Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Pimps Willing Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson for Quid-Pro-Quo Employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Westchester County Police Commissioner By a Seemingly Acquiescing Westchester County Executive George Latimer

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial

Major Implications for Westchester County Executive George Latimer and NYS Democratic Designee for Senate District 37

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Police Department rank and file lost again. Any hope for forthright and transparent leadership that would challenge Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith “The Cheese-eating Rat” Olson’s incumbency, fraught with many years of failed leadership packing was undermined by Yonkers City Hall, and specifically by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Olson had learned that challengers to his leadership would debilitate his title and perks as Yonkers PBA president were challengers permitted entry in challenging him. Olson had learned to effectively outmaneuver the timid and consistently under attack Yonkers Police Department for years. Olson and his perjuring cohorts had learned how to outflank the union membership as effectively as Olson had learned to embellish his prospects with the tacit support of Yonkers City Hall. Olson had in time gotten too full of himself and was unaware that circumstances had changed, that is, Yonkers City Hall had turned the tables on Olson. He was no longer tolerable, and was much less pertinent than in prior years. The nuanced changes were underfoot. Olson’s past capacity to stay a step or two ahead of the Spano’s was no longer working. Olson the player became Olson the “bitch”but did not realize it. Olson concocted plots and ploys to get what he wanted from Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration and those who spoke in Mayor Spano’s name. No longer. Olson became the “cash cow” Mayor Spano would use to marginalize Olson’s prowess.

PBA President Olson made a few major blunders of late. Olson has been trying for months to diminish and force Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles “Chuck” Gardner into retirement. Olson’s ploy failed to gain traction, mostly because Yonkers City Hall, feigning support for Olson, were more concerned about Mueller’s mental stability; Yonkers City Hall no longer trusted Mueller to follow orders. Those issues, among many more did not dissuade Olson from maintaining his support of Mueller, Olson’s BFF (best friend forever). Mueller’s options have eviscerated of late. While the plot described herein has been engaged, it would be unlikely that all necessary aspects required to bring about the employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller. Unless there are those among the protagonists noted who are interested in spending time behind bars, this very telling is unlikely to have Mueller promoted him to the enviable position of Westchester County Police Commissioner. More on that herein.

Olson engaged the PBA membership in a job action. The PBA membership was admonished by Olson not to ticket drivers who did not abide by the law when they were operating vehicles on the road or it was evident there was a safety issue in the vehicle they were driving. Having learned of the job action about to be engaged by Olson’s directive of the Yonkers Police Department, Olson was forwarded and chastised for his directive by Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh who advised Olson that his work stoppage would be the catalyst for driving the City of Yonkers (CoY) into a situation that would bring about the imposition of a Financial Control Board. Cavanaugh emphasized that CoY’s fiscal state of affairs were on the verge of exhaustion, that is, extremely tenuous at best. In recognition of CoY’s circumstances, Cavanaugh suggested Olson direct the YPD to issue more tickets than usual to bolster the city coffers.
Even so, Olson would not relent.

Yonkers Police Commissioner Gardner outsmarted the rogue behavior fomented by Olson by forcing checkpoints on major thoroughfares that had imposed a directive that traffic be stopped to ascertain that vehicles were being operated according to law. The order forced Olson’s hand and relieved the financial pressure CoY was forced to undergo by Olson’s work stoppage action he demanded and imposed on the Yonkers Police Department.

Police Commissioner Gardner stopped Police Officers from swapping patrol times among each other by enforcing the 72 hours rule.

Keith Olson was bought and paid for. He doled out the membership’s funds for his purpose and for his benefit and those of family and friends. He engaged in political fundraising efforts that were clearly part of the Spano-Olson menu. Olson had become an ATM for Mayor Mike Spano and those Spano’s that spoke in Mayor Mike Spano’s name. As PBA President, Olson would dispense funds for transfers he wanted, promotions among politicians willing to play quid-pro-quo for Olson’s benefit, Olson’s BFF, and / or for Olson’s patronage mill.

Olson’s conduct had been overplayed. After the November elections, with Spano’s prospects in decline, even though the Spano cabal did not want to understand or even contemplate it, the Spano “machine” was no longer as fertile as in the past. The Spano’s future political prospects were undermined and the Spano’s came to recognize that Olson was an uncontrollable thorn in their future political prospects. They continued to permit Olson to wine and dine them on the PBA membership’s funds. The PBA credit card fed the Spano’s because of their promise that Mueller would ride up the ladder. Alas, those were promises that kept Olson doing what was asked of him. He was a “good boy”. They turned him into their ever obedient “bitch”. Once turned, Olson could no longer consider himself a “virgin”. Olson’s immersion into the world of politics would come to undermine his capacity.

The two-year cycle that required re-election for a PBA president was at hand. The deep freeze in late December and January revealed that the credible challenge to leadership for the PBA was spoken about in every precinct. The whispers became louder; Olson would come to learn of the challenges afoot. Those contemplating to stand in challenge of Olson were advised in no uncertain terms that should they pursue to maintain their challenge of Olson, they would be demoted from their present standings at the Yonkers Police Department, but so would their associates, friends, supporters, etc. And they would also be precluded from being given overtime when it was available.

Sources in the know advise that Keith Olson called Mayor Spano in an attempt to call off his brother Det. Gerard Spano and any other PBA member from entering into the PBA elections. Gerard, brother of the “Democrat In Name Only (DINO) “Mayor Spano”, was cognizant that YPD Det.Gerard Spano was strongly considered a formidable challenger against Olson. Insiders advise Mayor Spano blew a fuse upon learning of Gerard’s interest in standing before the PBA membership in the hope of winning their support. The five-year Blue Truth Telling had undermined the PBA membership’s trust of Olson. The reckoning came to rest before Mayor Mike Spano who employed his father Leonard Spano to dissuade his brother Gerard from moving ahead to challenge Olson for PBA president. In so doing, The Spano’s reputation of deceit and betrayal was evidenced as the family huddled-up for a Hail Mary play where their brother was actually going to challenge Olson. Keith Olson had everyone and anyone manning the phone banks to make calls to discourage any Yonkers Police Officer from challenging him.

