Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees Devoid of Ethical and Fiscal Authority Emboldened By Mayor Mike Spano’s Unchallenged Capacity

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The Hezitorial Telling

Indifference to the Safety and Lives of School Children

Indifferent to Their Alleged Illegality Under Their Watch and Their Capacity

It Is Not Their Money After All

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — January 21, 2018 —Yonkers Tribune has come to learn from sources in the know that a claimant is seeking reinstatement to the position she held as Yonkers Public School District Director of Transportation after having completed a probationary determination of her work meeting or exceeding standards and thresholds credibly demanded of her. The probationary time frame ran from August 2015 to October 2017. She was fired in December 2017. The claimant was terminated immediately upon her taking steps to insure students were not transported in buses that did not have the required authority, approvals, and certifications which was protected activity by her office as Director of Transportation as defined by New York Civil Service Section 75-B, among other laws, rules, and regulations. The claimant rightly notes that termination of her employ was made in bad faith, contrary to performance evaluations, and was made in violations of lawful procedure. The rationale for this conduct was that Yonkers Board of Education Trustee President Rev. Steve Lopez harbored resentment toward her because of her protected activity in barring any and all unqualified bus companies from transporting Yonkers Public School District students. Those acts violated the protections of Civil Service Law Section 75-B.

The gist of the paragraph above is that the claimant was fired because she unraveled the relationships that seemingly impacted the sensibility and likely fiscal interests of Rev. Steve Lopez to such an extent that he had no qualms in dismissing the YPS Director of Transportation even if the bus companies engaged by the school district were not in compliance with lawful standards, thereby imploding the concept that it is all about “our” children to what it has long been, the sham that it is.

Contract for Yonkers Public School Superintendent Edwin Quezada

Besides the $265,000 annual salary, the new contract, running from February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2023, includes the following items, conveniently omitted from the Yonkers Board of Education official press release –


The Conveniently Omitted Items are:

* Health insurance for Quezada and his family and a $500,000 life insurance policy.
* Use of a district vehicle and free gas.
* A $10,000 yearly contribution by the district to Quezada’s tax-sheltered annuity.
* 30 vacation days.
* 285 days of accumulated sick leave that he previously earned and 15 additional sick days a week. And if he retires into the state retirement system he will be eligible to cash out up to 300 sick days at $300 a Day, or $90,000.

What is most appalling is that the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees should find it credible to unanimously endorse a contract on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada when allegations and lawsuits have alleged conduct of Sexual Harrassment by him. (Read: How Often Must a Woman Say “No” Before Her Wishes Are Respected? By HEZI ARIS) Have the concerns and outcry of the #MeToo and #TimesUp tellings meant nothing to the sensibilities of  the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees are supposed to oversee the conduct of its personnel, including their employee Superintendent Dr. Quezada, its teachers, whom in lawsuits past and pending, it has not, and the safety of its children, which in the past and in claims and likely lawsuits, whose litigation will be borne by the Yonkers taxpayer, is dismissed of all and any concern. Yonkersites cannot forget that the City of Yonkers is self-insured and negative litigious outcome is thereby borne by the Yonkers taxpayer. Were the City of a Yonkers conducting its business on the up and up, which everyone, including those supportive of the “spin” ascribe to with glee, there holding onto a job, getting a job, qualified or not, show or no show, etc., the gig is up. #YonkersGigIsUp .

Can anything presently be rectified? Immediately, not much can! There are no credible, uncontrolled personnel employed in Yonkers who will scrutinize these incendiary, self serving, debauched standards that will leave Yonkersites panting for a respite which will not come. Not even the Yonkers Inspector General has the cajones to defend the people under the aegis of the law.

How sad that Yonkersites have been led to believe that to maintain their silence over aberrations of all kind, they would thrive. The truth long known is that some have, while those paying the taxes have gained little, other than paying the bills.

Were it not for the few brave souls in Yonkers and/or those who work in Yonkers, have had to find the financial wherewithal to fight Yonkers Corporation Counsel, the so-called pit bulls of Yonkers City Hall and been squashed in the process. Those that survive will gain their due and will eventually be recognized for setting the City of Yonkers on a doable road toward success by every measure, including the history books.

