Has Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Been KO’D at Fortina’s Restaurant?

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial

A Sincere Thank You to All Instrumental in This Telling

The Blue Truth

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Det. President Keith Olson played alongside Machiavellian minds more astute at conjuring ways to undermine the Yonkers Police Department and the City of Yonkers than he could ever contemplate. Olson had at one time spurred his the debauchery of the past by his connivance with the one-time Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett who came to an amenable rationale that served them both equally when the first hand shake was clasped. Hartnett had the upper hand in the burgeoning days and months after their unofficial agreement. In time, especially when Hartnett chose to take on other responsibilities, Olson would come to rule the roost. Olson proved himself despotic and dismissive to the men and women in blue, denigrating them while embellishing the prospects of those who would be installed as PBA Trustees, exacting retributions among those who stood outside his inner circle. As he gained more control, his BFFs were permitted to run roughshod among the membership and hierarchy so as to bolster Olson’s control of the Yonkers Police Department. In time, Olson was enticed and thereafter seduced by the swamp dwelling politicians who suggested he would become an “equal” to their political aristocracy. Olson bought into the seductive prospect for himself and his inner circle hook, line, and sinker.

In time, Olson learned he had lost command. He was turned from being the pimp to becoming pimped. For awhile he earned the gifts offered men of prowess. No matter what he hears presently, he has become a financial burden. The financial reckoning will soon come before the Yonkers City Council. Loses in the millions will be exacted from the practically bare Yonkers City coffers. Olson has nowhere to hide. Olson has lost the “get out of jail free pass card.” Did Olson not realize that “Monopoly” is nothing more than a board game and that Yonkers City Hall is playing on a more sophisticated plane?

Olson traversed the political minefield that lay before him for many years because he was enabled to do so by Yonkers City Hall.

Circumstances in the City of Yonkers (CoY) have however changed. Yonkersites no longer drink as much Kool-Aid as they once did, and Yonkersites are not as gullible or as uninformed as they were described to be. Yonkersites are also angry over the unkept promises made decades ago that have yet to be delivered. No amount of hand shakes and Cup o’ Joe outreach efforts by the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) can expunge the sour racial divide that has been nurtured in the fourth largest city in New York State. PBA President Olson believes he will be voted another term in office as PBA president in January 2018n no one has come forward to vie for Yonkers PBA President to challenge him. When it becomes evident, even in hushed tones, that the Spano Administration is no longer keen in sustaining him as PBA President will he quietly go away, or will Olson recognize he has no other option but to stay. If the latter, the prospect of the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA) will have become the whipping boys and it will be painful.

It is unlikely that Olson will be able to sustain himself while traversing Yonkers’ political hijinks to which he was able to at first, and then maneuver around and about the threats that could have undermined his viability. Sadly for Olson, he has come to the end of his “fiefdom”. He is no longer necessary.

Failure is following Olson. He blew it for his members and blew it for his co-conspirators; Yonkers Police Chief Johnny Mueller who has been begging everyone and his brother to become the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. At issue is how can any politician make a guy who refused his own transfer, and threw a beer fest party in his precinct be sold to a knowing Public? It can’t! Goodbye Chief Mueller.

Yes, Olson is washed up and can do nothing more as a union president for his membership except send emails full of Yonkers PBA propaganda and make annual payments to former New York State Senator Nicky “Boy” Spano and Founder of Empire Strategic Planning (ESP) a lobbying group. ESP earns $48,000 from the Yonkers PBA annually, and earns $24,000 per annum from the Yonkers CLSA. Note that neither union, the PBA and the CLSA, were in need of being represented in Albany on issues specific to the local membership. They each had and still retain the services of their respective lobbyist for hyperlocal and state issues. It must be stressed that ESP is not permitted to engage in any conversation or influence the outcome for either union before the City of Yonkers (CoY). that is because Nick Spano is the oldest brother of the Spano Clan and it would be a conflict should ESP introduce any hyperlocal concerns to his brother, Mayor Mike Spano.

Olson chose to back incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino who lost the confidence of most labor officials in the race over that of the successful George Latimer, the Westchester County Executive-elect. Olson also went hot and heavy for incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin over newcomer Mike Khader, the Yonkers City Council President-elect.

Yonkers CLSA President Chris Sapienza went berserk with his own out of control emails chastising and crying about how Mike Khader was able to use photos on Facebook simply showing Khader interacting with Yonkers Police Officers. Yonkers Police from both unions, CLSA and PBA were quietly supportive of the Khader campaign. If only Sapienza had known or recollected the adage, “if you hang around a dog with fleas; chances are you will get fleas”. Both of these so called union leaders are nothing more than lame ducks now. They each laud and preside in their elected capacity until someone can find the missing “jewels” to make the challenge. On second thought, and I apologize for it being a second thought, a strong backbone, and an ethical standard seems more logical embodied by a woman in blue.

One may infer that both Sapienza and Olson were not cognizant that Mike Khader, Esq., is a guest, visitor, or resident in a nation where all  have inalienable rights and protections under the law. Yonkersites cannot be set up on phony charges or be threatened with internal transfers by some deal conjured up with Spano or those who speak upon his behalf, and that includes Spano family members. No, Mike Khader, Esq., has proven his legal capacity and ethical standards a force with which to be reckoned. Both Olson and Sapienza shot off some strong internal emails to their membership which have gone toward their respective characterizations of Mike Khader, Esq.

See this image at the end of this Hezitorial to see the email referred to herein:

No one has to wonder why 99 percent of Yonkers unions supported Khader while lame duck union heads Sapienza and Olson supported Liam McLaughlin, Esq.
Why all the internal emails derogatory of Khader? Why all the intimidation tactics from a police union leader well known for bullying the defenseless? Yonkers Tribune has learned through the promise of anonymity from those in the know, that they believe that one of the Yonkers PBA emails from Olson advised his membership to leave a box blank on an absentee ballot. The purpose of the “instruction” was intentioned so that a union representative would be later able to fill out the form for the members and thereafter have a union representative hand deliver the ballots to McLaughlin’s campaign headquarters.

Yes, this race had a lot riding on it for Olson. If McLaughlin had won, Mueller would have gotten one step closer to ruining a job that had already succumbed to diminished ethical standards in New York State; a job whose standards were undermined by Olson, where the membership pays Nick Spano’s lobbying firm ESP $48,000 and 24,000 annually, so as to keep Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, the wannabe Yonkers Police Commissioner a conversation piece.

The likes of Olson and politicians such as McLaughlin have been eviscerating the Yonkers Police budget allocations for years. this, while Olson got his friends promoted, a new SUV truck for himself, and his sister a high paying patronage jobs. Olson is the height of hypocrisy. Olson’s  only focus for the past eight years was attempting to expel Yonkers Police Officers, threatening civilians with parking tickets and arrests, and setting up other members with intentional write-ups and or stage fist fights. He also spent most of his time wining and dining on the PBA credit card, to which the union membership has not been privy to an account to which their union dues support, while he keeps Andy Quinn, Esq., on speed dial. Most members of his association have no idea of what they are entitled to or have any tangible evidence of Olson’s expenditures since having coming under his aegis by default.

Yonkersites get the bare bone minimum service as it is. Units and positions have been cut and gutted for years, this while Olson wined and dined with the likes of the Spano’s and McLaughlin. In fact, it was Keith Olson himself that offered up positions like the Housing Unit, the Precinct Aids, and Supervisory spots overlooking the Criminal Court. Many Yonkers Police Supervisors are currently responsible for more than one unit as well as more personnel. Where are you Chris Sapienza? Perhaps like a deer blinded, Sapienza is caught in the headlights. Are you still sitting on Vinny Spano’s lap while he pulls the strings?  The City of Yonkers has no School Resource Officers within any of the Yonkers Public Schools District. Meanwhile Olson’s Trustees and cronies are sucking up all the overtime in the precinct and in the Traffic Unit, while others await their in long line that doesn’t move. Cronyism perfected in Yonkers.

Keith Olson has been cuddling on Nick Spano’s lap since insiders in the know say he had his PBA Trustees count duplicate ballots dumped into one big lying pile of subterfuge. Likely by the end of this reading you should have received another Yonkers PBA propaganda piece on how how Olson has been trying for almost 8 years to get all our manpower and units back. The lying piece of s*it believes repeating the spin over and over will go unchallenged. Olson, your mantra is no longer credible as your legacy of spin differs from the historical resume.

So, in the month of December 2017, Olson began his Op-Ed’s, and email rants which few, if any open anymore.

Yes, Olson is done. If he goes unchallenged, that will give Nicky “Boy” Spano $48,000 for those summer “cheeseburgers” he serves his lap union dogs that screw their members at every chance to taste the Spano “cheeseburgers”.

Could Khader’s political victory mean the beginning of the end for Olson’s shadow office? Is this why Olson became so aggressive against Mike Khader. Could it be that Keith Olson is scared that Khader is a no-nonsense legal lawyer that will exposed Olson’s police misconduct? Could it be that Khader may refuse to indemnify the infamous Yonkers “Rat Pack” consisting of John Mueller and Brian Moran while the trio, which includes Keith Olson, await their fate in U.S. Federal Court in which admissions were made that all three Federal Defendants have committed work place harassment, and may have also violated a members First Amendment rights as a union member?

So the stakes are high for Keith Olson. Olson had to get down and dirty; and down and dirty, he did. Insiders in the know advise the Yonkers Tribune that Olson sent out another internal email using the City of Yonkers Police insignia asking his members to volunteer on Election Day to man the voter election polls to look for voter “fraud” in the Khader race. Sources in the know advise that Olson only managed to scrape up a handful of his board members and position those trustees inside various polling places throughout the city’s Westside, where some of them displayed their shields and guns, wearing Yonkers Police Department uniforms, and other accoutrements designating them as Police Officers in one capacity or another.

