Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority Pickup Truck Loading Construction and Demolition Debris in the Middle of the Night

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The Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority Hezitorial Exposé

YONKERS, NY — January 18, 2018 — How is it that a Municipal Housing Authority truck is permitted to be driven at night at taxpayers expense when in doing so, the truck undergoes wear and tear while used for illegal conduct and are permitted by MHA. MHA knows who signed out the truck for the “work” they did. Does anyone at MHA scrutinize the city owned fleet of vehicles? Do they know where their tucks are at all times? If they did not, they would be castigated as inefficient and that would afford they no justice. PErhaps we should describe their likely responses of not knowing to “w k, wink” looking the other way. That seems more plausible to me. What about you? Are those who engaged these “workers”, working on their own time, and seemingly for their own purposes going to suffer the consequences they deserve, such as the loss of employment, penalty fees imposed for theft of services, corruption and bribery charges for engaging in work they are not permitted after hours? “The Yonkers Way” informs us this “corruption” is permitted and encouraged by Yonkers City Hall. Is the reason Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is endeared by so many Yonkersites that he is wanted to complete his second term in office to sweep this sort of trash away or to hold onto it. The comprehending mind knows it is the latter. Even naysayers agree.

Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority “night hauling for cash” brigade.

“The Yonkers Way” is defined as possible when it comes to hauling the demolition, debris and other items as part of the “cash clients” who! hush, hush, allegedly pay off the books … to save a few bucks and to make a few bucks without anyone saying a word… 15 and 41 Radford Avenue; 36 and 46 Randolph; 2 and 9 and 19 and 23 and 78 Lawrence and 29 and 40 Bruce; 27 and 45 Saratoga; 27 Pelton; 33 and 26 Loudoun; 497 and 498rear, and 505rear, 579, and 622 Van Cortlandt, and 97 and 100 Caryl Ave.

Since we are in agreement, it should also be noted, no matter the scuttle butt to the contrary, the Yonkers City Council will vote in the super majority for term limits to be rescinded / extended for at minimum another four year term. Do I hear, “six more years”? Yes, and resoundingly so. Expect a 6 – 1 approval vote outcome.

Only in Yonkers. “The Yonkers Way”, serving the “friends and family network” with mechanisms to build their booty on the backs of the “believing” Yonkersites who barely get by.

The only solution for Yonkersites who want change but have no capacity or option at present, is when they see something, they say something. To whom you ask? Simple… send your info to eHezi@hush.com. Please send as much information as you can, replete with names and dates. If there is too little to go on, the Yonkers Tribune will have little time or financial resources to learn more. We do require a contact, preference for email and cellphone. If you are uncomfortable with our need to communicate with you, please do not share anything with us. I personally promise never to release any information attributing anything we share to anyone. That is my pledge to each and every one of our readers and listeners. I have honored it to all who know me for 20 years including those whom I have met and with whom I disagree politically or by other measure. Integrity, principals, compassion and truth are what matter.

There is a way Yonkers. It is now up to you.


A sincere thank you to those patience and instrumental in making known this continuing travesty in the City of Yonkers. the Yonkers would not be able to do its world on your behalf unless it is validated by you. Thank you! – Kindly, Hezi

eHeziYonkers Municipal Housing Authority Pickup Truck Loading Construction and Demolition Debris in the Middle of the Night

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  1. Lookie Lookie this is again swept under rug. Transfers in affect to shush the truth. Ask for the payrolls from sup at School st. He comes and goes. Signed off but big guy who was told to manage since there is big buy out. But since thwy r selling off Housing they want all swept under the housing rug.

  2. Hello ,I am a tenant at Flynn manor .I have complained about the building being dirty twice and the smug and rude custodian .please help !

    1. Nothing but rats on this ship we call Yonkers MHA,they would rat on their own mothers to save their asses.And all of it encouraged by you know who .They think they can rat to save their own ass when they get caught .exterminate all but don’t call Lenny they will multiply .

