual harassment in the YPS! Get rid of Macaluso, the bully! He harrasses teachers administrators, and colleagues on the 4th floor! Look closely he has had lawsuits! Google it people!!!! Why was he promoted???

  57. Yonkers BOE is looks like you are in Dominican Republic or Puerto Rican. Everyone is Latino and they discriminate against everyone else. All Spano does is pander to Latinos and they don’t even vote. And when they get into positions, they are not inclusive. Quezada was a horrible pick by Spano, like all his other horrible cabinet picks. Quezada can barely deliver a cogent speech, nor is he engaging to the public. I hope Yarzulo wins his case against Spano.

  58. Can be a busboy at the Day & Night which his brother is a part-owner and rumors say Dr Queso is a silent owner-now also get of rid that other fraud the REV Lopez .

  59. Everyone hated him at Lincoln and he totally divided everybody. The Lincoln teachers called him Trujillo. Morale is at an all time low all over this district. Than he’s allowed to bring back that sick crazy lady judon and the east Ramapo contingent. The Fake dr. Quezada failed miserably.

    1. No way was this my experience at Lincoln under Dr. Quezada. He turned Lincoln around. He’s not easy to work for because he’s demanding. I cannot comment on any allegations because he was never inappropriate with me.

      1. I agree i think he was trying to make things better! But this os not his problem theses school need help ! I feel teachers blame the children always instead of admitting how challenging it is to teach the curriculum. Why is all yps failing ? Hes not a techer hes the superintendent. I pray he doesn’t leave and fight! Hes helped me and would come down stairs if things where busy and help. Half of you dont even know whats gping on! He was my principle and helped me as a mentor and helped alot of his student’s! Its sad that when you try to fix a broken system and stands up and not be a puppet you get fought ! I pray for favor for him ! Only one from the board at turkey give aways and public meetings outside the board! He cares for our children!

  60. It’s about time they fire this mean spirited, ignorant fake doc. He’s an incompetent fool that has destroyed the schools. Hates competent women and has no credibilty at all. Bye Quesada

  61. The only decision the Mayor has here is to hire Nader Sayegh as superintendent . Nader has been in the system for over 40 years and knows the Yonkers landscape better than any other candidate.

  62. Doubtful throne the Superintendent’s chair at YPS!

    Why is it that there is so much shameful dirt and disgraceful practice around in public administration and nobody denounces it?
    Meanwhile, the preferred targets are the YPS Superintendents.

    Whatever the mud this time,
    Dr. EQ truly remains an exemplary hard worker like very few.

  63. Hezi, don’t forget Petrone, Yonkers schools needs to be run by and independent auditor. At over $26.000 per unit, per year and with some of the lowest grades in the state, it’s just like pissing money away.
    All in the process need ot be held accountable. Pray tell why does the BOE need a separate truck to pick up garbage when we have garbage pick up everyday by DPW?

    There you go get rid of that truck and 2 employees, in the blink of an eye I have saved probably close to .5 million dollars, without even trying. (And that’s assuming that we have only one of these types of crews)

    Can you imagine the graft on $523 million without proper oversight.?

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