What Happened to the Ford Explorer Fleet Car Driven by Yonkers Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaacs?

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The Automotive Hezitorial Telling

Corazón Pineda-Isaac (D-2nd District)

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Over two-months ago Yonkers Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaacs (D – District 2) was given the 2014 Ford Explorer that was used by former Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry who returned the vehicle to the Office of Department of Public Works Commissioner Thomas Meier upon her gaining employment with the Westchester County Medical Center. Yonkers Tribune first learned of Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs having use of the Ford Explorer upon being notified by people with knowledge which cars were assigned to whom, but specifically, when we were told the vehicle was involved in an accident. Those who advised us knew little more. Patiently, yet with subtle persistence, we kept up the inquiry.

We learned the accident was of such enormity that all the airbags in the truck inflated. We have yet to learn if Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs was the cause of the accident or even if she was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident or if a person in another vehicle was the cause for what transpired months ago.

It is necessary to note that accidents happen. Sometimes fault can be attributed to one or the other or to even another cause, stressed road infrastructure, a tree falling on a vehicle, among other innumerable reasons. So we cannot place blame on the  truck being destroyed on Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs. There is however gross misconduct by her and others divulged below.

Dismissing the cause of the incident, one must return to the fact that the Ford Explorer is a Yonkers City Fleet Vehicle. Should it be involved in an accident of any kind, which it was, whether within the boundaries of the City of Yonkers (CoY) or beyond the city border, which was the case when the truck was struck or struck another, a report must be filed with the Department of Public Works. It is thereby unfathomable that more than two-months since the incident, the incident has not been divulged. (Hezi’s Aside Note: This is not the first car that was destroyed while assigned to Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs!)

While an incident report is required by law, how come the Yonkers Police Department has not advised of the incident? Since they have not, they have become complicit to this happening and are thereby part of the problem and part of the cover-up. Why? Who is imposing silence on the YPD and why do they?

The vehicle is an expensive item to which the assigned drivers pay nothing for its upkeep, wear and tear, and even if destroyed in any manner while assigned to them, they pay nothing for its being replaced. It is such benefits that are outrageous especially since CoY has yet to climb out of its many years of financial duress.

By waiting the two-plus months to reveal this situation that is allowed to skirt the law, we can ask why there has not been an incident report filed? There is no lost vehicle report filed! There is no report divulging the circumstances from DPW Commissioner Meier. There is no advisement where the vehicle is presently! In what garage is it being hidden? By which “insider”, that has long enabled such illegal conduct at the behest of, wink, wink, Yonkers City Hall, is what remains of the “carcass” being hidden?

Will the upcoming budget connote this incident and rightfully designate its financial burden on the Yonkers taxpayer? Let us not forget that CoY is self-insured. Will the cost of being ticketed for one infraction or another rise again? When?

So there he have it, Yonkers is unique in how it conducts itself. Mayor Mike Spano’s Office, and those who speak for him, have no knowledge of this or much else. DPW Commissioner Meier has proven he cannot be trusted to abide by his word, or the law, as stipulated by the Yonkers City Charter.

Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath is too timid to tackle this flagrant disregard of law and protocol no matter if he gets involved, which he most definitely will not.

And Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs has proven she does not abide by the law or the Charter, and less so to her responsibilities as a civil servant. A proven sham voted back into office despite the window dressing to seem “otherwise”… the candidacy of Wilson Terrero was a sham toward a make believe political contest. Mr. Terrero’s “spiel” was old and tiring; he failed himself because he learned nothing after a one-time four-year term in only. Ms. Pineda-Isaacs will submit to the powers that be and thereby cannot be trusted even in the world of politics. She has a resume of a lack of accomplishment in the last four years and now has the prospect of soiling herself for another four years in office, thereby hurting the 2nd Council District again.

When will Yonkers learn that failed individuals cannot be moved up the political food chain? Change will only happen when this sort of “scum” are voted out of office. The law has been maligned by the very people who are meant to hold those who attempt to pervert the law by marginalizing it by their heavy handedness. The long arm of the law is seemingly afraid to extend itself into the muck in CoY.

So, when will the good people of Yonkers, who so want to be left alone to do good for themselves, their neighborhoods, and the City of Yonkers be permitted this luxury? Perhaps Yonkers does not believe it deserves better yet.

At issue is when will Yonkersites realize they do and when will they cast their vote to make it happen?


eHeziWhat Happened to the Ford Explorer Fleet Car Driven by Yonkers Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaacs?

