Board of Education Trustees Unanimously Approved a New 5-year Contract For Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

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Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

YONKERS, NY – January 18, 2018 – At last night’s January 17th Stated Meeting, the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees unanimously approved a new 5-year contract for Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools commencing February 1, 2018 and ending January 31, 2023.

Rev. Steve Lopez, President of the Board of Education, released the following statement: “Over the last several months, the Trustees have been reviewing the District’s progress on improving achievement outcomes for all students, fiscal efficiencies, and responding to stakeholders’ needs. The Trustees are steadfastly committed to provide a solid, lasting foundation for this school district to assure every child’s academic, social and emotional growth. Our policy and fiduciary reviews have and will continue to be focused on sustainable solutions for long-term improvements.

The District went through a very unsettling period from 2014 to 2016. Nevertheless, our students advanced and our schools stayed on track with teaching and learning. The results are tangible on our State assessments and graduation rates and are a tribute to our entire staff from Central Office to administrators to teachers to support staff to civil service. In addition, through the collaborative work of the Mayor’s staff and Board of Education staff there was a successful implementation of the Inter-Municipal Agreement.

Throughout this period there was one stabilizing, steadfast individual who never said no when asked to take on greater responsibilities and continued to steer the District in the right path; that was Dr. Quezada. Using his words, Dr. Quezada was relentless in the work, picking up the pieces, designing solutions and quickly implementing action plans. For these reasons and more, we appointed him superintendent in March 2016.

It is clear to the Trustees that our school district and our community need the confidence that there is a stable long-term strategic improvement plan for our District. A plan that bridges the City’s Rebuild Yonkers Schools mandate to the District’s 21st Century quality educational initiatives aligned to and evolving as the New York State Learning Standards progress.

This requires visionary policy decisions by the Trustees working collaboratively with leadership by a superintendent of schools with a validated record of accomplishments in an urban center. Therefore, we have offered Dr. Quezada a five-year contract extension to commence February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2023, which he has accepted. By this action, the Trustees provide seven years of steadfast leadership.

This decision was made with a great deal of research, analysis and evaluation by the Trustees. We reviewed our selection criteria for a superintendent of schools and a comparative salary analysis of Westchester County superintendents’ salary, benefits and other compensation. The facts are revealing. Of the forty (40) school districts in Westchester, Yonkers ranks #1 in the number of students, number of employees and number of schools. Yonkers is two and a half (2 ½) times larger than any other district. Yet our superintendent compensation is ranked at thirty-seven (37). There is no equity between the size of the responsibilities and the compensation, as it relates to where our city is located. Yonkers must attract and sustain skilled, competent educational leaders. We have done that with our teachers; their compensation is ranked at tenth (10th) in Westchester. If our community is going to entice capable superintendents now and in the future, we must adjust the compensation minimally to the middle, 20th for Westchester.

The Trustees reviewed Dr. Quezada’s current contract and evaluations. The contract delineates his role, As the Chief Executive Officer and education leader of the Yonkers School District, the primary responsibility of Superintendent is to provide leadership and organizational management for the total operation of the District and to be accountable to the Board for District performance.  On all 13 indices outlined in his contract, Dr. Quezada’s performance is outstanding.

Transforming schools requires a relentless pursuit of excellence, having high expectations for all and demanding that every adult works to provide the best education possible to the students and families we serve. Most importantly, it required the establishment of a learning community where everyone feels respected and valued. This is not an easy task; however, it can be accomplished with the right leadership and persistent commitment. Dr. Quezada has demonstrated as a principal, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent and in his current role that he has the skills, knowledge, tenacity and compassion to continue to move our school district forward for every student and staff member.”


SOURCE: Jerilynne Fierstein, Yonkers Board of Education,
Public Information, Records Access Officer.

eHeziBoard of Education Trustees Unanimously Approved a New 5-year Contract For Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

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  1. I don’t no what to say about all this shit that’s going on.MR Q tip and the mayor the penguin and the joker and don’t forget the rev Lopez as the judge. All the employees that MR Q gave promotions to that has no experience in the jobs he gave one is Rafael Sanchez 🤡 with a i Q of 1 and don’t for get his wife now working in the penthouse making big bucks and no experience. 🤔 and many more good luck yonkers.

  2. It seems rather odd that the female majority YFT rank and file and ‘executive board’ are completely silent when it comes to Ms. Garcia. Even the other victims remain silent. When Petrone was ‘superintendent’ Quezada so badly harassed a female employee that he had to sign an agreement to never work in the same building with his prey. Now he’s her boss.

    Below is the list of events the female leadership of the YFT wants its members to attend, and remember, there’s a word to describe all the silent enablers…it’s a SHONDA [Shame)!!

    Attached please find a list of New York State Women’s Marches taking place the weekend of January 20th. Please forward to your family and friends!
    New York State 2018 Women’s Marches

    January 20, 2018

    1. Women’s March Albany
    1-3 p.m., West Capitol Park, Albany, NY
    · To register,

    2. Glens Falls Women’s March
    Noon to 2 p.m., Old Planned Parenthood, Warren and Oak Streets
    · March — From the old Planned Parenthood to City Park.
    · For information,

    3. Women’s March Hudson
    1-5 p.m., 7th Street Park, Hudson, NY
    · Rally — At 7th Street Park at 1 p.m.; March at 2 p.m. to Basilica Hudson.

