Chuck Lesnick Desirous to Become Next Westchester County Planning Commissioner

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Chuck Lesnick, Esq.

YONKERS, NY — February 18, 2018 — Chuck Lesnick is the present Deputy Counsel & Bureau Chief (ETPA) for New York State Homes & Community Renewal. He has been immersed in that position for about four years. Yonkers Tribune has learned that he solicited an interview which was granted approximately two weeks ago to become Westchester County Planning Commissioner to succeed Acting Commissioner Norma Drummond. Lesnick’s capacity to use Yonkers as a stepping stone toward his personal advancement continues unabated. It is all about Lesnick.

Lesnick inhabits a self-centered world that thrives in the murky abyss of keeping everyone unaware of his agenda. He promotes himself a consummate professional yet attends every responsibility as if knowledgeable yet is incapable of translating anything of value to the very community at large that has afforded him opportunity.

For Lesnick it is all about stature, meaningful or not. The position we hear he will not be granted carries a six-figure salary. Enabling the ineffective swamp dweller another highly paid position is deleterious to the options other prospects offer. The failed opaque demeanor of Chuck Lesnick are only eclipsed by his photo opportunities that define his lack of ability no matter his resume bolstered by words rather than deeds.

The thinly veiled veneer that Lesnick has revealed is nothing more than quackery and falsehood. When will Yonkers and Westchester County stop promoting those who are deficient in serving the public interest?

It is not up to Yonkers or Westchester County to afford the likes of Lesnick a living. Why are these so called “insiders” being considered? Is Westchester County bereft of qualified applicants? If so, perhaps there are those qualified from New York City, Rockland County, or Connecticut. The tragedy is those who will make this decision intend to employ Lesnick because they believe they can!

Our sources suggest Lesnick’s prospect for employment as Westchester County Planning Commissioner is not being received well.

Interestingly enough, if one were to listen to Chuck Lesnick the past half year, he has expressed interest in becoming the next Mayor of Yonkers. Alas, for Lesnick, both are a mere mirage.


eHeziChuck Lesnick Desirous to Become Next Westchester County Planning Commissioner

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  1. Everyone knows about John Khaders days on linden. Way before Mpac, it was Lpac. John Khader should not be chairman of Mpac from his days in Valhalla.

    1. Everybody starts somewhere. Johnny learned the streets and combined that knowledge to be successful. mpac is shot and nobody cares about it. but we all care about John. He took all the negatives from his past and turned it to positive. John is a guy we all turn to for advise.

        1. yeah, probably will be packed since mpac honored 3 major candidates. Wish you luck. mpac lost most of its original members and all the luster and substance it used to have. Now all mpac has is a few kids on the board. but the message about John not being a success is defenetily not true. John is a success, well respected and all the young guys look up to him. we all wish him all the best and hope he becomes the next commissioner of development and planning. Latimer should reciprocate the honor that John bestows to him by appointing John not Chuck lesnik. Can not compare someone like Chuck to John. John is much more respected and refined. God bless you John and good luck in all of your endeavors.

  2. Lesnick is a loser, the clown thinks he’s going to be Mayor. He accidentally won Council President after running for office 30 times, I wish he would move to another state.

    1. yeah I remember my dad telling me johnnie was a player back in the early 80s and now he has become a real successful business man,another true story how you go from negative to positive all the way up!

        1. 30 years in yonkers … one owner…. he’s had more success than a lot of the shops and chain stores that opened and closed along the water front and ridge hill.

          The ones still opened changed owners how many times?

  3. John Khader would be a great commissioner better than Chucky Cheese – “f***” chuck- the campaign logo against his mayoral run. ROFLMAO

      1. Hey maricone i guess he never served time because he has served already on a few boards in a official capacity,now go crawl back under that rock you came

          1. The Mayor threw John off the planning board because John would not convince his brother Mike Khader not to run against Liam. When the Mayor saw that Mike Khader was steam rolling over Liam he then threw John Khader off the planning board. John really did nothing wrong to deserve that. John now will be appointed Westchester County Planning and development commissioner. This is the story of the Notorious B.I.G… John went from negative to positive… It’s good to root for the underdog, a man trying to better himself from the streets of south Yonkers to now in the big leagues like George Jefferson living on Beach Hill. John has paid his dues, he has worked hard, and is respected by all the elected officials. Look at how when anyone wants to run for office they call John Khader for advise and assistance with crowd familiarity. Mpac may be a bust however John Khader is not. John at this point in his life should enjoy the fruits of his labor and not feed into this political drama going back and forth. Keep up the great work John, now sit back, pick your feet up, and smoke a nice cigar brother. You did it! You big time bro… God Bless you! I love to hearing success stories. From Linden to BVA to Beach Hill.. Moving on up!

          2. mpac far from a bust look at the state financials filed they have more than the yonkers democrat and republican party combined in their bank account…..

  4. The nearly bankrupt operator of the Yankee Stadium parking garages has reached the point of no return.
    Bronx Parking Development Co. LLC sustained a net loss of $29 million last year and now has more debts than assets, according to a new audit released by the company this month.
    The company, which is not connected to the Yankees, has been in default for the past two years on required debt payments for $237 million in publicly subsidized bonds it issued to build the garages. It has been kept afloat only by temporary waivers from bondholders while it tries to come up with a rescue plan.
    Meanwhile, Bronx Parking has also become one of New York City’s biggest tax deadbeats.

    “People from all over the world will want to stay a stone’s throw away from Yankee Stadium,” said Chuck Lesnick, Bronx Parking vice president

    Just what westchester needs, another political hack

  5. The County should assign this job to none other than John Khader. John is a clean cut guy without baggage and a great track record. Chuck Leak in can’t shine John Khader’ s shoes when it comes to being a standup guy. John Khader is one one The greatest leaders in Westchester County. All the way up!

        1. I agree, this person is hating on John Khader. I Wonder why he is hating on him? John has been a stand up guy, all about the community and has friends all around this town. You have to go back 30 years to find something negative on John? Really? Shame on you!!! If you don’t like him just stay off the Yonkers Tribune!

    1. You are very jealous of John and all he has done for this community. chuck lesnick has no chance against john. john was on the planning board for yonkers and is a city leader. what ever you are mentioning in 1980’s and 1990’s was a long time ago. john khader is all the way up!

  6. How much enormous money was wasted on consultants hired to supposedly build a southbound exit from the Sprain into Ridge Hill….remember that one ???

    1. That was money from the developer not from the taxpayers. And after all of the doomsday predictions the traffic is not so bad and the tax revenue from the project has been helpful to the City.

  7. Chuck use are cracking us up.
    No qualifications, cept maybe you are a political
    hack game playin zud.
    Why don’t u work 4 a livin. Chucky Boyz.

  8. Chuck is a Nutjob. Masquerading as a Cuomo rep all over in order to get his mug in the pics.
    Good luck with him in white plains. He will probably get the dem support for Mayor after Spano. Feel sorry for the city

    1. Chuck shows up at every political dinner, sits in the back or walks around chatting everyone up, so he doesn’t have to pay for a ticket. Everyone in Westchester County knows his game. His wife is a doctor, they own their home, he makes a decent salary. He is pathetic. And yes, he must see the writing on the wall.

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