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  1. Yonkers will never learn that “failed individuals cannot be moved up the political food chain” once the Tubiolos try to shove their boy Davie into City Hall. One generation of corruption after the next. David Tubiolo shoved Bernice Spreckman into the ground for the title of County Legislator harder than Corazon’s totaled Ford Explorer.

    1. I didn’t read anything about the Tubiolo family in Hezi’s blog. So what a cruel and disgusting thing to say and then stand behind “Jumping Ship…” Tell us who you are so we may shine a light on your character and give you accolades. Yonkers needs heroes.
      David was Bernice’s right hand, at her request. The only “job” he did not do for Bernice was sit at County Board meetings representing the 14th District. David loved the person he worked for, and I believe Bernice would say the same about David. How many of us can say that?

      1. Bill Nuckel you seem to miss the point-The Tubiolo’s: mother and son have been benefactors of the corrupt Yonkers and Westchester political patronage system. Good people are unable to find jobs but the Tubiolo’s just seem to have doors opened for mother and son because of their political connections not because of their skills.

    1. That guy couldn’t find his a$$hole with a finger. Another deputy commissioner that thinks he could. At least we know our tax dollars aren’t being flushed down the toilet. They’re being crashed by Piñata lol….Meier had to make this bum DC because he couldn’t pass a test.

  2. Mike Spano will no longer be mayor in 2018 but instead he will be referred to as Lt. Gov. Cuomo wants a strong and likable democrat like Mike Spano on his ticket. Mike spano is the Champion. Spano may even consider a run for Governor in 2022

    1. Are you kidding? The Gov. kicked the mayor to the curb when he signed the Shelley Mayer-Stewart Cousins legislation supporting the Yonkers Firefighters in their use of a firefighters fund. You don’t even read the news covering Yonkers let alone read between the lines. Also mayor had no support to run for Latimer senate seat. And you think he can make it to the governor’s office LOL.

    2. Spano is a weak downstate “Democrat” with nothing to offer for a presidential hopeful who will need a strong statewide coalition to get ambitious projects done to campaign on in 2020. I’d love to hear one project that Mike Spano has overseen that hasn’t been done better by any of the other big city Democrats in NYS. As for being likeable, likeable by who? The people he patronizes with 6 figure salary jobs in exchange for getting everyone and their mothers to vote? Or was it the non-existent coalition he was hoping to cash in on for his buddy Liam? Nothing says you’re gubernatorial ticket material at the nominating convention like endorsing your party’s opponent in the race that could’ve determined party control of your city’s legislature. Unless he plans on making a return to the NYS Assembly to replace Mayer after she wins in the SD-37 special election this fall, January 1st, 2020 will be his last day in elected office. Good riddance.

  3. People in Louisiana went out to march against a pay increase to the school superintendent. He still makes a fraction what “Dr.” Quezada makes. Quezada makes $260,000 and no one is saying anything. Kids in school get no lunch while this idiot makes a quarter of a million! Where is justice.

    This council woman is reckless and her vote is being bought with cars by city.

    The Yonkers taxpayers are the victims. Go March to city hall and show the fallen city hall how the government should be for people.

    1. The question is why is Quezada still the Yonkers Supt when he has an open case against him in the NYSD Federal CT for sexual harassment and the COY, YFT, YPTA & Yonkers Trustees all have turned a blind eye to these allegations and apparently have done nothing.

    2. I think these Yonkers politicians, and politicians in general, seem to forget how this arrangement works. We don’t work for them; they work for us. We don’t pay our taxes in order for them to drive around in cars and give themselves raises or give all of their friends and family lucrative jobs with our money. Public service should not be a path to personal enrichment, but rather is a temporary privilege that we have granted to certain people with the expectation that they act as our advocates, putting our – and not their – best interests first.

      On the other hand, people seem to forget that we control this process. If a politician such as Pineda-Isaac fails to deliver (and she clearly continues to fail), then vote them out. If it happens to fall outside of the election cycle, then get your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors together and stand outside of City Hall. Call the media. Make some noise and demand change. It’s easy and it works, but it takes some organizing.

      Personally, I am amazed that our mothers and sisters and wives and daughters aren’t outraged by Superintendent of Schools Edwin Quezada’s alleged sexual misconduct. I am amazed that homeowners haven’t been making noise at City Hall in protest of the exit tax and water tax and the endless taxes levied against them by the Spano administration. And so on.