What was Olson scared of? Was it that the new PBA President might not agree to pay former Senator Nick Spano $48,000 per annum in lobbying fees, and would and could pressure the CLSA cough-up their $24,000 to Nick Spano’s lobbying firm? Mayor Spano was also afraid of losing the Affiliated Police Endorsement which is just a few Westchester Police Departments looking for a voice and / or a photo opportunity with a politico for their own edification. Strangely enough Olson, a guy who sold his members out during contract negotiations, as well as other Yonkers unions, is the current president of these misguided small departments. Yonkers Tribune would like to know which one of these officers vetted the real Keith Olson? Do they know that he and others conjured up lies to throw good standing members out of the union? Do they know he intentionally and maliciously targeted civilians with parking summonses and made physical threats against them, as well as to his own membership?

The challenge for Yonkers PBA president in 2018 was quashed by threats and demotions by the Spano Clan and at the behest of Mayor Mike Spano. Retribution to those intending to challenge Olson in the 2018 election had its intended effect. Challengers departed the scene, Olson stopped the police job action the following day. The power of the patriarchy in the Spano household eclipsed and smothered dreams that are now nothing more than an aching “hope” expunged by the heavy hand of family betrayal rather than support. Yonkers PBA President Olson is seeking re-election He is unapposed. Yonkers’ favorite ploy; a non-aggression pact enforced by Yonkers City Hall.

The Yonkers PBA has been exposed for police misconduct and its unwavering financial and political support of Mayor Mike Spano, and the Spano brothers since 2012. Recent reports by people in the know have alleged that $30,000 in cash was given to Lenny and John Spano to benefit the school for special needs students on whose board they serve. The quid-pro-quo has yet to be fully explained but does Mt take much imagination to distill.. There are however questionable concerns that requires oversight but is unlikely to be undertaken unless it is conducted by those astute in such issues from outside the City of Yonkers.

The $30,000 “donation” was said to have been accrued from the annual Yonkers Police v. Yonkers Firefighters Toughman Competition. To accomplish purchase of entrance to the Police Athletic League, the venue where the competition is held, only cash payment is accepted. No credit card, no checks; only cash. This has been a practice for many years. The cash payments are counted by the likes of Olson, Mueller, and Moran, the “Three Amigos”.

When an entity, such as the Yonkers PBA makes a donation, it is illogical that their donation would be presented in cash. Check or digital transfer of funds would be proof that a donation was made and that the donor could thereby claim a tax credit for the value of the donation.

Further, depositing $30,000 in cash would be a burden upon the school because there is a banking requirement by the IRS that proof of how the cash was accumulated requires written verification to the bank. The only way to side-step banking regulations and IRS regulations is to deposit cash sums in value less than $10,000 per deposit.

The fact that the Yonkers PBA engaged former NYS Senator Nick Spano to the tune of $48,000 per annum as their lobbyist shows the familial connection to the cash cow that is the PBA. Now the $30,000 donation to John and Lenny Spano on behalf of the School of Special Needs students situated on Park Avenue, in Yonkers, questions the integrity of such transactions. Each is illegal in some fashion or another. Does NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli have an interest in pursuing these illegal” concerns? Why would anyone contribute that amount of cash to the family of the current sitting Mayor Mike Spano, brother to John and Lenny Spano and suffer the loss of a major tax deduction? It makes no sense!

Mayor Mike Spano chose to undermine one brother for another brother, undermining brother Gerard for brother Nick. Mayor Mike Spano also backed out of the New York Senate race for SD 37. The Yonkers Way, questions who the “bitch” is in Yonkers, the City of Hills where nothing is on the level and the Mayor would not have his own flesh and blood interfere with the Olson cash cow. That is why the Mayor got into the Yonkers Police Department’s internal politics.

The internal family dispute got so heated that sources in the know say that the Mayor was set to commit a tactic used by Olson himself; just go out and target police personnel connected to his own brother with threats of “mass” transfers and demotions and no overtime. One might say that Mike Spano and Keith Olson are cut from the same dirty cloth. In both their worlds, they recognize no impediment in side-stepping constitutional guarantees or workplace harassment and retribution as long as it is kept on the down low and does not reach media. Oops. It has reached the media. Now what do they do?

It would seem prudent for Mayor Mike Spano to be very careful as he seemingly colludes with Olson, or he could be standing in U.S. Federal Court next to Olson, Chief John Mueller and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran. All are currently being sued in Federal Court for violations of civil rights?

Olson’s assertions that the work action was intended to push the CoY to employ more Police Officers was a ruse. Sources in the know advise the rogue union leader never stood with the other city unions during contract negotiations;  it was all about the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA) backing then incumbents Yonkers City Council President Liam Mclaughlin, Esq., over then challenger and present Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, which may be construed to have been a poison pill swallowed by the PBA and CLSA were Khader bent on retribution; that conclusion is their fear talking and is not as aspect of Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq.’s demeanor or ethical construct. The endorsement of McLaughlin was promised to both Mike Spano and McLaughlin personally by Olson. In return, Olson thought he was one step closer to getting the Yonkers Police Department to agree to make John Mueller the new Yonkers Police Commissioner. That was Plan “A”. Plan “B” is now underfoot. This telling should put the kabosh on Plan “B”.

The phones were ringing and the canaries were singing. Reports shared by sources in the know advise that Yonkers’ Democrat-In-Name-Only Mayor Mike Spano called former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to get the Westchester Hispanic Police to change their endorsement of Mike Khader suggesting that Liam would lose the Hispanic vote if they did not.

Unbeknown to most, except those in the know, whom Yonkers Tribune have long ago learned are knowledgeable and forthright have revealed a recent and allegedly backroom ploy to employ Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to the post of Westchester County Police Commissioner . Toward that end, Mayor Mike Spano, with Olson, Yonkers PBA President Olson and “bitch” in tow invited Westchester County Executive George Latimer to dinner at Casaletto Italian Restaurant, located at 15 South Central Avenue, Elmsford, NY. The proprietor of Casaletto Italian Restaurant began his culinary enterprises when first operating a bar / restaurant on Willow Street, near Park Hill Avenue, in Yonkers, situated in the Spano “hang out”, near Giulio’s Restaurant.

