Chele Farley Announces US Senate Run

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NEW YORK, NY — February 1, 2018 — Chele Chiavacci Farley has today formally announced her run for the US Senate seat currently occupied by junior Senator of NY, Kirsten Gillibrand. In a video announcement, Farley presented her vision to create jobs and repair infrastructure in her home state of New York, which Senator Gillibrand has failed to do in her nine years as U.S. Senator.  In 2016, New York state taxpayers paid $40 billion more to the US government than they received back. Farley vowed to get our tax dollars back from Washington and get New York working again.

“While Kirsten Gillibrand is out trying to raise her national profile to advance her political ambitions, only a portion of every dollar hardworking New York taxpayers send to Washington ever comes back to our state,” said Chele Farley. “In 2016, that was $40 billion of our money that’s being used to subsidize taxpayers in other states. I studied engineering, but it doesn’t take an engineer to see that New York State’s infrastructure is crumbling. $40 billion could be used to fix our mass transit, rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges, all of which will create jobs and revitalize our economy. I will bring our tax dollars home and rebuild New York.”

Chele Farley for Senator of New York

Farley also blasted Gillibrand on the fact that she has become completely out of touch with New York workers, saying, “Gillibrand has abandoned her moderate roots, and has moved as far left as possible to advance her own national political ambitions. She was known as Annie Oakley in the House and has turned into Jane Fonda in the Senate. People are fed up with the grandstanding, and the political opportunism. It happens on both sides of the aisle. It’s hurting New York and needs to end now.”

Governor George Pataki, who was elected governor of New York in a major unexpected upset, had already endorsed Chele Farley. “New Yorkers need a Senator whose only agenda is to fight for our hardworking families and small businesses.  Chele is intelligent, committed and exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington,” said Pataki. “For too long, our representatives in the Senate have been focused on advancing their own political agenda and as a result New Yorkers have repeatedly been shortchanged. We can do better, Chele Farley will do better for all New Yorkers.”

Citing New York’s out-of-control property taxes, Farley criticized Gillibrand’s failure to fight for New Yorker’s in the recently passed federal tax cuts.

“Instead of cutting taxes for every small business and middle-class family, New York was one of the few states that was penalized,” said Farley. “To me that’s a clear example of how Gillibrand’s ineffectiveness is impacting all of us. And it’s an insult to New York’s middle class families now struggling to find a good paying job, afford higher housing costs and skyrocketing property taxes.”

Chele Farley emphasized her private sector experience saying, “I’ve spent my career in the private sector, paying taxes, not living off your taxes,” and vowed that “together we can rebuild New York and make our state and our country everything it should be.”


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eHeziChele Farley Announces US Senate Run

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  1. Chele,

    My best wishes on your successful campaign for U.S. Senate. You can win. New York State needs you as our Senator. Again, you can WIN.

    Bill Dibble
    Little Genesee, NY 14754

  2. She’s right about one thing, we need to get rid of the panderers Schumer and Gillibrand, but she’s not calling for term limits which we really need.
    Also on infrastructure, she must have been hiding when Obama, tried to get the republicans to increase spending to fix our infrastructure.
    Let me guess she is also for Dumps tax break for the rich and corporations while ballooning the deficit?

    She needs to be reminded that the taxes she pays gives back to her in the services she uses like roads etc.
    Farley’s duplicity is that she doesn’t one mention that she’s a republican in he press release, is that fake news?

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