      And the elephant in the room is salaries. Why does Quezada make more than the Governor of New York State, in a city in the red no less? As another person mentioned, the Yonkers City Clerk costs us a quarter of a million dollars in salary every two years. The City Council gave itself an unprecedented raise. Scores and scores of people in all areas of “public service” jobs in Yonkers are literally draining the city of large chunks of money each and every year with bloated six-figure salaries and pensions.

      It’s such an obvious issue: how can a city with deficits each year justify such fiscal irresponsibility? Realistically, most of these salaries should be halved: $60k for a Yonkers City Clerk is more than enough; $125k for Superintendent of Schools sounds about right; $35k for City Council members to work part-time seems reasonable. If you’re a public worker with half a million in salary every four years and you have a side job as a DJ then you’re not working hard enough for the city. Small changes like this would save the City millions and get us on the road to fiscal regularity and responsibility.

      1. Piñata was the right color is all. The truth hurts. The democrats can paint Mickey Mouse a couple shades darker and he’d be an elected official. It’s weird how people think. Just like when Obama got elected. I heard stupid white people saying it’s their time. What does that even mean? Who’s time? If your white or black it doesn’t mean shit unless you can get the job done. Unfortunately we have uneducated people voting that only care about the candidates skin color. Beware of those who shout racist!

      2. Great point! And don’t forget new to the payroll line, Yonkers public schools Board Trustee President will also receive a check/stipend going Forward. Sadly, our children continue to use shredded, outdated textbooks, disgusting lunch, no AC in the classrooms, roach infested cafeterias, yadda, yadda, yadda.

        1. My siblings and I like many others did not have AC in our catholic schools growing up. The nuns used to just open up the windows. I’m sure it would have been nice but….

  4. I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t somebody get St. Michael (Khader) on the horn. He’s sworn on a stack of Bibles (he’s a Christian Jordanian, right?) that he’ll usher in a glorious era of transparency in Yonkers politics (Inshallah). Seems our welfare queen of a councilwoman (after all, she’s squeezing out those kids on our dime) likes to dodge tolls and play bumper cars with city cars. Get on it, Prez Khader. Put those hard-won CIA sleuthing skills to the test and reign in your renegade colleague.

    FYI: Piñata ran uncontested. Sure, she sparred with Terrero the Terrible in a training match, but no one opposed her in the final election. That, ladies and gentleman of the jury, is a dysfunctional, broken democracy. No one, and I mean no one, should be allowed to waltz into public office unopposed.

    1. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ to refer to her like that is terrible . She has two boys. What kind of asshole are you. You must be a bastard with out a mother sister or daughter. Stfu and run for Office since you know it all.

  5. I heard the Rat Olson was seen at Casaletto Ristorante with the Joker in his pouch. Olson was begging for spare change while the joker just smiled.

  6. They get a car to do whatever they want to do with it. Shopping, banking, bar hopping. Uber service for friends and family thanks to the taxpayers.

    1. Haha, if KO keeps eating he’ll be tits on the ground for sure. As for the rest of his weaseley crew lets just say they’re women in men’s bodies. Brian “choke chain” has pillow hands and will run at any sign of trouble. John “joker” will smile and stare you to death. Johnny “DVR” will hide in his car trunk along with evidence at the sight of real men. Louie “Ranger” will fall down and blow out his hip again or take another slap shot to the face if confronted. Joe “ski” will fall down drunk and get another steak eye. Billy “Fat Head” Pataky will cover his throat and shout “No Mas”. John “the one eyed pirate” already shit his pants in the annex. Man up? Ohhh wait a minute. The Olsonettes will call their muscle Jackie “fonzarelli”. She’s got bigger balls than any of the so called Olsonettes. I can say one thing with certainty. They’ll be hands but they won’t be shaking.

  7. So many haters on this site but these are the same cowards that shake your hand when they see you. Time to man up boys. Talk to the person if you have a problem with them. Most of the people you speak about are easily found.