What kind of voter fraud were these Yonkers Police Officers supposed to look for and how would they even know what to look for? While all of this was going on, reports have it that the Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson reportedly confronted Mike Khader at one of the polling centers on Hamilton Avenue. Sources advise that Olson approached Khader and attempted to question his presence and reasons for checking on his poll watchers. Sources admitted under protection of anonymity that Khader just brushed aside Olson’s intimidation threat and told Olson to make his way to the Election Board should he had a complaint or complaints to lodge.

It must be very clear by now that Olson cannot Escape his Moquette Street bully demeanor by which many describe him. Olson’s conduct was clearly intentioned to intimidate Khader voters. Olson has clearly violated Federal Election Law; his conduct warrants a complete internal investigation as well as an independent outside investigation.

The Yonkers Police Department members need to rid themselves of Keith Olson. Union members of the Yonkers Police Department need to stand up and look for another leader. Do not be afraid of being targeted by Olson who has led you down into an abyss by targeting, threatening civilians, as well as police personnel. Keith Olson is at the cusp of being placed into a legal toasters he is not above the law. He has allegedly spent thousands of dollars in defending himself against New York State and Federal Civil Court actions with no end in sight. He is clearly shielded and protected by Nick Spano which could easily be construed as obstruction of justice. It also seems incongruous that a felon Nick Spano can be a lobbyist for a police Department anywhere in the U.S.A. Perhaps Nick Spano skates around this issue because the reality is that the annual payments to ESP are similar to a “no show job”. Has the PBA or CLSA membership ever gotten an accounting of the accomplishments made on their respective behalf by Nick Spano and ESP?

The next Yonkers PBA President may not want to cough up the members’ cash so quickly. Perhaps that is why Big “Bully” Olson became so aggressive against Khader?  Will Khader renew calls for all internal police complaints against Olson and others? Perhaps Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano should call for term limits on Olson. Either way, Yonkers civilians and newly elected politicians need to take a very close look into the inner working of Keith Olson and the Olsonettes (Mueller and Moran) who would DO and SAY anything against anyone for their own political agenda and survival.

Sources in the know advise that all the letters and complaints against this casts of characters are at Internal Affairs for all to read. As of this article, you can see how desperate Olson has become (Yonkers PBA email), next month his seat is up for grabs, so he is back from the Spano Rehabilitation Clinic and is calling for more units, manpower, false write-ups, civilian threats or anything else that will let him keep his PBA credit card.

Recently, a very naïve blinded PBA Third Precinct Union Trustee issued a parking ticket in front of St. Mary’s Church while prominent State, County and local politicians were celebrating Mike Khader’s victory. Another setup; even on a Sunday. Keith Olson evidently has no shame.

If that were not good enough sources in the know advise that there was a meeting at City Hall with officials from the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department discussing financial woes. Sources advise that Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh alluded toe YPD officials suggestively that if they were to enforce more traffic infractions then it could help CoY’s financial capacity to avert a Control Board.

What may have been said in jest by all those attending the meeting may have been said in jest or was in fact a looming crisis. At issue is whether a crisis is looming to which few are willing to ascribe their names on the record. In Yonkers you can wake up and find that Keith Olson has given you a parking summons, or is sending one YPD Detective, formerly an “old” Housing Unit buddy to engage in an unauthorized investigation and to abscond with your video equipment.

Since Yonkers City Council President-elect Mike Kader brushed aside Olson’s voter intimidation, reports advise that the Yonkers PBA is on an official Citywide shadow job action against the City of Yonkers and is not enforcing any traffic infractions.

One can presume the bully has been flushed out since Mueller has no chance of ever becoming the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. Given all the allegations, the Yonkers Tribune awaits a complete Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the Office of the Yonkers PBA. A full inquiry into the finances and actions of these individuals could lead to a Federal takeover of the Yonkers PBA. Maybe that is why insiders suggest Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller is interviewing for other gig.

Lastly, has anyone been attacked at this year’s Yonkers PBA Christmas Party by Keith Olson? Yonkers Tribune has learned that the newly opened Fortina’s Restaurant sports ringside seating.


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Dear PBA Members,

Over the last ten years the staffing levels in patrol have been decimated. We as a PBA are constantly urging the powers that be to return patrols, ESU units, specialized units, foot posts and to restore the 31 police officer positions to the budget recklessly taken away in 2011. I personally have spoken publicly about this, written more editorials and attended more meetings than I can count. I, along with the rest of the PBA Board & Trustees will continue to fight for the proper staffing of our job.

The attached document shows just how much we are being forced to do more with less these days.

eHeziHas Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Been KO’D at Fortina’s Restaurant?

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  1. The worst of 2017, Jonny the Joker Mueller, I refuse to transfer, but I will transfer and write you up.
    Keith Olson, I will beat you up, set you up and run to the Spano’s to make sure they go with it and don’t have IAD go after him. If that don’t get you, Olson will beat you with 7 other cops and steal your personnel file or do an unauthorized investigation against you. He also searches without warrants as sidework.
    Brian Moran the quite sneaky rat who also does exactly what Olson says and taught him how to search without warrants and conducts silent investigations against civilians and police personnel.
    Pataky the union trustee just steals all the overtime and will target and search motorists vehicles without probable cause.

      1. The Olsonette’s are all buying donuts outside Foley Square. Maybe you can bring those misguided sheep with you next court date KO. Make sure you fill up that City vehicle with gas or your might get written up by those once upon time guys that sit in your office.
        signed : what should we say.

  2. I was wondering if John “Snow” Mueller got that PC job in the County? He’ll throw the best beer bash at the County barracks that you’ve ever seen and transfer everyone but himself when he gets caught. Oh and overtime will be decimated for all County cops but don’t worry, he’ll hire his best buds PBA president Keith Olson and dick Sergeant Brian “choke chain” Moran. They will be on stand by to set you up and search your personal spaces when you speak out against the head whacko.

    1. Hopefully Olson will be thrown out of office or the green frogs like Pataky and the other PBA trustees will continue to mislead you and get 60 hours of overtime every two weeks. The choice is yours.

    2. Right, like when someone is gonna run against Olsen for President. Except they’re not and he’s running unopposed and all this talk was for nothing. As usual. LOL

      1. Well all is great with the world. We rang in another new year. Happy 2018. Seems as though at the moment Mayor Spano will get to keep his pet rat Keith Olson. Also seems he’ll be stuck with the rats best friend John Mueller. Make him Commissioner, I triple dog dare you.

  3. Members of the New PBA take back your union and send a failed union leader packing who has disgraced himself as well as the department.

  4. I am a new cop with about 4 years on the job. I am thinking about running for a PBA spot like John Viviano Jr. who made DD within 5 years and 2nd Vice President in about the same time. I heard he really was put there by the union president with no, none or any type of experience except sitting on the heavy guys lap. I heard others might be running for other spots too. I just hope Keith Olson won’t have me transferred, brought up on phony charges, or tell the Mayor about my plans. I also don’t want to be put on steady midnights. Don’t take it too personal but some things must change for the members.

  5. The Yonkers PBA President has single handedly allied himself against all the other unions in the City and with the City ” Godfathers “. The ugly truth is a bad bite KO, way stronger than targeting civilians and union members you labeled ” Blue Truthers “. You really should had labeled them victims. That bite will be your down fall.

  6. Extra extra, read all about it…. Mayor Spano makes a man, dressed up as John Snow, with a federal civil rights lawsuit against him Police Commissioner. Nice try a**hole, wth wants that kind of attention.

  7. Keith, just step down before you have to pay Quinn from Wayne’s stash. Leave the keys and thank the boys who protected you from police misconduct charges. Good luck limping around the Lauderdale beach.

  8. Nobody cares if you Blue Truthers run or not. You can’t run a campaign in anonymity and if you come out from behind your keyboards you’ll only get embarrassed. Again.

    My guess is Gerard realized that he was getting played by people like Timmy, Chuck and that fat loudmouth low class cab driver. Those guys don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

    Nice try assholes. The one thing you’ve accomplished is you’ve further outed yourselves. The worst thing a cockroach can do is shed light on itself and you’ve all done just that.

    Speaking of shedding light on yourselves the above post, which was authored by none other than John Donaghy, the head Olsonette cheerleader. John keep hiding behind KO but once he’s gone your 40-50 hours a check for collecting video on overtime will come to an end. Joe Spano is a shrewd man, he knows you and several other “Team Olsonette” cheerleaders are stealing overtime under chief Mueller. Also, when you refer to cockroaches do you include head Olsonette KO himself? After all he is the one that crawls over to City Hall all the time to rat everyone else out on what they’re doing while you guys continue to steal outright. While you’re collecting your 40-50 hours, KO is waddling through the precincts demanding a job action of no tickets. I’d say that hurts the taxpayer and nobody else. KO can’t shine Gerard Spano’s shoes and not only because he can’t bend over, but because Gerard would never sell out the membership. KO has done that over and over like a broken vinyl record. Mueller couldn’t shine Chucks or Timmy’s shoes either. So while you Olsonettes undermine them at every turn just remember that Mueller will never be Commissioner for the County PD or YPD. The man is a total nut job that wears a permanent smile and watches Game of Thrones wearing a costume every Sunday. John Mueller, you’re not John Snow you nut case. When the Olsonette house of cards comes crumbling down that’s when you’ll see all the cockroaches running. Until then enjoy your stolen overtime and stfu. Oh and Khader is not a cab driver. He owns a limousine company and actually pays employees and supports the YPD. He’s not living off of his in-laws.

      1. I doubt it once Latimers transition team starts asking questions into Jokers background and check his references out he will be DOA not to mention the civil suits he is named in the one that was recently overturned and the next expected one that will also be overturned against game will be over …..