It is appalling to recognize the lack of interest, concern, or scrutiny outside forces have on the corrupt governance that is blantantly revealed almost daily without a peep from the outside world.

Despite the depraved conduct of Yonkers City Hall and its minions of enablers, Yonkersites are correct in taking pride in who they are, because there is much to be proud of, though not that which government has stolen from its residents within the last generation. Sadly, Yonkersites will have to engage the legal system to gain remedy. They will also have to register to vote to vote those that can validate their worth to represent the citizenry in elected office. Perhaps the non-aggression pacts among the political party faithful must whither so The People may create a doable purpose and vision of their own choosing.

Those on one side of the divide, whether taking cover under political labels, or taking cover under “the family and friends network”, ethnic, religious, gender, or sexual concerns, need to step up to the plate and speak up, which Yonkersites are now doing more and more.

Yonkersites must have noticed that as Yonkers City Hall is challenged in their atrocity of conduct, they have doubled down in their desperation to hold on to power. They, as all Yonkersites realize, if not in the past, but certainly now, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is finished politically , as is his entourage of sycophants and enablers. As noted for more than a year now, term limits will pass the Yonkers City Council when introduced later this year so that Mayor Mike Spano and his minions will have at minimum a third term under their belt; that is, 6 more years of their conduct. The spin we read about in the last weeks that decry the need for Mayor Mike Spano to complete the task he began is the definition of “fake” news. What has he begun? Where is the success? How can a city on the verge of the need for a Financial Control Board be considered a success?

Yonkers City Hall employs under 5,000 people. They have collectively, as controlled and directed to do so, derogatorily control the financial and mental health of a city of 200,000 residents to Yonkersites’ collective despair.

Every Yonkersites knows the score. At issue now is what should we do, what can we do, and how do we get to were we want to be.

eHeziYonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees Devoid of Ethical and Fiscal Authority Emboldened By Mayor Mike Spano’s Unchallenged Capacity

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  1. Now:
    The Board of Ed is a ” Money Pit. ”
    It is like the T.V. show ” Oak Island. ”
    ” whatch yah goin tah do ? ”
    ” When the well runs dry ! “

  2. This guy is a total frickin clown. He is walking around like a pathetic, little chicken with a deflated head. These sexual harassment allegations are extremely disturbing and disgraceful. Where’s the money$$.

  3. The city has gone to the dogs. Where in the world does a disgraced dumbinican with sexual harassment allegations Mr. Quezada get a million dollar contract other than in Junkers. What an atrocity.

    1. The people that sit on the Yonkers Schools Board of Trustees are nothing more than political hacks who do as they are told by Mike Spano-Lopez is nothing more than a clown who does the bidding of the the sexual abuser who sits at the top.

  4. We all know Quenada is a disaster. The PTA groups keeping anecdotes on him and the rest of the do nothing shenanigans. Game is up and sad for Yonkers children. Shame on those sitting back doing nada but talking about how incompetent and devious Quenada is.

    1. Then where is Sally Pinto and the YPTA Board calling Quezada out-the answer is that they are nowhere to be found-they are gutless and spineless

    2. PTA voices that care: when are you going to get off your butts and do something-what purpose does it serve to keep notes on Quezada and not do anything-when are you going confront him or the trustees? The YPTA appears to doing to what it claims others are doing which is NADA-you people have no balls.

    3. Just finished watching Channel 75 YBOE commending Public School 5 as the January 2018 School of the month- Dr Quezada comes to the podium and states that the Executive Board of the YPTA’s are in the house-the only problem with that is that the board continues to ignore the sexual harassment case against Dr Quezda and they just sit there like the tools that they are.

  5. I read the 24 page horrific report regarding the allegations of sexual harrassment by Mr. Quenada. It’s so despicable. I have no respect and want to know how much in legal fees are being paid by my Yonkers tax dollars. I am paying 18,000 plus per year to send my daughter to private high school. It’s beyond pitiful for elected officials.

