Hon. Robert Spolzino to Imminently Announce His Candidacy for New York State District 40 Against Progressive Democrat Robert Kesten By Way of a Primary Challenge and Also Against Incumbent Senator Dr. Terrence Murphy

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Yonkers Powerful “Friends and Family” Network Continues to Thrive Behind Closed Doors Undermining All In their Path

The Political Hezitorial Telling

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Robert A. Spolzino, Esq., has joined the Yonkers-based law firm of Smith, Buss & Jacobs LLP. Photo by and courtesy of Robert A. Spolzino, LinkIn.

The subtle but ever so seductive “Yonkers Way” intended to be engaged by the well connected legal eagle Robert Spolzino, becoming partner to the firm Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP in 2017 is expected to shrewdly engage and seduce non-progressive Democrats in Senate District 40 in support of the Republican pedigreed credentials of Hon. Robert Spolzino. Spolzino was a Republican supporter of the moderate John Faso Republican campaign effort in 2016. He now promotes himself a bit Republican and a bit Democrat.

Spolzino was designated as a Justice of the Appellate Division by Governor George E. Pataki on April 16, 2004 and was re-designated as such by Governor Eliot Spitzer on January 1, 2007. He was elected to a fourteen-year term on the Supreme Court of the State of New York in 2001. Prior to his tenure on the bench, Justice Spolzino was a partner in the White Plains office of Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, LLP, before moving into the Yonkers offices of Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs, LLP in April 2017, less than a year ago.

Spolzino recently changed his party affiliations from Republican to Democrat. Donning his Democratic garb Spolzino has been recently soliciting Democratic Ward and District Leaders who define themselves as non-progressive Democrats believing he can drive a wedge between the progressive and non-progressive wings of the Democratic Party in Senate District 40 . Spolzino’s intention is to show he can win enough support among non progressive Democrats and thereby engage in a primary challenge of Robert Kesten. Spolzino has the financial wherewithal to finance a formidable undertaking. Should the non progressive Democrats climb aboard, Spolzino’s ploy may seem plausible. Spolzino is also counting on diminished exuberance for President Trump’s pronouncements to undermine Terrence Murphy’s chances for re-election permitting and thereby making Spolzino’s ploy to challenge incumbent Terrence Murphy doable. Spolzino enters the race nebulously defined, neither Republican nor Democrat. That is Spolzino’s intended calling card and game plan. Evidently a campaign of subterfuge devoid of integrity.

Let the reader not lose sight of the fact that Spolzino’s ploy is not purposed to represent The People’s interests, rather it is intentioned for Spolzino to gain corporate clients for his law firm and access to long-time supporters of now disgraced Senator Nick Spano, and also supporters of the now politically  deceased Senator Vincent Leibell.

Those in the know advise that the window dressing delineated above are nothing but spin and subterfuge. The purpose of the Spolzino “campaign” is not to represent The People but to win corporate customers to the Spolzino law firm, and to connect those corporate interests to lobbyist Nick Spano, the disgraced former NYS Senator, founder and owner of Empire Strategic Planners.

Yonkers Tribune learned that Spolzino’s employment by the Yonkers Board of Education as its Counsel was accomplished at the behest of former Senator Nick Spano cajoling his brother Mayor Mike Spano to engage the legal services of Robert Spolzino. The former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin was on board in support of Mayor Mike Spano hiring Spolzino. It is a given that Liam McLaughlin has been carrying Nick and Mike Spano’s water for many years. The Yonkers Board of Contract and Supply (YBoCS) did not scrutinize nor hire Spolzino. So who did? And why? It remains a mystery how the hiring was accomplished. What is certain is that it was!

Looming very large over promoting employment of Robert Spolzino are historical dots that can be traced to former Senator Nick Spano. Spolzino was counsel for Nick Spano when Nick Spano was Westchester County Republican Leader, and was also Nick Spano’s Counsel when Nick Spano New York State Senator.

It should also be noted that Spolzino’s ruse of changing party affiliations did not go so far as for Spolzino financially supporting or even endorsing the candidacy of present Democrat Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader. Spolzino became partner to the firm at which Mike Khader is Of Counsel.