  9. Keith do you really think the you are not on the Feds radar??? You know how many guys have given up info on you??? I am one of them ……

  10. PVB, or whatever creep you are. Thanks for pointing out all that is written on here. You just sealed all the allegations against a dirt bag like Keith Olson. Any one that steals evidence or taints cases or sets up civilians and or his own is a dirty rogue cop. Maybe you should mount some Top Class plates onto your family vehicle and put your family in the vehicle and see if some rogue PBA trustee or Olson himself targets or threatens to arrest you and your family for those plates. Not cool, huh?

    Maybe the one eye drunk may even show up and tell you to turn over property or go to jail. Wow, that is a fking dirt bag rat. Are you the same type of cop? Because if you are we will out you too, just like mutts like Vera, Pataky, and the others.

    Thanks for pointing out what the Tribune reports on. Oh, just in case you are Keith or an dirty rogue cop, it is ALL true. So make sure you perjure your incident report like Olson tells you.

    1. KO even tried to scam more money for his Tyrone House grope of Fernandez. No,he says he was working, no, he says he was going to a robbery, say anything, change the computers, too…..right Keith Olson. …..funny fat guy.

      1. Did Frankie the Drunk Rats family get a pension and lifetime benefits they were not entitled to after the Drunk Rat got himself killed with <20 years on the job?

        Was Frankie the Drunk Rat with a goomah on that fateful Valentines Day?

        And they gave Frankie 0.22 BAC the Drunk Rat an inspectors funeral?

        Frankie the Drunk Rat. Frankie 0.22 BAC. What a guy.

    2. johnylimo is a God send the guy is a cool cat always supporting us doing the right thing retired or active the guy treats YPD with respect and well liked except among the rat squad which is tops 30 members dont worry johnyboy we got your back and you know who we are!

    3. Johnylimo never loses i remember back in 2007 he supported Andrea stewart cousins we all thought he was crazy in the end she beat nick,then this year the mayor told him his brother cant beat liam many times over in the end liam got his ass handed to him,now john will be supporting Shelly another win for john

  11. Keith Olson, I am a new guy in the 4th precinct and was wondering why we did the job action. Now I am looking at a new overtime policy. What did you get out of it? Another job for a relative? or did you screw another PBA member?

  12. Mayor Mike Spano to announce he is running for Yonkers PBA President after Olson spends all the members cash on Nicky Boy Spano’s lobbying efforts.

  13. Nobody cares if you Blue Truthers run or not. You can’t run a campaign in anonymity and if you come out from behind your keyboards you’ll only get embarrassed. Again.
    My guess is Gerry realized that he was getting played by people like Timmy, Chuck and that fat loudmouth low class cab driver. Those guys don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.
    Nice try assholes. The one thing you’ve accomplished is you’ve further outed yourselves. The worst thing a cockroach can do is shed light on itself and you’ve all done just that.

  14. Oh we get it. How much will it cost the Yonkers PBA Candidates to run for office Mike Spano? Is it like buying an overtime shot in the police department. That is 300 cash.

  15. It is unbelievable how the Spano’s are interfering with the Yonkers PBA election process. They want Olson because Nick will continue to get his $ 48K, and the members get to work with less units, less of a budget, and 207c on their backs. The Yonkers Police Department has over 80 police officers out due to injuries and or sick. You think the morale is sick? The Spano’s need a dirty cop. So this election season the men and women of the YPD should know that Mike Spano clearly interfered in the PBA process. Other unions need to know when they are talking to the union rat PBA President, you’re really talking to the Spano’s.

      1. It absolutely says nothing about his brother. It says the Mayor likes his pet rat. After all his pet rat has sold the Union down the crapper for something that will never happen. When I have a little bitch, hell I like to keep her around too lol.

    1. Love it clearly St Nick needs that 75 k a year from both unions i heard that if any one does run against the fat gray river rat transfers will be handed out..talk about work place harassment…

  16. Mike Spano is done. anything he touches falls down. ask Liam,Wilson,and Matt. never a true Democrat,35% of his administration is republican…facts ….

    1. Guess leaving Keith in his seat and receiving the Yonkers PBA members cash and getting the CLSA cash is what it’s all about. Screw the Yonkers Police Association right Spanoville boys? Maybe a real cop will step up to make the challenge against Mike, Nick, Lenny, Johnny and all their union rat sell outs like the diabetic rare union rat Keith Olson.
      Now all the other unions know what really happen KO.
      Mike Spano give you another two years because everyone was threatened. You guys are made for each other. All uneducated road trash.

    2. Let get this straight, last I heard Mike Spano threw a Olson tantrum because his brother Gerard was running for PBA President! Now Mike Spano is clearly interfering in the Yonkers PBA race! No wonder you walk holding hands with that union rat president. Someone should contact the IUPA and tell them Mike Spano is running the Yonkers PBA now because he threaten everyone involved. See if you threaten transfers after you and Olson are gone. Two sh*t sticks made for each other.

    1. And the men and women of the Yonkers PBA has a 12 grader to thank for their 2 week failed job action. The members got a new vacation policy.
      Thanks to Keith Olson. Now give that man another two years will you.

      1. Rumors say no one is running against the Yonkers union thug. What a shame. That is why the Firefighters under Barry win time after time. That is why Spano can’t win and Liam lost.

  17. Doesn’t matter whether the union rat president stays or goes, it won’t admonish that he is a rogue cop and it won’t wipe clean the things he has done against civilians and others. As the Mayor decides his next move, Keith Olson will continue to be the thorn in everyone’s side. He will, as well as others will continue to be exposed for the community and the politicians.

    1. Run along Keith, and go hope in their sleeping bag. Don’t forget Nick’s cash, the new year is coming you union cheese nibbling rat.

  18. It is very sad that a Yonkers Moquette thug who has intentionally targeted civilians and members of the CLSA and PBA would continue to post empty quotes about unity. What’s the matter fat union rat? The threats you made against civilians including the new Council president eating at your gray fur? No problem go down to the Bronx Zoo and see a veterinarian and tell them you have “the unity virus”.

    1. One thing is for sure, Mike Spano and Keith Olson will be short lived in their positions. If Mike Spano doesn’t run for the Senate seat it is because he never had a chance and will be a lame duck just smooching the likes of his best police misconduct buddy Keith the rat union sell out. Sooner or later both body builders will fall.

  19. Unity is Stregth

    Old man and three sons
    Three Sons and a Bundle of Sticks
    Once upon a time, an old man lived with his three sons in a village. The three sons were hard workers. Still, they quarrelled all the time. The old man tried a lot to unite them but he failed. Though the villagers appreciated their hard work and efforts, they made fun of them on their fights.

    Months passed by and the old man fell sick. He told his sons to stay united, but they didn’t listen to him. So, he decided to teach them a practical lesson so that they would forget their differences and stay united.

    The old man called his sons. He told them, “I will give you a bundle of sticks. Separate each stick and you will have to break each stick into two. The one who breaks the sticks quickly will be rewarded more.”

    The sons agreed.

    The old man gave a bundle of 10 sticks to each of them and asked them to break each stick into pieces. They broke the sticks into pieces in minutes.

    And again they started to quarrel among themselves as to who came first.

    The old man said, “Dear sons, the game is not over. Now I will give another bundle of sticks to each of you. You will have to break the sticks as a bundle, not as separate sticks.”

    The sons agreed and tried to break the bundle of sticks. Though they tried their best, they could not break the bundle. They failed to complete the task.

    The three sons reported their failure to their father.

    Breaking bundle of sticksThe old man replied, “Dear sons, See! You could easily break the single sticks into pieces, but you were not able to break the bundle! So, if you stay united, nobody can do any harm to you. If you quarrel every time with your brothers, anyone can easily defeat you. I request you to stay united.”

    The three sons understood the power of unity and promised their father that whatever be the situation, they would all stay together.

      1. Did the old man take money from his kids for personal gain?did the old man ever set up any of his kids?did the old man ever throw out any of his kids from their home?did the old man ever hit or threatened any of his kids?? Keith you suck always did cant wait for rays 2nd lawsuit be reversed against you get ready to pay up you miserable bastard.

  20. Olson can’t face his enemy because he operates in the shadows of John Mueller and with other supervisors like Moran willing to lie, search, and steal for him.
    Just like nocturnal animals they operate when they think no one is watching. Case in point, he even attacks others from behind. Now run along and see who else you can set up. Grow a pair and face the next person you target.

  21. There needs to be a weight limit to be a union president Keith Olsen has been hanging out with nick and mike at Gulios I got to see Keith in person recently and let me tell you something he is HUGE bigger then Johnny limo these people are eating them selves to there death

  22. Here is what Keith Olson gave to you since 2010:

    A less than fair contract which has pushed too many new members into four days. New personnel lost the most. They lost 25 vacation days up front; they lengthened step raises, they slipped in discussions on force evaluations, the City of Yonkers still owe many members retro pay since signing the contract from 2013, many members lost 207c benefits since Keith Olson himself gave the City the right to switch the burden of proof to police officers who were out injured or sick… big since the Firefighters refused to even discuss it and never made changes that would affect their personnel.

    Olson impeached a well decorated VP of the PBA because he refused to sell out his membership and because he challenged and questioned Olson at several PBA meetings. The impeachment was conjured up by Olson who committed perjury and also targeted other police personnel.

    He has verbally threatened personnel with physical harm and targeted them with summonses, threats of arrest, and illegal searches of civilian vehicles. He aLso put out traffic stops taking back old PBA placards in lieu of a summonses, and conducted unauthorized investigations against CLSA and PBA members
    targeting members that were running for PBA positions with threats and false and trumped up charges. In one or two of those unauthorized investigations Brian Moran who searches and works for Keith conducted the investigation using a past Internal Affairs friend.

    He has physically attacked Yonkers Cops.

    He and others are currently being personally sued in Federal Court for clearly recognizable civil rights violations.

    His impeachment of the former VP was overturned in a 4-0 decision by the NYS Appeals Court.

    He has spent thousands in memberships funds on legal fees to defend himself and other perjurers.

    He has not paid retiring members their severance money. Nor does anyone from the association reach out to members to discuss their entitlements.