Insiders have advised that Westchester County Executive Latimer was propositioned to employ John Mueller to the position Of Westchester County Police Commissioner. In return, PBA President “cash-cow” Olson would open his membership’s coffers to Latimer to replenish his political war chest, also underwrite the efforts of Assemblymember Shelley Mayor in her recent announcement and advisement that she is the Westchester County Democrat designated to succeed Westchester County Executive Latimer’s open seat to which she vies to represent New York Senate District 37.

Assemblymember Shelley Mayer has expressed support of John Mueller, but she is unaware of his being scrutinized by three Federal Appellate Court judges whose final rulings have yet to be divulged. The employment of Mueller as Westchester County Police Commissioner is said to be replete with a Yonkers PBA endorsement of Shelley Mayer and Yonkers CLSA endorsement, and a few other little known affiliate police agencies noted above

The alleged takeaway is clear. Threats by demotion, transfers, and no overtime, ingredients of retribution, were proven sufficient in reducing the Yonkers Police Department to dysfunction and to be robbed of their right to expression by secret ballot. A pipe dream no longer believable. So as Olson emails his thank you to the kowtowing membership, he will stand before them, like it or not, unopposed for another two-years proving CoY is still for sale.


Olson should thank the PBA membership for believing him rather than the contract that failed them. So a thank to Mayor Mike Spano is in order. He has connived to promote Olson for another two years to serve his brother Nick, and to attempt to move Mueller out of Yonkers to undermine Westchester County Executive Latimer and to seduce Latimer into believing hiring Mueller will not bring the strong arm of the law to ruin Latimer’s political clout for all time to come and to drag Shelley Mayer before greater scrutiny in the public eye.

It seems unfathomable that Latimer and Mayer would acquiesce to this ploy.

So, Yonkers who do you trust now? So Yonkers, who can you trust?

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eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Pimps Willing Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson for Quid-Pro-Quo Employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Westchester County Police Commissioner By a Seemingly Acquiescing Westchester County Executive George Latimer

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  1. Its been six months since the original post here theorizing about what I would do for County Public safety. Have I acquiesced to anyone?

    I’m taking my time to make the right appointment, that’s all.

    George Latimer
    Verification: 995-2910

  2. I wonder who CJ Bunker will be exposing next? Will it be “Choke Chain”, will it be “almost PC Joker” or maybe “Fat Rat” Olson? Either way……

  3. its official ladies and gents the smiling joker will not be going to the county,sorry we have to still deal with him,Latimers people did their homework and found out the truth about the rat squad maybe moran should put his papers in earlier…lol

  4. The Olsonette’s can be compared to what is now being called a secret society. These Olsonette’s committed everything from threatening civilians all the way to perjury. Keith Olson and Johnny the Joker Mueller have been obstructing all the work that PC Gardner has set forth. Day in and day out these two dirtbag liars have been running to the Spano’s since 2012 to fk other union employees.

  5. This just in folks, John the Joker Mueller or Johnny refuse to transfer doesn’t make the cut. Steaks and endorsements just weren’t enough for George. Perhaps Mike Spano and the Fat man should have got George a nice slice of the City of Yonkers special desert, the famous Keith Olson cheese cake set atop a nice stolen personnel file.

  6. as long as nick the pig spaNo keeps listening the the gray river rat and twitchy joker the city is doomed these 2 rats have nothing good for the city except personal gain at the expense of a good police department in which the commish has his hands tied because the spaNos want to run the ypd into the ground

    1. Get hell out of Yonkers PD affairs Mike Spano. You and your family fked it up enough with your fat lying criminal pimp fatty Keith Olson. When the Feds land they will find plenty of witnesses of your washing away internal complaints. Go start your own criminal department a make Mueller the PC and that fat piece of lying union wannabe the deputy.

  7. This is the whole truth and nothing but …can’t wait for the next myself….Olson can you do a fundraiser for Nick Spano next year, or Mike can you threaten cops not to run against Keith again… not enough cash huh?

  8. Can some ask the fag man if Brian Moran can leave the DVD behind. You know the one from the BOE that shows Yonkers Police officers campaigning on private property. The one that Moran and Babe investigated without telling the department. One more thing which Spano is getting the next Toughman cash?

  9. Yonkers PD is the only department in the State that does not support Keith Olson as a real UNION leader. Olson should go to City Hall and change his name to Keith Spano. Members do even want him around them nor do they follow Olson’s bought and paid for endorsements as evident of all the candidates that lost under the Yonkers PBA and Affiliated Police. Unopposed because the Yonkers Mayor got involved for union sellout.

  10. Hey Snoop Dog Moran, where you going next? We want to warn them of your searches and ability to do unauthorized investigations against co-workers.

    1. Brian is smart he sees the writing on the wall,keith wrote his own obituary supporting astorino and now licking latimers balls to get joker the pc spot not happening,everyone KO endorsed lost except rubo …

    2. Brian or Keith Olson can you turn in the personnel files you either stole or put together on the CLSA members?
      Now others can get some overtime that Moran has been getting for the past 5 years….
      Maybe Olson will give you and McCauley the unauthorized investigations award. Be a rogue and walk away with $160, 000 pension.

  11. Keith, just heard the search warrant Moran is retiring. He is retiring as your bitch and dirty rat disgrace to the uniform. He will forever be remembered like you as a union rat who investigated civilians & police personnel on your say so. We now know he and you did the unauthorized investigations against union members like the former DD Capt.
    Hope Monte does a tell all.

