The Afya Foundation Responds to the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Shipping its 2nd Container of Donated Medical Supplies and Equipment to Southern Syria

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The Afya Foundation has been a steady responder to the Syrian refugee crisis, by shipping supplies valued at over $1.2 million to health care providers in Lesvos, Greece, and throughout the Middle East, with all sites offering access to care and medical treatment for refugees.

Afya is forging new partnerships with the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) and Israel, we are now assured safe shipment and delivery of critically needed medical aid to carefully-vetted Providers in Southern Syria.

YONKERS, NY — December 16, 2017 — The Afya Foundation has launched a significant humanitarian relief effort to help medical professionals and aid workers in Syria provide medical care to thousands of refugees.  Afya’s first container to Syria was successfully delivered and unpacked and the 2nd container will be packed on Monday, December 18th.

Afya responded yesterday by sourcing and packing medical supplies for a 40-foot container to be shipped through this newly established channel. The appeal for these critical items came from a wish list put together by Medical Leaders in Israel familiar with the desperate needs of those in camps and hospitals.

“We founded Afya because we could no longer be bystanders when we knew that getting needed medical supplies and support to areas in crisis was a practical – and meaningful – way to help,” said Danielle Butin, M.P.H., O.T. R., founder and executive director of the Afya Foundation.

Rabbi Joy Levitt, Executive Director of the JCC Manhattan, will offer a blessing for health and relief as the container is packed and sealed for shipment abroad.

“The UN has called the Syrian refugee crisis, the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. As we have done with many of these life-altering, country-changing events, Afya establishes influential partnerships to get medical providers the equipment and support they need to help their people,” Butin continued.

We urge your support for Afya’s efforts to ensure that medical professionals in Syria can deliver life-saving care to thousands of war victims in need. Please go to: .

The first container to Syria supported the establishment of a maternity unit and many primary care clinics. One 40-foot container holds enough medical supplies to provide care to thousands of war victims.


Afya is a unique medical supply recovery organization (MSRO) that collects surplus medical supplies throughout the United States and delivers these critical materials to public health missions worldwide. A regional network of medical suppliers and volunteers enables Afya to meet immediate humanitarian needs in countries devastated by natural disasters, international conflicts and supports our long-term programs to address chronic health disparities in developing nations. By reducing the amount of unused medical supplies generated in the US, Afya promotes efficient and environmentally aware healthcare practices at home while sustaining life abroad.  Since its founding in 2008, Afya has recovered and shipped over 7.5 million pounds of donated supplies to more than 70 countries. The organization has been recognized by the Greater New York Hospital Association, Eli Lilly, GreatNonprofits and the United Nations.

For more information on the Afya Foundation, go to



eHeziThe Afya Foundation Responds to the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Shipping its 2nd Container of Donated Medical Supplies and Equipment to Southern Syria

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