    This is why Keith Olson must be removed .

  23. Keith do you or Brian Moran have the file you put together on the former Captain? Is it with the DVD you and John Donaghy took from Dunwoodie? Now that is why the PBA needs a new face.

  24. Maaaaaaaa, what am I going to do mama? I heard I am being challenged by G. Spano. Maaaaaaaa, should I set him up like the others? I am really worried that the membership will find out how much of their money I am spending. Maaaaaaaaa, should I do another job action? Maaaaaaaaaaaa, answer me or I will have to punch the wall again.

      1. I used to like Eddie but when he started working traffic overtime while president that was pretty despicable all while other members and the mayors office watch and milked other members that deserved it

      2. Yeah, swear and set up civilians and Yonkers personnel and you get 60 hours of overtime every two weeks for 5 years in a row. Ask Joe M and Billy Pataky

  25. Make sure you Yonkers PBA that support a change show up and watch the New PBA Challenger, Gerard Spano do what must be done. Olson set up cops and civilians and created the site Yonkers isn’t Safe. He must be chased out of town and he will be. The New PBA President will reshape our image and vision. Look at this recent JOB action. What did it get you? Bad vacation picks and 72 hour rule. You know what Olson was doing? He was eating and drinking on your dime.

    1. Just ask yourself one thing: Are you better off now with Olson who sold and gave your benefits away? Keith only does things for his and Mueller’s benefit while impeaching members who speak out. Come election day be the very cops that you are and go vote without being intimidated. Vote for G he didn’t sell you out or his friends, Olson did for a Liam endorsement.

    “Yonkers, New York. U.S.A.”
    The Most Corrupt – City, in The Most Corrupt – State,
    in The United States.
    Yonkers has a terminal case of corruption.
    Please look up when walking the street in Yonkers.
    There most probably will be a Yonkersite landing on you
    from the elicit police activites.
    A Safe City for Whom ?

  27. Keith Olson if you can get Chief Hodges or the PC to give you a written reference like when you begged the Mayor for him to consider putting a good word for you with Gerard. Although you may not like working at the Dog Pound. Lol

  28. Please give me another 2 years so I can protect myself from the Montero Federal Law suit. For those who do not know about the case, you need to know just how dirty Keith Olson really is. Time for a much needed change or you won’t have anything left. Keith Olson is no doubt a liar and sorry to say a weak union thug. The Yonkers PBA needs a new start. Don’t worry Keith we will get Brian Moran to search your office before you leave.

    1. Keith Olson has never publicly or mentioned any of the union members he set up or mentioned why he went after local merchants with his summons book. He has spent thousands and thousands of the members cash on legal fees, and has lost in NYS Highest Court and no doubt will lose in Federal Court. Perjury and harassment of employees and civilians is not what any union President should bring. So get involved and read about the many years of lies.

  29. Merry Christmas to the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department and to Police Commissioner and others who have endured years of a very treacherous PBA President soon to be removed by the very people he sold out and targeted.
    Olson has targeted civilians, women, and police personnel. All based on deception.

  30. KO how much did you pay Monte when he won the NYS 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals? Thousands right? Heard the Foley Square case will start at 2 Million for violation of Free Speech. The work place harassment is a slam dunk, just listen to the Federal Link , Montero v City of Yonkers, PBA. Then Olson , Moran and Mueller targeted all the others. This is why Olson has to go. Keith needs this position because he is getting personally sued. Maybe you should call Gerard and ask for mercy KO. The mercy you gave the civilians, huh? Gerard is a lot smarter than you. The union President position is a common sense position, not a position where you abuse your authority and target good men and women.
    Now start looking for Wayne’s cash and clear your desk it smells like cheese.

    1. We will soon have another good union leader named Gerard Spano. His friends were also targeted by the fat man. Olson’s picture will be removed from that office. Gerard should have a forensic audit done and then impeach Keith Olson.

      1. Keith Olson you really should have taken lessons from Barry. They got so much more with no changes to their 207a. Suck it up KO; you sellout.

    2. Keith Olson is just a bully and a thug who can never be trusted. Just ask Barry about the contract. The fat liar went missing. He probably was looking for personnel files.

  31. My vote goes to the G-man! A cop that has worked for a lot of his career in the 3rd. He knows our issues. Keith, I have supported you in the past but not this time. We would like to see a change.

  32. Hey Keith I found a new company for those extra ballots just in case. Make sure Betty doesn’t screw this up like last time. We don’t want to get bagged like Vera did.

  33. Office of the New PBA is less than one month away. Merry Christmas to all the members that are not drinking the Olsonette’s egg nog. In 2018 your voice will be heard again. No longer will you be misled by Keith Olson whose actions against cops and civilians were deliberate and intentional. The Firefighters have a real union President that did not sell out his membership for a car and a job for his sister.

  34. Members of the Yonkers PBA, what was the real reason Olson had you do a job action? What was the real reason it stopped? Well he claims it was because of all the units were stripped, well that happened while he was President. As for the second question, the men and women suffered the most after the department responded to Olson’s selfish and foolish move. What did they get out of it? Thanks to the heavy O they got a brand new policy and nothing but a cold writing summonses. As for Olson he took his video taping of the supervisors doing their job to the Mayor’s office, but the door was locked. That was when the fool panicked and called the Christmas Yonkers PBA Job action off.
    Now was that Gerard’s fault, too? Come election day vote smart and never ever listen to Olson.

  35. Keith Olson is a bully and a lying thug. He had 7 years attacking supervisors, civilians, women, and uniform personnel, and gave us a nice 4 day sh*t contract. Now that certainly wasn’t Gerard.

  36. Keith the aftermath of a defeat by the Yonkers PBA members will mean that you will be transfered to General Assignment or have to retire since you can’t move; you will no longer be able to use Quinn that has cost the membership thousands of dollars in State and Federal court with a pending Federal defeat of work place harass, you will not be able to set up an attack civilians, women, and police personnel.Good luck Gerard you have the support of many unheard voices. Remember Olson sold the contract in 4 days and got a car and his sister a job with the City while giving away the store. Read his latest email. He list all of what occurred under his watch not G. Spano r any other name he posts on this site. Bye bye you perjurer.

    1. Yes very true. Something that Keith Olson can never understand. He is a liar and his service to the entire department was to make Mueller the PC. He would be the biggest mistake for the department. Mueller is a snake in the grass that hits on politicians and their aids for his own political gains. John, I have a female snake that I can introduce you to. Now don’t let Ko get to her.

  37. Citizens and businesses all over Yonkers are excited to hear change is coming,South Broadway merchants are so upset they lost foot patrols,X20 and Dolphin and other resident are complaining of bums and derelicts hanging out on the water front again they lost Bike patrols,McLean ave no detail on the weekends.Keith has no clue that when you cut out cops on patrol you hurt bushiness directly people wont shop if they dont feel safe.
    Under Keith Olson our PBA president we lost many units we all know that time to stand up and take our union back and restore integrity in the PBA.

  38. Hey I’m just wondering if that idiot recording secretary Betty Morales is going to make sure there are no double ballots stuck together and blank this time in those rotten wooden boxes the PBA uses back from the early 1900’s?

  39. Here is the kind of leader Keith Olson WAS. He spent and continues to spend the membership’s cash on defending a mutt like Vera, a former PBA trustee, and set up a good standing member for his own political gains. That is the real face of Keith Olson. Some call it a rat move. once a rat always a rat.

  40. DECEMBER 22, 2017 AT 12:52 PM
    No no Keith Olson. We know this is you trying to dirty up Gerard Spano. A man of integrity. You are no PRESIDENT, no other way to describe you, sorry. For all that don’t know, it is the MAYOR’S job to work for the taxpayers and try to get whatever concessions he can. That’s his job. Your Job Keith was to give nothing back and protect your membership. You didn’t do that. Actually you’ve never done that. You sold the membership out all for the pipe dream of having John Mueller made Police Commissioner. Fighting for that has been your only fight and in return for selling us out the MAYOR has kept you his bitch. You’ve been waiting like a lap dog for that time and the MAYOR knows deep down inside if he makes that nut Police Commissioner that is when the men and women of the YPD will forever hate him. This is all you can do Keith. Tear things apart. You represent the wrecking ball, look at the shambles you’ve created within the PBA. Gerard represents the builder, he will rebuild this union and work well with the Mayor as we all know they are brothers but thanks for pointing that out.

    1. Keith you never saw this one coming !
      Gerard Spano !!!!!!!!
      How are you going to undermine him ?
      How are you going to frame him up ?
      We don’t think so my brother !
      Listen, it will not be so bad.
      I heard the food is decent in most of the federal penitentiaries.

  41. Keith Olson where was your ” strength in unity “, when you abandoned all the other unions at contract time? Where was your strength in unity when you targeted civilians and CLSA members? And where was your strength in unity when you targeted and threw a member out for speaking out? You are a pathetic soul and a very very weak leader. Members of the YPD won’t be fooled anymore or misled by your trustees who are raking in the cash. Time for you to step down or be thrown out. Time for unity yes, but not with you at the helm. Beat it pal.

    1. Agreed! The right kind of leadership. Steve Scalise is a brave strong man and would be appalled if he knew how Keith Olson dismantled our association. It is time for KO to step down and pass the torch as he had his chance when Eddie Armour passed it to him. Only difference is if you pass it to Gerard Spano he will be the leader Eddie knew KO could never be. That is because he wanted KO to continue protecting the lie. Eddie and KO have been thicker than thieves and it has cost the membership more than we can stand. After all what sitting PBA president (Eddie Armour) would step down and place himself in the treasurer position? I’d say it wasn’t for the benefit of “we the membership”, that’s for sure. Step aside Keith Olson or be steam rolled by the “CRIES FOR CHANGE”.

