Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Removes Himself from New York State Senate Bid

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

YONKERS, NY — January 5, 2018 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano dropped his bid for the 37th Senate District today by suggesting his current responsibilities as mayor would make it “difficult” to mount a credible campaign. One would infer he had thought his throwing his name into the mix was a slam dunk. His equivocation of late has been his undoing.

Mayor Spano suggested, “Being the mayor of Yonkers is all consuming!” Mayor Spano advised his concern over the next budget proposal though he has yet to reveal that the upcoming budget will place the City of Yonkers on the verge of being designated a take-over, as stipulated by law, under and by a New York State Financial Control Board. The mayor even has the audacity to suggest there are other city management issues he is charged to remedy, but has evidently proven himself disinterested or deficient in mitigating, and to a lesser degree “tackling”.  Even though his term “tackling” seems grand in ability, scope and intent: he does not defining his intent. He is wasting everyone’s time. He has no clue where to focus his attention or chooses not to.

Mayor Spano recoiling from his stated intent last month to accede to New York State Senate District 37, vacated by former Senator and now Westchester County Executive George Latimer only divulges, though it has yet to be accepted within Yonkers City Hall as  proof of Mayor Spano’s inability among the dilapidated and crumbling ivory tower where he hides.

Mayor Mike Spano decries that he was marginalized by Westchester County Democrats. He contends he was outmaneuvered and boxed out of the race, leaving present NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer the most prominent among the many vying to accede to represent the communities that comprise Senate District 37.

Spano is quoted to have said, “In no way could I mount a good campaign in that amount of time!” That statement brings into question whether Mike Spano ever plans, whether he is capable of planning, if he has a vision, or if he thought his smile was sufficient to move him up the political food chain. While he may delude himself, not all are so deluded.

His lack of planning was first undermined by the promises which he made but did not keep, the undermining attitude he brought to governance which made everyone wait, and wait, and await promises he never intended to keep. If he had intent, he would have, but he did not.

The pièce de résistance that broke the voter’s back was the fact that at every turn Mike Spano revealed himself a DINO, that is a Democrat in Name Only. He did not endorse the candidacy of Democrat Yonkers City Council President Michael Khader, choosing to promote the former incumbent Republican Liam McLaughlin. Then there was vacillation of first supporting now Republican Yonkers City Councilman – District 6 Anthony Merante, then switching sides to Conservative Anthony Pagano, back to Merante, and then in the last days to Democrat Matthew Orefice. Merante was victorious and deservedly so!!! Mayor Spano was also removed and lukewarm with his late endorsement of Westchester County Executive George Latimer; not even a photo-op. Perhaps a few pointers from Chuck Lesnick would help the forlorn Mayor Mike Spano.

Mayor Mike Spano has been outmaneuvered and outsmarted by Democrats who were and remain disgusted by his behavior toward fellow Democrats. Mayor Spano has deluded himself by not willing to recognize it was he and his inner circle that have brought about his demise beyond Yonkers. It seems there is no Spano mojo beyond Yonkers borders.

Mayor Spano will suffer the final two years of his second term. At present, the prospect of his getting the 2018 Yonkers City Council to rescind or extend term-limits so he can maintain his control of the City of Yonkers, despite the public interest beyond his second term in office, is a present probability. Every month that passes will eviscerate his chances for another four years; even in Yonkers.

It is well known that three months is a lifetime in Yonkers politics. Can Mayor Mike Spano survive the assault he will suffer into the coming months. I believe he is spent mentally and financially. He is gifted with meaningless, innocuous, and imprudent intent other than to ride Yonkers as a stepping stone only for himself and thereby will wither into a forgettable footnote in Yonkers politics. It is so debauched. And will be revealed over the coming months.


eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Removes Himself from New York State Senate Bid

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  1. We’re looking forward to making sure you got no where to go and no where to hide in the next 23 months. The countdown has begun and can’t be stopped or avoided.

  2. The Pro-choice PAC was the big winner here and the IDC is the big loser. After Choice Matters asked all five candidates to sign a pledge not to caucus with the IDC and Spano was the only one who did not – Spano lost most of his support with Democratic activists who oppose Trump and the Republicans and conservative Democrats who enable him.

    1. Who wants late term abortions in NY? Isn’t that when the baby can cry? Very sad day that NY would consider approving such a law. What’s up with the Democrats?

      1. johny pulled off nothing…mike khader and his union support with mayer and latimer pulled off the unthinkable.
        fatass johnylimo and asstorino…can go cry a river.

        1. Johny limo had a huge hand in his brothers win. He’s connected, has nice hair and is way more popular than that rat PBA president Keith Olson. What a fat bum that guy is lol. Poor Astorino. He should’ve never taken an endorsement from a corrupt union leader. Keith “did in” a lot of politicians. He’ll be the Mayors down fall.

        2. yeah really he and mpac did 5 fundraisers pulled out the vote in the italian community every other gas station had a khader sign please give john credit where its due he did nothing for assstorino he had half his fleet with khader signs even parked them in front of shitty haul the guy is a wonder dont be a hater your going to love john khader

  3. Very simple. This is another loss for the Spano’s. They don’t have the support or power that they are purported to have. They are just dumb tatooed uneducated unintelligent manipulators who are supported only by those who are equally dumb or who have sold their souls.

  4. Six years as mayor and the city is in worse financial shape than the day he started. Total failure as an executive and as a person. Mike Spano a total f’en disaster.

