Carbon Monoxide Deaths Cheated from Taking Life at 104 Oak Street

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YONKERS, NY — January 5, 2018 — Yonkers Fire Department, Police Department Emergency Services, and Empress Ambulance coalesced at 104 Oak Street upon being dispatched at 2:28am this morning regarding the advisement that a 10-year-old had fainted. Emergency Responders were quick to discern a high level of carbon monoxide gas throughout the building When on scene units found a high level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas throughout the building. Breathing apparatus was donned and the building was searched. Nine occupants were treated for high levels of CO in their blood and transported to Jacoby Hospital for treatment.

Con Edison personnel found the building’s chimney to be blocked and that two gas meters were locked out by Con Ed until repairs could bring about remedy.

Battalion 1, Station 3 Assistant Chief Edward Cucolo advised the incident could have culminated in a Deaths if not for the quick response and conduct by YFD, YPD, Empress Ambulance, and Con Edison.

This incident is a reminder to all of the necessity to have and maintain a working fire, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm system near all sleeping quarters.


SOURCE: Yonkers Fire Department Battalion 1 – Station 3 Assistant Chief Edward Cucolo


eHeziCarbon Monoxide Deaths Cheated from Taking Life at 104 Oak Street

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  1. When you buy new co and smoke detectors, be sure to write the expiration date on the front of them as a reminder of replacing it…this is the only way to remind yourself of it’s demise.

    And CO detector should be placed on level with the floor??

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