    1. Maaaaa, can you make a call to Gerard and ask him to not run? The books are not ready for inspection yet. Maaaaaaaaaaaa, what will happen to my two best friends, 14b Mueller and who needs a search warrant Brian Moran. Maaaaaaaaaaaa, don’t let me punch another member.

  42. Keith Olson is not the leader you guys believe him to be. Back on Sept. 25 of this year we had a female officer shot in the face and the responding units were pinned down under fire. Hero cop after hero cop responded and saved the life of this courageous female officer. There was a call to ESU during this heavy job and an ESU officer (we’ll refer to him as P.O. Anonymous) was ordered to respond to this shootout with one of the armored vehicle’s ASAP. This officer, for whatever reason walked around in circles for over 20 minutes before leaving the ESU building. Some say because the officer is a coward. Some say this officer always dresses up but never goes to the dance. In any event it’s all on video at the ESU office and in relation to this incident some would determine malfeasance or dereliction of duty on P.O. Anonymous’ behalf. The PC and CO of ESU demanded disciplinary action pending dismissal for these cowardly actions. How does this relate to Keith Olson? I’ll explain. He once threw a union member out of the PBA for allegedly sending a common knowledge email to a news outlet. He said that it was “detrimental” to our association, lol. Now instead of Keith Olson throwing P.O. Anonymous out of the Union for his cowardly actions or telling him to retire before being fired for the safety of the rest of the membership and the men and women he works with in ESU, what does Keith Olson do. He goes to the Mayor, to circumvent the PC, to save his job, wtf. I have to say that this is a job I prefer you lose or at least this is an Officer I would implore you to write up a petition against for removal from the Union. I’d say his actions were “detrimental” to our members as they could’ve been killed. Keith you are despicable. What did you promise the Mayor in order to save this cowards job when you attack solid members of the PBA. Based on this and this alone you should step down and let an honorable man like Gerard Spano be our PBA president. Only thing is this is just the straw that broke the camels back. You’ve done so much “detrimental” shit it’s amazing that the membership hasn’t held up torches at rallies demanding your resignation. You are the worst union leader in the history of the PBA. This is just another fine example of how far you’re removed from the membership. You haven’t been in a patrol car for over a decade if not more. Hell you couldn’t even fit into a patrol vehicle any more. Retire already and take P.O. Anonymous with you. Better yet why don’t you throw yourself and that coward out of the Union. Hahaha

    Best wishes to Gerard Spano. You can beat Keith Olson blind folded.

    1. Why don’t you call Keith a coward to his face a—hole! The anonymous cop you claim Keith is protecting was called to the scene by telephone and then a 10-23 was given within seconds after the phone call. Get your facts straight, you are so courageous calling for his termination and calling him and Keith cowards while hiding behind your keyboard. How manly, go f—-k yourself.

      1. Ask the men and women of the job jerkoff. There is never a 10-23 when a cop is shot in the face dirtbag. You go ask anyone in ESU if they feel safe working with him. If you’re a cop, shame on you. Keith Olson will have to own this just like he has to own how he has sold out our membership for favors. That’s not how a Union is run. That armored vehicle represents safety to the men and women working that crime scene. Both Keith Olson and P.O. Anonymous are cowards. Keith Olson threw a cop out of the Union for opposing him and running against him for president. Had him transferred although his douche bag lawyer Quinn says Keith doesn’t have the power to transfer lol. Ask Santobello about who transferred him. It wasn’t the PC. I’ll give you one guess “So Courageous”? The entire job minus Keith’s personal friends know he’s a corrupt union leader and he’ll be dealt with come January. So F**k you and the other two cowards.

        1. You are so angry with Keith that you are painting everything he touches with the same brush. All those things you mentioned about what Keith is alleged to have done has nothing to do with the anonymous cop he’s protecting. Give me a break with the bullshit, each case is different. I give Keith credit for defending the cop you call a coward. You are so courageous yet you yourself hide. Again, as already pointed out a 10-23 was given you assh—le, the Guy was not on patrol he was on the desk duty that night. Once the 23 was given he had no reason to go. Go stick your head up your ass. You are so brave. You say you disagree with Keith throwing Ray out yet you criticize Keith for defending this cop. You make no sense at all. Go get your shine box.

          1. Yes “sticks and stones” yes. Once again what would you classify as “detrimental” to the PBA membership? A man who gets thrown out of the PBA for no reason other than to silence the truth of what DIRTBAG Keith Olson has done or a COWARD who refuses to respond to a cop shot scene? Get your head out of “YOUR” ass. I’m having a feeling you yourself are a COWARD. I’m not sure if you realize because you seem dim witted but this whole Tribune site is anonymous. Another KO tough guy behind his smart phone lol. Only problem you’re not too smart. I believe the right choice is for P.O. Anoymous to pack it in and retire along with KO for certainly P.O. Anonymous doesn’t have the stomach for this job anymore. You can defend him all you want but if you ask the men and women on the job they will tell you he is a COWARD! I am wondering and have a question for you? Did P.O. Anonymous respond to Jacobi Hospital at all that day or the next? It wouldn’t excuse him for what he did but it would matter to some degree. Looking forward to your response. But I believe I know the answer.

      1. Yes we do. Gerard didn’t throw members out, KO did. Gerard didn’t agree on the contract, KO did. Gerard didn’t target civilians, KO did. Gerard didn’t have supervisors perjure themselves, KO did.
        Gerard didn’t tamper with evidence, KO did.
        Gerard didn’t have PBA members targeted and transfered, KO did. Gerard didn’t spend thousands of dollars of union funds only to lose to Montero, KO did. Gerard didn’t set up CLSA members, KO did. Gerard didn’t attack another union member at a party, KO did.
        Gerard didn’t threaten the new incoming Counsel President, Olson did.
        Bottom line it is time for change. Pack up Olson and take your pictures with you they won’t be ever used except for furniture pads.

      2. No no Keith Olson. We know this is you trying to dirty up Gerard Spano. A man of integrity. You are no PRESIDENT, no other way to describe you, sorry. For all that don’t know, it is the MAYOR’S job to work for the taxpayers and try to get whatever consessions he can. That’s his job. Your Job Keith was to give nothing back and protect your membership. You didn’t do that. Actually you’ve never done that. You sold the membership out all for the pipe dream of having John Mueller made Police Commissioner. Fighting for that has been your only fight and in return for selling us out the MAYOR has kept you his bitch. You’ve been waiting like a lap dog for that time and the MAYOR knows deep down inside if he makes that nut Police Commissioner that is when the men and women of the YPD will forever hate him. This is all you can do Keith. Tear things apart. You represent the wrecking ball, look at the shambles you’ve created within the PBA. Gerard represents the builder, he will rebuild this union and work well with the Mayor as we all know they are brothers but thanks for pointing that out.

    1. Cant wait to see Keith open up the books and show the members how much of their hard earned money he gave away…..
      Johnny law….
      Checks made out to cash…..
      This is the beginning of the end of KO…

    2. Olson’s last job action was for Johnny 14b Mueller. Mueller refused to get transferred and Olson pulled a job action. Members of the YPD, did Olson do that for you? They transferred your former Vice President of the YPD and nothing was done. Oh, that was because he was set up by Olson just like he sold the membership out on the contract. Now he had you on a job action and what did that do? Well, Keith Olson got you a new vacation policy screwing the membership. Dump Keith Olson.

  43. All I want for Christmas is Gerard Spano to be my PBA president. Ohh and Santa please deliver a lump of coal to the PBA office. Keith Olson has been very naughty. He has set up his own union members and also some good CLSA members. Mr. Mayor please give me two more years and I totally promise I will sell my membership right into the ground. Keith there’s nothing like digging your own grave and then throwing the dirt on yourself. Some union leader. Ahh well, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  44. Keith Olson will soon see a public campaign in support of anyone that runs against him. My source says that a few people will come forward and give statements about abuse of authority and criminal actions against those individuals who were subjected to such abuse and criminal action. Videos and pictures and copies of tickets that were never submitted will come out very soon as proof of what a rogue cop does to citizens of Yonkers.

    1. G. Spano will find out how much you spent to defend yourself against one of those cops you targeted. This campaign is about all those units KO lost and offered to the City. Then you call for a job action right before your election. Your not fooling anyone KO. Keith Olson sold out the entire membership for John the Joker Mueller. Here is a quarter… why don’t you guys head up to Albany to submit your papers. First hit… check your deferred Comp. You are going to need it for your Federal case.

  45. Please Mr Mayor I need help. I backed Liam and he cut all the services and units with me being the PBA President. I told Moran not to target Montero and anyone associated with him. I don’t understand, I only been in charge since 2010 when Montero defer this position to me.

  46. Members of the Yonkers PBA, tell your partners, text, email and or call and let them read the Tribune to find out what Keith Olson, Brian Moran and John Mueller did to citizens and Yonkers CLSA and yes, PBA members. Read all about it, it is telling.

  47. You are done Keith! Gerard Spano represents everything that is right with our Dept. You have never seen a challenge like this. Run scared my friend!!!

  48. McClatchy/Marist

    Fresh in from the polls

    Gerard Spano- 330

    Keith Olson- 150

    One of the most accurate polling firms prediction. They must be Yonkers Tribune readers as well.
    Good luck and best wishes Gerard Spano.

    Remember Keith Olson endorsed Liam McLaughlin and single handedly ended his Council Presidentcy. The people of Yonkers aren’t fooled Mr. Olson. Remember these words: capricious and arbitrary. Nobody is buying what Mr. Olson is selling. The membership is behind you all you have to do is run.

  49. Keith Olson has to go. Business community and citizens of Yonkers are sick and tired of the Police services he cut. Support anyone but Keith Olson. KO is too busy worrying about making a chief the next commissioner while the beat cop on south broadway is no longer there….