    1. If fat Mike is done, then fat Olson is done. No more back stabbing to the other unions. Soon there really will be more to eat with the fat brothers gone. Sell your story walking.

    2. Nick spaNo did just fine in those same six years,go to nys board of elections website and look up how much the developers funneled to empire strategic planning and to mike spano…..

  5. Classic Spano diversion. Bait the media with talk of running for higher political office and all the local media hacks (Hezi excluded) fall over themselves with the story blowing smoke up his a$$. Meanwhile, the roads in Yonkers after the snowstorm are a complete disaster (just drive in NYC across the border to see what a real administration does during a storm), people are getting stabbed and shot left and right in the downtown area, the streets looks like Afghanistan with all the potholes, red light cameras, water tax, exit tax, tax, tax, tax, but no jobs, no growth, and no relief. But in Spanoland all is well. Delusional GED boy wonder, you and your family are done.

      1. If it dosen’t it will courtesy Mike Spano when he was working for that lobbyist while trying to ram through Ridge Hill under the guise of being a stay at home Dad. Not
        More distraction like DUMP.

      2. But at least they arrest their mayor when he cheats on his wife. Mayor Syed Maqsood Sadat of Pul-e Khomri (roughly the same population as Yonkers) was brought up on adultery charges. And Mayor Azizurrahman Maqsoodi of Taloqan (another Afghan city roughly the size of Yonkers) was honored recently for bringing “discipline and cleanliness” to his city. Spano can’t even hold a candle to the Afghans and he thought he was going to run for the Senate. Clown.

  6. Did you see the Mayor in Syracuse ran as an independent ? Notice the mayor said he was not going to seek the democrat line ?
    Just wait and see. !

    1. when did the mayor ever consider himself a democrat after election day? maybe he can run the car wash on central ave, after his term is up

  7. Get back to work Plow the streets and fix the potholes SpaNO. And make the developers pay taxes.

    The real question is will Shelley do a Latimer and hold onto her assembly seat and if she wins then cost the taxpayer another unnecessary election ? This is how they $uck us one dollar at a time.

  8. Everyone knows his story is complete bs. He knew he didn’t have enough votes to win the Convention Tuesday night. There was too much backroom maneuvering against him. Unlike the Yonkers City Conventions, most of the distric leaders in the 37th don’t work for him and are not afraid to lose their jobs. Mike can outsmart the people with a smile and joke most of the time, but not all of the time. He had no choice but to back out.

  9. Spano get elected with a REAL mandate in 2015 with 86% of the vote. Mike Spano can pick whatever seat he wants in the country. THE REAL REASON Mike Spano dropped out of the State Senate is because he is going to be Andrew Cuomos Lt. Governor in 2018. Cuomo knows the Spanos have a record of winning.

    1. Ok DJ Lenny. Go do another bump with Vinny. Lt Governor? Not. Cuomo wants the pres bid he will not have a convicted felon senators brother at his side. It would be easy fodder. Dummy

    2. LT GOV is a very important job. High school is not enough qualification.
      I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Don’t you kinda need a degree to get that gig…

    3. hahahaha…are you kidding me? The govna might be in jail himself. Do you even read the newspapers? Morever, the govna turned on Spano with his support of Shelley Mayer’s legislation allowing the Yonkers YFD to spend their 2% insurance tax however they see fit. You aren’t even able to infer from that actin that the govna is no fan of the mayor.

    4. So, this comment must be from the Spano sister that manages the Castle Royale. (She loves the Spano name so much that she married her cousin and had kids. Your daddy paid off the priest.) When her brother Mikey won becoming Mayor of Yonkers, she said that he had the governor’s numbers! ROFLMAO!!!!

      In your dreams! Knucklehead was not an opponent!


      Those of us born and raised here in the City of Hills know the 411 on the Spanos. They let their egos get to them and it was a shame because their father worked hard and built an Empire. Nothing like a bunch of greedy kids to destroy it.

      You can not mess with unions or the voters and make promises and not think that they would unite. Spano backed out after the Teamsters backed Shelley. EGG ON YOUR FACE! Two strikes against the Spano Administration!

      First, Liam and his loss. Wow. I will always have that picture burned in my memory; the look of shock on his face! Good news Liam, you are an educated man. Stop backing these uneducated losers. You did get cocky but it was your associates and associations that put the nail in your coffin raising taxes EVERY year and the Nolans! (Waiting to hear her other kid got a city job and I can promise you will never have a political career again in Yonkers). Spanos, McLaughlin, Tvert, Arnold, Levy and the other minions that love to hate reading this site: The voters and Unions have spoken and I suggest you do damage control. Watch who you hire because MANY are watching and I have a lot to say about that but Grandma always said “Dont put all your eggs in one basket”.

      Here is a thought for the New Year… You have had six years to be selfish and use the taxpayers money and jobs for personal gain so I would suggest for the last part of your second term you think about the taxpayers and start making nice with the unions and those you make promises to because if not you can kiss any further government jobs goodbye! Dont believe the writing on the wall? Its ok because time will tell 🙂 .

      Sincerely, WE THE PEOPLE

    5. Spanos dont lose-You mention that Spano got 86% of the vote in 2015 but what you failed to mention is that only 17% of the registered voters in Yonkers voted. You must have selective retention or your just a plain ass-hole

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