  12. Something crooked in Yonkers I don’t believe it. The spanos have destroyed this city. City hall is like cuomos living room at Christmas and every part of this city has a good ole boy spano brother, sister, or cousin taking taxpayer money. Sanctuary city my ass, now that khader is voted in, we are lower then low. Yonkers sucks and the crooked bastards that live the high life are making it worse

    1. It must make the Spano’s feel real good keeping a Keith Olson around. Then again, who would not, Olson is the only leader in the City who is willing to commit perjury at anytime and go after civilians. They put this guy on a Community forum in White Plains talking about excessive force. People from Yonkers should attend and ask him why he attacks and threatens community members. Ha, ha, ha,

  13. Mayor Spano I am a local business man who just came to Yonkers. I have been reading the Tribune about your dinner and hang buddy Keith Olson. I read what he has been doing and I can’t believe the Feds haven’t collared you and your brothers and the guy they call the Lab rat union leader.
    Anyway, I have cash and I don’t want to get targeted or set up while you stay quiet and tell the PC to leave the investigation open. Is that like a wink wink Mr. Mayor? Anyway, let me know what restaurant so I can watch your pimped union leader slobber some cheese
    Oh when does Olson give Nick and Lenny their cash, that is when I will take a chance to park so the fat man doesn’t give me a ticket while he is on a job action.
    Thanks Don Carlo

  14. Can we have Olson evaluated by the city doctor? They had Trump evaluated. Wonder how they will diagnose the big guy? Never mind we may need an outside doctor. City doc would say he’s the perfect weight with no signs of heart disease and can run a four minute mile lol. Not to mention his mind is like that of Mike Spano.

  15. Talk about legal fees, we were wondering where the money came from after the Yonkers PBA Association lost in NYS Highest Court and the same court ordered the PBA to pay the legal fees? They say work place harassment and the intentional violation of someone’s First Amendment rights is a very costly law suit. Hope you have deferred compensation. Just think Keith you and choke chain Brian Moran and the Joker can all chip in for one nice fat monthly payment. I am sure Monte will not accept Wayne’s cash.

    1. Bill, this union President was never a good cop. When he was robbing the vending machines in the 4th pct. he was telling on bosses and other cops. His claim or birth into union politics was all based on bully tactics that sadly enough went unchallenged. This so called union President would not last one day with guys like you on the Yonkers Executive board. Most current working cops will tell you that Keith Olson sold the PBA out and let the city open up and change the General Municipal Law 207c giving the city the upper hand against the injured or sick officer. Throwing out members and targeting cops with the Spano’s behind him is how he is surviving. The Yonkers PBA probably has about the same amount of cash as to when you were on the board.

  16. One Of The ‘Old’ Guys,

    I had 23 years on the job, came on back in the 70’s, and of those 23 years I spent 12 years on the Executive Board of the PBA. The young cops today can thank the ‘old’ guys for a lot of their present day benefits (except for the NYS pension tier changes, which we fought against). We fought very hard ( job actions: e.g.: writing no tickets, ticket blitzes, blue flu, putting radio cars down for mechanical issues, taking our time to conduct proper police investigations and writing thorough police reports, marching in front of politicians homes, to name a few) for members on the job at that time and for future cops to come.
    I don’t know if all that is being said is true or half true but back in the day the PBA was there for each and every member, not individuals. We worked in the ‘spirit of cooperation, not confrontation’. Get A Grip and bring respect and dignity back to this Association.

    1. Bill Powers, thank you for service and thoughts which needed to be said to anyone who considers becoming a respectable police officer and being part of a “then” Yonkers PBA Association where the board was highly admired and respected because officers knew that their benefits and rights would never be “given” up for a job, another term, or a company car.
      In reading your remarks one can assume no “one” individual, at least no “real union President” would send supervisors to target men and women on the Yonkers Police Department. Sadly, and very embarrassing it happened for political pay back and because like you, good descent men and women spoke out on that once fight you spoke of.
      As a cop, you know where there is smoke there is fire. There is no half truth to be found, Keith Olson is solely responsible for lighting the match & solely shamed that once prestigious office that you spoke about. There is “No” doubt that Keith Olson was and currently is behind what has occurred on the Yonkers Police Department. He has sent supervisors to write Yonkers Cops up as they campaign for the betterment of what so many past officers like yourself fought for; he has sent other cops to assault members, he has conducted unauthorized investigations against supervisors and PBA members and continues to this day; he has perjured himself to the membership to throw a good standing member out of the union, which thank god that person had the resources and successfully won full reinstatement which four judges said was ” Arbitrary and Capricious “.
      Ask around and you will be enlightened and shocked as to who Keith Olson and a “few” supervisors really are. I can tell you that Olson is guilty as charged. No, we wish it was half true. Again thank you for your honorable service and well said thoughts of a job that was once so highly respected for what you have done as an executive 12 year board member.

    2. Well written Mr. Powers. Under Keith Olson this will never happen. First off KO can’t march anywhere except to the fridge these days. Never the less in front of the Mayors residence. He’s so enthralled in this whole political world that I feel Mike Spano is the PBA President and KO is the Mayor. Pretty sad to say the least. Everything you ‘old’ guys fought for will all be gone soon. Like Afghanistan we will have to rebuild after we run the last of al Quaeda, I mean al Olsonettes, out of town. I’m not sure if this association can stand two more years of this rat!

      1. In short the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson should be investigated for financial fraud and deceiving and denying the membership a full inspection of expendures.

  17. Hey Keith how much of the union cash did you use to target Rob S. ? We know Nick gets $48,000, Lenny Spano got $30,000 from the Toughman and Quinn gets about $125,000 annually excluding your State and Federal Law Suit Bill. This also does not include promising the memberships cash endorsements. The Yonkers PBA members are so uninformed.

  18. Chris told it like it was, like it or not. Put your big elastic pants on KO and hope he doen’t expose your rat moves. Who knows what you did to him and others.

  19. Hope the Firefighters refuse to have the Toughman again knowing the Yonkers PBA counted the cash taken at the doors and then gave it to a Spano who did nothing for the unions. They only took care of the fat man with a nice car and a job for his sister who replaced Keith Olson’s search warrant friend Brian ” Chokechain ” who has been building up overtime for the past 6 years. Now Det. Davis got a nickel of it because he was Monte partner.

    1. George, I know I didn’t support or endorse you but I want to make it up to you over dinner. I am going to bring my ace in the hole, or is it my union rat in the hole. Anyway George he is not called the dirtiest lying union leader for nothing. He wants Mueller to be the County’s top cop, so dinner is on him with promises of endorsements. You do know that he is the mouth piece of a couple of small, very small departments. You know George I really don’t think they know his reputation in Yonkers. You know George, I threw him a nice curve and sold him a sh*t contract and get this, he gave up the NY State Municipal Law 207c.
      Don’t look at him when he eats because the food just oozes out of his mouth.

