Spreading the Light of Judaism
By Chabad of Yonkers Rabbi MENDY HURWITZ

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Recognizing Chanukah 2017 at Yonkers City Hall.

Chabad’s mission is to spread the Light of Judaism to all, especially to those who aren’t involved or affiliated with our religion. We reach out to each precious soul and ignite their spark and make them feel the warmth of Judaism. The holiday of Chanukah is especially suited to accomplish this mission, of spreading the light and joy of the miracle to all, especially in public places.

At Chabad of Yonkers, we take that seriously. And with joy!

With numerous Chanukah events in public, we try our best to spread the light of Chanukah to all corners of Yonkers.

Pre-Chanukah Menorah Building Workshop at the Yonkers Home Depot.

A Pre-Chanukah Menorah Building Workshop at the Yonkers Home Depot had more than 250 attendees, the children, with the help of the adults, were able to build their own menorah to use during Chanukah. Thereby making the mitzvah of lighting the menorah more personal and exciting.

Chanukah 2017 celebration at Ridge Hill.

The first night of Chanukah, Tuesday, December 19, 2017, saw the great success of a Menorah Lighting at Ridge Hill, where both young and old enjoyed the wonderful band and free hot latkes and the traditional donuts.

Thursday, Chabad organized a Menorah Lighting at the Cross County Shopping Center. Even though some thought it cold, all enjoyed the live music and the free hot latkes and donuts; it warmed both body and soul! We were pleasantly surprised and honored that Mayor Mike Spano, braved the cold and joined the festivities!

Mayor Mike Spano brought out a birthday cake and presented it to Rabbi Hurwitz’s son, Chaim, who was dressed as a blue dreidel, in front of the attending celebrants, who sang Happy Birthday to Chaim!

Last week on Sunday, December 17th, a special Chanukah Party honored the fifth day of Chanukah and the tenth birthday of our son Chaim, celebrated with the Yonkers community. We were honored to have Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, whose last name, Me-or, means ‘from light’, and Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano joined the festivities. The Mayor brought out a birthday cake and presented it to our son, Chaim, who was dressed as a blue dreidel, in front of the full crowd, singing Happy Birthday! Mayor Spano recalled that when he was ten years old, he told his parents that they better get ready, because in only six years he would be driving! (the driving age in Westchester is 16) and encouraged our son to prepare to get his driving learner’s permit!

We were very impressed that the Mayor took time from his busy schedule to join the Chanukah Festivities and that the Mayor wished the Jewish community a Happy Chanukah!

In the true spirit of Chanukah, Chabad gathered together the far flung sparks of our community to celebrate the special holiday in unity.

All enjoyed a hot buffet of delicious food including the traditional potato latkes, followed by a spectacular public lighting of the Menorah at Untermyer Gardens. The menorah was tremendous and the backdrop of the Hudson River was breathtaking.

Chabad this year expanded the knowledge of the miracle, by placing a Chanukah stand bringing the message of Chanukah to the Metro North train stations in Yonkers, during morning rush hour, to commuters, gifting them with a traditional Chanukah donut and a hot cup of coffee and a smile, spreading the joy and warmth of Chanukah.

A Grand Menorah Parade was by a white stretch limousine with a Happy Chanukah sign and a menorah on top that was graciously donated by John Khader of Top Class Limo Service.

We continued our Chanukah celebration at the Mayor’s office on Tuesday, the last night of Chanukah 5778, lighting all eight candles followed by a Grand Menorah Parade, led by a white stretch Limo with a Happy Chanukah sign and a menorah on top, graciously donated by Top Class Limo Service. Honored with a Yonkers Police Department escort, we lit up Yonkers with a wonderful parade of menorahs and music, ending with a pizza party at  Nahmias et Fils Distillery in Yonkers!

The Grand Menorah Parade concluded with a pizza party at Nahmias et Fils Distillery in Yonkers.

We invite you to experience the everyday joy of Judaism at Chabad of Yonkers, located at 600 North Broadway, Yonkers. Visit www.JewishYonkers.com and call Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz to receive more information at (914) 963-8888.

eHeziSpreading the Light of Judaism
By Chabad of Yonkers Rabbi MENDY HURWITZ

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