By running for New York State Senator, which demands three-days’ attendance in Albany most weeks, Mr. Spolzino is likely to find little time to manage being Counsel to the Yonkers Board of Education, a campaign effort to undermine Democratic candidate Robert Kesten for Senate District 40, and manage the firm Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs, LLP.

It seems Hon. Robert Spolzino is about to drown in what is the very definition of the “swamp” of which he is part.

eHeziHon. Robert Spolzino to Imminently Announce His Candidacy for New York State District 40 Against Progressive Democrat Robert Kesten By Way of a Primary Challenge and Also Against Incumbent Senator Dr. Terrence Murphy

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  1. What happens when the State and Federal money runs dry !
    I am very very delighted that City Council President Khader and City of Yonkers Mayor Spano
    have joined forces.
    The City of Yonkers needs all the unity and strength it can in the coming financial crisis.
    The bitter unions are a major thorn in our city. It disgusts us, the citizens.
    Both of these leaders are smart and wise.
    Lets stick together instead of trying to take our city down.
    Most especially when you do not live here.
    Only criminals “The take the money and Run.”

  2. Trouble makers. Didn’t you get in trouble as a kid for that? I was also there and it looked like they just continued the great relationships that these two families have always had before this past election. Powerful people together.

  3. Doesn’t matter who kissed who ass i was there looked like peace was made john has always been a supporter of mike dont start trouble fact is you must be one of johns haters…..

  4. I was at the event and it didn’t look like the khaders and Spanos didn’t get along. Seemed like all the brothers were there and stayed all night. Mike Khader got up and pretty much had a love fest with the mayor.was this all a game from the beginning? Did the Spanos support khader secretly.

    1. The Spanos pretend to have a loveseat with everyone in public. They call everyone their good friend in public. You are very naive.

    1. The Truth is the exact opposite happened. John Khader was kissing Nick Spano and mike Spanos ass. John Khader acted like a teenage girl seeing Justin Bieber in front of Nick Spano and Mike Spano. It was pathetic.

  5. FYI – ethics board is in place. All members continue service till new ones are appointed so to they ethics board is not in place is not true.

    1. There is no such thing as a holdover. When a term of appointment ends it ends. There is no provision in the City Charter that authorizes an expired appointment to “hold over” for any period of time. Since all of appointments of the former members of the Ethics Board are the soured then none of them remains on the Ethics Board. Alas – there is no Ethics Board.

    2. Let me guess, the article id fake news? I don’t think so.
      The ethics board like every other board in Yonkers is a farce, full with flunkies and friends and family members. They are just there to do the Mayor’s bidding.

    3. There are no holdovers. Once a term expires it is expired. The terms of all former members of the Board have expired. Therefore they are no longer on the Board and there is no Board.

    4. Just saying-if you could tell the general public who appoints those on the ethics board-most if not all are political hacks and supporters of Mike Spano who appoints them so they can do his bidding.

  6. Spolzino is an excellent lawyer and was a terrific judge. How come people who do not know the guy attack him? He will be a great senator as well. I am glad that Nicky is supporting him !

  7. For Whom the Bells Toll ?
    It Tolls for Thee !
    We are about to find out who, Thee, is.
    We cant wait to see how this all ends.
    The end will just be the begining of a new ending.
    Ad infinitum !

  8. Don’t you guys see what is happening here? Spolzino is partner at Smith Buss and Jacob. That same firm has the boe contract from the Mayor. Jeff Buss of this very same firm was deftly hired by khader. Have you seen the Khader’s as of late with the Spano’s. They have been together a lot. Guess the Liam thing was smoke and mirrors. They look pretty friendly now.

  9. any one connected to the spaNos will lose very simple just ask

    Liam Mclaughlin
    Wilson Terero
    Matt Orefice

    p.s. even mike spano got no support from county democrat leaders to run against astorino,spanos are flatlining

    1. Disgraced Senator Nick Spano,
      Still taking advantage of Yonkers to make $$$$$.

      Why doesn’t his brother the Mayor!!!!! stand up and fix the streets in Yonkers.

      Mike your job is to allocate the funds in Yonkers properly and have the streets fixed?

    2. Liam was a victim of a blue wave and hard work/money by the Khader’s. Wilson couldn’t prove he was a Dem. And Matt was a newbie trying to be the first Dem in that area since the Middle Ages (and still almost won). Doubt that Spano had that much to do with it.

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