  3. Mops,Brooms,Floor stripper wax,Drain cleaner, Tools let’s not forget the big garage with those very expensive Diesel pumps,computers,welding machines,cutting torches,Jacks,Hydraulic pumps,hoses,fitting and so on even pens and paper. All paid for by the Taxpayers of Yonkers. Are selling on E BAY.

  4. Hezi no one in housing is coming forward because all those shady characters mentioned have been “under investigation” for years because people have come forward and then been retaliated against. For ANgela H was found guilty of corruption through the union investigation. She had no problem because the teamsters Union 456 made a deal to put 5 members in positions in housing to look the other way. One of those guys became a super Lou G. without even taking the required civil exam, bypassing others who had the exam already. Shuldener and all others looked the other way because they are slowly selling off the housing projects to private investors like he did in Chicago. All these guys like the super at School st have been running scams in housing for years and supervisors like JP look the other way cause that’s his buddy. Ironically that guy Alex M has fired tons of people for a lot less than all he has done. IG should open a real investigation and Yonkers will be shocked at what is being covered up by housing.

  5. It always starts from the top. This memo is going to director Joe , Mayor Spano, Cousins, Khader, Pérez, and the NAACP. It seems like they over look supervisors who always get their way. For example , the supervisor of maintenance and his lady/Mio know how to get over. It started by her blowing Curtis, blowing JP, and rumor has it, blowing a custodian named Anthony Pérez and still about to get a new position in MHA. Trump would be so proud of her. Let me start with the first site, Cottage. You’ve got guys stealing, hitting each other in and out, using the truck, and all they get is a slap on the wrist because the supervisor of maintenance is scared of the Brothers. You have so much corruption in MHA and I’m only giving 70% just in case I need the other 30% in court. I’ve worked for MHA and the city of Yonkers for over 20 years, and since I want to come clean I’ve got my precious information from John V, Lou Egiziaco, and Louie Gonzalez. 2nd chapter will be on schlobaum and 3rd chapter will school street. Still to come, dirt on Chuck W, someone who was caught doing drugs, sleeping and using vacants for his activities with crackheads. I’m having so much fun that before I retire I’m going to share everything with everyone from Mike H to Danny Cintron to Jerry Roman (oh I have a book on Jerry) , Sid Dwarka, Ralph W, Chris with his fangs , etc etc. I have a lot more names . Stayed tuned . It’s time to come clean. I hope Housing’s appointed lawyer does her job.

    1. Don’t forget about ebony Jefferson and Angela Hemmings .On top of being woefully incompetent they have “filthy personal files “ wink wink !

    2. What about the 2 site managers ?According to sources thier personal files are filthy?And that does not even mention their incredible incompetence.

    3. Im new on Garbage pickup i dont want to lose my job but i also will be a rat if i tell superviser about all the illegal pickups i do with my 2 other partners so i do it but never take $$$$ cash from them. So who can i turn to? i know that iam being filmed some times at building? Can i go to IG but he to is a rat then i lose job my boss dont care the Police who damit who i dont want to lose my job.I have young children and a mortage? Who can i turn to i want no part of this ?

      1. Post

        You can reach out to me, Hezi Aris. I will focus on what is happening rather than on you or your colleagues. in so doing, we can expose what is wrong, how even those who do not want to what others engage in can engage them without their permission. It is the behavior that is permitted, even encouraged that makes everyone a criminal. You can reach out to me, at eHezi@hush.com your name will never be revealed, your employment will not be exposed. Ask around, and you will find my word is as good as gold. All the best. You can also text me at 347.415.4326. I will also advise you how to take steps that will protect you in a court of law.



  6. It’s true. Tons of corruption in MHA. This is tip of iceberg. There was even a manager who gave her family a contract under the table. When it was reported housing investigators have been “looking” into it. Bunch of office managers who can’t pass civil service exams but keep pay and positions for years. Supervisors who favor workers and know what they are doing after hours and yet look the other way like guy involved here.