    1. Send a FOIL Request. They have to answer it by law. They really get scared when you do this as they know their game is up. If they don’t answer in 10 days appeal the denial of access and send a copy to Robert Freeman at https://www.dos.ny.gov/video/coog.html
      Now there is also a record at state level. They really hate this. Trust me it scares the shit out of them.

  6. Not for nothing, I respected Liam for being the sole voice that spoke out alone against the “hypothetical abuses” by the YFT discussed by Puleo and Diamond’s during their “hypotypical conversation.” At the very least, Liam called for an investigation, while Shelley, Sabatino and these other kissasses, said nothing and trying to curry favor and money from Puleo and her thuggish, foul-mouthed gang. We fail to remember, teachers are mandated reporters under their state professional licensing requirements. Still, nothing remains said about the shameful abuses going on in Yonkers Board of Education.

  7. What is Pineda saying about the abuse of her fellow Dominican women. Nothing. Now we see that women will not stand up for injustice of other women, who are their own constituents that they take an oath to serve. Pineda is about her own survival. And we already know Perez is about herself. Both women should be ashamed of themselves of themselves amidst this Me Too movement.

    1. The original complaint also mentions several other male domo’s who are Yonkers Public Schools teachers who were involved along with Quezada.

    1. The Spano administration & the Yonkers Public Schools are all about information suppression-there is nothing transparent -they deep-six all e-mails sent to them-nothing more than a bunch of parasites and hypocrites.

      1. Why should the Spano administration supply information to people who aren’t going to do anything but write anonymous comments on Hezi’s site, remain silent and bury their heads in the sand once they are informed. Keep the Yonkers electorate stupid, asleep and illiterate.

  8. KUDOS to the band of parents and teachers that called the NYS health department and the ENvironmental protection agency about the alleged mold, rusty pipes, etc…….and the unsanitary conditions at my Nepperhan ave school where people live everyday.

  9. If Johnson was hired as a counselor in the YPS than Quezada had to give his seal of approval. He enjoys making these horrendous decisions that he thinks he can benefit from. In the meantime school system is a horror show. YFT remains United.

    1. YFT remains united you have to be joking-where is your outrage over Dr. Quezada-have not heard one word from the YFT over his sexual harassment case playing out in Federal Court in White Plains-who is footing the legal bills why of course the taxpayers-your union is complicit in this matter.

  10. Watch your kids, folks. Now that our double-dipping County Legislator Christopher Johnson got a job at Palisade Prep as a guidance counselor, she is going to guide them straight into hell with her.

  11. Hezi, the big city school districts have MAJOR problems, with out-of-control students. Administrators are not keeping teachers safe from flying chairs, hitting and threats…..and when you see news about chaos in New Rochelle HS, that’s the school problem escalating. Students walk into a public school and don’t get needed services and go thru the system, sometimes for years causing many, many negative effects at many levels, to the point that teachers and other students are in danger! Nothing gets done, until a stabbing or a major police incident creates a change, that removes finally addresses that student.

    1. I work at YMHS, the largest school in Yonkers. We only have 4 safety officers, and 12 security cameras for 1900 students, mean while on the East side Dotson a K-8 school has 72 security cameras. We have nothing to lock our stuff in, the poor 6th grade 7th grade secretary had 30 dollars stolen from her bag. The students 4 girls just robbed the penny for patients charity box from my classroom on Monday when I was absent. They were suspended today. I will let ADMINISTRATION know on Monday upon the return of those students I will be pressing petty larceny charges against those 4 students.

  12. The leading Women’s organizations and the ranking elected female officials in Westchester County have turned their backs, covered their Ears and closed their Eyes to Quezada’s disgusting and well known predatory behaviors. What will it take to oust all those complicit in the cover up? All local ‘media’ (except Hezi) knows what’s going on and refuse to report it.