  20. Rochester Mayor LOVELY Warren is being picked by Cuomo to run as Lt Gov and NOT Mike Spano as many of his supporters were hoping and praying. That’s LOVELY for Mayor Warren and just too funny for Mike Spano.

  21. Come on you fat union liar, you didn’t go after Chris, Davis, Mingy, Itzla, Monte,Pappy, Tin man, Lou S., kiv, Hodges, the PC, Wanda, Hec, Intervallo’s, Cleary, Bock, Mad dog, Pete F, Stacey, Housing Unit boys, PC, Khaders, Khader’s daughters, friends,…..and many more friends? You didn’t stalk Khader with Mueller watching ? John Viviano Sr. didn’t forcefully take property from a locked parked vehicle? and what about it, John DVD don’t tamper with tapes unless it against a criminal or Monte?
    We told you perjurers we would take All legal steps to protect every person you and those fools at City Hall target with false made up charges that fit into your lies.

  22. Crying out names won’t hide the stains Keith Olson. Now run along and meet the Mayor for some endorsement trading for Mueller job. LOL the Joker

  23. Wtf is going on? Is Carmine the munchkin talking shit on face book sticking up for Sugar Babe? Hey carmine, does the lollipop Guild know you are missing? SOB all these weasels coming out of the woodwork to stick up for the Olsonette. I guess nobody really knows what Sugar Babe has done? Let’s just say fucking other cops was his business; well unless you never disagreed with the head PBA cheese wiz. Tiss you right on target brother, retired has got nothing to do with this. When you f**k real men over don’t be shocked when they call you out. I guess the cowards would rather you come on this forum Tiss so they can act like tough guys and say you hiding behind a computer, lololololololololol. Which is it rat Olsonettes? Tiss signs his name to an article, when will one of you rats man up and tell him you gonna straighten him out? Stop sending flunkies. Babe was working for the head Olsonette and several others. F**king cowards. Go buy some courage!!!!

    1. What’s the matter the Yonkers Tribune gives you the truth and now your crying about Chris’s T. facebook? Oh now another cop has come forwarded claiming he also was targeted because of his friends. That is how a fat so call union boy works. Now sit down and listen to Chris’s “truth” lecture. Enjoy the lecture, I do. Go to CJ bunker for the truth on this Olsonette’s. Yonkers just isn’t safe

    2. You must be talking about the time Babe and choke chain Moran surveiled Ray Montero when he was campaigning for PBA President. The two rats were a little over zealous and didn’t realize Ray had permission to be out of the house. They took pictures and did an investigation. It took them two weeks before they told their supervisor. Boy do we miss Lt. Hessler. So when several a$$holes on Facebook challenge Tissier know your facts and stop sucking that d**k for overtime.

      1. CJ bunker is a straight shooter and doesnt owe anyone anything he speaks the truth and knows all the players thanks Chris for having the courage to speak what is wrong with this job keep it up your friend.

        1. Thanks Chris keep it up pal. You have more support than that dirty cop Keith Olson. Sorry he and McCauley set you up. They’re scared by your freedom of speech.

  24. Well said and so true. Sad and pathetic is the state of mind of rogue cops like Keith Olson and the people that allowed these people to attack and set up others. What is pure hatred is the actors who have committed and are still committing acts of hatred toward good descent police officer and or civilians who did nothing more than state their opinions or say hello to another person.
    So when dirty cops like Keith Olson, Billy Pataky, John Donaghy, Brian Moran, John Mueller Neil Vera and the rest commit acts of perjury to target a civilian or a female employee or any union members, that is suppose to be acts of kindness. Throwing out names or other names is what YOU call normal Yonkers PBA business or is suppose to stop the truth from getting out.
    Get it smart one, you step on a hornets nest and it will be resolved as more come forward with reports of more police misconduct that will never go unanswered.

  25. the hatred on this forum is too much. you retired guys – montero and tipsier need to get a life. you retired. get on with your life. your pathetic and nobody on the job even knows who you are.

    1. Post

      I suggest if there is any hatred it originated with the people in power who used and abused those who have retired, are close to retiring, or expected to be treated with respect, understanding as opposed to being screwed at every turn. Lash out at the perpetrators who have been permitted license to mainstain and sustain the law breakers at the top of the food chain for always making out on the backs of those who, oh my gosh, still conduct themselves by the law on the books.

      While you may not personally be aware of the games played in Yonkers for generations, it would be smart of you to ask about and learn who you presently define as full of hatred. If you had to suffer as these fine men and women have, you may realize at long last how off the mark you are.

      But it doesn’t seem to matter to you, does it? You got your share. You lucked out under the Yonkers Way. Others did not. In fact most did not. No matter. When the city gets sued in the millions for the illegal conduct engaged by the City of Yonkers and they come to you to pay for their illegality, their theft, their trespassing beyond what the law permits them, when they becoming fat over the Rising water rate increases to which there are no substantive figures that are publicly available, where crooks, who have raped the city of all its housing and real estate wealth, and in order to function they raise your taxes beyond your capacity will be the day you get it. Until then, I suggest you are off the Wall, in more ways than one. This is America and you have your rights. I won’t be pondering very much why you will get no help from anywhere. You are the problem. Unfortunately there are many enablers who can’t handle the truth even though the stench of past and continuing atrocities have your scent on it.

      I am certain you will define my response as hatred. When the streets of Yonkers burn you will learn the meaning of hatred. I hope you have Mayor Mike Spano’s Number during your travail which you will not comprehend will wake you to your many years of silence despite your attending a House of Worship. God help you, because only he can.

    2. You will also be retired one day. The good things you still have, and the good things Keith gave away for personal gain, exist because the cops who came before you fought for them. Those cops, now retired and mostly unknown to those currently on the job, are disturbed to see what the job has become under Keith and Tommy’s stewardship. They have hurt you and the retirees. Maybe you should at least listen to what the retirees have to say. Before 628 has everything and you guys have nothing.