  7. EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS posted above is A KNOWN or WAS KNOWN as a drug spot! Heroin, Yayo etc… And the “Bosses” vehicles all have FREE PERMANENT PARKING in the Buena Vista Garage.
    And I’m talking about the “BOSSES”. Not MHA Bosses… BOSSES.
    Check the garage. All employees do is keep 22 different cars COVERED and the Ferrari stays dirty… IT’s A GAME PLAYED WELL.

  8. Pigs get more parking spaces at ridgehill, then handicap??? I guess their fat asses don’t want to get a heart attack walking more then ten steps…..Fatso in YO

  9. Guess you guys are learning quickly that khader is just a council person with no real power other than one vote on the council. Sure wasn’t what he sold on the campaign trail lmao

  10. HELLO !Everyone I will be hitting the blog once again .Where injustice rules I will appear to save the day .The people have spoken I will soon be appearing !For you management types that abuse your power.see u soon!

  11. Rat them all out they’re already changing their stories.
    How many M.H.A. Workers live there ?
    Sing like a bird.
    Those who put you up to it don’t give:::::: about you.
    Any problems call only State Police.

  12. If they rescind term limits so Spano can stay,the people need to revolt.This bum such a crook it’s funny.His family are getting jobs everywhere DPW,board of ed and even the housing authority.A disgrace that this bloated POS thinks he’s above the law .People wake up stop it !!

  13. In the greatest country in the world,where most people deserve a second chance .These individuals do.Gosh darn I know people who have in the MHA and believe me have done far worse .

  14. A pick up worth a debris ? Wow we talking bout practice ? Not a game , practice! These imbecils have been running mha into depth below the ground! And here y’all talking bout practice!! Smh

  15. I can’t take it anymore I was going to stay out of this because of all the stupid comments from idiots that think they know everything. And all the MHA employees that come on here to make a joke out of a story cause they have no balls to tell poeple things to their face real cowards.
    The person involved in this matter made a mistake no money was made and it wasn’t the middle of the night this happened at about 5:30-6:00 in the evening .
    MHA is aware and are dealing with the person involved this was not a money making deal it was a stupid decision made by one person and that person is being delt with. So no corruption no back door deals it was a stupid decision made by someone not thinking of the consequences. It was an honest mistake that’s all it was a lapse of judgment.
    So for all those with these idiotic comments now you know the facts. Let’s see what stupidity you guys can come up with now.

    1. If they made a honest mistake ,then they deserve a second chance. Compared to what goes on in city hall, this is like spitting on a sidewalk .

      1. Not saying what was done should be overlooked. Comments are being made about corruption and conspiracy this is not the case that’s my point. This wasn’t a big money making job like the comments are making it out to be.

  16. I have been retired from the Yonkers zoubkic Schools for some time now. Everybody know its the Spanish connection from the drunk head maintenance supervisor that’s running the place.

  17. So now what happens to all the City Hall,YFD,YPD,DPW that live up North and bring all their household trash to work because they’re too cheap to pay a private carting fee? Will this be stopped too? Maybe ask the I.G. Better not! He brings his trash down too.

  18. Sue Gerry is gone, that’ll tell you a something, and the eastchester-boy that took over is clueless of all the scoundrels, starting with dpw comm.

  19. Now that Mike Khader is in office, keep your eyes peeled for his client Joe Spiezio and R&S Waste to make a move into commercial waste removal in Yonkers. If you don’t know who Joe Spiezio is then just type his name into Google.

    Don’t think there are any connections between the Khader and Spiezio? As a lawyer, Khader represented his client Spiezio in litigation in Mount Vernon. Only a few months ago at a Khader fundraising event, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas acted as the master of ceremonies and personally thanked Joe Spiezio, who was in attendance, for having taught him a lot. Thomas then went on to introduce Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reggie Lafayette before Khader posed with both of them.

