Yonkers Fire Fighters – I.A.F.F. – Local 628 Presented a Donation of $10,000 to The Afya Foundation in Relief Efforts to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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YONKERS, NY — December 9, 2017 — The International Association of Fire Fighters – Yonkers Firefighters Union Local 628, have been instrumental in Afya’s relief efforts to and on the islands. In the weeks following Hurricanes Maria and Irma, they purchased urgently needed supplies such as Ensure and Pedialyte, among others. The supplies, delivered to Afya’s warehouse, were presented in style, a shiny red fire engine, wee subsequently packed for delivery, reaching assisted care facilities, hospitals, and homeless shelters.  Yonkers Fire Fighters presented Afya with a check for $10,000 to support their on-going efforts on Friday, December 8, 2017.

I.A.F.F. – Yonkers Fire Fighters Local 628 humbly donated $10,000 toward the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands’ recovery effort after the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The Afya Foundation has been a steady responder to the Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. In just 6 weeks, Afya has packed over 25 flights, with nearly to 100,000 pounds of medical supplies and medications for distribution on the islands.

The Annual Yonkers Fire Fighters “Fill the boot” effort was supposed to take place this weekend but has been postponed to the first snowfall of the 2017 season. Notice of the upcoming “Fill the boot” effort will be announced as soon as we learn of the new date and exact location.

In partnership with their long-time supporters at the Greater New York Hospital Association and the NYC Emergency Management Department, Afya collected critical medication and supplies for distribution. These crucial materials, in conjunction with products contributed by long-standing hospital partners like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY-Presbyterian, and Montefiore Medical Center, have been delivered to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas on flights supported by generous donations from the Jewish Federations of North America and UJA Federation of NY. A partnership with the good offices of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has further allowed the coordination of shipment logistics and donation referrals to Afya.



eHeziYonkers Fire Fighters – I.A.F.F. – Local 628 Presented a Donation of $10,000 to The Afya Foundation in Relief Efforts to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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  1. Standing in the cold…collecting money for…Kids with cancer..victims of hurricanes..very sick kids..burn victims…less fotunate…and all you idiots can do is comment on issues you know nothing about…Have a happy holiday season..and when you are all comfy with your healthy children/ families ..maybe just maybe you will understand how lucky you are..try giving ..instead of being an idiot….just for the holidays..Nice job 628…

    1. Spano is pissed off because his name is not on it and he wasn’t invited for the pictures. Don’t worry Mike because your name will be all over the federal indictment and you can take all the pics you want on your perp walk.

      1. and what shitty haul is doing is ok???? look at all the backroom deals any vendor or anyone that has a contract in COY is either a nick the pig spaNo client or a major donor to dummy spaNo thats corruption much bigger than grand larceny…..

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