    1. If Senate Majority Leader Cousins didn’t say anything about the staffer Bronx Councilman Andy King fired for refusing his advances under her watch in Albany in 2014 and there was just a NYC Ethics Council hearing conducted on King 2 months, Cousins will NEVER say anything in defense of women. Simply window-dressing with her scarf. Someome should Eleanor’s Legacy and all these other women campaign funds that dump monet into her. And Shelley Mayer is just as complicit as turns her back on women in her silence about Quezada because of her blind ambition.

    2. Shanae Williams is a hypocrite and do as I tell legislator-where is her outrage over Quezada or did Mayor Mike tell her to do as she is told since she is beholden to the Mayor because she is not elected but appointed so she assumes the title of pretender because of social engineering. Williams is another in a long list of Yonkers pols who are frauds.

  13. I am sickened by what I saw in the modulates at my kids school. Where has our PTA been Ms. Pinto. Definitely not helping us deal with major mold issues. I’m a parent of two kids at school 22. It is apparent that you and Dr. Quesada have done nothing to help us other than lip talk. This is beyond a health and state department issue. It’s the lives of our children.

  14. The sexual harrassment allegations against Mr. Quezada are horrific and in today’s climate outright unacceptable. Our elected officials must step up and take action. Our schools and children deserve better.

  15. Let me set a fact..CCPrez is not affiliated with that useless Mpac what so ever.
    Let me set another fact…CCPrez does not ask or seek any advice from Mpac
    Mpac has no credibility at all and everyone knows except the 12 ppl who showed up at it’s last meeting.

    1. stick your facts up your A$$ dont be a hater your going to love khader get used to it.John is a genius watch how Mpac takes nader sayeg to the assembly seat.

  16. Can someone please tell us taxpayers how much in legal fees the city has paid out defending and appearing in court for the Stupidintendent Quezada. I just submitted my FOIL request. Who the heck was the bird brain to renew five year contract costing city taxpayers over $300,000 per year plus benefits. Where is the transparency? Haha

    1. Excellent, now have everyone you know do the same!! We can beat them if we use the legal mechanisms that exist to hold the LOUSES accountable. That includes bombarding our city, state Senate and Assembly representatives with E-Mails demanding accountability!!

  17. Khader and MPAC sold Yonkers voters a bag of bull..MPAC is endorsing the Spano campaign to extend term limits, so that Spano can run for a 3rd term.

  18. Can someone please share how much money has been spent on the sexual harrassment allegations filed against the Suptintendent Quezada. I heard its astronomical. Now he’s making $300,000. Any other normal school district would have ousted him immediately.

  19. There’s been absolutely ZERO leadership coming out of Mike Khader’s office since being elected. You couldn’t shut him up on the campaign trail. But we haven’t heard a peep from him since being elected. The only thing he does now is pose for pictures with Dumbo Mike Spano and the other useless zeroes on the city council.

    Too bad so many voters were suckered by the Khader hype. First he wanted to be Mt Vernon’s Inspector General since his crook friend Mayor Thomas promised him the job. Then he saw the light and wanted to save Yonkers. The Jordanian MPAC bought their way into Yonkers politics by duping everyone with talk of hope and change and now he’s no where to be found. So much for looking out for our children and taxes.

    1. The mold will soon be cast and once it is hard it will not be able to be fixed without being melted down. Seems like Khader doesn’t have the backbone he bragged about having.

  20. If Mike Khader falls into the same Spano trap that Liam got caught in Khader will face a similar fate like Liam did. Just another lying Politiicians or a real voice for the people. It’s up to Khader to write his own script.

  21. Be a good.boy, sit down, only show up for photo ops, vote as you’re told, don’t ask questions, just Khader up because you’ll soon be known as the Jordanian Quiet Man.

  22. Khader is the swamp! One of his political appointees isn’t even from New York State! Way to go Khader, you keep on building the swamp. At Least Liam had Yonkers people working for him. It is such a shame to see a man like Khader who hires people from out of the state for a job many Yonkers residents could do but then again Khader doesn’t care about the people in Yonkers

    1. This is absolutely disgusting. How dare Mike Khader go around to communities in Yonkers asking for to vote for him meanwhile Mike Khader hires an out of state person instead of choosing someone from the many great communities. Mike Khader needs to stop hiding and start facing the music

    2. Do you think Khader wants to hire anyone from Yonkers? Seriously dude, the drinking water in Yonkers has retarded all hopeful candidates for Council President Khaders Office. I’d hire out of State too. Great job Mr. Khader. Hire qualified people, not morons who think they’re owed something.

