Engel Announces $2,273,080 to Leake & Watts Services for its Passage of Hope Program

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Congressman Eliot Engel is the U.S. Representative for New York’s 16th congressional district. He is a member of the Democratic Party. His new district, District 16, contains parts of the Bronx and Westchester County. In Westchester, it includes Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle, Scarsdale. Mamaroneck, Pelham, Pelham Manor, Larchmont, Tuckahoe, Bronxville, Eastchester, Hastings-on-Hudson, Ardsley, Hartsdale, and Rye City. In The Bronx, it includes Riverdale, Woodlawn, Edenwald, Baychester, Williamsbridge, Van Cortlandt Village, and Wakefield, and Co-op City.

WASHINGTON DC — January 10, 2018 —  Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a top Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, today announced the U.S. Administration for Children and Families / Office of Refugee Resettlement has awarded a $2,273,080 federal grant to Yonkers-based Leake and Watts Services, Inc. for their Passage of Hope Program.

The Passage of Hope Program helps unaccompanied children who have crossed our border by providing them with housing and supportive services after their grueling journey. The program’s goal is “to provide these courageous children, who have experienced incredible trauma, with the support, nurturing and care that they need to move forward with their lives and to thrive.” These services include clinical, therapeutic, educational and case management services, while working to link the children with family members or other sponsors in the United States.

“This money is vitally important, not just because of what it provides, but also for what it represents,” Engel said. “Since the beginning, America has served as a beacon of hope for people all around the world. They come to this country in search of a better life, often fleeing their own set of dire circumstances elsewhere. They brave the grueling journey to get here, many only as children, often alone, in the hopes that when they arrive they will be greeted by a country extending its hand in support. This funding demonstrates that in spite of the heated, anti-immigrant rhetoric coming out of the White House, America still believes in extending that loving hand.

“The Leake and Watts Passage of Hope Program has helped many unaccompanied children establish new lives for themselves here in America. They have done tremendous work and I am certain this new federal funding will go a long way toward helping them continue their mission to help these children move from fear to hope.”


SOURCE: Bryant Daniels, Director of Public Affairs, Congressman Eliot L. Engel.


eHeziEngel Announces $2,273,080 to Leake & Watts Services for its Passage of Hope Program

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  1. Crap article. A friend of mine responds there all the time for emergencies. There are no undocumented anything over there. Everyone is either a criminal and put there by the justice system or a ward of the state. Fake.

  2. Engel what about the more than 50,000 homeless veterans who live on the streets each and every nite. Mr Engel you wonder why veterans have nothing but disdain for you-you are more concern about undocumented people than veterans.

  3. How can this even be legal? A congressman gets federal dollars to give to programs (charities) that benefit those who came here illegally and we who are born and live here cannot get schools or roads built. The MTA is a mess, infrastructure failing no wonder the place is crumbling and its easy to see why.
    No wonder nobody votes when they read this crap.
    And the irony is that this guy thinks it’s ok to promote this. The joke is definitely on us.

  4. MS 13 coming to Yonkers..thanks Elliot…just wait n see.Does anynone get it….keep throwing $ at problems causing more problems.

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