    Spiezio has been sued for union busting and and for failing to pay workers’ comp among many, many other things. In the late ’90s he tried to make a move into Yonkers but was eventually forced out. And this is the guy that Mike Khader represented as an attorney and all of Yonker’s unions were lining up to support for City Council President?

    You think a little night time garbage removal is something to worry about? You haven’t seen anything yet.

    1. It’s time for Yonkers to get with the times. Yonkers garbage trucks are garbage I don’t know what’s louder the truck or the 3 retards yelling and screaming at each other and blowing there air horn at school busses. Not to mention the messes they making then there supervisor blame you for having holes in your can.
      There filthy burning diesels pollute the city thank god they only run them 2 hours a day. Then Xmas comes and they try to shake you down.
      Just look at a R&S environment friendly trucks then look at any DPW Truck
      It will make you sick not to mention they work 8 hours not 2 and respect you and your property. I don’t care who picks up my trash if it lowers my taxes.

      1. Sure, what’s another two-faced, mob-connected, rat, low-life thug trash collecting “businessman” like Joe Speizio. Yonkers has plenty of them already. The only difference is that Speizio is Mike Khader’s friend and client. All of you Yonkers voters have been sold a bad bill of goods but you’re all stuck with Khader until his term expires.

        Judge a man by the company he keeps – Khader is close friends with the crooked mayor of Mt. Vernon Richard Thomas and his goon Joe Speizio. Funny how no one talked about how Khader was being groomed in 2016 for Mt. Vernon Inspector General before he had an epiphany that he wanted to help the good people of Yonkers.

        But, hey, bring a union-busting, mob-connected friend of Mike Khader’s back to Yonkers to haul your garbage so you shave a few dollars off your tax bill. And people wonder why Yonkers is the way it is.

  20. All those streets are on your route how is it you never see anything ?
    Wait till the videos are up on You Tube 📽📽📽📽💰💰💰💰

  21. Its not a city truck its a housing truck. But nothing will happen to him. you get a kick back, you get a kick back you get a kick back lol

  22. Theres a whole story about garbage? That’s all you’re worried about? Calcagno homes on school street runs a cab stand, mechanics shop, and if any inspector walked though the buildings the super would and should be locked up. The municipal housing authority is run by crooked buffoons.

      1. You give me a reliable person to contact where some would actually get accomplished, I’ll call/write/send an email with/pictures. Whatever is needed. Can’t tell the head of housing, he’s just around to sell mha to a private entity, he’s the hatchet man. The head guy that runs the maintenance, is a divorced drunk who loves favors. Everyone else has jobs because they know someone or because the a colorful. City hall is city not federal and it’s likea Spanish family reunion, run by coumos fools from Albany.
        So tell me who to contact?

        1. Call State investigator’s,if you truly have any evidence that is relevant.You sound like a Former or present disgruntled worker .Do what’s right and expose this corruption!

  23. It’s time that every city vehicle has a GPS Tracker on Board, as is the case with many local cities and towns, except Yonkers, of course.
    Once driverless cars are deployed, all of this will never happen as we will be rid of all the useless and wasteful “drivers”.

  24. This is why my company never gets calls to drop off dumpsters in Yonkers.
    Between the corruption at the recycling center, The DPW garbagemen really pack in the demo in those green plastic bags placed at curbside all over city.
    There Supervisor just drive right by the piles and if they see their men picking up demo or furniture they make a U-turn or back their truck down the street.
    This is costing Yonkers Taxpayers big $$$$ everyday. How can they get away
    With it ? Who is protecting them? Theft of services.
    You get locked up for illegal dumping but its fine to bribe DPW to throw in truck.
    Mr.Mayor where are the Police? This is a crime. Mr. Khader please get on this Corruption. Open an investigation from the guys on the street to the guys
    Sitting in the Environmental service office!

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