    4. Adirondack Women’s March
    11 a.m., Inez Milholland Grave, Lewis Cemetery, US Route 9 and Fox Run Rd, Lewis, NY
    · Rally — At the grave of Inez Milholland who participated in the 1913 Suffrage Parade in Washington.
    · To volunteer, contact
    · For information, visit

    5. Women’s March on New York City
    11 a.m. – 3 p.m., 72nd Street and Central Park West, Manhattan, NY
    · Rally/March — Rally at 11:30 a.m. at Central Park West and 61st/62nd street; March at 12:30 p.m.
    · Reserve tickets,
    · For Information,
    · To volunteer,
    · To donate,

    6. Women March in Seneca Falls
    136 Fall St., Seneca Falls, NY
    · Gather — At the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls to celebrate the first anniversary of the 2017 women’s marches.
    · Contact, Melina Carnicelli,
    · RSVP,
    · Donate,

    7. Central New York Women Rising 2018 — Syracuse Women’s March!
    304 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, NY
    · March — Assemble at 9:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. march to the ArtRage Gallery.
    · For information, email

    8. Woodstock Women’s March
    11 a.m., Woodstock, NY
    · For information,

    January 21, 2018

    9. Women’s Solidarity March of Western New York
    2:30-3:30 p.m., Buffalo City Hall, 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY
    · For information,

    10. Cobleskill Women’s March
    1 p.m., Cobleskill, NY
    · For information,

  3. Quoted from a Lohud article:

    “Besides his [$265,000] salary, the new contract, which runs from Feb. 1, 2018 until Jan. 31, 2023, includes:

    Health insurance for Quezada and his family and a $500,000 life insurance policy

    Use of a district vehicle and free gas

    A $10,000 yearly contribution by the district to Quezada’s tax-sheltered annuity

    30 vacation days

    285 days of accumulated sick leave that he previously earned and 15 additional sick days a year as of July 1. He may accumulate up to 300 sick days and if he retires into the state retirement system he’ll be eligible to cash out up to 300 sick days at $300 a day.”

    1. LoHud knows all about Quezada yet remains silent. The ‘writers’ (one is a woman) who cover Yonkers (and their bosses) are complicit and morally bankrupt. ‘News’ 12 and FIOS ‘News’ 1 also know yet do nothing. So do the two most powerful female politicians representing Yonkers and their silence is mind boggling!!

    2. Wow, does anybody watch the news in Yonkers? Not only has this been happening all over the country but this is not a new situation. How is a man who is a predator become the second most powerful man in the town. There are plenty of examples on the news almost everyday. There needs to be an uprising amongst the women of Yonkers. Most importantly the women who teach in Yonkers. Importantly, women of all types who work in Yonkers. I call on the Yonkers Federation of Teachers to put together a protest to be held at the next Board of Education meeting. Disgusted.

  4. Bring back the “recent comments” section at the bottom of the page. Without it we have a hard time keeping track of new comments and responding appropriately.

  5. So they decide to keep him for 5 Years. Dont we deserve a statement from him and the mayor?
    I mean you don’t just accuse someone of sexual misconduct and then dismiss it and renew contract witbout a public statement.

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. I want to hurl at Shanae’s women’s march. People should be there protesting it. Shanae will NEVER speak out about the women who have filed sexual harassment suits in federal court. She better hope she is not next to be harassed. But they would never harass her because Nick and Mike have to treat her with kid gloves to do their bidding.

  7. Can you imagine this guy has sexual harrassment allegations and a dark cloud looming over him and the mayor gives him a five year contract. There are so many qualified, intelligent, highly professional people out there that run rings around this little Napoleon. Everyone knows Quenada has no interpersonal skills and is a horror.

    1. Nice move Mike SpaNo, does he do your laundry too. The Yonkers Public Schools are a hot mess. Nice to have your kid driven to a private school.

    2. When I first heard of this situation, a female teacher being sexually harassed, I was sure justice would prevail, I quess I was wrong. And now I read that the Superintendent has received a 5 year contract! Something is wrong in River City!

  8. Let me get this straight. The city and mayor award sexual harasser Quesadilla with a FAT contract extension despite these horrendous ongoing allegations. But the next day the mayor and his secretary city councilwoman Williams are promoting a Yonkers Women’s Empowerment March for Saturday. So, on the one hand the city decides to reward a male sexual harasser in a position of power and privilege over women while on the other hand it holds a women’s rights march? ? Sick, perverse people in government here in Yonkers.

    1. This women’s empowerment march tomorrow is the biggest joke, while City of Yonkers continues to abuse and fire women, who speak up for themselves. Garcia and Reeves need win their cases against the city. Williams better continue to shut up, march, smile, wave and be a good little “yes” woman, since she doesn’t defend any women.