    John Perkins

    1. The Federalist Papers were written anonymously by Alexander Hamilton in the fierce debate which arose in the early days of our nation’s weak and ineffective government. What you fail to realize is that many of the people on this site are your neighbors and coworkers who don’t want to be left out in the cold by their representatives or alienated by friends and family. As salacious as this comment board is, it provides a platform for individuals who are concerned about the direction of our city while also shielding them from potential backlash. Yonkers might be the 4th largest city in New York but the political scene is immensely smaller. If we all got together in a room, you might be alarmed at the familiarity

    2. Keith Olson sucks. John Mueller is a putz. Brian “choke chain” Moran is a zero. Johnny “DVR” Donaghy loves men and so does….

    1. Star you are absolutely correct but what you failed to mention is that her speech failed to mention anything of substance because she has for the last four years has had nothing to report.

  8. Steve Levy is just as much as a democrat as Trump, meanwhile he is a Co-Ward leader. Levy used to be apart of the Republican Party but Spano told him to switch so he did because he is a lap dog.

  9. Very sad this anonymous forum is the only way constituents can openly voice their sheer disgust for some of our Yonkers electeds, our Dem Party Chair, our sick Dem Executive Committee under Brandon’s leadership had a Republican Director (Steve Levy), our compromised and impotent Ward Leaders and District Leaders, who are all in the pockets of the city and are just as complicit in wrongdoing because they never speak out against anything.

    1. Very true in the ways of backroom politics in YO.
      Simply, to have DPW commissioner, as head of Democratic party, is evidence enough.
      Absolutely broken political system in YO.
      The schools will continue to deteriorate, due to the Bd of Ed having no say, due to them being under the mayor’s appointments……more yes men, like all the mayor’s dept. commissioner.
      Pathetic state of nepotism and idiocracy runs wild and tax payers suffer.

  10. There is a very quick, very easy, and very cost-effective solution: GPS tracking software. This is off-the-shelf technology that can be installed tomorrow. As taxpayers, if we pay for politicians to drive around in cars, then we should know when and where they are at all times while using these cars. After all, Big Brother always tells us that if we have nothing to hide then we have nothing to fear. Same goes for the city council members: if they have nothing to hide and their use of a taxpayer-funded vehicle is strictly for official business, then they have nothing to fear by being monitored. The data should then be made publicly available on the City’s website for all taxpayers to see.

    Khader has campaigned on transparency and I know his people read this site. Why doesn’t he implement GPS tracking technology in vehicles used by his fellow City Council members? He can even pay for the GPS technology by rolling back that 2015 City Council raise.

    Problem solved on day one. It’s that easy.

    1. And what about our County legislature?? How many of them drive county provided cars???

      Pineda: Probably less the 15% of the eligible voters in her district come out and vote and those that do vote have been programmed to vote Democrat all of the time no matter what. In fact, Tyler Perry could run as Madea in this district and probably win….

        1. Put the crap right back in your dirty chute. People on the east side are tired of paying the bills for the lovely folks on the west side. Up at noon, crack a cold pop and walk around in your flip flops. That’s what goes on in the lovely neighborhoods piñata represents. Sounds fun while I get a fast water meter and exorbitant property taxes. It’s the Democratic way. The exact reason people love to hate N.Y. The only state worse is Cali. It all starts with that (epithet – slur) Cuomo. He’s got some nerve putting his dads name on we the taxpayers bridge. E’fin bum.

          1. No they are not sick and tired. They vote for the same bunch time and time again, demand nothing of their councilpersons, and don’t kick the bums out. Look at the present motley crew they have, couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery.

    2. Even better solution, take away ALL the cars. lets not forget about the DPW supervisor who crashed and destroyed 2 trucks, and the PD Lieutenant who crashed 2 cars.

    3. Nobody is rolling back payraises bonehead. Why don’t you go tell your boss you wish to roll back your salary. Who even recommends that, even politicians have bills to pay.

  11. Actually we need to know how many car are still in the “fleet”? I wonder does that truck still go all the way up to Putnam county every day? Nobody from Spencer to SpaNO have ever dealt with this blatant waste of taxpayer money. No wonder they kill us with the stealth taxes and income taxes, all by the way condoned by the state.

  12. Just caught a glimpse of the swearing in ceremonies on TV…if it wasn’t for Khader ,it looked like a circus.This is what the COY has to offer for leadership?…well hold on tight because the ride is gonna start.This council has no clue and it’s obvious by the way they talk and the promises they make (duh.im gonna fix bumpy roads)..1 billion dollar budget in the hands of clowns…sit down ,grab the popcorn…this circus should be hilarious..but truly sad for the hard working citizens of Yonkers

    1. The circus has come to town in Yonkers.

      Pineda rambled on about God, friends, God, family, God, babies, God (oh, did I mention God?). She was the only one who didn’t prepare a speech. Must have been too busy picking out a dress for the occasion.