  50. KO- 481
    GS- 0
    Problem is there are only 480 cops. Remember that time when there was an election back in 2012 and Betty Morales mixed all the ballots together after the ballot boxes showed up to the first pct. late. Then at the end of the count there was an extra ballot stuck to another and it was blank. We all showed up to the first precinct believing that there was integrity in the election process. The membership got the wake up call of a lifetime that day and so goes the story of how we got Keith Olson and since that time have lost police positions, posts, units, 207C and anything else Mr. Olson felt he could sacrifice without the memberships blessing. All for the sake to try to have an EDP called John Mueller made Police Commissioner. Corruption at its finest. I was excited that day to see Ray Montero elected president. But when those last two ballot boxes arrived late followed by Keith Olson and Eddie Armour I knew something was rotten in Denmark. They both had the look of the cat that ate the canary and sinister smirks on their faces.
    I hope to God these rumors are true and Gerard Spano runs for the PBA presidency. Watch those boxes like a hawk and make sure Eddie Armour isn’t up here on vacation Election Day. And then it will be Gerard Spano who is the cat that killed a mouse.
    God Bless your heart Gerard Spano. You have the fortitude to run that office the proper way.
    If Keith Olson had any dignity he would just bow out gracefully for even he knows he’s been a bad leader and can’t beat Gerard Spano.

  51. Come on Keith, do yourself a favor and admit you failed to deliver on behalf of the union members. You broke ranks with every other union in the City and sold our members out on cash and some very valuable 207c coverage. Before your 4 day contract deal the new hires received 25 vacation days and they fell under the old 207c guidelines. You Keith and you alone sold the Yonkers PBA out to keep your seat while the other unions said no. Nah, those numbers you predicted are way off providing there are no double ballots like last time. Oh, sorry, I wasn’t suppose to mention that or the fact that you target and continue to target civilians and sadly Yonkers cops. You even conjured up lying charges against a Yonkers cop. For that my friend we always told you that we the Yonkers PBA will rise up again and regain what you gave away. Hit the road pal, you lost control for your sick thoughts of having that nut job John Mueller run a crime syndicate. To that end the good men and woman of the Yonkers PBA will change your oil. Start packing even your board knows it’s time. Text me I will see if I can get you a job with the downtown BID.

    1. There is a tidal wave coming to sweep out a union leader that has tried to instill fear into civilians and union members. Olson has given away the store. He failed the membership by breaking the golden rule. He failed to protect each and every member.

      1. This ain’t Mingy Mr. Olson. You are up against Gerard Spano. Do yourself a favor before you embarrass yourself. You know the saying, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Go home, take a good look in the mirror and repeat after we the PBA membership. “I can’t win”. There’s a reason why you can’t win and it has nothing to do with Mingy or anyone else. It’s your record. I read your pathetic email and almost threw up my matzo ball soup when I read how much you sold the Police Department out. I thought it was insane. Was this an act of contrition on your behalf? Your record is about as good as Maxine Waters. We just want you to go away quietly and vacate our PBA office. Leave the door keys and Car keys on the desk and Wayne and Jimmys cash as well. Take your surveillance cameras, listening devices and Captain Itzlas file as well. Since when does a PBA president investigate a DD captain? Why is our office always occupied by John Mueller and Brian Moran? There’s another old saying, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” You have become a lame duck Union President and come January you will be quacking in General Assignment. We will be watching you closely though to make sure Moran isn’t putting in bogus overtime for you. Your record has proven one thing and that’s that you can’t be trusted. Please order Gerard Spano a new chair. The springs on yours are demolished.

  52. Keith Olson walked into the Vice President PBA seat way back in 2005 and then to the president seat in 2010. In that time he had spent the good part of his time pushing a CLSA issue rather than those of the PBA. He has spent exorbitant amounts of the members cash attempting to silence a former PBA Vice President and is now using the Quinn firm to defend himself from a federal lawsuit he brought unto himself. He continues to harass the Khader family. Mike Khader recently won the council president seat within the City. I’m sure Keith Olson won’t get a minute of his time. For those members that are unaware the former Vice President (Raymond Montero) was reinstated to the PBA by a unanimous decision by the highest court in NYS. They called Keith Olson’s actions against Montero capricious and arbitrary. Need anything else be said? On top of that I wonder if he told the membership that the PBA was ordered to pay Montero court fees which cost thousands of dollars. I got a disturbing email from Keith Olson pointing out what we’ve lost over the years. When I read it I realized all the things we’ve lost all came under his leadership so how would he have the audacity to even send out such an email pointing out all his failures as our leader. It’s a slap in our faces. Who is he trying to blame? Maybe he is finger pointing at John Mueller now. After all, if he hadn’t spent all his days trying to make Mueller Commissioner maybe we wouldn’t have lost all these things. Does anyone remember when he forced a contract vote several years ago when his seat was up for re Election? Three days of total lies on how we wouldn’t be affected by the 207C burden of proof shifting to us. I say that was pretty shifty on his part. Be weary of what he may do and say now as he faces another re Election bid come January. I’m hearing he will be in a real fight for the presidency. Pay attention and watch what Keith Olson resorts to. He will do and say anything to continue to control the purse strings of our association. Come vote time, vote him out. He had his time and proved more than ineffective among other things. Another “Fat Cat” union head speaking for himself and a handful of friends. That’s not what the majority of the membership wants or deserves for their dedicated service.

  53. Gerard Spano you now must walk the walk. You know Keith Olson will do the same he has done to other PBA members. He will target you and attemp to set you up. You are well respected and held in high regards within the YPD. We know Keith Olson is frowned upon and hated by all but a few supporters only looking to further their careers. We call them “yes men” but they are really despicable to condone Keith’s actions so you don’t need their support anyway. We all know the Mayor is your brother and we all know blood is thicker then water. You will be fine. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This course has been chartered for you and you will represent the men and women of the great YPD with the dignity and respect you hold and they deserve. Walk the walk my friend you will be unstoppable. You represent all that this Job used to be. Keith Olson has ran the Association into the ground. You will be the man to build us back into greatness. Keith Olson can’t even get the membership to execute a job action and I’m certain he put on his knee pads today and is begging the Mayor to call you off. Stay the course my friend. The fire department gets Barry and we get stuck with Keith. Life isn’t fair at times but walk the walk brother!

  54. Word is that the FF’s had a big legislative win in Albany. How much of FF dues money did Barry give to Nick Spano to lobby this legislation? Zero? Really? And the Gov signed the law? And no pay off to Nick Spano? WOW

    1. Let’s talk straight Mr. Sleepless. Everyone on the street that answers the radio run is Blue Truth. Remember it was Keith Olson and guys like Vera that brought shame to the Yonkers police department. Neil for doing numerous search warrants based on all lies which resulted in a death which could have been someone you may have known. So tell me my friend, would you or any other person you know like to be set up or targeted by your union President, or lying cops? I think not. Keith Olson reaps what he sows. The Yonkers Tribune’s Blue Truth has brought light to this police misconduct.
      Remember it was Keith Olson and his current board that set up CLSA and Yonkers PBA members with false and staged allegations. So you see my sleepless friend, the Yonkers Police personnel and the citizens Olson has threatened and attacked were never scared of these rogue cops, they fought back. So I stand for Freedom of Speech and the Protection of the Law and if that my uninformed friend means being labeled Blue Truth,then I stand with them or thugs like Olson will be coming for you and your family. That is why Olson needs to go. The membership already knows he sold them out for another term and a job for his sister. Look at Barry and his membership. Now that is a union. They don’t throw members out for speaking up.

  55. Can’t wait till G wipes the floor with this guy. Long time coming and no I’m not a blue truth member. I think a lot of us have been waiting for a legitimate challenge to Keith for a long time. Sleep well

      1. difference now is the ballot box will be watched by both sides with lawyers representing Gerard Spano maybe even if we ask the state attorney general for intervention based on past rigged elections sanctioned by dirty PBA trustees….

        1. You better have somebody do something. Keith Olson can’t help himself. He is a recidivist at heart. He will stop at nothing to lie, cheat and steal in order to retain power. A wise man once said power is not relinquished, it’s seized. Now Detective Spano, seize your power and take this PBA into the 21st century. Keith Olson still uses wooden boxes for members to cast their votes. There is a reason behind this and it’s not to save money my man. I’ve read the PBA By laws and you’d think you’ve stepped into a 1920’s gangster flick. You can’t make this sh*t up people.

  56. The Yonkers PBA President is some Jerry Springer sh*t. Please give me another 10 years of spending your cash and then I will take a paternity test to see if John Mueller is my Daddy.

  57. Mr. Mayor, Council Pres. elect Khader and YPD commissioner,

    Can we just put in speed cameras already? So we can tell the pba leader to go scratch. Although…, His tantrums are priceless. Just the beginning I foretell.

  58. Talk about sellouts or the will to stand up for the membership? Keith Olson single handedly ruined the job by letting ALL the units and budget dwindle, not to mention ALL the illegal things he did against civilians and civilian employees. The dirty trio has lied, stolen, and threatened civilians and police personnel, not to mention that he used member’s cash to have them transferred and denied promotions. This police misconduct continues today as he runs to the Mayor instead of the P.C. who is told to leave the fat, overfed union rat alone.

    Gerard is not a vengeful person or a dirty cop like you Keith Olson. Case in point, Montero v Yonkers PBA. Remember, it was you who threw a decorated Vice President of the Yonkers PBA out of the union based on vengeance? Remember you and that EDP John Mueller targeted John Khader with parking summonses. There was no job action then. What about that drunken Sgt. Viviano? What about the time you brought your entire board to Federal Court to try to intimidate one union member?

    Yes, Keith Olson or others like you, no other Yonkers Police Officers would do the dirty things you have done. Shame on you for threatening and questioning a black woman because she was talking to a Yonkers cop you didn’t like.
    Shame on you and others for committing perjury for Keith Olson and tampering with evidence.

    Gerard didn’t sell out the membership, you alone did. Gerard stood out of all your targeting until you kept targeting his friends. You brought him and others into this internal war, which will be won. He can deal with politicians a lot better than you because he don’t f**k his own or go against other unions. Charlie Dematteo , Brian Moran or John Mueller all nut jobs. Your treachery is coming to a screaming halt as you’re about to crash into the wall of Justice in Federal Court.