  23. Dear Mayor Spano and your Goonies,

    Hear ye, Hear ye, did you not get the message? Your fail at the run for the Senate was VERY LOUD AND CLEAR! Especially since it came on the heels of the loss of your soldier Tom Hagen- aka Liam McLaugh. You have stolen from the taxpayers and lined the pockets of your many friends and family with our taxpayer dollars. You “switched” sides to Democrat to lie to the people and make them think you care. Now you are thinking of doing away with term limits as many are starting to think of doing a petition to Recall you!
    Yes, we are Many and we are educated and we are in the know. We were born and raised here in Yonkers as you but are over your total MOBSTER Mentality! I would take Gotti over you anyday as you do not have the class or brains that he had. Brother Nicky and Empire Strategic comes close but lacks the soldiers. Yes, there are many “soldiers” but when push comes to shove it will be their arses they save over any of yours. They are the ones that talk about you to everyone and tell all! Not to mention if Brother Nicky was so smart he wouldn’t have done a stint in Federal already! Teflon Don GAmbino vs Porky Nicky Spano. Absolutely, no contest and btw the Feds are watching and we are waiting! Spano be nice to Tom Hagen he knows where the bodies are buried. Don’t make his Irish blood boil and make him realize too quick how he is of no use now. As it is no union would back either of you with a ten foot pole! Yonkers Unions are a force to be reckoned with! Oh, but you found that out the hard way already didn’t you?
    You think that was a lesson? Wait until you try your referendum to repeal term limits. See what happened to Spencer when he tried? Go Away Bad PENNY!

  24. Quezada is an absolute nightmare! A Napoleon complex little psychopath. I now only blame Mayor Spano. What a horror show. Everyone is sickened and laughing at you at the same time.

    1. When is the Yonkers Board of Education & its Trustees going to release the YTD legal fees that it has spent in defense of Quezada. There has not been any mention of this case in any of its press releases or meeetings yet one of the political hacks who sits as trustee the wife of the Yonkers DPW head prides herself in being transparent -really.

  25. to the taxpayers unless he stops going to the photo ops and starts draining the swamp. Khader is becoming the swamp and he probably doesn’t even smell the stench that is starting to cover him.

  26. I am very upset over what is going on in our city. $15,000 for a volunteer position for the Board of Ed when we are begging for money ? There are kids that dont have books, parts of buildings with no heat, limited sports! Does this Administration really believe that we are still in the mentality that “DON MIKEY ” can dictate our taxpaying money to continue supporting the enormous nepotism or use our city jobs to either get money for campaigns or pay people off? Repel term limits? PLEASE ! I am ready to start the procedure to RECALL the Mayor! I AM SURE THE UNIONS WOULD BE IN FAVOR OF THE IDEA! Seriously! His brother, A Federal Convict is getting paid for his services through Empire Strategic Planning! So, they figured out how to steal from the taxpayers legally. Where the HELL is the law? The amount of money they funnel to their uneducated siblings and spouses ? This is disgusting and the only comfort is that he was DERAILED in his bid for the Senate and lets not forget Liam and his smack into reality. Liam, Didn’t you watch The Godfather? ! Well, you are Tom Hagan! Look since you are not City Council President and have time on your hands I recommend you watch it. It won’t matter you are of no use to the Spanos anymore. You will figure that out if you haven’t already! God help the City of Hills!

  27. This is total insanity! Quezada is the most incompetent so called educator I have ever met. He knows nothing about children or pedagogy. Only in Yonkers do things like this happen. The sexual harrassment allegation is disgusting. BTW NYC wanted nothing to do with him in any capacity.

