Kawasaki Heavy Industries Likely to Win 1,600 Subway Cars Order for NYC

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Kawasaki Heavy R211 full-size mock-up of the proposed interior.

YONKERS, NY — January 21, 2018 — The Japanese manufacturer is expected to make the cars at a plant in the state of Nebraska, then perform tests and other tasks at a factory in Yonkers. Kawasaki Heavy has eclipsed formidable competition from world leader CRRC of China and Canada‘s Bombardier, despite their advantages on the cost front. The contract is valued at $3.61 billion, initially calling for 500 of the new R211 model cars, with deliveries to begin in 2020. Options are included for approximately 1,100 more.

Kawasaki Heavy is said to have won the edge over formidable competitors by its track record Of delivery over many years consisting of 2,2oo New York City subway cars previously, commanding a leading 30% share in providing for the rapid transit system. The new 1,600-car order would be Kawasaki Heavy Industries largest single order of its kind.

New York City Transit, “was concerned over issues with past contracts, such as delayed deliveries,” a source familiar with the matter said, eventually focusing on Kawasaki Heavy integrity.

The order for the R211 cars, with wider doors and other upgrades, are designed to fight rush-hour delays and provide more convenience for riders, said New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the state body that includes NYC Transit.

MTA is expected to divulge its decision later this week.

eHeziKawasaki Heavy Industries Likely to Win 1,600 Subway Cars Order for NYC

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  1. They never hire yonkers people. It is time to unionize. Shortly a movement will come to hold them accountable. Why give them a contract when they do not support the city of yonkers?

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