    2. Quezada does not live in Yonkers, does not live in Westchester County but lives in New City, Rockland County another in a long line of Yonkers Public School Teachers who take the salary and run.

  9. Nobody cares….clueless and uninformed parents equals politicians not being accountable!
    What ever happened to the “Superintendent of the Year” B. Pierorazio? He had grand plans to overhaul the failing schools and rebuild. He has a gag order not to talk, for fear of losing his benefits. Typical tactics of a SCAM mayor!
    Oh, and what about the mayor’s friend from Tuckahoe, Yazurlo??
    I feel bad for the kids in this PingPong school district…….feel more sorry for the loser taxpayers.

    1. Where is the president of the Yonkers Parent Teachers Association Sally Pinto? nowhere to be found-she is just as complicit as the political hacks who call themselves Yonkers School Trustees-they have some set of balls giving Rev? Lopez a $15,000 stipend when every time you listen the YPS is crying poverty-these hacks do not represent the taxpayers and stakeholders but rather the special interest groups in Yonkers-each and everyone of them has some sort of political connection within Yonkers-many never attended school in Yonkers and some of them have just moved here.

  10. Superintendent Quesdilla and the entire school board should go get thrown out. I call on Mike Spano(IF he is a REAL democrat) to have an elected school board. Quesdilla is not fit to be the superintendent yet he keeps on milking the system. Mike Spano should stop eating bowls of pasta at Giulios on Park Hill and create an elected school board.

  11. So, there are the racists Puelo and Diamond of the YFT, Mayor Spano with his GED, and now “Dr.” Quesadilla the alleged sexual predator with a fake PhD from some online sham college. Remind me again how many billions are going to be funneled into YPS? You can’t make this stuff up.

  12. How much are we paying him, that should be on the top of the list?
    Total salary, and bennies please.

    Five years is a very long contract and it should be year to year. If you don’t improve the grades then your done. Simple really.

    YPS get almost $600million and only 12.5% of the population use the schools.
    Yonkers roads get $10 million and 100% of the population use them.
    Just a bit of perspective as you can see the state of the roads.

    This is now Steve Balmer thinks former CEO of Microsoft.

    1. Quezada’s pay in 2017 was $260,531. In 2016 he was payed $245,156. That amounts to pay raise of $15,375, or 6%. Keep in mind that the average American worker only gets about a 3% annual raise, if they get a raise at all. Also keep in mind that the Governor of NY State makes $179,000. Something is seriously wrong in Yonkers.

      Hezi, why don’t you do a story about all of the six-figure salaries in our fair city? All of those big, fat bloated six-figure salaries for anyone and everyone in politics, teaching, fire, police, DPW, etc., etc. Compare the quarter of a million dollar club to their peers in other cities and see if Yonkers salaries/qualifications match up to what people in similar positions in other cities are making. I’ve got a hunch that Yonkers salaries are double the national average but its workers have half the qualifications.

  13. I was at the meeting last night just to watch the shit show live. Trustees/bobble heads were all dozing off sleeping and Mr. Rev talking dumb shit about nada. S. O looking to see him soon in court. Mayor you are a shipwreck and everybody disgusted.

    1. Before the Spano’s game everyone, that Lopez was working in transportation as a zero. Now with the Spano level of education, Lopez the zero is a Spano bobble head who lies for Quesada and thinks he is still in charge of a Yellow School Bus. Another Spano mess, no wonder then he backed out of the Senate race.

  14. Isn’t Quenada the little stupidintendent with sexual harrassment charges. He is an incompetent, unskilled moron. You wanna be skippy Don Juan need to get your brain examined.

  15. The case against Quezada : Gracia v. Yonkers Board of Yonkers et al is still active-the last court date in White Plains Federal Court was Dec 13, 2017 in which both sides had to re-submit paperwork. This is a Title VII retaliation case against Quezda and others. There is absolutely no mention by Ms. J. Fierstein about this ongoing sexual harassment case against Quezada in the above press release. It is simply mindbogling that this man can be given a five year extension while he has an open case against him in Federal Court .

  16. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY to go Dominican Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edwin QUEZADA is a BRILLIANT PROFESSIONAL Latino man with a work ethic that is INCOMPREHENSIBLE to the average mere mind!!! CONGRATS to him……………………..and let us PRAY for any and all of his NAYSAYERS. VAMOS PA’LANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Keep the city moving backwards sir is the best way to describe your actions as the worst mayor this city has ever had. Quezada is a joke, and big loser.

  18. Time for a new Mayor. This one is totally oblivious. Quezada is not fit for command. Sad state of affairs in Yonkers. New leadership needed.

  19. Absolute insanity. Quezada is a disaster. Only in Yonkers does crap like this happen. Everyone knows he’s incompetent and a bully.

  20. Typical Yonkers. Finally, his years of harassment (sexual and otherwise) are brought to light. Public knowledge of a on-going lawsuit. What is done? Fired, resignation, etc…congratulations, here’s 5 more years. For a bunch of educators, we sure don’t seem to make smart decisions.

  21. This school district sucks meanwhile Lopez, a lapdog for the administration is giving Quesadilla a pat on the back. Lopez is nothing but a kiss ass

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