  26. Can’t wait for more innocent civilian and police department employees to file class actions Federal Law Suit against the City of Yonkers and Keith Olson. It will cost a lot more than the million settlement to the DOJ.

  27. Next week the Spano’s and the Yonkers PBA President will be having a 75 percent cash deal on endorsements. Respond to the Yonkers PBA Office. Please bring cash and gifts. No checks and maybe we will put in a good word so you are not targeted for whistle blowing.
    Early birds get a picture with Mike Spano and Keith Olson clenching cash. The “Yonkers Rising” will be there for photos.

  28. spano crime family: caporegime fat Nicky, streetboss mikey, dumbo puppet consigliere vinny num nuts, capo joe spano, and minions of ass cociasets.

  29. Wondering if Mike and Keith Olson passed any cash under the table at the fine restaurant. We know Mike Spano called Astorino to get Liam an endorsement changed. We now know that Spano pimps out Keith Olson and Olson is also a pimp who can’t get anything without promising cash and endorsements. He even throws in the CLSA too. Then they get free reign to target civilians and police personnel. Why because all the Spano brothers call when they want PBA cash. In return, Nick Spano calls off any form of internal investigations on the rotten dirty union leader. Just ask around….not hard to find people in the know. Now if that is not corruption, what is? KO can you order me a steak without cheese.

    1. Keith, I need for you to endorse Liam and Astorino. Yeah , what’s in it for me? What do you want? You need Jonnie Joke to be made PC and I need a transfer? Fine who? Santobello! Done Keith.

  30. WTF, saw the Mayor at the MLK luncheon but didn’t see his union ” bitch”, Keith Olson. Oh that’s right Olson would not want to be there, but got a spot as a panelist in White Plains. The guy doesn’t know the first thing about community policing. He and his crew sure know how to tamper with evidence, threaten civilians, and set up others. Now how do I get on that panel? I have cash Mike and KO. I didn’t go to the Toughman so I have cash.

  31. Keith or Brian, the landlord is looking for those keys. Now let me get to that work shop on physical force, it will look good for Federal Court . Panelist ….LMFAO
    are you sure it is not a work shop for planting evidence or searching without warrants?

    1. Today’s Yonkers PBA matinee is dirty rogue cops, starring the set up artist Keith Olson. Co-Starring John Mueller and Brian Moran.
      Producers are the Spano brothers and directed by Mayor Mike Spano.

  32. Repeal of term limits coming soon. You heard it here first. These dumb Spanos have nothing else – no skills to offer no prospects for these dummies. And they need to protect the 100+ family friends that they gave jobs. Buckle up Yonkers. LMAO

      1. Pack your crooked cop Mike Spano and you two can hang out in the Hamptons reminiscing about all the people you fked over. Then you both have a nice chunk of Keith’s favorite cheese, ” setting up Cheddar “.

    1. There will be no repeal of term limits. Lawsuits will prevent this from ever happening. Actually we need term limits for the senate, congress, state senate and assembly. No more that 8 years for any position, including the county as well.

      One the above story all government positions especially of this nature need to be advertised and for open competition. No jobs of this nature should be doled out as “favors”. Don’t think Latimer will be any better than Asstorino. When I saw him talking about his “progressive” ideology I knew he was cooked and another one of those loonies who will raise taxes and ignore the mountains of waste that is westchester government.

  33. The Spano’s ruined every department in the City with their meddling. Mike Spano dropped out of the Senate race because he knew he would never win, nor ever in Yonkers again. You brothers unleashed Olson and now he is just rabid lying rat that no one will stand next too, except the Spano brothers.

  34. Just got a good laugh. Keith Olson is a panelist on police use of force. Wondering if he is going to explain his actions of targeting civilians.

    1. Now that’s funny. A panelist on a CLU panel? LMAO. Fat KO and his loving crew were planting drugs and framing people in Schroeder st for years. LOL Irony

  35. Can’t believe that Mike Spano who says he is a Democrat attempts to get Astorino to have the Westchester Hispanic Association change their endorsement. Mike Spano is no different than crooked cop Keith Olson who sets up people.

  36. Question Keith, the CLSA wants to know if you promised their endorsement because they missed dinner.
    Never mind you union thug, we know the answer.

  37. Mike Spano can I run for Yonkers PBA after you leave office or go to jail? I promise to give money fundraiser money, political endorsements and lobbying cash to Nick. I will even let you transfer other cops and hit them with fake made up charges.

    1. Billy Pataky got 60 plus hours of overtime biweekly for the past 2 years. Det. Davis got a hand shake after asking just for a few hours a week after 32 years of service. Keith, Ken had the traffic cash to pay for the shot. You just had to fk with Ken after he told you he stood with Monte his former partner.

  38. Reality Check you must be the guy who thought it was a good idea to give the brother of the Yonkers Mayor a charitable cash contribution of any domination. What about the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson paying annually $48, 000 a year to the other brother? What about all the good in Joe Spano getting all the contracts and ribbon cutting of all the security cameras in the City? Wow we are all broken up of this kind act of charity while Yonkers Police officers and civilians are transferred and targeted for being suspect of “what”, saying the truth that the Yonkers Tribune prints? No my misguided friend, there is insurmountable “proof ” and real live people that this dirt bag Keith Olson and othets either threaten or set up. Maybe you should ask around or look up the NY State 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and read Montero v Yonkers PBA in which ” Four Judges” ruled it was ” Arbitrary and Capricious “. Maybe you should find the copy of the summons Olson gave Top Class, or ask the cop how he felt when Olson attacked him from the rear; maybe you can help find those tapes John Donaghy picked up for Olson; or show up to be questioned on who you talked too today?
    Now go get a nice cup of hot chocolate and look up the United States Federal Court Case , Montero v City of Yonkers to see how fake the Tribune really is. Fake it’s not, corruption rest on the shoulders of all who have committed it. Soon others will make their cases too against those that commit perjury against other. Why don’t you investigate and ask some Captains, civilians and police officers what they find is fake.
    The Yonkers Tribune got it right…the whole truth and nothing but…right Keith Olson .. by the way where is the Captain’s file you put together , or is that fake news too…..