  28. I remember on day 1 when spano got sworn in he called it,”a breath of fresh air”..lol 6 years later it smells more like nicks farts…lol
    keep protecting keith and that joker guy and see where it brings you,its no secret nick is protecting them at the price tag of 75k a year those 2 rats are always seen running over the bridge and crying to the mayor about this and that,how funny the mayor and his brother do what ever these 2 rabid rats want …..

  29. Here’s one of the reason taxes keep rising in Yonkers, because successive Mayors and their slobbering political side kicks on the $HITTY Council keep giving developers massive tax breaks. If the project can’t stand on it’s own feet then it’s unsustainable. End of Story.


    Not one on the $hitty council has a set of balls to tackle this crap and protect the taxpayers of Yonkers

    1. PIILOT programs, or payment in lieu of taxes, are an non-transparent way (especially since felon Nick Spano runs the IDA) for corporations and developers and even some non-profits like colleges to dodge their tax responsibilities to a city. It’s seen as a win-win for developers and city governments – the developers increase their profits by avoiding tax and city governments can tout all the new development as progress. Except it isn’t progress.

      An esplanade extension on the waterfront won’t add any appreciable revenue to the City. The burden from the lost tax revenue will simply be shifted to the other property owners in the City. Yep, you guessed it – people like us who own homes. A twenty-year tax break is a long time to starve a bankrupt city like Yonkers of much needed tax revenue, especially since we’re only getting a slab of concrete along the waterfront in return. But Spano will be long gone from office by then and in the meantime he can blather about all the “billions” in investment that he’s introduced to Yonkers.

      To add insult to injury, the City Council overseeing all of this gave themselves a voluntary raise at a time when the City was being bailed out by Albany, taxpayer-funded cars go missing, and sexual deviants like “Dr.” Quezada make $260,000 + a $10,000 per year tax-free annuity. All money out of our pockets and into theirs.

  30. Hello have you seen the fat, chunky salary their giving The fake doc Quesada every year. Over 300,000 for doing nada all day. What’s going on with the allegations of sexual harrassment? I heard more to come.

  31. YPD pays uncle nick from both unions, how convenient and surprisingly joyous times with no budget issues or member issues making upwards of 200k.

  32. If he doesn’t take a stand against the corrupt Spano regime right now over this major issue he will get sucked in and become part of the problem. And we know how that resulted in Election Day for Liam.

    1. Don’t worry I’m sure Liam will pop up again in a run for Mayor like a bad penny. It’s so predictable Yonkers politics that even a 5 year old could figure it out. As for Khader, lots of talk let’s see some action.

  33. This appears to be one of the last straws Mr. Mayor. all eyes were watching. You had the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership to the taxpayers and children. You failed miserably when you turned a blind eye to the scandalous behaviors of Eddie Quezada. Governor and all know about your lack of leadership and how city is out of control.

    1. All of Westchester county is laughing at Yonkers it’s a shit show but let’s see if this Khader guy will do anything or be another Yonkers political sheep it’s only been two months

  34. The allegations of sexual harrassment are atrocious for anyone that read the 24 page document. It clearly tells you what kind of low class, lunatic Mr. Quesada really is. I blame the mayor for his complicit, terrible, do nothing attitude.

  35. Mike Khader is getting his feet wet dipshit. You think you go into the swamp and dredge it all at once. Give me a break. All I can say is Mikey listen and heed the warnings of your older brother. Don’t vote for things that you truly believe are bad for the Yonkers residents. The deck is stacked against you so watch and learn. Get a few aces up your sleeve then vote your conscience when it comes to things of importance. Don’t engage in too much patronage and you’ll actually get things accomplished.

    1. And here I was taking Mike Khader at his word when he said he was going to tackle corruption, the abuse of taxpayers’ money, and business as usual in Yonkers. Guess his unwillingness to speak out against Pinata’s missing Ford SUV and now Dr. Quesadilla’s jackpot contract extension despite a sexual harassment lawsuit are all merely Mike Khader’s way of telling us that he’s “getting his feet wet.” Think Khader would have said something if Dr. Quesadilla had sexually harassed his wife?