    Then all will be told by a lot of supervisors. Olson we won’t let you run from the truth. Wear it around you fat neck, while you snuggle with that nut job Johnny Mueller.

  59. Bottom line is that Keith Olson was never a street cop. He worked with zeros like Venturino, Donaghy, Moran in street crime and employed the same methods he clearly employed against Yonkers Police Department employees
    He always worked from behind a computer like when he was on patrol playing video games instead of answering calls. That’s of course when Olson wasn’t stealing all the candy from the vending machines in the 4th. Guess that’s why they call him the diabetic sugar rat. Once a zero always a zero. Yonkers needs a new leader or the next mayor will inherent the calls for justice.
    Keith Olson has never made a comment about it , now will he ever. He is the PBA’s top perjurer.

    1. It is time for a change, but Gerard Spano? Will he have the balls to stand up to his brothers when City Hall tries to stick it to the union? Keith gave away union members’ rights for personal gain. Gerard may be forced to choose between his duty to represent the best interests of the union and against his family. Starting with those $48,000 payoffs to Nick. PBA members might be walking from a frying pan into a fire with Gerard.

  60. Is it true that Charles DeMatteo is writing all this negative shit about the Spanos? Shame on you Charles! After all they did for your brother Chris. I sure hope your mentor Tom Phelan doesn’t condone this behavior you ungrateful prick!

  61. I heard Keith “I don’t have the authority to transfer anyone” Olson is violating the law once again. The Public Employees Fair Employment Act (more commonly known as the Taylor Law) Prohits this obese dirtbag from telling our membership to stop writing summonses. So let’s seek out the truth of why such a vile individual would seek to hurt the City in which we protect and serve and circumvent the “Taylor Law”. Keith Olson has been the PBA president since 2012 and prior to that his puppet Eddie Armour(hell of a nice guy but has strings coming out of his back) was the president. Under both leaderships they gave the candy store away in an attempt to have EDP John Mueller made Police Commissioner. So why this “Job Action” and why now? It’s simple; the writing is on the wall as the political climate changed and they are now proceeding to their usual strong arm tactics because they know Mueller will NEVER be PC now. So now KO goes to the precincts to bash the administration for everything he (Keith Olson) and his predecessor Eddie Armour gave away. Predecessor and successor have sold the membership down the river. Come January it’s time for us to sell Keith Olson down the river. Pack your bags fat man, you’re done and don’t forget to take that stained sweater vest you love so much. Oh, and John Mueller and Brian “Choke Chain” Moran will not be welcome in the PBA office when you’re gone. Well by then they’ll both be County employees, not! Lmao, what a bunch of assholes.

  62. Gerard Spano will be a breath of fresh air in the PBA office. He is someone who is a cops cop and will do the job and look out for all members not just a few.

    1. At least he won’t be sitting with those three rats, Mueller, Moran and Olson. Be careful G. these guys might set you up. Moran is probably following you already and has put together a file on you like they did Itzla.

  63. Keith Olson XXXXXXL stained sweater vest 150 bucks

    Drinks and snacks at the Yonkers Brewery for KO and his entourage 300 bucks

    Special orthopedic walking shoes for the six hundred pound corrupt union leader 600 bucks

    PBA Christmas party at the upscale Fortina restaurant 14K

    Watching this dirtbag Glutton get bitch slapped and have his PBA president seat run by Gerard Spano…….PRICELESS

    1. Heard the only people hanging in the PBA Office are the three wise rats, Mueller, Moran and I did not steal any personnel files Keith, the sugar rat Olson .
      Remember no summonses or I will video you and then threaten to take you in the woods.

  64. Dt Gerard Spano gaining speed!! Won’t be long now till he rollls you over K.O! That’s not easy to do because of your size but it’s coming.

    1. Yes sir, just like Keith Olson is following YPD supervisors and video recording their actions. Then he will make an endorsement that don’t mean anything. Just ask Liam how he is doing.

  65. Get this, now the large guy is mad and put his ticket book in his draw with Wayne’s cash. Poor maybe they won’t make thevery guy with pasted smile.

  66. Olson where are your petitions? Did you lose them in your cheeseburgers? Maybe you left them at Nicky Spano’s house when you guys were setting up your next victims.

    1. Know your facts fat boy. It seems it is only for Neil Vera only. You would think differently if it was from your wallet and not the taxpayers.

        1. The Yonkers PBA Leader went against every union in the City to comb Nick Spano’s hair and now he is doing a city wide job action again. Just pay the man will you KO.

  67. You really screwed up Keith Olson and ruined a once respected office for your own corrupt agenda. Your lies against civilians and police personnel have caught up to you. You have protected dirty union trustees that have time and time committed perjury against others. Now you have your dirtbag union trustees thinking that a job action will bring back all those units YOU offered up while you made out with Liam, Felon Nick, Lenny the other union sellout loser, and the rest of your crew. People from the community and the ranks of the YPD say not so fast you over fed union rat. You sure are a bully who is afraid of decent men and women. Members of the YPD look for an alternative who is not burning our cash on illegal and Spanoville cheeseburgers.

  68. Yonkers PBA members; do not follow a thug who would set you up and threaten your family. Go out and do your job, Olson is done in Yonkers. He gave your rights away to the city. Ask other union heads.

      1. Could we suggest that the Olsonette’s should start there own little department, where Mueller can be PC, and Olson and Moran can set people up. Maybe the Spano’s can give them the old R/ Cars. Maybe KO can partner up with Lenny Spano and fk more people.

    1. Why is Keith Olson doing a job action?
      A) raised money for the Spano’s
      B) they won’t make Jon Mueller the Joker PC?
      C) Mike Khader is going to wax KO’S ass with an 8 foot stepladder and a handful of investigations?
      Please KO no ticket books allowed during the quiz or trustees.

  69. I will have to vote for him. At least he won’t set up civilians and other cops. We also know that he does plant things on people and won’t search without a real authentic signed search warrant. Right Keith Olson and Brian Moran? Two real live low running curb runners.

  70. Just heard from a very good source that the mayors brother, Dt Gerard Spano is set to announce that he is running against Keith. If true, this will get real interesting pretty fast.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt that…
      Gerard Spano has used up
      KO, for all of the Spano’s cover ups…..for all these years….

      This would be a very typical thing for the Spano’s

    2. Gerard Spano,Vincent Spano
      Are a big part of the problem with the PBA ALREADY…
      The Yonkers city Employees know that they are trouble makers, and when Gerard Spano & Vincent Spano get in trouble then run away, and hide behind Nick Spano…

      1. Haha, nice try Olsonettes. Gerard Spano is an honest, hard working Detective that has the support of 90 percent of the membership. Hell, at the Christmas party I thought he was already the PBA president. It’s probably a good time to lose your seat anyway there fat man, you never know when that stinky office will be raided and a net thrown over your fat ass. I have never seen such an abuse of the PBA office ever since the spot was willed to you. You’re a County wide embarrassment and come January you will be an ex PBA President embarrassment. Oh and nobody, I truly mean nobody wants you, Brian Moran or John Mueller working for the County. You idiots must’ve got a hold of Chiarella’s weed stash lol

  71. Olson is a union dirtbag that broke protocol with all the other unions in town. The weak man got a car, a promotion and a job for his sister who never had a real paying job until Keith Olson sold out every union leader in the City besides his entire membership. Some of his board should break protocol and select a new cleaner leader that is not rogue, or steals police files, or threatens civilians with arrest and summonses. When the Department of Justice (DOJ) lands they should shut the Yonkers PBA Office down and bring in a large rodent specialist. Then they should go up to that bought and paid for fake Chief Mueller’s office and throw hair growth on his head before his next interview for another job. Bye-bye you Loone, take your two dirty cops with you. Yonkers PD will be a lot better without you and those Spano’s.

  72. the joker will never be commissioner of any departmen. did you forget he is named in not 1 but 2 lawsuits??? not too mention he has zero qualifications,but is known to throw the best beer fests and defy orders…lol

    1. Word is that Nicky, the felon, is tapping the Joker for a county top cop. Joker will really hit the skids then and fat KO has been seen wearing a special helmet and banging his head against wall of the PBA office. Good luck westchester county – get ready for 12xhr tours and no OT ! Crazy joke man.

      1. That nut job can only try to hit on some politicians aid or themselves. Move on you Joker Mueller. Here is a quarter. Go down to the Yonkers PBA office and have Olson gnaw that pasted smile off of a Mueller. Also stop begging you fool. Don’t you have to sign some lies about someone?

  73. This just in most of the board will be retiring soon, they have had three or four years of 60+hours of overtime compared to the patrol force. So if you consider running for any union spots under Keith Olson there is a smell test used by the large guy.
    You must not report any police misconduct
    You must clearly lie and swear out a report to it at any cost. ( refer to the Neil Vera Doctrine or the Moran Doctrine)
    You must never ever say you opinion or talk about the Joker Mueller or have to target a civilian or another member.
    Hurry nomination next month or be set up and transferred.

    1. Don Spano and the weak lying union leader need each other. One rat gives the other rat the members’ cash at all cost and transfers. The Feds should just check Olson’s books.

    2. Yeah Mueller commissioned the fool that refused a transfer. His resume couldn’t get him the Commissioner of the ASPCA where there are no files for Olson and Moran to steal.

  74. Looking for cash money? We need to make Mueller PC and we need to be able to commit more police misconduct. So we need someone new to back since we lost all our races. Pleae call the Yonkers PBA Office on Monday to drop cash only off. Don’t call until after 11 am, that is when Debbie Hiccup is in. Leave a message for the big guy that usually wears a Polo see through shirt that looks like a woman’s size 20 dress. It may have some cheese dripping off it. Try not to stare if you encounter any other board members there or you run the risk they may plant a package on you and swear it is yours. Just leave the cash and run or they may search your house while you are not their. Make sure to leave your name on the envelope so they don’t give you parking summons in front of your family or church.