      Shanae Williams worked under Spano so don’t expect anything other than a Spano lackey looking to advance her career like Johnson. Another sell out for the black community in Yonkers.

      Me-me-me-rante doesn’t seem to kn-kn-know anyone whose name do-do-doesn’t end in a vowel. I’m not expecting wonders from him.

      Khader – easy there, little fella. He sounds like he’s been elected mayor and wants to overhaul Yonkers. The hope and change candidate never lives up to the rhetoric.

      And then there is the Spano clan.

      Dumbo Mike looked like the village idiot on stage with that stupid smile and gibberish about greater and better today and tomorrow. Poor guy, couldn’t even remember his lines.

      But the highlight was master of ceremonies and City Clerk Vincent Spano, who has the personality of wet mop. The dumbbell could barely read from his script. And this guy makes $129,000 per year, which means that in just two years his salary alone costs Yonkers taxpayers a quarter of a million dollars. Can anyone tell me what qualifications he has other than being the mayor’s brother? Did he even graduate from high school? I thought I was listening to a hooked on phonics presentation when he was speaking. Maybe his tie was too tight, cut off the oxygen to his head. Or maybe he’s just that stupid.

      2018 is going to be a banner year for Yonkers.

    1. The sad part is that this is the Democratic Party. She represents the swamp. People think DC is a swamp, they’ve never been to Yonkers lmao. It’s the sewer that leads to the swamp. This is why NY is a disaster, thanks to the Democratic Party. The elected democrats get rich on the taxpayers wallet and could care less about the poor. This is why all the democratic politicians hate Trump. They know he’s a man that actually cares for minorities & the poor and wants to see them advance. While the democrats only wish to exploit them for their own personal gain. Sickening!

  13. I agree with cheetah. Quezada is totally incompetent, surrounds himself with idiots and lacks all common sense skills. The sexual harrassment lawsuit defines him. He needs to go away.

  14. Nothing is going to happen to her because she is a female Hispanic just like nothing has happened to Dr Quezada because he is Hispanic despite the fact that a sexual harasssment case was filed against him in federal court this past spring. This mayor is unable to take the bull by its horns and make a decision because he is afraid of the backlash from the Hispanic community.

  15. Well AJ towing and auto body has the city contract to repair and city car involved in an accident so it is at that location if anywhere

    1. Post

      Informed and knowledgeable guess, but it is located elsewhere. I will reveal that information Monday or Tuesday. Might as well keep City Hall guessing.

  16. Wilson was a pretty good candidate but was given terrible advice by Steve Levy. When was the last election Steve Levy won( FYI Daffy Duck could have beaten Bill Nuckel). Councilwoman Piñata needs a real challenge. She kept on popping out babies instead of worrying about serving her constituents. She does not care how much tax dollars she wasted. Let’s recall Piñata and teach her a lesson. Where is the car Piñata? I call on Shanae Williams, Michael Sabatino, John Rubbo, Mike Breen, John Larkin, and Mike Khader to take away this Councilwoman’s car privileges.

    1. Haha haha! Are you kidding me! He ran twice against her and he lost twice. He is not smart enough to run against her, so Wilson can’t mess with Corazon.

  17. Piñata is the most useless City Council person is recent memory and that’s saying a lot for Yonkers. She has done nothing during her time in office other than have babies and now crash cars at our expense. The woman has zero qualifications and zero accomplishments to match. Anywhere else she’d be qualified to work at Starbucks at best. And I’m not even sure she’d get my morning coffee order right. And this woman votes on budgets? Get serious, Yonkers.

      1. Making babies is just fine just don’t do it on the taxpayer dime. Star my a$$. The point is Mrs. piñata is posing in baby bump pics while her constituents are neglected. Tell me one thing positive she has done other than buy expensive watches and dresses and I’ll apologize. When the tenants of the Riverdale Ave. fire were looking for her she was nowhere to be found. Unless they looked for her at the Cartier store. Useless as teets on a bull 💩

  18. Something tells me if the accident was severe enough the explorer can be in Keith Olson’s desk, along with Wayne and Jimmys cash. It’s safe to say that she’s a vote to overturn term limits lol.

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