Full to the Brim with Emptiness
By Dr. Richard Cirulli, Ph.D.

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Dr. Richard Cirulli delves further into his growing body of work regarding societal evolution, known as the “Boomerang Series,” in his most recent article: “Full to the Brim with Emptiness By Dr. Richard Cirulli, Ph.D., this Friday, February 2, 2018th at 10am EDT on the Westchester On the Level Internet radio broadcast. Listen “Live” or “On Demand”. Use the following hyperlink —  http://tobtr.com/s/10552549  to listen to this segment from 10-11am.


Full to the Brim with Emptiness By Dr. Richard Cirulli, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Cirulli is a retired Business Professor, consultant, writer, Innocent Bystander, and Critic-at-Large.

A wooden returning boomerang is a tool, typically constructed as a flat air foil that, when thrown, is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight so as to return to the thrower.

As we revel in the aura and celebration of a new year we are also permitted some introspection into the issues, even the travails, of the past. Some of us use the transition from then to now to reflect upon the events we have experienced. For the more existential and spiritual minded, this can prove to be a painful reconciliation of contradictions that exist between inner core values, and the need to survive in a harsh world.  For those adverse to an existential / spiritual view of life, they are favored with little or no self-contradictions, since the self is united in seeking happiness only for itself, jettisoning the baggage of assisting humanity in distress in the process.

For those kindred souls who are struggling to maintain possession of their core beliefs and freedom; in the face of being overloaded with fake, and filtered news espousing a new “materialistic manifest destiny” that appeals to our egocentric lower self, this article is dedicated to you stalwart true free-thinkers bold enough to live your lives with an open and expanding mind. In search of truth, and confident enough to cut those apron strings free of our governing oligarchy puppeteers.

This independent view should hold much weight, especially for us Baby Boomers, who were raised on the anti-Utopian books of 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, and Erewhon, to name just a few.

In Orwell’s, classic 1984, set within the country of Oceania, a totalitarian society controlled by the “Thought Police” via its Newspeak. The goal of Newspeak is to make thoughtcrime an impossibility, which involves the “the mutability of the past.” The governing oligarchy, Big Brother, achieves this by abolishing the past, and alters the past to suit the agenda of the ruling class. The book’s protagonist, Winston, is persecuted as a traitor for having attempted to establish contact with the past. Newspeak also uses fake news to report on its ongoing war with Eurasia, as a means to also secure the populace’s codependency on its government. Orwell was quite astute in his assessment of the close relationship between advertising and propaganda.  In many languages these are not two words as in English to distinguish their function, but rather synonymous.  In Oceania, the Insog maxim is,” He who controls the past controls the present, and he who controls the present controls the future”. Orwell’s premise is that society can be controlled through its children, suggesting children will ultimately betray their parents to the thought police. We can see now, why schools want to seek a larger say in the parenting of children.

What we have read about in Orwell’s Oceania, is evident today in America. Our new totalitarian oligarchy will not come in the form of goose-stepping Nazis, or the pogroms of communism, along with it gulags. Rather it will arrive by feeding the masses a few crumbs of delusional dessert to quench their appetite; leaving no room for the main course of truth. A casual look around today will clearly prove the relationship between Newspeak and political correctness, and how our nation’s monuments to the past have been brought down for the purpose of denying history. Our traditions, heritage and faiths are being dismantled by a few, who want to speak for all. And, like Oceania, discourse is no longer tolerated in America. It is no surprise or secret, America has been at war longer than Oceania and Eurasia.  As we blind ourselves with our never ending selfies, and mindless “reality TV shows”, and egocentric views, the oligarchy continues to tighten the radius of our ever diminishing mind, and intellect.

In essence, we have outsourced our thinking to the ruling oligarchy, and with our inability to think we now defer to the government to enact laws to tell us how to act and behave. The wise know that one becomes a fool when they are no longer willing and able to think and act forced themselves. We should ask ourselves, what have our teacher’s taught us? And am I sufficiently astute to discern what they are teaching is true or not?

Dr. Richard Cirulli is a retired professor, business consultant, writer, columnist, and innocent bystander at large. He welcomes your comments at profirulli@optonline.net



eHeziFull to the Brim with Emptiness
By Dr. Richard Cirulli, Ph.D.

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