    1. Keith there are 5 cars parked illegally on Ashburton Avenue. Can you get your fat a** down here; there are no cameras. Also send that drunken one eyed Sgt. to threaten some citizens with arrest. Also send that planter, too. I think he may want to do a car stop after he reports a bogus incident like you.

  75. Hurry you can place this year’s Christmas order now and get two Spano Keith Olson lawn ordaments for the price of? well one transfer, a few parking summons targeting civilians , a fly by night contract and a promise of guarantee traffic pension padding. But it limited to the Olsonette’s who lie against others and target civilians as union members. Go the the Yonkers PBA website for more misleading nonsense. And vote for Liam or whoever is going to make the Joker. Look for the Former PBA trustee Neil Vera a student of Moran’s search warrant class.

    1. Heard Johnny transfer is seeking the Westchester County PD spot. Here is a bit of advice for Shelley or any other politicians. The guy has cold sweats, and sleep walks while mumbling ” I need to be Police Commissioner ” Then he mumbles , Keith who else should we set up? Who else is a Monte or Khader guy? Then he wakes up and sees he wet the bed. The poor Joker is going bald too. He is down to three strains of thin hair.

    2. It’s so true….
      they are corrupt…..
      if they where to be set up or their family members where to be set UP…
      lets see what they would say::

  76. There is NO doubt that Olson has to go. His actions within the department and against civilians must be stopped in order to regain the trust of the community. The Spano’s are completely responsible for what is happening within the Yonkers Police Department. No matter who runs for Mayor, one thing is clear is that Olson done nothing but pen bullsh*t Op Ed and letters masking his deals with the likes of the Spano’s and the Liam’s.

    1. This years Christmas Jingle Bell DVD will be lost, taped over and removed by the famous Dunwoodie evidence Jonny DVD Donaghy. One of the best of the best compared to Vera, Pataky and Olson himself.

  77. Keith Olson needs to be challenged so the YPD can move forward again and break the Spano grip. Lenny Spano should buy a used radio car from the County PD and ride around with Keith. This way they can screw people to their faces instead of backstabbing them. They can even pick up the fat guy in the orange jump suit pretending to raise money for Christmas.

    1. Vote the union sucking gray river rat out of the PBA before he and his board try to take over another polling spot and threatens to fight you. Lol, the guy can’t do 3 situps, but can setup.

  78. Hey Santa Keith, what’s in your sack this year? Why it’s my two best Christmas presents, the Joker Mueller and who needs a search warrant Brian Moran.

    1. Lenny Spano another failed union leader. Now be is playing Police Commissioner at the YPD. Should had been partners with KO. You seem to be cutting cash deals together. Soon you all will gone and the YPD members will not forget how you two fked them on their contract. No wonder ex convict Nick needs the fat man.

  79. every precinct never has the sector cars it supposed to have 1st pct may be 3 cars at tops, 2nd pct maybe 3-4 depending on tour and day 3rd pct 4 cars and 4th 4 cars before olson hacked up the job we always had 5 to 6 cars per pct some one needs to take olson out,not too mention what he did to H.U. and S.C.U. olson is the cancer of this job we must cut him out come January

    1. Bye bye fat man. Go give your own money to the Spano’s, that’s if you have any of your own. Give that loser Lenny another 30k for a good cause. We wonder what that deal was. Funny how all your efforts are against other unions.

    2. You are being kind. Olson is a lying dirtbag union rat who has intentionally set up others and had his two supervisor friends swear to it. He is incredibly a weak diabetic sugar rat that has targeted citizens with lies. He pals around with his ex convict friend Nick Spano who may become part of the cancer the DOJ will cut out of Yonkers.

    3. Cut out Olson seat next month and let him pay his own legal bills, plus an instant savings of $48,000. After two years almost a quarter of a million saved for the association, not counting Olson using thousands of dollars in legal fees in which he already lost one case on perjury. Almost like the Tenor case.

  80. The page showing the YPD staffing levels should be deleted. Although informative for legit community folks, it can be used by the criminal opposition. And it likely would not fall under FOIL anyway….

  81. The Yonkers PBA union leader needed to be exposed for those who are worried about being targeted with transfers, criminal charges, and threats of violence.

  82. Obviously Olson is done in Yonkers after he threatened and attacked both civilians and employees. No matter who is mayor, Keith Olson has to be outed. Yonkers members have until next month to find their avacodos. The felon needs Olson and Olson needs him to obstruct justice.

    1. Free speech is in the entire country their Keith Olson. There is no need to set up civilians or cops if you don’t like the truth.

  83. Just read the article and it sure looks like the Olsonette’s are done. Maybe you can threaten the next interim Mayor before Nader or Chuck come. When they come they will bring the Feds for Keith Olson.

  84. Can you write me a reference and leave the part out about work place harassment and me targeting females and civilians. I need two more years for the Federal Law Suit pending. Say hello to Don Spano and tell him I will be by with my envelope for Christmas.

  85. Where is Liam KO? Giving summons to the political opponents didn’t work out for you. Mueller’s legacy will be the Captain that refused a transfer order and will be forever known as the Joker who only dreams he would be PC. …..Not

  86. Ammir Rabadi is looking at potentially running for mayor. Ammir Rabadi can’t leave this city in the hands of Nader Sayegh. You read it first here- Rabadi for Mayor

    1. Ammir would be the best choice he can raise money with a snap of the finger look how much he gave liam khader,spano over 100k this year alone.He is well connected with the Arab community in yonkers and loved by all.

      1. I heard Ammir Rabadi had a fundraiser for mike khader last year that got his campaign started… good for him.. glad to see he helped mike khader win

    2. Anyone but the Spano’s who will deal with a Spano puppet. Don’t brag about Liam or Spano they both screwed the taxpayers and let a thug like Keith Olson attack and target the Arabic community. So whoever makes it will have to dump a rat like Keith Olson.

    3. Ammir for Mayor is a long shot… Nader Sayegh is better suited for mayor, he is a true leader and has MPAC backing him up,,,, Go Nader..

      1. any one but a spaNo guy will be a better choice,First we have to deal with state senate race massive campaign being mounted against spaNO stay tuned and watch the show.

  87. The Quinn Firm $125,000 + a year, the Nick Spano Protection and Promotions Fee $48,000 yearly. To date Fat Nick is up over $200,000 between the PBA and the CLSA of $24,000 annually. Now what did the memberships get? A Nick Spano Federal cheeseburger and a bought and paid for police chief Mueller .

  88. I agree with Willy. Nader Sayegh would make a great Mayor. That is if the current mayor has the chestnuts to take on Shelly Mayer.

    1. Keith Olson is no politician nor a union leader. He thought Mike Khader and his staff would be scared to enter the polling sites. You must have had a drop in your sugar level KO thinking you could threaten Mike a politician running for office. You really should sit down and swallow another cookie and wait for the Feds.

  89. it all comes down to uncle nick you pay him like the Godfather and he will protect you,remember the PBA or the cls never had a lobbyist firm on a yearly retainer only till last few years so they can be protected from the illegal actions they commit inside the department and outside…..

    1. Obstruction of Justice for cash is a crime there Don Spano. You and Keith Olson make a nice couple. You both lie and screw over people.

      1. Olson is a poor pathetic man who is self imploding because he backed the wrong politicians. Now belly KO because you can’t get anything from the winners. Maybe you will get General assignment if Gardener allows it. You can work for Moran and do unauthorized searches and warrants. And you will have plenty of time to punch Hector in face like you said. He is still waiting by the way.

    2. Now you do a job action? Where were you for the past 8 years? Oh, that is right you were downtown getting drunk with the Spano’s & selling out your membership for Johnny PC I will get you if you mention Montero’s name. You people are so intimidated, so you take out on civilians and set up your own.

  90. KO go find Wayne’s cash a clear out. Yonkers PD and it’s citizens had about enough of you and union trustees like former Yonkers cop Neil Vera who intentionally lied to get a search warrant and caused a civilian to lose his life. Yonkers PBA at its best.

  91. Jon the Joker Mueller is looking for employment elsewhere? Who is going to take that screw ball. He is in the midst of a Federal Lawsuit and the guy was under investigation for throwing a beer fest in his command not to mention that he sure did refuse to abide by a transfer order.

  92. You just couldn’t help yourself, you had to send a third pct. trustee who was on another job to issue a parking summons to Khader’s relative. As for your trustee, well maybe he deserves the Yonkers PBA President’s Targeting Civilians Award. We will call you next time we see the fat rat union leader driving drunk in Yonkers.

  93. Did you and that dumb CLSA President think Mike Kader would be intimidated by police harassment? Mike Khader is much too smart for your tactics KO. See you on visiting day’s pal.

  94. Time for the DOJ to step on Keith Olson. Now just watch out that he doesn’t send one of his best trustees to write you a parking summons.

  95. PC Gardener needs to reopen the complaints sitting at Internal Affairs. Maybe they can find out which dirty cop put together a file on Itzla.

  96. Don’t understand how the Yonkers PBA President or his member’s were allowed to operate inside the polls. Displaying any signs of guns, shields or police clothing while off duty is prohibited by Federal Law

  97. What’s the matter KO, can’t intimidate Mike Khader? Maybe you can send Moran to search his house when he is not home you union rat. Did you find voter fraud on any of the ballots?

  98. Olson is a very angry person who really needs help. He needs to be weeded out of the Yonkers Police Department so that other civilians and members will no longer be set up. In most cases people would feel sorry for a rabid rat, but I think in this case, we will just let the DOJ respond.

  99. KO let us give you an estimate to clean out your rat infested office. We instructed our employees that your office is wired for sound and video. You know like the one we heard you used against the 456 local who stole Jimmy McCabe’s cash.

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