      Funny how he didn’t need to get his feet wet when campaigning. He talked and talked and talked to anyone and everyone about the evils of City Hall when he was running for office, but we haven’t heard a word from him since. The fact is that he’s just another double-talking, empty suit like the rest of them. Smile for the cameras, Mike.

  36. What’s Mike Khader’s take on all this? Didn’t he promise hope and change and transparency and being a voice for everyone in Yonkers? He’s been quieter than a church mouse. Haven’t heard a word from him about Dr. Quesadilla’s horrendous contract extension. I did see Khader smiling for photos at the local Shoprite with Corazon Pinata and Mayor Mike, though. Boy, they sure do catch on quickly, don’t they? They take your vote and then forget all about you. Hope and change my a$$.

    1. Any allegation of sexual misconduct is enough in ANY other town, city or other municipalities is enough for officials to remove the person. Mike Spano will own this just like he owns any other forms sexual misconduct or any other form of work place harassment which seems to be in step with the entire Spano family.

  37. The allegations of workplace Sexual Harassment are despicable. Shame on you Spano for doing nothing to make Yonkers good again. This low class, Dumbinican is terrible. Everyone in the city concurs.

  38. ladies and gentlemen please understand even if this moron manages to get a chance to run again what makes you think he will win? The facts are the spaNo machine is falling apart they couldn’t help Liam,Wilson,or Matt he is slowly writing his political obituary by screwing over his loyalist. He will have a democratic primary he will have his worst nightmare play out right in front of him as a massive campaign mounts to screw him any way they can, so let the show begin and watch the players win this one.

    1. A lot prouder than Nick Spano and Keith Spano. Stay with the article and the Director that refuse to put children on the low life Lopez express to no where. Hey Lopez do you really need to get paid $15,000 for a volunteer bullsh*t patronage appointed position? No worries there Mr. Transportation, you will be out in less than two years with Tom M. old squeeze.

  39. You have a right to know how much money is being paid out on the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Quezada etal. You can send an E-Mail to FOIL@yonkerspublicschools.org

    Simply write:

    Dear Foil Officer,

    I am requesting copies of all legal fees paid to date on the the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit the city is indemnifying Edwin Quezada etal on and filed by Ms. Garcia. Everyone has a right to that information. I’m sure your friends and neighbors might like to exercise their right to make an E-Mail inquiry themselves.

    The Yonkers Tribune has the Lawsuit case number on its site but it’s not necessary.

  40. If you have a  child with any type of disability and she/he is being underserved, or if you are an Employee of the Yonkers Public Schools in any capacity and are experiencing or know of harassment and retaliation please contact The United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights immediately. You can do so for yourself or someone else, and do so anonymously. Do not go through the HR Department. Go directly to the federal government. The form is simple. If everyone fights back justice will prevail.


  41. Barry and the FF’s prevailed once again over dopey Mike Spano. When will the moron learn that he is out smarted and out classed? Now sit back and watch fat boy because you’re going to be exposed for what you are. A ZERO.

  42. Buckle up YO the repeal term limit ride is about to begin. This dumb mayor has nothing else to do and his leech family needs to keep sucking the city dry. DO NOT let it happen ! He set up the city council for this purpose.

  43. He’s a fat ignorant moron with no clue how to be an Executive. All fat Mike knows is to do whatever big brother Nick tells him to do. Nick calls the shots and is the real mayor. Fat Mike is only allowed to be the ceremonial mayor going around from one photo op to the next like the Queen of England. The city is crumbling around us yet fat Mike thinks everything is great.

    1. Mike is just the opposite. Look at all the family and friends he has employed. Look at all the money brother Nick is raking in from the unions. Look at all the givebacks the PBA gave up. Look at all the strife he has created. Look at his pick for a vacant council seat. Look at the fantastic payoff he just gave Quezada. {In a few years he will get fired with a golden parachute} Spano controls the Bd of Ed, the PD, the DPW. It’s all about control. Now that’s a success story. Just not the one that’s good for the rest of us.

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