    1. Because he was suspected of being friend’s with police officers that didn’t like the Ferris Joker Mueller. In fact the fat moquette rare gray river rat personally wrote him a parking ticket. All on DVD, ask Olson himself, but it better be under federal oath.

      1. Now now fellas, ask Frankie F, or Joe Mahoney, Marvin Oakley, or Louie the ” face puck”, Joe Ski, Debbie Hiccups about Karma…

      2. it doesnt make sense I only got 4 years on the job my dad retired now about 10 years says John did the right thing for active and retired guys even if he didnt know you.I work in the 4th when i try to ask about why keith went after john everyone just looks amazed…

        1. Well Officer O’Brien… Your retired Dad, Sgt. KEITH O’Brien was a f*****g I***T. It’s pretty f*****g simple… But then again, so are you so…
          Hey!!..And now that I think about it, you got that uncomfortable Mueller smile yourself!!

    2. Now after all this reading what person in their right frame of mind would make Mueller anything. These Olsonette’s are dirty cops, all solid information. Brian please don’t search my house or office. Thanks you rat

  39. Hey Keith, you’re a fake. Karma is a boomerang.. it’ll hit you 10x harder. You threatened so many people. I’m a peaceful person however I hope to witness your karma personally. You deserve all that you get.

    1. Oh yea by the way… you’re listening tactics don’t work. Interference is common senses send your cronies. Mine are bigger than yours bitch.

  40. Every 2 years you assholes say you’re going to unseat Olson and every 2 years you lie and fail. Not only that but he’s the head of the Association that covers all of the PBA’s in Westchester.
    The Yonkers Tribune is a disgusting fantasy land populated by cowards who never come out of the shadows.
    Only here can a $30,000 donation to a great charitable organization be painted in a bad light. By the way, you forgot the 30K they donated to Make a Wish Foundation and all the other money they donated to charity.
    The world of the Yonkers Tribune is the real shit hole. The real world is still pretty nice.

    1. Who are you “reality check”? Anonymous, no? Never mind we know it’s you Rat face Olson. Nobody gives one shit about “our” (as in the PBA membership and persons that paid entry into the toughman) association giving 30k to a school that takes care of the special needs. It’s the reason why. In case anyone doesn’t know, this past Election Day the Mayor and his family needed certain political candidates endorsed as well as certain “favors”. Hezi refers to these favors as “quid pro quo”. So when the Mayor approached Olson, Olson told him he would endorse whomever in exchange for some “favors”, you know; a little more “quid pro quo”. The sickening part is the “favors” included throwing Detective Santobello out of the Gang Unit so he can fill the spot with one of his “guys”. But it’s not just because he wanted one of his guys taken care of, it’s the retribution sought against Santobello for running for PBA office in the past. I don’t care how many unions Olson is the head of, he’s a corrupt dirty cop that will stop at nothing to destroy anyone that doesn’t bow and kiss his ring. He uses “our” own PBA cash as leverage against his own members instead of using it for the advancement of the association. I think, and this is obviously only my opinion, that this donation was not only immoral but a conflict of interest as well. Not to mention a violation of Santobellos rights. Leonard Spano is the head of the school in which the donation went and in order to get these “favors” he had to sweeten the pot with this 30k donation. There were other deals also spoken about like if Astorino won they would lobby hard to have the whacko John Mueller made Police Commissioner of the County PD. It was a win win for that scenario because they had both angles covered. Olson backed Astorino while the Mayor backed Latimer. I can go on and on but that’s just a little insight into a dirty union thug that eats filet mignon every night and his own. One day Olson’s world is going to be in a 8×8 cinderblock room with a locked gate and a real thug sleeping next to him.

  41. I’ve been following a Facebook rant by Chris Tissier about an Olsonette named James “Babe” McAuley. Some little donkey dick loser lieutenant that used to be Keith Olson’s inside man in IAD. Babe used to copy personal information out of cops personnel files and provide it the the Olsonettes. Some real Obama administration dirty tactics to hold shit over peoples heads. You know, fall in line or we’ll expose your past type of shit. While reading it I saw posts from Ricky DeVito and Daryl Benjamin. Both these guys proclaimed their love for the Olsonettes Chris so stop being nice to them. They ain’t your friends. One says he loves you, the other says he’ll take a bullet for you, lol. Really? They know exactly what this scum bag dirty donkey drunk did to you. The fact that they have to defend this loser is simple. Rock head Rick doesn’t have much time left on the job. He’ll be aged out soon so by sucking babe off he’ll be allowed to build his pension immensely. Daryl portray’s to be a tough guy but is nothing more than a furry little pu$$y that eats cheese out of KO hairy a$$ crack. Cut those two so called friends loose Chris and block them from your Facebook. People such as them are not worth your time. Everyone loves your rants but the five percenters of this job that have no spine to tell the truth of what these disgusting bastards have done to solid guys on this job. I say to all of them, keep sucking that d**k.

  42. Mayor Mike Spano you really should have stayed out of the union election process. Your no difference than KO who is a union bully that threatens everyone.
    Really Mayor , what did he take away your political career? That is over. This is what happens in Yonkers when two uneducated locals team up. Olson is a corrupt cop, we know that. What did he or Brian Moran search your office without a warrant? Mayor take all your free meals because the Governor says your done.

  43. The Yonkers BID is looking for some much needed cash to buy more brooms. The BID was wondering if Yonkers thug Keith Olson would give us $10,000 from this year’s Toughman? Has to he in cash please or we won’t clean up your mess or burn those personnel files.

  44. The members of the Yonkers PBA just want to take a moment to congratulate Keith Olson on his unopposed and last term. Private citizens, CLSA members and others want to say thanks for threatening to lock them up, setting them up, and shutting us out to the other fat guy Mike Spano for interfering in the Yonkers PBA Elections process.

  45. It’s funny how things work. The mayor listens to a dirtbag like KO and hurts good cops. Then dirtbags like “Choke Chain” Moran, Pataky, Donaghy “DVR” and others make 50-60 hours in OT a check.

  46. Funny how someone posted they were going to run against a dirty cop lIke KO; we say you should have but didn’t. Now pay your dues to the Spano’s.

    1. Yes it is unfortunate but don’t gloat about it moron. Every PBA member is paying their dues to the Spanos but that is the fault of the PBA President. It is also the fault of the membership for not having multiple people to run for the position. You sound like you’re happy about pissing your dues away. That’s weird but most of the members are sheep so I expected nothing less. Good luck with a rat for Spanos remaining time. Soon they will both be gone and so the countdown begins.

  47. Keith Olson and John Mueller went around the City and the department thinking they could do whatever they wanted, even police misconduct. Keith can you steal Babe’s file or Donagh’s?

  48. Welcome to SpaNo land where union kick backs are accepted and where the Yonkers PBA uses union cash to get friends promoted and others transferred. Now if that’s not good enough, Keith Olson can conjure up some lies and send some of his union rogue cops to make sure it sticks. Mike, pass the cheese please.

    1. Mike Spano can you transfer another cop for me..???? I got $$$$$
      What time is dinner fat Mike??? No worries I have the Gold Card. Now can we push the Joker for top county spot??? $$$$$

  49. Mike Spano is a lying loser like Olson. Why do you think they hang out together. This is not fake news this is a reading from the Yonkers Police Gospel.

  50. Keith Olson, John Mueller and Brian Moran ruined a good job with their targeting of civilians and police officers. Soon there will be others from all nationalities coming forth with other workplace harassment suits. These dirt bag liars have denied good descent men and woman, overtime and transfers because they feel they were exposed for their misconduct.

      1. KO is a white trash bum. He’d be on welfare if he wasn’t a cop. Beware of rats Mr. Latimer. Keith Olson and John Mueller will be your “choke chain”. You got your free meal now move on before they ruin you like they ruined the Mayor of Yonkers. John Hodges is the smart choice.

    1. We hear that Olson’s other twin, County pba president fat Hagan is pushing hard for him, since Olson told him not to support Hodges. At least that way they both get to ruin another job. Hodges beware, your own guy sold you out for the Yonkers way… I hope the County PD guys are paying attention to what’s possibly coming their way…

  51. The fat brothers got caught red handed promising cash and endorsements for a guy who set up other cops. Mueller couldn’t lead a bunch of toddlers into a pool.

  52. Assuming he wants the job, the County has a much better candidate for PC than Mueller – Chief John Hodges. I don’t believe Chief Hodges ever threw a beer bash at work, or turned down a transfer. And he is familiar with the inner workings of the County PD.
    Mueller has created dissension in the YPD, and would likely do the same as County PC. Latimer would be smart to avoid hiring Yonkers hacks.

    1. Agreed. Anyone that lies on others and throws a beerfest in celebration of refusing to be transferred should not be in charge of a dog pound.

      1. Oh yea. Then he gets the chiefs spot in investigations and targets mingy at the request of Keith Olson. Once again him, Olson and Moran colluded to transfer yet another highly decorated Detective while refusing his own transfer. Then he (Mueller) cries to people like Bostic for support when his good friend Pataky terrorizes the community. Everyone knows what these three a$$holes did to Ray and his friends with the help of the Mayor. Mr. Mayor how do you think that makes you look? Not so good huh. Good luck with your political career once your mayorship in Yonkers ends. Your support base has dwindled due to poor decision making and your friendship with Olson.

  53. Hezi,
    I’ve read some of your past editorials but not all, most of the time you seems spot on. In this editorial you got a key point totally incorrect. I happen to be friends with a very well liked Yonkers cop who I will keep anonymous for now, he was going to run for PBA president because he was and remains disgusted with how Olson is running the union. There was nothing that was going to stop my buddy from running,… accept he was told that he would be stepping on the Spano’s toes if he ran, they told him that Gerard Spano was going to put his own name in the hat and run for president against Olson. My friend, being the stand up guy he is, he stepped aside and let Gerard Spano run against Olson. My buddy only wanted Olson out, he didn’t care who did it, so long as Olson was out. What my buddy didn’t know was that it was a political ploy all along. Gerard Spano was never actually going to run at all. Are you kidding, his brother Mayor Mike has Olson eating out of his hands, they just didn’t want anyone else knocking Olson out of his position and ruining their little cozy “quid pro quo” money arrangements. So they kept anyone from running by saying that Gerard was going to do it. So what happened,… at the very last minute Gerard Spano pulls out of the race!! So now Olson remains unopposed and too late now for anybody to get officially nominated. The Spano’s have pulled this same trick off before with that witch Donna Nolan, remember that? Come on Hezi, whoever gave you the sad Gerard Spano account of what happened got it all wrong. Gerard never had any intentions of running, he pulled off the ploy just as he brother told him to. Very sad.

    The rest of your editorial seems spot on, my advice to County Executive Latimer and Shelly Mayor is to steer far away from the Spano’s dirty politics. Don’t get tangled up in their deceptive dirty deeds.

    1. If that was true why did your friend not go to meeting and have some one nominate him just incase Gerard got cold feet?? Bottom line papa spano told his son get out of the way you are hurting the family business remember olson gives nick 50K a year plus plus……

      1. You just made my point, Papa Spano didn’t want anyone to take Olson out because of the money Olson gives Nicky, and all the other deals they have. Bottom line is that Gerard was never going to run. That was a ploy to keep others from running.

        1. I really believed Gerard was running but when his brother also retaliated back saying im going to bounce your friends out of units and cut back ot and so fourth i guess he didnt want his boys taking the hit just look at what happened to Monty and now santobello spanos are ruthless

          1. Hey Big Ballers are you really trying to say that the only reason Gerard pulled out of the race was because his big brother threatened to transfer his friends and cut off their overtime if he didn’t?? LMAO!! You can’t be serious!! First of all Gerard has no friends, so you’re wrong right from the jump. And secondly, Gerard would sell his soul if it was worth a nickel, you really think he would protect anyone? Laughable. Gerard never had any intention in running, it was a set up all along and you dumb asses all fell for it. You guys really are a bunch of dumb f***s!

  54. no worries the joker will never be pc the players in the game all know the rat squad is done. Latimer,Shelly,etc… all know KO and his misfits are corrupt as they come.

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